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Chloe and the Haunting of Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, La., is described on its official Web site as "one of America's most haunted houses." But just who or what is responsible for all the haunting?

There are many differing stories but the best-known Myrtles Plantation ghost story is that of Chloe, a slave who lived on the plantation in the early 19th century. According to legend, Chloe was the mistress of Judge Clarke Woodruff, the plantation owner at. Fearing that she was losing his attention, she baked a cake for his daughter's birthday, adding a small amount of poison.

This was a poison made out of oleander leaves. She boiled and reduced the oleander leaves to make an extract. It was an attempt to make the children sick so that she could nurse them back to health and be the receiver of the judges gratitude and affection. Unfortunately, the plan went horribly wrong. According to legend, two children and their mother died of the poison. It was quickly decided that Chloe was guilty of poisoning the cake out and hanged by the other plantation slaves from a tree on the plantation.

It is said that today Chloe appears frequently between two trees outside the home. She is thought to be connected with many mysterious goings-on inside the mansion, from misplaced earrings to moving furniture. According to historians the story of the poisoned children is untrue. The deaths of the children and their mother was well documented, they were said to have died one year before the poison cake from yellow fever. It has been questioned as to whether or not Chloe actually existed.

Haunted mirror

Haunted mirror

Other Myrtles Plantation Stories

According to legend Myrtles Plantation, built in 1796 by General David Bradford, has been plagued with ghostly hauntings by several different ghosts.

Myrtles Plantation is also said to have been built over an Indian burial ground. There has been many reports of sightings of the ghost of a young Indian woman.

The plantation is also reportedly haunted by a young girl who died in 1868. She died of an unknown illness despite being treated by a local voodoo practitioner. She is said to appear in the room in which she died and practice voodoo on people sleeping in the room

There is also a ghost who of a man, William Winter, who is said to be the only murder reported to have happened in the Myrtles Plantation. He is said to walk, stagger, or crawl up the stairs and stop on the 17th step. He was shot on his front porch and made it up to the 17th step before he died.

More Myrtle Manor Haunting

Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, this stately old home on Myrtles Plantation is said to be haunted be several restless ghosts

  • Chloe – a former slave who was allegedly hung on the premises for killing two little girls. (Those murders and even the existence of Chloe are in question.)
  • The ghosts of the two murdered children have been seen playing on the veranda.
  • William Drew Winter – an attorney who lived at Myrtles from 1860 to 1871. He was shot on the side porch of the house by a stranger. With his life's blood pouring from his body, Winter staggered into the house and began to climb the stairs to the second floor... but didn't make it. He collapsed and died on the 17th step. It is his last dying footsteps that can still be heard on the staircase to this day. (Winter's murder is the only one that has been verified.)
  • The ghosts of other slaves allegedly occasionally show up to ask if they can do any chores.
  • The grand piano has often been heard to play by itself, repeating one haunting chord.

Strange Happenings at Myrtle Manor

One day, one of the new owners of Myrtles Plantation snapped a photo of the front of the house. When the picture was developed, she could see a shadowy figure standing near the veranda; her head wrapped in what appeared to be a turban. At night, some of the guests reported hearing restless footsteps wandering the hallways of the house. Others said they were jolted from their sleep by a black woman in a green turban, who lifted up the mosquito netting around their beds, as if looking for someone.

A grand piano on the first floor plays by itself, practicing the same chord repeatedly. It may continue on through the night until someone enters the room. The music stops and will only start again when they leave.

In the "French" bedroom, a woman's ghost dances a foot off the floor. She dances in a long black skirt to music that only she can hear.

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The employees have some of the most dramatic experiences here. One story has a maid mopping the hallway on the first floor and coming upon a strange spot near the front door. No matter how hard she pushed the mop, it would not enter this area on the floor, the size of a human body. Is a mere coincidence that this was the same place where a man had been shot and killed around the Civil War? The mop finally worked on this area after about a month.

Other events include a woman carrying a candle up the stairs. Doors may slam in the house with no one around. Rooms may be found icy cold. A picture from the game room may come off the wall and fly across the room, possibly hurting anyone in it's path. That has happened so you may wish to stay clear of portraits, especially ones that change expressions like this one has been known to do. Infrared photos reveal a bloody handprint next to the painting. Four murders have taken place in this room over the years...the game room.

The most interesting things seem to be focused around a mirror that has hung in the house since before the tragedy. This mirror hangs in the entry way. No matter how many times this mirror has been cleaned, tiny hand prints still cloud it.

At other times, evil faces seem to stare out from behind the glass.

Ghost of one of the girls that they believe was killed by Chloe.

