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Cheaters, lies, broken hearts and Karma

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Gossip is just another hurt within affairs.


Cheaters will get what they deserve!


Understanding this blog is not really about spirituality but more geared toward karma. Payback for the people that choose to lie, cheat and hurt their significant other. There is even a television show , "Cheaters" Where they follow and record the dirty secrets and air them in front of 10 millions viewers. For me , I can't watch all the heartbreak and Jerry Springer type violence.......but it seems to be an effective way to find and punish.

Over the last year, as I have been into some online dating, I have come across a couple of very distraught and broken hearted ladies. The guys were going out with me and others and not being honest with their girlfriends. Only one date from me, as I picked up some very disturbing energy and the words they spoke felt like either lies or scripted .

What is wrong with people? Can they not feel the guilt or wrong on so many levels? Wonder what karma will follow them and then hit them? Cheating is one   of the most selfish things one can do for themselves and the most cruel to another.

One lady had dated her man for 14 years......he did not work at all and played at making music , to one day be a star in the christian music industry. Wow What a guy huh? I knew something was up when he called and his number showed as private! His response to me asking why was " Well when I moved here the phone line was already set up and I never received a I decided not to change it. What a Godly man! His choice was to lie about his Gf or to steal from the phone company! He actually lied about both.

The next situation was a very nice lady that contacted me today. Her Bf and I had one meeting where I live, by the pool. He talked to fast, too much, and was very insensitive to what I believed was of great importance. There would never be a second date! She however is a beautiful soul, one that can capture a person on canvas. She can draw like nobodies business.....very artsy and full of love. This lovely lady has had many trials in life that would leave many bitter with hate. Her love of children was seen quickly thru her art and her words. For two years she has supported this man and made sure his children had Christmas gifts for the holidays. How could he hurt someone that adored him and his children? Thank God for karma!!!!

This could turn into a psychology to why these smart, beautiful and caring ladies would have fallen for such shallow and selfish , poor excuse of humans. However I will just add my thoughts. ..... Just like men tend to pick the girl next door type, the plain, meek and not full of confidence. They think that chic will never run around, and just be content to break bread with them and then draw their bathwater. Women many times feel if they date a man that is not rich, not drop dead gorgeous and has no violent temper.........that they probably have a good man!

It is always the right thing to treat others with respect and compassion, you will never go worng there.....its when one pays the others way, treats them as royality and puts their own needs far down on the to do list.....that is when one decides they are so special that they can do whatever they like. If you treat your bf/gf like a queen/king.........they will actually start to believe it themselves. Then worse than that is to not treat yourself well and to belittle yourself and allow it! This should not be human nature but sometimes it just is.

There is never a time that it is alright to run around on someone you have made a commitment to!! However if both agree to see other people than that is almost acceptable. I would not ever want that in my life but have heard of couple that are honest with each other and like that lifestyle. Normally I try not to judge! Today is very hard not to.

If someone is cheating on you, they will lie, steal and decieve anyone. You will be cheating yourself out of a loving relationship with honor and honesty. My saying for a few decades now..." I rather be alone than feel alone"

For many moments I thought today" I wish this man could hear her hurt, and hope it cuts like a knife in his heart! However I realize he has no heart! He would have never done this if he did...and that the sweetest revenge for this lady was to make some dates with a few friends, take her child out to a nice outing and to forget his name. He will surely miss she has to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

I made a new friend today within her.......I feel very blessed!! He will regret his actions...for merely getting caught, i feel sure..........That in itself is karma........but what will happen after this...I hope he falls for someone that he adores and finds a heart only to have it crushed..........

Here's to karma!!! CHEERS!


