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Cheating Dream Meanings-Cheating Dream Interpretation-Dream Interpretations



Cheating dreams are a very common dream theme that both men and women can have. Cheating on a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or a significant other are the most common cheating dreams. These types of dreams can cause a lot of trouble in your relationship. Most men and women perceive this type of dream as a sign that their partner is really cheating on them. Men and women often take this as a sign from a higher power or they believe that they have some type of physic ability. While there is a chance that this is true, more then likely, it is not. In most cases, this is just your own fears and emotions being portrayed in your dream.

There are a variety of different scenarios that can be portrayed in cheating dreams. Your cheating dream may have portrayed your partner cheating or possibly it was you that did the cheating. You may have dreamed that your friend was being cheated on or you may have dreamed that you cheated at work. In this article, we will discuss cheating dreams and cheating dream scenarios. We will also review cheating dream meanings and we will help guide you so you will have the opportunity to interpret your dreams about cheating.




Most commonly, dreams about cheating are usually not suggestive of a cheating spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Instead, your cheating dream is more then likely your own negative emotions being portrayed in your dream. These emotions can range from anxiety to depression. More commonly, it is feelings of guilt and insecurities. This can be guilt and insecurity about anything in your waking life. You may feel guilt at home for something you have done or it can be your own insecurities about yourself. Cheating dreams are often brought on by your own subconscious because you have been viewing yourself in a negative way. It can lead to feeling of doubt and unworthiness.

If your cheating dream portrayed your partner, spouse, or significant other was cheating, the dream is portraying your own insecurity about yourself. It is very possible that you feel unworthy in your relationship. Many men and women that dream about a cheating partner have little or no self-esteem. Having little or no self-esteem can lead to feelings of anxiety and eventually depression. What is controlling these emotions? What has caused you to have little or no self-esteem?

Cheating dreams that portray your partner cheating can also suggest that you don't want to be alone in your waking life. This is a common meaning in cheating dreams because the majority of men and women don't want to live alone. Some experts believe that this type of feeling can date back to your childhood. You may have lived in a bad home or perhaps you were raised by a single parent. It is possible that you were without both parents in your childhood home. Although we tend to put these types of emotions on the back burner as we age, they are always still there. This is why we tend to remember the bad over the good. Your cheating dream may simply be these childhood emotions resurfacing.



Men and women that have trust issues in their waking life are also likely to dream about cheating. If you have serious trust issues, cheating dreams are likely to come about. Men and women can have trust issues for a variety of different reasons. Men and women that have trust issues are likely to have been hurt in the past. Their partner has likely cheated and possibly even abused them. You may have also been in a verbal abusive home. Anyone of these situations can cause someone to have trust issues. For these men and women, trust is everything. These types of emotions are usually destructive to your relationship. This is why it is very important to communicate in your relationship. If you have trust issues, talk to your partner so they understand where you are coming from. If your partner has trust issues, communicate with them and listen. Some believe that trust issues are a symbol of cheating. However, in this type of cheating dream, it is more likely due to lack of trust.

Dreams about cheating can also be our sexual passion and sexuality screaming out. This cheating dream meaning may be your own need for sexual comfort. You may be feeling unwanted and unappreciated in your relationship. This type of cheating dream is basically your own wants and needs to make love. Cheating dreams can also symbolize that we are not getting the attention that we need and feel we deserve. Once again, this points back to communication. If you are feeling rejected and unworthy, talk to your partner and let them know how you feel.

If you dreamed that you cheated on a test or cheated in a game, this suggest that you are not being completely honest with yourself. At some point and time, we all do this. We try to make ourselves believe that someone or something is more or less then how we perceive them. Sometimes, we are quick to judge and acknowledge before we have time to completely think it out. This type of cheating dream can refer to anything or anyone in our waking life. We have to learn to be honest with ourselves and view the world as it really is.

If you dreamed that a friend was cheating, this can actually represent your dislike for their partner. This type of cheating dream symbolizes that you don't approve of their relationship. You may know something on them or simply not approve of their relationship. In most cases, you are merely looking out for your friend.

It is important to try to remember every aspect of your cheating dream. The more you remember about dream, the better chance you have to correctly interpret your cheating dreams. Answering the right questions can help determine the overall meaning of your cheating dream.

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  • Who cheated in your dream?
  • Where were you at when you cheated?
  • What emotions did you feel when you cheated?
  • How did you feel when you saw your partner cheat?
  • Who was in your cheating dream?
  • Why did you cheat?
  • Did you tell on the cheater?




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Certainly interesting hypotheses about "cheating dreams".... Anxiety and stress can do strange things to your mind and result in strange dreams or even nightmares that are hard to trace back to their "roots".

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