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Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - If You Love One of These, See Why Going Through Their Paces Is Worth the Time.. Be Patient.

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Remember on our Blue Planet, the Taste of the Water is Saline.

Water makes the Earth UNIQUE.

Water makes the Earth UNIQUE.

WATERY SENTIMENTS of Different Types and Salinity

When you hear an astrologer say of Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer -- "Well, being a water sign, you can adapt?" What does that mean?

A chief phrase: "WATER SIGN" tells the subject or the astrologer that you process information and life and stimulation and relationships a certain way.

You could say: "Oh, its the way Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces process information. And people in the know, or think they are in the know, understand what is meant when this is said...but still....what does it mean?

Water transmits the idea of emotion and "psychism." The human being is mostly water, so the nature of this designation is easy for ALL people to understand.

However, those who are Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces truly do operate at a separate level from Air, Fire and Earth. Think of the following arising from water signs.

Moody, ecstatic, giddy, depressed -- these things can pass over the countenance of a Water sign, like clouds passing over head as you lie on a beach and listen to the ocean breezes.

So How Do Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, as Water Signs, Fit Into Planned Human Efforts?

Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio—water elements: The Water signs possess the virtue of caring about subterranean emotional issues and internal inexpressible currents.

This does not mean they are wiser than others but are generally more tuned in to different channels at once than many are. They are good listeners. Since they are interested in insight and the subconscious, they tend to use "hunches" more. They can get emotional, and get motivated by impulses that are not obvious. Many times you don't know why they can seduce you, or suddenly make you ill at ease. If they want to beguile you they usually can, whether its Cancer's "suasions" and plans. Scorpio's intense stare into your soul, or Pisces swim around the rivulets of your heart.

Dodgeball? Good catchers, not so good throwers. Different Efforts, Different Styles

Cancer can lovingly kick you in your pants as they tidy up your life and give you their spare room.

Scorpio is not capricious and silly, and thus give you their best insights possible.

Pisces knows virtually everything, but does not know they know it. Their watery eyes don't mean they are not sharp. Their watery eyes tell you that they have been in places you haven't, and they are still with you.

More Clinical Cancer

Cancer is acquisitive, worried and fretful. They worry not about themselves as much as their projects. And they want to gather things for their family. The grabby Crabby does so because their loved ones are always in need. They have big hearts, but sometimes they pump so loudly that the sound overwhelms the sentiment. Don't confront Cancer, persuade them so that they don't think persuasion is happening. They are true. They won't mess with you lightly.

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More Clinical Scorpio

There are so many stories about Scorpio, that you should not over anticipate dealing with them. Like a fast gun whose reputation hurts more than it helps. Just let the quiet, intense Scorpio be and do their thing. Don't insist that they have negative or war like tendencies. Just listen to them and see their utter sincerity

More Clinical Pisces

Pisces sees everything at once. But sometimes it gets confused. Unlike Aquarius or Capricorn, they are not trying to prove a point, or demonstrate their profound insight. They are so much inside their insight, that they are weaving images and trying to comprehend the whole of the picture. Sometimes this can be depressing, saddening or enriching and inspirational.

If they don't lose their patience, they are fine. They have the souls to carry the weight and feel the deep electrical current humming away in the netherworld. Pisces can be gentle and sometimes confusing. For those who like a tighter fix on things, Pisces can be a little nondescript. However, they are all the souls wrapped into one. This makes them at least worth a friendship, and maybe more.

A Little Water Sprayed in the Air To Improve Ambient Air Quality

Think of the "flow of psychic and subconscious water" this way.

Cancer formulates shape and canals, offering a challenge to keep water's power effective and initiatory. Like a channel that guarantees a crop, the Cancer moves with productivity in mind.

The Scorpio relegates watery power to high effect and supplies powerful towering showers and imaginative work so that diversity can reign and circulating fluids go all parts.

Pisces knows ahead what the effect will be, and charmingly floats in places that others can not. Pisces can explain the tiniest little swirling bay in the quietest spring, and then be tossed and turned with the finality of the plan's finality.

Water signs give significance and meaning while others are more rudimentary. All the signs work together to make life rich.

If you love one of these, give yourself time to understand them. They are all sincere. They don't play around when things are complicated. There's a reason you love. Let them be complicated. They are worth the challenge. Reward them with your patience!

Ah, the Planets and their various Messages

Its practically mesmerizing!

Its practically mesmerizing!

Watery Reality and Astrology

© 2010 Christofer French


msorensson on August 21, 2010:

Thanks, the hub is wonderful. It is true of Scorpios, btw...they are usually honest and are not afraid to be brutal.

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