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Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon Combinations

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Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Sexy.

Her dark side: Sullen.

She may or may not be beautiful, but her sex appeal will be more than enough to captivate many men in her early years. Her later years often find her overweight, or a victim of alcohol and drug abuse. It takes a toll on her beauty. Never mind, she still has a husband or two out there who would dump Miss America for her. Once she gives herself to a man (is she ever hard to get down the aisle) he's never quite the same. There's a mysterious, brooding, sullen quality to her sexuality and it leaves men a bit shaken. She may very well be the reason men ask "was it good for you?" I mean, the poor guy is used to a smile, a "wow," or something, for heaven's sake. I can see her now, taking a puff on her cigarette saying, with that appraising look in her eye, "Don't worry darling, you were great." It's scary for her men. One of the reasons for his terror may be that she ran off with an artist a few years ago, or has a ten year gap in her life that she never talks about. That appraising look may crop up again from time to time as you ask about the father of her children. Funny, after four years with her you still aren't sure of his name. She may confuse you, but this much I have figured out....If she wanted you to know, she'd have told you. She reveres secrets. She has a biting, yet terribly funny sense of humor. She's not all that serious about everything, just those parts of her life. She can act (of course, or you wouldn't have been bewitched); she can dance and she can run a government research center. She's fully capable of any number of things. For all the men in her life, she never quite makes the connection in intimacy and often ends up in her last days alone, by choice. The Sagittarius will find her irresistible because she's so odd. She needs, however, a Pisces or Scorpio. If the Moon is in Capricorn, it could help here considerably in her life."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Soft-hearted and generous.

His dark side: Own worst enemy.

This man is a wonderful friend and coworker. He is sympathetic and kind, and full of wisdom. He also knows, and keeps secret, where just about everyone's skeletons are hidden. Every person he knows calls on him for advice and friendship. This soft-hearted, generous man has a sharp mind and a gentle soul. He carries a lot of emotional baggage. He himself keeps his problems hidden from others. He has, in fact, some deep, dark secrets that he carries literally to the grave. He usually has a secret marriage or relationship that he mentions to no one, even his current wife and children. He may also have an illegitimate child hidden away somewhere. Add to this at least one woman who broke his heart and made him turn to chemical escapes. Chronic ill health follows, and guess what? No one knows because he doesn't talk about what hurts him. If he could talk about it, he might not drink or use drugs. And as if all this weren't bad enough, he usually has a glandular problem that causes him to gain weight. By 40 he is usually quite heavy. This adds to his pain because he is a very attractive man. He is also usually found in some sort of limelight, often political or religious. He is very image conscious and yes, vain. He will be the first to poke fun at himself, but not in connection with the word fat. Laughing and cheerful, he can pull up everyone by their bootstraps, except himself. He is oftentimes his own worst enemy. Rescue him if you can, because he could be a wonderful, exciting husband and father. This job calls for a drug free Pisces, a homemaking Cancer, or a Scorpio who has exorcised her own demons."

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(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


Lindy on April 01, 2019:

I am a cap sun with Pisces moon . I can see myself going there in future but I would avoid it at any cost . Damn to be honest this page is too true and deep unlike others which has just written with stereotypes. I fall for people so easily but I as it’s there I will leave them because somewhere my high morals and feelings get clashed . Also a huge number of sag has hit on me and it’s fun with them . But yeah I cannot trust them . Michelle Obama is of This type and I am going to be someone like her :)

'Lady' on January 15, 2017:

"Her later years often find her overweight, or a victim of alcohol and drug abuse. It takes a toll on her beauty." Seriously? The whole post is pretty stupid but this part is just too much. What is the point of writing this? I can't gather how anyone can waste their time writing such a pointless horoscope post full of such jaded assumption. The sexism in it is also blatant.

Charlie on July 07, 2016:

I have a capricorn sun and a pisces moon and I've read some pretty good descritions of that combination. This is not one of them. It's like reading satire.

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