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Children's Sunday School Puppet Show - A Lesson In Lying


Thou Shalt Not Lie

Teaching kids the lessons from the Bible, especially the ten commandments is important. In today's world we have to keep coming up with creative ways to keep them interested. Kids have always loved puppet shows. I created a couple of puppet characters to teach the kids about lying. It is for two puppets and if you don't have any puppets available you could make a couple of sock puppets or puppets with brown paper bags.

The Broken Vase and The Lie That Almost Was

Mary Jo: Lil’ Mo…(no answer)….Lil’ Mo, where’d ya go? (Still no answer)….Lil’Mo, what are you
doing behind the couch?

Lil’ Mo: I’m hiding.

Mary Jo: Hiding? Hiding from who?

Lil’ Mo: I’m hiding from Mom.

Mary Jo: Are you playing hide-n-seek? I didn’t think mom was even home from the store yet.

Lil’ Mo: She’s not. But when she gets home I don’t want her to find me.

MaryJo: Why?

Lil’Mo: Well, I’m pretty sure she’s going to be real mad and probably ground me.

MaryJo: Why is she going to be mad at you?

Lil’Mo: Well, you know how mom always tells me not to play with my baseball in the house?

MaryJo: Uh huh….

Lil’Mo: Well, I know I’m not supposed to play with the baseball in the house, and usually I go
outside, but it’s been raining all day and we got a big game tomorrow and I just
wanted to practice a little so….

MaryJo: Soooo……

Lil’Mo: So I was just tossing the ball up in the air, ever so lightly, and catching it in my glove…

MaryJo: And…….

Lil’Mo: And well, I kept tossing it up and catching it….but each time I would go just a little bit
higher and…..

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MaryJo: And……

Lil’Mo: And well, I guess I went just a little too high and well, a little to the right, and……,

MaryJo: AND………..

Lil’Mo: Well I tried to catch it but…..

MaryJo: AND WHAT????

Lil’Mo: Well, the good news is I caught the ball!

MaryJo: The Good News? Is there bad news?

Lil’Mo: Yeah, when I leaned to the right to catch the ball I kinda bumped that vase of mom’s
that sits on the table there.

MaryJo: Oh no! Not her favorite vase that used to belong to Great Grandma Evelyn???

Lil’Mo: Yeah that vase. So I figure she’s probably gonna be pretty mad, huh?

MaryJo: Oh Lil’Mo, she’s going to be so upset about that vase.

Lil’Mo: I know….that’s why I’m hiding. Hey, you think maybe I should just run away?

MaryJo: Lil’Mo! You can’t run away! That’s not the answer.

Lil’Mo: Hey! I know! I could tell her that Max came running thru the living room and his tail hit
the vase and knocked it over and it broke!

MaryJo: Lil’Mo! That would be lying! Lying is one of the ten commandments that God gave to

Lil’Mo: I know but I don’t want to get into trouble! I don’t want mom mad at me!

MaryJo: But don’t you think she’d be even madder when she found out that not only did you
break the vase but that you also lied to her?

Lil’Mo: But maybe she won’t find out.

MaryJo: Lil’Mo, lying isn’t the answer. You will know you lied, and God will know you lied. God
sees ev erything. And then you have to worry about if mom will know you are lying.

Lil’Mo: But maybe she won’t know.

MaryJo: She may. One time I lied to mom.

Lil’Mo: You did? When?

MaryJo: Yeah. Mom had made chocolate chip cookies one day and she told me I could have
Just two. But they were so good. I ate two, but I wanted more.

Lil’Mo: So you ate three?

MaryJo: Actually, four.

MaryJo: Yeah.

Lil’Mo: What happened?

MaryJo: Well Mom came in and asked if I had eaten more than two, and I told her no. But she
said that there should have been 18 cookies left and there were only 16. I told her I
didn’t know what happened, but I didn’t eat them.

Lil’Mo: and what did she say?


What did Mom say?

MaryJo: Nothing.

Lil’Mo: Nothing? So then how did she find out?

MaryJo: Well I felt really awful after tying to her.

Lil’Mo: Maybe it was because of the four cookies.

MaryJo: I don’t think so. It’s hard to describe but I really just felt awful inside. I just kept
thinking “I lied to mom” and “I’m a terrible person”. It was awful.

Lil’Mo: So what did you do?

MaryJo: Well, I went to mom and told her. I told her I ate four cookies and that I had lied.

Lil’Mo: And what did she say?

MaryJo: She said she knew the whole time.

Lil’Mo: She did?

MaryJo: Yeah, she said she knew I was lying but she wanted to see if I would tell her. Then she
told me that lying was a sin. God doesn’t want us to sin. He wants what’s best for us.
She said that when I lied to her I was sinning against God too.

Lil’Mo: So what did you do?

MaryJo: I told mom I was really sorry, and I prayed that night for God to forgive me too.

Lil’Mo: and did He?

MaryJo: God is a forgiving God. The bible says in 1 John 1:9 But if we confess our sins to him, he
is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness

Lil’Mo: So God will always forgive us?

MaryJo: If you repent and confess your sins, yes.

Lil’Mo: Did mom forgive you too?

MaryJo: Yes, of course, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get punished.

Lil’Mo: Did you get grounded?

MaryJo: Not grounded, but I couldn’t have any more of the cookies, and mom made me write
the ten commandments 10 times!

Lil’Mo: Wow!

MaryJo: But once I told mom the truth I felt so much better. I didn’t even mind having to write
the ten commandments.

Lil’Mo: Really?

MaryJo: Yeah, and with my stomach hurting from the lying and the extra cookies, I didn’t mind
not having any more cookies either.

Lil’Mo: So hiding from mom or telling her Max broke the vase isn’t the right thing to do, is it?

MaryJo: No. You can’t hide forever, and lying about it isn’t the answer either.

Lil’Mo: So what do I do?

MaryJo: Tell her the truth. And tell her how sorry you are. And be prepared for whatever
Punishment you get.

Lil’Mo: Awww….I don’t want to be punished.

MaryJo: Nobody wants to be punished. But when we make a bad choice, like playing ball in the
house when we are told not to, we have to be prepared to face the consequences…And
it’s better to be up front and take your punishment than to get caught lying about it.

Lil’Mo: Really?

MaryJo: Yeah, because if you lie, then get caught, you are in trouble for two things! Lying AND
playing ball in the house.

Lil’Mo: Wow, I hadn’t thought of that.

MaryJo: It’s always better to be honest and tell the truth. The Bible says in Proverbs 19:5
A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will not escape.

Lil’Mo: Huh??

MaryJo: it’s saying that people who lie will get punished, they won’t escape.

Lil’Mo: OK, ok, I get it. I’m going to wait for mom to get home and just tell her what happened.

MaryJo: That’s the way to do it!

Lil’Mo: I will just tell her how sorry I am and how bad I feel for breaking the vase and that now I
understand why she told me not to play ball in the house.

MaryJo: Good!

Lil’Mo: (puts his hands together and his head down)

MaryJo: What are you doing Lil’Mo?

Lil’Mo: Praying that mom will think that I’ve punished myself enough and that she doesn’t need
to punish me any more.

MaryJo: Oh, Lil’Mo!


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