Mia (author) from North Carolina on November 09, 2014:

How very unfortunate you had to go to the depths of emotional hell for and with him. My guess he has been in that hell for a lifetime and drags others there carelessly and thoughtlessly. Ive had the also unfortunate saga in my life as well. I do not think I will ever recover completely but know I will move forward. ..

best of luck and my thoughts and prayers are with you

Wishing U well

4tune from Michigan on November 09, 2014:

Karma is real, seen it many times and hopefully for the last time with a fellow that loved having me as the back up plan of a "friend" Yeah right, who he could rip to shreds my emotions and then cry to me about other women, none of whom he could be true to - and who could not be true to him.. and yet I was true for many years never even met him in person..

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Well long story short he had again pain, and finally I could not contain all the years of pain and feeling beaten down, I really have NOTHING in myself to give that man NOTHING he cannot be trusted, I deserved all that time a return from someone better, He would let me know all the time when he found women so attractive, he made me feel so ugly and NOW he is a demon and ugly untrustworthy creep to me who I do not love or care for now at his worst times.

May Karma get em all in the end ,and May true people get the FINAL say for having been so true and overlooked as a second or even third choice, There is NO choices in TRUST, beauty on the outside cannot trump love and trust, and now he knows it too late to ever make me want to go back in love with him EVER.

Mia (author) from North Carolina on May 28, 2014:

Very hurt

Also im very sorry for such a late reply. I do so hope you are feeling much better and moved on to a beautiful love in your heart and a new love as well.

Karma certainly will pay a visit to a cheater :)

wishing U well


Mia (author) from North Carolina on May 28, 2014:


karma normally isn't something that one can predict. It is used as a lesson in life.

however the common sense lessons can easily be predicted. For example, getting caught or taken to court for alienation of affection or even years later a job with held due to someone knowing of the affair. My hope is that you and he asked for forgiveness from God and that whatever lesson is given to you both will be a learned lesson and a benefit to the rest of your journey in life.



Mia (author) from North Carolina on May 28, 2014:


I am so terrible sorry that I today just recieved your comment and question.

I also have been dealing with so much on my proverbial plate. A horrible breakup from my soulmate and have gained custody of my granddaughter for the last year and a half. She is now 21 months old.

by now you probably have moved on with your life and realize that if you and he were to be together happily... that both parties have to feel in unison about the union. Karma is for doing bad things. However when someone breaks up with another..... they also have a right to be happy and changing their mind isn't nearly as bad as going through with a marriage that their whole heart isn't into. Tho painful and traumatic .... im so sorry you and I both have been deeply hurt. And I wish you the best of luck and love:)



Tara Emnett on May 28, 2014:

I was married and had an affair with my married boss 14 yrs older than me. What karma will I endure?

Zoe on September 16, 2012:

Hi Mia, I keep reading your post over and over again and I find it very soothing. Makes so much sense.

I am going through a rough period in my life right now. My fiancé of 1 and a half years called off our relationship nearly two months ago for a reason I STILL can't wrap my head around. The reason being I wanted to wait until we got married to consummate our relationship and he couldn't. And we were to be married early next year which was roughly 6-7 months away. And what makes it worst is that he proposed to me about 4 months before we broke up! Took me out for a fancy dinner, got down on one knee and popped the question (crying the whole time he did it, and I didn't shed a single tear)

Now I know what you're thinking... That sex is an important part of a relationship, of life even! And I completely agree. It was never wrong of him to ask for it or expect it, but I made it very clear to him in the beginning that I would only do it when I am ready, be it before or after marriage. Although he was a bit upset initially, he understood where I was coming from and agreed with me. But he would keep bringing it up now and then and we had some issues. It did put a strain on our relationship but I never in a million years thought he would actually call off the relationship! I also know that it had a lot to do with peer pressure. I had no problems with his friends and we all got along well, but they were all players and only wanted one thing. I would sometimes wonder how he had friends like that and was so different from them. I guess I've got my answer now...

Anyway, my point is that I know I didn't do anything wrong. It's a personal choice I made (one that I was very open and honest about from day one) and frankly nobody should be forced into something like this. And he should have understood that and respected me and my choice. And it's not like we were just casually dating. We were engaged to be married, had made plans about the future and had even started apartment hunting.

