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Capricorns Are One of the Hardest Working Signs of the Zodiac

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The Capricorn Sun Sign

Interested in knowing about Capricorns? Whether you yourself are a Capricorn or know someone who is, finding out what this sign is about will get you far towards understanding yourself or the Capricorn I your community. Regardless of what organization you belong to, there will be sure to be a Capricorn in the vicinity and usually these are the hardest working people of the bunch, and the ones who are sure to be going all the way to the top. See the folks working after hours, regardless of how tired they already are? These are probably Capricorns who know that the true road to success can only be achieved through real heard work.

Most Stable

If your birthday falls on the twenty second of December up until the twentieth of January, that would make you a Capricorn. To the world outside, this is one of the zodiac’s most stable signs. On the outside, the personality of Capricorn is founded in the real world. This sign is the rock that other people love leaning on. Capricorns for the most par tare comfortable in any situation of society they decide to be participative in. They know who they truly are and are very self assured. They are also strong willed in a quiet way. Quite dependable, this sign can also inwardly suffer at times from one mood swing or another. These can sometimes carry them from bouts of depression to euphoric heights. However, it is only their closest family and friends that are able to see the turmoil they go through within. It is a different matter when a Capricorn is in love. There is a tendency for this sign to somewhat distrust love and in general other people’s motives. Those in this sign exercise caution in extreme before their real emotions are revealed. Understandably his gets in the way of beginning brand new commitments. In other words, if it means having to risk getting rejected, they would really rather keep their feelings to themselves. For this reason, when a Capricorn decides to get hitched or get in any sort of commitment or relationship, it is generally a matter of being all or nothing.


There is a tendency for this sign to easily win respect but to really get to know a Capricorn, it really does take effort. Anyone lucky enough to get an invitation to go into the inner sanctum of this sign is truly lucky and will find a person that is worth truly knowing. The key to getting this done is that you need to be trustworthy and honest yourself. Capricorns will consider you a kindred spirit the moment they notice these qualities in you as well.

Go Getters

The fact that as mentioned earlier, this sign of the zodiac is a cardinal sign, every Capricorn you know will be a go getter, hard worker and great at achieving stability of the financial kind. They tend to be a bit impatient as they try to get where they want to go in life and tend to be self reliant. When harnessed properly, this aspect of the personality of Capricorn will truly get you far.


There is a healthy respect for people in charge and authorities in general that Capricorns have. At the same time, when they are in charge, they demand that the same level of respect be given to them. For their own performances, Capricorns do set the highest standards. They expect the same high standards from the persons under them and from their own co workers. This nature of being demanding can sometimes make other people find Capricorns hard to work with. However, keep in mind that Capricorns do deal fairly with other people and any person who is able to live up to this sign’s highest standards have a great assurance of real success.


If there is such a thing as being reliable to a fault that would most likely pertain to Capricorns. These folks like to methodically plan things out and make sure that each base is covered. Until they meet their goals, they do stick to a plan of action. Capricorn see jobs through until they are complete. This is in contrast to Sagittarius which happens to be the project initiators of the zodiac. Once the job is initiated, Sagittarians can sometimes lose interest along the way. On the other hand, Capricorns do not and actually see that the project gets seen through all the way to the end. People born under this sign make great bureaucrats, lawyers, teachers, architects, financial advisors, accountants, bankers and managers.


Once a member of this sign decides to get married, she or he is most likely to remain married regardless of what encountered challenges find themselves along the way. If the spouse if a zodiac sign compatible member, this becomes especially true. Jealousy can be common as well since people who belong to this sign and are born when the sun is in Capricorn tend to truly believe the vow ‘till death do us part.’ The same can be true for friendship. Capricorns make great friends and without question they are loyal the moment they take you beneath their wings. On the other hand, any person who betrays their Cap friend will see the bad side of this sign. There are long memories that Capricorns have and for people who are stupid enough to cause them any type of mistreatment, they make daunting enemies.


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Earth is the associated element to this sign. This does not really come as a big surprise as this sign happens to be one of the most down to earth signs in the entire zodiac list. This is not to say that they are not interested in dreams of going around the world or other wild ideas. They would much rather get to work, however, than to stay put. Keep in mind that this sign is the zodiac’s business folks. For this reason in their economical and sensible way, they will get up each and every day to make sure that in the highest possible quality, their job is done. While occasionally, caps can get a bit greedy and materialistic, as they do want some rewards for having worked hard; this sign is much too practical and dignified to get too dreamy. Plus, they want to appear friendly and polite and do love reserve and tradition. This group of individuals belongs to the element earth and that is precisely the reason why they are so practical. Signs that are classified as earth are talented naturally in life management particularly when it comes to the financial side of life.

