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Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Combinations

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Capricorn Sun Libra Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Talented.

Her dark side: Fits of intemperance.

There are more similarities between the man and woman of this configuration than there are found elsewhere in the Zodiac. She can scale the heights and sink to the depths. Her relationships with men, beginning with her father, are strained. She looks for a strong man, an able man, and one who she can trust with her deep dark little secrets. Life is not easy for her, and her early childhood may be marked by unhappy, discordant episodes. Her need for a good, solid relationship is critical. She may fight you tooth and nail on giving her what she wants, because she's afraid to let her needy side show. She has faced rejection at one point that left scars. She may feel unworthy of love. She may try to scare you off with her little fits of intemperance or outlandish behavior. She may ache to be with only you and choose instead to have lunch with her group of admirers. Her Libra Moon logic slips, but the charm and allure of her moon is always intact. You, my dear man, are probably bewitched and have no idea what to do about your dilemma. Just wait out the strangeness, the determined to shock you behavior, and you'll get another chance to prove your worth. And she, miracle of all, may begin to cooperate with you. From that time on, she lets her guard down, and you'll find her all the more enchanting and loveable. Her career and her dedication to it may leave you a little awed. She'll find time to do something charitable and crusading, and will expect her friends to share in her efforts. Her coworkers are magnetized by her charm. She's not necessarily the loveliest of the women of the Zodiac, but she trades on her charisma. She'll be a good mother. Who can capture her? The fellow Capricorn, the Taurus, or the strange Gemini she doesn't really feel all that comfortable with. The Cancer may be the one who breaks her heart--he doesn't mean to, they just stress each other out."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Takes your breath away.

His dark side: Does most everything well.

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Here is a man no one can resist. Everyone he meets is fascinated by his charm. He is the most romantic of the Capricorns. He usually has experienced some domestic difficulties, maybe even in childhood. Yet he is devoted to his family. His devotion will be shown in a grand fashion, rather than mundane things like keeping promises. He means well, but is easily distracted by The Good Life. He is the man in The Days of Wine and Roses. He gets by in life on his charms and innate talents (he is fabulous in the arts) rather than his persistence. He has a tendency to have things come his way early and easily, and then fall victim to excess in drink or drugs. Obtaining his goals too soon, or too easily, as often is the case leaves him gloomy and aimless. He has a sad tendency to self-destruct in from of his friends and family. Not necessarily the most handsome of men, he has more appeal than most of the Zodiac combined. He will always be surrounded by admiring and beautiful women. His idea of a compliment is to say "You look like you just got released from the fat farm." It will be music to your ears. They write romance novels about this guy. He can turn your heart into a fluttering butterfly. And if you are the one he has been looking for, he will tell you within the first few hours of meeting you. If he is involved with someone else when this happens, he will terminate the other relationship. This man does not play games. He will want the best in clothes, cars, and houses for you and his family. He will obtain it early on. He won't care if you are as frivolous with money as he is. He just wants happy, fun filled, successful days with his beautiful mate beside him. Capricorns, Libras, or possibly a Pisces stand the best chance. Try to catch him young, before he gets too successful for his own good."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


Mountain on May 16, 2020:


Sounds true, surrounded by beautiful women and the libran in me doesn't want to let any of them down..

At times they feel like adoring fans

Capp on November 18, 2012:

wow me all the way

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