I was in shock the first few weeks after it happened simply because he just didn't seem like a person that would do something like this. I was obviously devastated and severely heartbroken.

I know this whole thing sounds very juvenile and silly. I mean one hears of things like this happening in high school and here I am, at the age of 26, dealing with teenage problems!

My question is: Will he pay for doing this to me? I don't wish bad for anyone, not even him, but I'm human and I won't lie and say that I wish him well either. I just want him to realize what he did was wrong and regret it. I know I need to focus on myself and forget about him and what he's up to, but it's hard sometimes to just get up and move on. I just keep wondering if he's gonna ever realize it or not. I'm a person with feelings and I matter and for whatever it's worth, I did love the guy but all he did was disrespect me and break my heart and my spirit and for something so petty and insignificant. And that is so so wrong...

Mia (author) from North Carolina on September 01, 2012:


So sorry to leave a reply so late, I also have many things going on that are unjust and unfair. However I would like to say that I am truly sorry you have also loved someone that has caused you greater pain than you have ever experienced.

I am not an attorney, preacher or anyone that is here to judge. I am just me:) My hope is that you will allow everyone to see and know the truth. (your truth) My grandma always said that the truth is welcome in heaven :D I love when she said that... mainly because she was not happy with another persons view or opinion.

My philosophy is that a fact is a documented action or reaction. That an emotion is felt based on an actual factual event and then the depth of the emotion felt is dealt with according to the emotional maturity of the individual.

You have custody because you were awarded on facts and the people that chose this award made it based on what they feel is in the best interest of the child. That says much because it is normally a few that make the decision there.

I always say I care of others feelings but don't care much on what they think. If the people in your life have forced you to care what they think based on making you an outcast, then in my opinion you are forced to show them facts that will lead them to be humble for judging and allow you to regain your life back.

There is always a catch . If you expose the mother of your child for what you have in facts, then you will force your daughter to face them too. Society is not kind and will not care if your child gets further hurt by her moms wrong doing.

I certainly will pray for you and your family and have great hopes that you will find resolve for this fragile situation.

If there was anyway for you to move away and start a new life based on your truths today. You have a beautiful daughter and a career that only you can make completely yours. I never believe in running away, but some times a new start is just that:) Bless you and again my thoughts an prayers are there for you. Please feel free to contact me and talk more



MW on August 29, 2012:

So I met this girl and things got intense relatively quick. We soon got hitched. after which she told me her ex was in prison and had "pimped her out" in her relationship. I was filing for divorce But it was too late she was pregnant. I felt an urge to provide and support for this woman. I have always wanted a child, I know in my heart. I have a need to be a father. knowing that she had a child with this man But lost custody of her first born didn't dawn on me for reasons until it was too late.

I have full custody of our daughter after a slight mishap after coming home early to a vacant house. painfully she came back after I was awarded custody even though we worked it out so she had visitation and refused to divorce at the time. She decided it best to move in. I have been accused of acts I would never commit, slandered and striped of my public image, in church around town, at work, ect. ect.. needless to say I lost a promising career because I let this person back in. The only deed I did wrong was confront the women who where married to the men that My wife was messing around with. I had actual hard evidence. Am I wrong for doing that, I have a whole community against me that doesn't know the truth behind everything. I am being chased away from the general public however the court has still awarded me full custody over everything. should I show this congregation the same truths that I showed these women affected by her? I know 3 marriages including ours have been ruined or tarnished over her actions and Me uncovering the truth to them. am I being punished. I have always lend a helping hand and Chosen a better path than stealing or resorting to violence. and even though she lead me on after the divorce was filed and wanted to working things out. She was sleeping with other men. She meet a "friend" that was "helping her out" at the bar one night I told her to go out I needed to be sure I could trust her after everything. I still wish good fortune on her. I still feel responsible for her since we married in another state and she is refusing to go back to her parents. I do not want to keep her child from her but this man is about 60 yrs old shes 25 I don't have a good feeling and the custody order is to be awarded visitation with her mother in the state she came from? What do I do? and how will it affect me?

veryhurt on June 09, 2012:

"For many moments I thought today" I wish this man could hear her hurt, and hope it cuts like a knife in his heart! However I realize he has no heart! He would have never done this if he did..."

