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The Twin Brother of Jesus Christ


The Ultimate Secret

I firmly believe that Christ had a twin brother, and apparently I am not alone in this thought. Recently, I purchased a book titled, "Secrets from the Lost Bible," by Hebrew scholar Kenneth Hanson. Much to my surprise, Kenneth dedicates a whole paragraph to this ancient theory on our Lord Jesus Christ, and his "twin" brother Jude. Ironically for me, his one little paragraph was just another conformation to my theory about Jesus' biological sibling, which would eventually inspired me to write this article about his twin brother Jude.

I have always found it perplexing that we virtually have little to no information on Jesus Christ the man, in retrospect to his legacy. Much of what we know and think of Jesus, truthfully, are nothing more than ideological opinions of long-ago-deceased, Catholic popes who ruled the church hierarchy during the first eight hundred years of Christianity. Not even the all inspiring "Lord's Prayer" has been left to it's original wording. For it was the infamous King Henry the VIII of England, who after the death of his beloved wife Jane, decided to rework the ancient prayer to that of which is now commonly spoken in Protestant churches across the globe. Therefore, I ask you to tell me why DO YOU think that it would be so absurd to wonder if early church elders, plotted, schemed and decided to fabricate their own theories into a mock reality, and change the history of Jesus Christ- to what they wanted it to be?

As many of you very well know, twins are born all the time. In fact there are approximately 100 million twins worldwide! Moreover, why does it seem so implausible for Jesus to have had a twin, and more importantly..., what makes you so certain that he didn't? Is his twin not mention in the Holy Bible..., or is it? Ironically, I am here to tell you that there is evidence to my theory in the bible, and it clearly states that Christ indeed had a twin brother. I invite you to explore these findings for yourself.

Allow me this disclaimer that this is in no way another conspiracy theory too dislodge the findings of the Roman Catholic Church, or any other church for that matter. It's quite the opposite really. You should know that I am a dedicated Christian. I personally attended Sunday school classes on a regular basis during my entire childhood and teen years. I even became a Sunday school teacher in my later twenties.

The Tale of My Passion:

When my first husband passed away from suicide; I had no sense of purpose left in my life. With the great loss of my best friend and no family support too lean on..., Christ alone gave me the will to survive for my nine year son.

For me the bible was a way to escape my life. I took each and very line of a verse and studied it. I acquired volumes of notebooks filled with passing verses, uniquely from all the major religions from around the world. I then would compare them together with the Lord's teachings and Paul's writings. If a passage kept coming back to me, I'd write it down and began too studied the author, the situation, the complete entire context of the verse and study it again..., and again some more. For five years of my life, that was my daily calling. It seems my Christian calling has always been about discovery. It would please me greatly to inspire others to become a biblical investigator for themselves.

Before you say "no" or "this can't be"- take a journey back in time with me, and see it for yourself that Christ did indeed had a twin brother named, Judas (Jude) Thomas. Now before we get started, I want you to know that I personally know and realize what church doctrine has taught us to believe. I am fully aware of what most Protestant churches think, and being Catholic myself, I am also fully aware of that position too.

So what I'm after here is your interpretation of what you discovered on your own. Now please note- I'm not looking to change religion, I'm not even looking to change your beliefs. I don't even think I've stumbled onto something unique. It has all been right there for all of us to interrupt for ourselves. What I am hoping to do is to help you think outside the box, as if you've never been to Church or Sunday school before. I want your true and deepest opinions.

The Marriage Proposal

  • What if Joseph and Mary were already married?

I strongly feel that Mary and Joseph were already married. Why? The answer is really quite simple. They were Jewish! They both would have stuck to the strict accordance of the ancient Jewish religion. We have to remember here people, that both Mary and Joseph had strong family roots, deeply embedded in the Jewish faith. For example; Joseph was a direct blood relative of King David. Rites of passage such as that, are not dismissed in the Jewish religion (as they might be in the Christian faith) now or ever. Moreover, the Jews were God's sacred people. What I mean by saying that is- God, most certainly would have followed his own written law. Show a time in history that he has never follow his own doctrine, oral tradition, written doctrine or otherwise. God, is not human like us you know. He lives by his ethical code of arms, whereas humans live by the seat of their pants. God already knew that there would be some rejection from his faithful people anyway, by bringing the Savior into the world in this very unconventional manner. Which is another great characteristic of God's, he loves to be unconventional! Moreover, God would not would have put Mary in harms way, or made her go against everything she believed in. Mary would have been stoned to death, it would have been out of Joseph's hands.

The bible also tells us that Jesus had many brothers and sisters. It is and was just peer speculation written by Christian leaders that maybe the other children were Joseph's children by his deceased wife (which there are NO biblical, or ancient historical censuses of). Nor that Christ's brothers and sisters were born after Joseph and Mary got married. I can see were the early church doctrine writers, thought it would be easier to write in that Mary was a virgin, and hence divinely chosen by God. What they forgot to include in their made up story, was creating an accountability of Joseph or Christ's brothers and sisters and this "dead wife" of Joseph's. More importantly is the fact, it doesn't matter how or in what way something grand like this takes place. If GOD touched it- it is still divine! Therefore, there was no need for man's intervention, by adding to God's story. I find it rather ballsy that we did! Who are we to fix a narration of God's, in order to make it more divine, in the first place? And that is exactly what the Council of Nicaea intended to do and did. Think about that.......

If you have ever read the Old testament, you will quickly discover that God was/is stickler about keeping family trees correct and general accountability to details. Another area I think the men who created story didn't account for was that the birth of Christ..., was Divine and Immaculate by it's very essence. The conception that God impregnated her is Divine and Immaculate, by itself alone. Even if Mary wasn't a virgin, she was impregnated by GOD! Now process that thought, while also pondering on the fact that the authors of the birth of Christ didn't consider God's intellect and overall foresight.

If you look to the teachings of the Old Testament, you will find that there aren't many unanswerable questions. Take Noah's ark for as an example of that factual statement. We are given exact details of it's size, how it was buil,t and where it landed. Are we supposed to believe that between the time of the Old Testament to the time of the New Testament that God..., changed? I don't buy it. I think it is safe to say that God is God. The only ones changing its storytelling narratives is mankind. It has been my discovery, throughout this journey that if something is impossible, doesn't make sense, or is off the wall improbable- man has been messing with the text. Take for instance the charming story of the Apostle Paul. Now it wasn't until I was 36 that I discovered that Paul never met Jesus Christ. And...! That story about him on the road to Damascus, where then Saul is blinded and meets the voice of God; the bible clearly tells us he was chasing "Christ followers" (or rather Jewish believers) to capture and bring them to Roman justice. But what our Sunday school teachers, nuns, preachers and priest, failed to tell us was that it was Christ's brother, "James the Just," they were chasing. Just like any source of history, the truth will eventually be brought to light through archaeologically religious study, and the advancement of scientific research.

Though this is still speculation, it is further been revealed by biblical scholars; that a sect of Jewish people, who happened to be followers of Christ's teachings, under the strict supervision of Christ's brother James the Just, were one and the same group of people that provided us with the safely stored collection of the Dead Sea Scrolls! It is historical discoveries like this that should continually reminded us, that the doctrine of God's words is filled with human error and flawed. If it was James' people and Christ followers who stored the sacred text of the Dead Sea Scrolls for us, then why are so many Christian leaders scared to allow their following to study the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip, or the Sophia of Jesus Christ? Is it because they talk about spiritual enlightenment?

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