Real Work

With luck, also known as true hard work, these folks will find themselves on the ladder’s top rung. At the same time, they need to remember who helped them reach the top. Somewhat inhibited, Caps are traditional and others may feel compelled to wonder if success is something that Caps really can enjoy. Don’t worry as inside, this sign will be smiling even if they do not show it on the outside.

At Rest

There is such a thing as a Capricorn at rest, believe it or not. Sports that are leisurely are something this sign enjoys, including croquet, golf and other sports. As long as there is an opportunity to win, you will find Capricorns in the game. For this sign, the colors of the team are likely to be khaki and brown almost like the relaxed, classic slacks they love wearing. Athletic members of this sign also need to watch their knees and teeth and should not do activities that are too risky. When it comes to their hearts, Capricorns do not show too much emotion but are ever devoted to their loved ones. The determination this sign has to succeed and their being such willing hard working folks are the great strengths of the January-born. With boundless ambition, this sign also plays fair, is responsible and very cautious. This is why sweet success is almost always theirs.


Saturn rules this sign. In mythology of ancient times, this planet was the gods’ father. Think of it as being the head Chihuahua, if you must and then you will understand this sign much better. Those who are part of this sign also want to be at the top. At the same time, they truly understand that no one is going to hand them this title. The good thing is that they luckily possess the sense of responsibility and discipline to work for the success that they crave so much. There is a tendency to be mature among Capricorns. These folks are also blessed in heaps with common sense. Their endeavors of success are supported by the qualities they are born with. It is not a surprise that this is the planet of Capricorn as Saturn is actually the task master driving achievements, accomplishments and ambitions. The energy of this plant puts its focus on taking responsibilities and following rules, which happen to be the finest two qualities that Capricorn happens to possess. On the other extremity, the influence of this planet can be a driver of Capricorn to being utterly ruthless, which, when it comes to the personality of this sign, is not a very desirable component and definitely something that needs to be kept in check.


Capricorns are organized, efficient and industrial. They will not make tons of waves and with details, are quite scrupulous. In business and in life, they adopt a posture that is rather conventional. Folks in this astrological sign play it safe and feel best when they do, as this is the safest way of eventually reaching the top. Capricorns are also patient, thankfully and are happily waiting for their ships to arrive at the harbor. The other side of the story is that folks in this sign can also be less forgiving to other people who are not as ambitious or diligent as they happen to be. What they must not forget is that allies are something that Capricorns need along the way, with or without ambition. Anyhow, once this sign receives the social status and recognition they crave fervently, everything will most likely be forgiven.

The Goat

The Capricorn symbol is the goat. This mascot is quite apt as the mountaintop is where every Capricorn strives to be, where the air is fresh and clear. In a similar manner, those born in this sign want to reach the top of the field they chose so that they can reap successful benefits. This means money, prestige and fame. It is not always a walk in the park to get to the top. For this reason there is a big likelihood that goats may cause a few feathers to get ruffled along the path. Those born in this month can be egotistical and domineering especially when they are determined to get to the zenith. They will tell you that it is part and parcel of their leadership and will contribute tons of the best ideas on the way. This sign is assigned a cardinal quality and that is the reason for this.

Hard Work

The 10th zodiac sign is Capricorn. Working hard is what this sign is about. People born under this month are happiest putting in a full office day and realize that it is these days that will be necessary to reach the highest levels. Both determined and ambitious, Capricorn’s don’t find this to be a problem in any way. As a matter of fact, they are determined to reach the top and for these folks, life is one giant project. This is something they adjust to by adopting an approach that is businesslike to practically every activity that they do. Capricorns take things one step at a time and are practical. They are pragmatic and as realistic as possible. Those born Capricorn are quite committed to their objectives, almost to the extent of being stubborn about it. These sweet smelling victories, however, are the fuel that keeps this sign going.


FlourishAnyway from USA on September 10, 2015:

Someone close to me is a Capricorn so I enjoyed reading this hub.

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