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Charging Your Magick Sigil Tutorial

Sara Joy Warne is an experienced Metaphysical Practitioner and Spiritual Advisor. She is also a spiritual teacher, and counselor.

How to Charge Your Sigil to see Effective and Immediate Results!

By now you have already created your own Magick Sigil and symbol to obtain your own personal desire from the universe. Yet, in order to be sure that you are sending your message loud and clear, you must charge your Sigil with your own powerful Magick energy.

Luckily, there are various ways you can do this. They are all fairly simple ways to enhance your experience, and all ways that will prove successful with gaining your desire from your Sigil.

So I will walk you through this charging my Sigil one of the ways with you. Remember my Sigil desire was:


So let's charge our Sigils and create some Magick!

Choose Which Way is Best For You!

This is the same Sigil I used in the article where we created it together.

This is the same Sigil I used in the article where we created it together.

Forms of Bringing in Your Desire:

  1. Hang Your Sigil on the wall or somewhere you will notice it often. This keeps the Sigil fresh in your mind.
  2. Hide it from yourself or allow it to be rediscovered. This way is actual so impressive because the timing when it is found is when the universe was ready for you to find it. I recommend doing this way with bigger or long term desires. You can also put it away somewhere safe and forget about it. Or place it in a jar with other Sigils you create later.

I am choosing to Charge my Sigil By Hiding it Until The Time is Right for it to Find Me!

My Power Box

My Power Box

Pocket Sigil

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These Ways may Surprise You

4. Decorate your own stone or piece of jewelry with your Sigil symbol. This used as a talisman, amulet, or power stone. Just like runes hold Magick symbols for divination tools and Astrological and Planetary symbols can decode your destiny, Sigils you create hold the same form of vibration. I would also enhance this energy charge, by leaving your creation under a full moon for extra potency.

That's Right! Runes are Sigils


My Sigil Stone


Sigils can get Sexual

5. Sex is the most powerful and exciting way to charge your Sigil. Sex Magick has been used for centuries and in so many cultures and religions. Charging your Sigil can be done with sex with a focus, self-control, and determination to obtain your desire. This can be done with a partner or even while satisfying yourself, alone. The key is to use the orgasm as the energy charger. So upon moment of your orgasm beginning to peak, focus all of your climax energy, inner powers, and your thoughts on your Sigil desire. As hard as it may seem, stay focused on your Sigil! Do this to manifest your Sigil into motion from the universe, at a quicker speed.

Wasn't that Easy?

My last bit of advice for you is to keep creating Sigils, and to try every method at least once. Once you see which way works best, you will also see that different situations and desires are used for different Sigils and ways to charge them.

So Remember These Steps to Charge Your Magick Sigil:

All of these ways will be powerful.

Keep Your Sigil VisibleAllow Your Sigil to Get Lost Sigils to Carry with You




Hang your Sigil somewhere you will see it often.

Either somewhere safe or lost in clutter. You will find your Sigil when the time is right.

This way ensures luck or beneficial outcomes. Carry in your purse or pocket as a charm.




Sigil Hanging on the Wall


Final Ways to Charge Your Sigil to Remember:

Create Your Sigil Symbol as a TalsimanFocus Your Desire of Your Sigil During Your OrgasmKeep Creating Sigils




Use your own Sigil logo as an amulet, piece of jewelry, or power stone.

Never forget to stay focused on your desire of your Sigil at the peak of your climax. This is when energy levels are the strongest.

The more Sigils you create, the more skilled you will become.




Would Love to Hear Your Experiences

So create and charge your sigils with care, have fun, and feel free to comment about your experiences with your Sigil Magick. Bless it Be!


Sara Joy Warne founder of Soul Therapy (author) from Las Vegas, NV on June 18, 2019:

Next article will be about other manifestations and Magick Spells, just like Sigils, that are easy to do and effective!

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