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Cartomancy and Jacks


Divination, and reading jacks in any suit, or divination period can be a bit fun. It's like being a fly on a wall somewhere. However, when reading someones cards, please get permission. If you use a jack to represent a , please keep in mind that the meanings listed are not the only meanings for cartomancy. You should understand that these are a small outline of many possibilities. When you understand more meanings of playing cards, you should also start using your intuition. Intuition is always important when reading cards. The jack in a deck of playing cards usually represents a young male with certain characteristics, and or appearance. If you see a jack, you should think to yourself, "does this represent the questioners or a person in the life?" Your instincts may also tell you something.Sometimes your senses will give you insight so quick, you have to listen close. Your senses may tell you, "this represents a person in the life" even when sometimes logic tells you that this person represents the questioner. Override your logic and go with your gut. When reading a deck of playing cards, you are supposed to go with what you feel at that time.

A Jack generally represents a male(sometimes female) of a young age. Meanings of Jacks are as follows:

Jack of diamonds: A friendly youthful person, a warning of dishonesty,or a relative

Jack of Clubs:A friendly youthful person, possible college bound

Jack of Hearts:A kind youthful person

Jack of Spades:A youthful person full of spite,or a youthful male coming into power, a very smart youthful person

Jacks in Combinations

Meanings of Jacks in combinations:

two jacks: paperwork

three jacks: legal matters

four jacks: a group of people, usually noisy

jack of diamonds with a queen or king: news, letter, or false friend

jack of hearts with a queen or king: a possible visit

jack of hearts with the eight of diamonds: money communication

jack of hearts with the ace of hearts: a possible young romance

jack of hearts with the eight of hearts: an intense conversation


A jack can represent a young male, or a young female. Possibilities with the jacks can be endless. Some combinations in cartomancy stick out more than others. If you see a combination in a card spread that really catches your eye, you should really look into it, and see what the cards are tying to tell you. When you are reading cards for divination purposes, it is important that you follow your instincts on every turn. Even if the card combination is not listed here, you should take special note that those cards are sticking out. Figure out what the cards are saying to you. What was your first feeling when looking at those cards? Not all the meanings of cards are the same, and not all card meanings are listed here. When you continue to read, you will learn to listen to your instincts more. You will learn what each card means, and you will learn to put the right cards with the right person and in the right situation. Some people call it a psychic card reading, others divination using a regular deck of cards. I think of it as a way to uncover what you have in the depths of your mind.

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