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Capricorn Moon Children (Hearts Desire vs Their Needs)

Capricorn Moon Children

Capricorn Moon Children

Hidden Talents

The Capricornus constellation has Saturn's energy. This energy brings many life lessons in the form of challenges and choices. Now, with this in mind, Moon Children born under the Capricorn moon will have many more challenges than other moon children. With each new test, teaching them a valuable skill that will be needed to fulfill their ultimate dream. Once these skills are acquired, they will find that they are being led to a very passionate and adventurous life.

Capricorn Moon Children dive deep into each new learning experience by going way above what is expected of them. This method brings out hidden talents they didn't even know they had. Then they take this new skill and see how many ways they can use it. They focus on the one way that brings the most passionate feelings to them when combined with other passionate skills they have learned in life.

This is a cycle that gets repeated over and over in life. These moon children follow a 3/6/9 pattern until all unknown talents have been brought to life. Once this is accomplished, they will have a new perspective on their life and on others.

With each little or big accomplishment, Capricorn Moon Children will keep their emotions to themself and will seem cold and detached. This is one skill that will take a while to learn, but once they have reached the end of discovering their hidden talents, their passions will be easy for all to see. One thing they need to remember is to celebrate these little accomplishments along the way.

Moonrise through the Birch Trees

Moonrise through the Birch Trees

Hearts Desire vs Needs

Keep in mind as you travel down your life path that what you think your heart desires and what it truly needs and deserves will not be the same. As you learn and enlighten your soul, you will begin to see things from your past in a different light and from a different understanding. You will grow to know that you have had a false sense of security for most of your adult life.

Your moon sign describes your intuitive and emotional consciousness. You have a way of fighting this inside of you and not letting others know. This is why people think you are cold and detached. You need to not worry about what others see you as because they can not see what is blooming inside of you.

What does this mean?

Capricorn Moon Children know how harsh reality is, but they keep pushing forward and upward. Your gift of words has always been there. Your words weathered spoken or written have the ability to create positive change in the world. These words will bring order out of the chaos at the time they are needed the most.

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Natural Fog

Natural Fog

The Gifts of The Birch Tree

According to Celtic astrology, the Birch tree brings you new beginnings and fresh starts many times throughout your lifetime. With each new beginning and ending, something new will be revealed to you about something old from your past. You will gain new perspective on a situation that had happened, and it will help you heal by letting you see it from someone else's point of view.

Birch people are blessed with mediumship and dream omens. This is a challenge for Moon Children born under the Capricorn moon. The gift of words can help you with understanding this side of you. Take the time to learn more about how Saturn's energy affects you and what it has to offer you in this area of your life.

Learn more about the following topics

  • The cycles of the moon
  • Saturn's energy
  • Arch Angel Gabriel and Arch Angel Azrael
  • Heart-Throat-Sacral Chakra
  • Citrine

The more you learn about these topics, the more you learn about yourself.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I do strongly recommend that you do a natal chart, so you can see the area's of your life that can become possibilities.

Note from Author

This article is created from soul-centered astrology. This simply means that all the sciences have been used to help you understand your talents and your inner self.

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