Ghost of one of the girls that they believe was killed by Chloe.

Mysterious Myrtle Manor

Handprints in the mirrors, footsteps on the stairs, mysterious smells, vanishing objects, death by poison, hangings, murder and gunfire -- the Myrtles Plantation in the West Feliciana town of St. Francisville, Louisiana holds the rather dubious record of hosting more ghostly phenomena than just about any other house in the country.

Broken clocks tick...beds rise in the air...paintings fly across the room...locked doors fling open...crystal chandeliers shake...heavy footsteps and eerie piano music sound in the dead of night-and that's just for starters.

Welcome to the Myrtle Manor. It has long been recognized as one of the most haunted house in America both by the media and parapsychologists.

The Manor has 28 bedrooms and is now a bed and breakfast. Is anyone brave enough to spend the night there? Absolutely. They have a thriving business. It seems that hauntings is good for business.

Is Myrtle Manor Really Haunted?

Taking all of the stories I have heard about Myrtle Manor into consideration I would have to say it most likely is. Yeas, I do believe in spirits, hauntings and such. Especially when there is so much evidence of its existence.

Many people have seen unexplainable things there. It’s a very old place. A lot of people died very tragically and in great sadness within those walls.

Many people have seen unexplainable things there. It’s a very old place. A lot of people died very tragically and in great sadness within those walls. Some of the energy seems to be lingering there at Myrtle Manor.

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Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on October 23, 2018:

I have always been interested in hauntings. I believe in them, have felt them, and love to know the stories behind them.

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on October 23, 2018:

The tales of such hauntings make visiting those places so exciting. I do believe that such occurrences do happen. Having stayed in some B&B's in St. Augustine that caused some chills to run up my spine made a believer out of me. Angels are on the way this

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on July 22, 2018:

It do believe that there are spirits and such. Like you, I am hoping to only count the ones who are calm and friendly.

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on July 21, 2018:

It seems it may really have ghostly beings who have unresolved issues. I do believe there are such beings...hoping only to encounter only those who have benevolent intentions. Well done...Angels are on the way ps

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on July 05, 2018:

I am a fool for romantic ghost stories. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Susan Britton from Ontario, Canada on June 23, 2018:

You have my interest. I also love a good romantic ghost story in Mansions. I loved the photos you used in this hub. Awesome :)

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on April 05, 2016:

I loved reading about this haunted property. There are several explanations for these stories to be experienced by people. Yes some are the manifestations of someone's mind, but it might very well be that the property itself is sitting on a thinning tear to other strange parallel worlds or dimensions, occupying the same space time continuum, and that the spirit world is just one of these many dimensions.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on January 18, 2016:

Hi KoffeeKlatch Gals it is most enjoyable when you like writing on such topics.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on January 17, 2016:

I have heard many a ghost stories but, the closest I came was in a house in California that we lived in. In the room where I slept, the dog would not go in that room. It was really strange.

This is very fascinating, but not something I should be reading before bed.


Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on January 16, 2016:

aviannovice it is an interesting place to visit. If you go, take a camera.

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on January 02, 2016:

Sounds like an interesting place, for sure. Maybe I should go there, just to see for myself one of these days.

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on January 02, 2016:

DDE thanks I love reading and writing about this type of thing.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on January 02, 2016:

I Tweeted! Indeed a scary write up here.When in conversations about buildings all sorts go through my mind. Cold-shivers!

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on December 29, 2015:

Taopi I believe that it could be a combination of all three. I would have to do more research that I have done so far before I could tell better.

I agree there is something romantic in an odd sort of way about haunted houses. Have you ever noticed just how many hauntings are related to lost love or unrequited love?

Taopi on December 28, 2015:

I've read that there are three types of hauntings. Residual (a sort of memory imprint on an environment), Atmospheric (replays itself like a photographic or film negative under certain atmospheric conditions), and the most mysterious of all, Conscious, which seem to indicate a personality and intent behind the haunting.

With the Myrtles Plantation, I wonder if there is not a combination of things going on. I tend to see the Chloe story as a myth, only because there are no records indicating such an incident as ever having occurred and those big houses kept meticulous records. But I think things can almost be conjured, which is very pseudo-pagan, in that it is believed that given enough energy something that does not exist can be set in motion to exist.

I enjoyed reading the article. There is a haunting romanticism about those old houses.

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on December 28, 2015:

always exploring sometimes it is hard not to believe. There are many unexplained happenings going on out there.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on December 28, 2015:

Boo, this is scary. Sometimes I do wonder about the stories surrounding haunted houses. Interesting. Thank you..

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