Feeling this from the bottom of my heart. This man I dated seriously (or so i thought) turned out to have been cheating on me for the whole 5 yrs we had been together. Now he's married with the other woman less than 3 months after the breakup.

All he can say is "I feel bad too". Indeed only very selfish people can do this. He believes cheating is not uncommon, and I hope indeed he would find karma the "realest bitch".

Mia (author) from North Carolina on March 14, 2012:

Welcome to HubPages and to my hubs Awesomeblueberry!

Thank you for reading and taking the time to leave such a great comment behind!

I did check out your blog and you write very well. Thanks for sharing with me:) I would love to read more and I certainly intend on it!

Hope you have a great week!



Awesomeblueberry on March 13, 2012:

Hi MM, i came across your article and i must say this: you are absolutely right in everything you wrote. I actually have experienced karma in my life many times and have seen all men who have hurt a good woman get hurt in return. whether it is in the same way, or they lost precious things in their lives, or others. we all pay in a certain way.

i hopw men just stop it before it is too late for them to fix.

p.s. this young lady is blogging her own days with a married man. might be interesting to checkout perhaps?

CrystalSSingleton on February 06, 2012:

you welcome and thanks.

Mia (author) from North Carolina on February 05, 2012:

Thank you so much for reading and the kind comment Crystal !

Hope you are having one great weekender!



CrystalSSingleton on February 05, 2012:

Great post and advice

Mia (author) from North Carolina on December 21, 2011:

Amen reeltaulk !! You have well spoken all I feel ..... and much better than I did:)

thanks for reading today and leaving behind some very intellectual thinking and wise words!

Happy Holidays new friend


reeltaulk on December 21, 2011:

Thanks for the best wishes and I wish you the same as well. I returned to add one more comment after reading your phrase..... I'd rather be alone than feel alone. Some will never understand that one is quite fortunate when they are left/feel alone, abandoned, betrayed, deceived, lied to, not loved.... all of the above. It is in those lonely moments (if you desire to) that you will find so much!!! Although this may seem weird or doesn't make sense, it takes one to experience this to know that in these times, you will become you, love you, appreciate you, understand and realize that what you seek must blossoms from you and not someone else. The greatest gift in life is meeting one that ads more (in whatever level of relationship) than what you already have instore/inside and together you become One! In time you will receive someone you deserve and vice versa. There will be no need to worry about Karma for it will no longer exist cause You'll be dealing with grown folk NOw!

Mia (author) from North Carolina on December 21, 2011:

So True reeltaulk ! Thank you for taking the time to read some of my thoughts ! Hope you have the Merriest of Holidays!



reeltaulk on December 21, 2011:

For the most part (some where around 90%) absolutely nothing is wrong with the majority of people! They subscribe, cosign and make choices that allow them to behave and morph into the individual (character) that they are. Once upon a time in anger I would say what the *@#! is wrong with you. But I realized it's not for me to find out it's for them to find out. Sad thing about this is that they fail to realize that Karma is real, and deliberately will feel everything they "dish out". I guess due to delusional thinking they would think that they are actually getting away with whatever behaviors, but in all essence the run that allowed them to feel they got away with, only lasted as long as it did because it was the final test which will in the end turns into a grave lesson. All these choice words aka excuses, "mental illnesses" people will buy into and claim to have because it will seem like the easy way out. It sounds good on paper until they end up finding out that Karma is indeed the realest Bitch! #truth

Mia (author) from North Carolina on December 30, 2010:

Katie I am so glad we found each other here......Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments! Have a Happy New Year and Happy Hubbing!!



