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Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon Combinations

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Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Clever, astute.

Her dark side: Determined.

Want to know what her favorite book is? The software program Financial Cookbook. It makes her dizzy just to think of spending a few hours plugging in all the interest rates, inflation factors, and those wonderful numbers. When she dates, try as she may to play dumb, men start talking banking, investments, and big business. You could guess that she isn't dating the tennis pro to start with, but still it's rather amazing how men of money and power are attracted to her. The reason is her uncommonly good sense, her quick grasp of business risk, and appreciation for money and success. This is where her interests lie, and she won't pretend to care about football or what's under the hood of your car. She's not a gold digger, her dreams are to make it on her own terms, and win at the game of money and power. Surprisingly, for all her fascination with finance, she's a well rounded individual who can plan family gatherings and teach men the art of romance. She's a loving person who knows the importance of keeping her word and your secrets. She'll be a devoted wife and mother for a man of substance, consistency, and old fashioned values. Time is important to her, and she may consider some dates a waste of her time. She's witty and fun, and does love to party but it must be with the right man. He may be older. His nickname won't be silly putty. Get to know her and you can find yourself babbling away 'til the wee small hours of the morning. About futures--yours, hers and gold. A Taurus Sun or Capricorn Moon doubles both your chances of happiness, and the Virgo is a good bet for a shorter term relationship. The Cancer, her polar opposite, is a surprise match."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Can invest wisely.

His dark side: Nasty when angered.

Here the bull meets the goat. Both signs are sturdy, plodding little fellows with their feet firmly planted on the ground. Just like him. You won't see him dashing about, changing his mind, searching for universal truths. He's a steady, honest fellow at work or play. He is more concerned with the basic needs of life, served under a sturdy roof, and preferably on a silver platter. He doesn't want a bunch of junk in his castle. He plans to be a banker, real estate broker, or veterinarian. He will invest wisely, yet keep his priorities in order about using available monies for fun and adventure as well. He will not be a miser with you; except of course, in regard to your sexual adventures. You will be allowed very few. He will be fair about this though. He in turn expects to be faithful to the one he loves without exception. And if any man can, this one will. He also wants children. He is slow to anger, yet his anger once evoked is not a pretty sight. Picture the bull snorting. Never insult his pride, honesty, accomplishments, or his mother. Used to winning everything through hard work, the girl of his dreams needs to be sincere and not a pushover. The coy, hard to get routine will not last long with him. He really is too down to earth for such nonsense. He knows all about love and has a strongly passionate nature. Women sense this and respond as if by magic. His romantic life will be as full or as sparse as he decides. Smile pretty and put your best earth signs forward. Surprise match: the Scorpio. Dynamic!"

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(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

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