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Capricorn Sun Aries Moon Combinations

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Capricorn Sun Aries Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Energetic.

Her dark side: Has trouble with men.

Who wants to get to the top and first? This stellar configuration. This sun and moon combine the goat and the ram. If climbing the highest mountain and reaching the top alone ever meant anything to anyone, it does to this woman. She can feel discouragement to the depths of her soul when things go wrong, but being as determined as she is, she knows the only way to get ahead is to keep moving and put your setbacks behind you. Time is always of the essence with her, and she'll run fast and hard. If she sounds one dimensional, she's not. She wants it all--the career, the family, the prestigious home and life. She wants it not for the money and power, which she certainly enjoys, but to validate her existence. She's her own toughest critic and she needs to prove herself to herself. She does what she does for herself. Her talents are nearly unlimited. So fine, she's a worker bee. Can she relax and have fun? You bet. Between projects she uses fun and play to cleanse her mind. She'll put just as much energy into partying as she does into her work. This means that her relaxation may appear near frenzied to the rest of the world. It is, but you'll have quite the companion. She'll tease you, pull jokes on your friends, and throw one party after another. If you start to notice coworkers being invited over to the house, or some of her favorite clients, you can be sure her work phase is about to take over again. She won't be without friends. She's liked by everyone, from neighbors to supervisors. She has a nice way of sticking her nose into your business. Needless to say, her husband and children will get an energetic, caring mother and wife to be proud of. Look to the Capricorn Moon to snag this one, or the Leo or Sagittarius Moons as well. The Scorpio man can also find her appealing until her career starts to interfere."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Can have it all.

His dark side: Practical in love.

Look for him at the top and still climbing higher. He will never be successful enough or rich enough. He simply doesn't know the words "stop" and "quit." He is always looking for one more piece of accomplishment. For all his determination you would guess him to be totally hard and devoid of other desires. Wrong. He is the man who taught women about having it all. He wants nice homes, a boat, several cars, and a decent relationship. Children? He's rather indifferent. Unless you get to know him well, he appears quick tempered (he is), and cold (he's not.) This reserved exterior hides a pretty hot blooded man. He is a man who is insecure and worries himself to the point of exhaustion. Since he is not much of a sleeper (an insomniac oftentimes,) add a few things to worry about and he over works himself to the point of illness. If things get really good, he worries that something bad is about to happen. Sounds like he can't relax? Not necessarily; he can. Given the right companions he can party with the best of them. And he can even get pretty silly along the way. Practical jokes and all. He can also be romantic, though I suspect it doesn't come naturally. He simply knows how to play the game. When he falls in love, it is still not entirely. It is an extension of his deep need to share his life. He will have plenty of girls to choose from. He prefers a practical, efficient, self-assured woman who knows what she wants from life--to arrive. And that they will, in style. A Taurus, Virgo, Leo or Aries is his best bet."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


Paulina on October 02, 2015:

The guy i am interested is a Cap Sun Aries Moon, January 15.

I am Virgo sun Gemini Moon, August 29, are we a good match??

He has a Cap Stellium of Sun, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus all conjunct, but square his moon.. i wonder is his Moon stronger that the Stellium?

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AlyM on April 13, 2015:

I too am a Capricorn sun Aries moon, January 12th, with a Libra moon in Gemini ex. Living next to such indecisiveness was sheer torture, though I tried to be patient. I met him and knew he was shielding his true self from me, which is why I took the time to get closer to make my decision. But I learned rather quickly, he abhorred my ability/desire to think and act for myself. He felt “as a woman” I should have followed behind him no matter what. But he typically wouldn’t make a decision or a move. I had no problem doing things myself, in the interest of progress. He took this so very personally. I believe it was his insecurity that tore us apart. Again, perhaps the Cap-Libra match just wasn’t meant to be.

:) on October 02, 2013:

can you please post every single sun and moon combination, you don't have all of it :((

tehee on August 16, 2013:

can you please post every single sun and moon combination, you don't have all of it :((

Bobbie Kimble on December 20, 2012:

I'm a capricorn, jan 15 with moon in aries (cusp or 2nd &3rd house). My ex- is Libra w/moon in capricorn. He's very goal oriented but, just couldn't make a comittment so i broke up with him. I have a tendency to make decisions very quickly. with my moon being in the 3rd house which is ruled by mercury and mercury taking resident in my 12th house, the subconcious. I'm extremely intuitive and can read a person or situation like a book. I knew for a fact, my ex and I were meant to be together. But he didn't. We could've gone on for the rest of our lives without a proper comittment if it was up to him. But, my moon is in get it done "mars", his is in take your time "saturn". Maybe it was doomed from the start. I need to take action on my thoughts and feelings!

Ellie (author) from Houston, Texas on September 12, 2012:

What year was your wife born (and also what time was she born, if you know it?) She is definitely a Capricorn, but I wouldn't be sure if her moon sign is Aries or not unless I knew the other information.

I personally love boyfriend of six years is a Libra! :)

William Young from Eaglle Grove, Iowa on September 12, 2012:

In your first paragraph, you described my wife to a T. My wife's birthday is January 4th, is that in the Capricorn range? I must confess I know my own--Libra---but I'm not too up on what signs are for what birth months. Just curious, very interesting hub!

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