Mia (author) from North Carolina on December 30, 2010:

Katie I am so glad we found each other here......Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments! Have a Happy New Year and Happy Hubbing!!



Katie McMurray from Ohio on December 30, 2010:

You had me at Karma, What a guiding light Karma is and the truth of all truths we all face. I'm thrilled to have found you today! Katie :)

Mia (author) from North Carolina on November 04, 2010:

Thank you Saddy for reading! So very sorry you had that experience! In my own life I felt the same torture and knew that I would never be a part of that kind of hurt...on any level!

Good luck to you in all you do!



Saddy on November 03, 2010:

I loved this blog and AMEN to karma biting the ass of all the ego-inflated underachievers who do cheat. Easy come, easy go? Right! There's one thing to cheat but then there's cheating and torturing someone for over 8 months, that's what's I had to deal with and to pull out of a situation where ur sanity is continuously doubted is one terrifying to overcome. But I have and though it places a hole in ur a life with a void that cannot be filled its important to remember karma is just around the corner..

Mia (author) from North Carolina on November 03, 2010:

Thank you Yess Being me has had its punishments...but here on Hub pages I can fully be myself with room to learn and grow! Thanks again for reading my full blown antics !

have a great week!


Yess! on October 22, 2010:

MM-I enjoy your writing. Outspoken and honest, sincere and so true. This situation is all too familiar. I hope women learn to love themselves enough to realize that settling for the "wrong" man is worse than being alone. I look forward to read more of your writing.

Mia (author) from North Carolina on August 22, 2010:

What a wonderful life story Tom. What a lesson to learn and I am glad you did.....I bet your wife is too... Take great care Tom and Have a great day!

Wishing you well


Tom Ware from Sydney, Australia on August 21, 2010:

I'm pretty sure that karma eventually brings us to a realization of how we should behave towards others and this certainly applies to sexual relationships. Of course, it is not so much the act of betrayal as the INTENT to betray, i.e. be deliberately unfaithful, that brings this karma about.

I recall as a young sailor having a very 'cavalier' attitude towards women. I wouldn't say I treated them badly, but I certainly didn't do as I should have. At one stage I was writing (and seeing when in port) three different women. So what happened? Eventually, I fell in love. Then I, myself, was betrayed - then jilted. The devastation cut me to the quick. I was shattered, disconsolate. Took me years to fully recover. The result? I learned my lesson. I've now been married to a fine woman for over fifty years...and although tempted, have never had an elicit affair in all that time.

Mia (author) from North Carolina on August 08, 2010:

So true TH

Thanks for reading and look forward to reading more from you!!


tom hellert from home on August 08, 2010:


"Whenva man lies he murders some part of the world- these are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives".

Lies only beget lies, everyone has had or will have their heart broken but until they do they will not understand what it means/feels like

great hub-


Mia (author) from North Carolina on July 29, 2010:

Hi Tyrone

I am doig well ..ty...hope you are as well...

Thanks for reading:)


Tyrone Smalls from Edi, Isl. on July 29, 2010:

Momma Mia . . .?! How are you?! Very true and direct!!!!

Mia (author) from North Carolina on May 28, 2010:

Yes Inded Mike!!! Thanks for reading...


Mike Lickteig from Lawrence KS USA on May 28, 2010:

Here's to karma, indeed. I often wonder why so many folks make such poor choices in partners. I knew a woman from high school who married three times--each time to a physically abusive husband. I knew a man from college who was adored by a wonderful, sensitive woman, and yet he chose to spend time with a woman who sold drugs, practiced witchcraft, and had a number of sexual encounters on the side. There are many good, honest people around that seemingly go unnoticed--good people that lack charisma or the self-confidence to act in a self-assured way. And, of course, those who choose to lie or cheat or otherwise betray their parnters (or potential partners) do not know the meaning of the word commitment, and no one should commit to them.

Sometimes relationships are painful and frustrating.


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