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Scattered Shepherds: Canceled Catholic Priests Need Our Help

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Scattered Shepherds

In a world where feelings are the only things that matter and Christian truth has been demonized, we Catholics have never been in more need of strong shepherds to lead us along the narrow path to heaven.

But many good priests who stand up in their pulpits and declare the Truth of our Faith are being persecuted by the very people who should defend them, namely their bishops.

One by one these prelates are removing Christ's loyal servants from ministry. As soon as a member of the laity complains, or the bishop doesn’t like the traditional content of his parish priest’s sermon, that pastor’s days are numbered.

We faithful Catholics have had enough: we don’t want the touchy-feely Church of Nice – we want the Truth and will do what we must to protect it. Our souls and those of everyone in the world are at stake.

Our souls and those of everyone in the world are at stake.


Many Bishops Don’t Want the Truth

All too many bishops have no interest in defending the Catholic faith or saving souls. As Church Militant’s Michael Voris states, “The U.S. hierarchy lost its supernatural faith long ago. Catholics have to understand that. It's a corporation now, run by a bunch of men interested only in their own self-interest.”

Part of that self-interest involves using the Church as a cover-up for their sinful lifestyles. They cannot tolerate priests who actually live out their vows; by their very presence they are a reproach to their less-than-chaste peers and superiors.

Determined to prevent the Truth of Christ from being preached by holy priests, they are picking them off one by one, removing them from their parishes and from ministry altogether. As an example, here is a list of eight censored priests, together with the spurious reasons for their persecution.

These clergymen’s ‘misdemeanors’ include:

- “encouraging … parishioners to inform themselves before making a decision on vaccination.”

- “told to stop speaking out by an unnamed superior about the Church’s sexual-abuse scandal” (My italics.)

- Making “an off-handed comment about face masks during a catechesis lecture.”

As the article points out, “the greatest threat to these priests comes from their own bishops.” The structure of the Catholic hierarchy gives them no recourse to fight against their unjust treatment.

“The U.S. hierarchy lost its supernatural faith long ago."

— Michael Voris of Church Militant

Priests Are Speaking Out

Until recently, these bishops were extraordinarily successful in quietly taking out a priest here and there. But it is now becoming public just how widespread this despicable practice is.

In his video entitled “This Has to End” Voris interviewed nine canceled priests, saying, “These men represent literally hundreds of other priests from all over the country who … have no recourse except to be at the whims of corrupt or cowardly bishops.”

Ousted priests previously felt alone, but thanks to their growing numbers many have courageously come together to mount the offensive. One such example is the June 24th 2021 Breaking the Silence: A Panel Discussion by the Coalition for Canceled Priests. The prelates' disgraceful treatment of holy and faithful clergy is no longer a secret.

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It is to be hoped that wayward bishops will now take note of the laity’s disillusionment with their unfair practices – unfair to the priests and to their parishioners – and mend their ways. (And that is putting it in the most charitable way I can.)

"... priests ... have no recourse except to be at the whims of corrupt or cowardly bishops.”

— Michael Voris of Church Militant


We, the Laity, Need to Help

We cannot stand idly by and watch our beloved priests being decimated by corrupt clergy.

The famous words of Archbishop Fulton Sheen come to mind:

“Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. … Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops, and your religious act like religious.” (My emphasis.)

They need our prayers, yes, but they also need our financial support to hire good canon lawyers to plead their case and expose the lies of their peers and superiors. Many of them have nowhere to live, and have been cut off from their monthly stipends.

By refusing to give money to corrupt dioceses, and instead donating to those who need and deserve it, we can show struggling priests in a very practical way that we care about them and that they are important to us.

As the Bible says, “Elders who lead effectively are worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching… The worker is worthy of his wages (Timothy 5:17 -18).”

By inference, those who do not lead effectively are not worthy of any honor, and, one might argue, nor are they worthy of any wages.

Below you’ll find where you can send money to help the priests who have been canceled unfairly by their bishops.

"Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops."

— Archbishop Fulton Sheen

In Conclusion

True Catholics are desperate to be saved from the false prophets in the Church, who are removing and scattering her loyal shepherds while watering down the faith.

No more!

With the help of Our Lord and His Mother, and united in support of persecuted priests, we will purify the Church and present her once more as a spotless Bride to Christ.

Help Persecuted Priests

Through the Coalition for Canceled Priests:

Through Church Militant:

Support Persecuted Priests

List of Resources

Complicit Clergy -

Article responding to the statement of principles by 60 Democratic “Catholics” -

Letter from Archbishop Viganò supporting Father Altman -

Coalition for Canceled Priests -

Church Militant -

Church Militant collects money for persecuted priests -

Church Militant is collecting opinions from priests in The New Catacombs:

Church Militant interviewed nine canceled priests:

Support Persecuted Priests:

Complicit Clergy in September 2020 lists eight persecuted priests (includes Father Goring and Father Altman):

Breaking the Silence: A Panel Discussion at Canceled

Fulton Sheen, Laity and Catholic Leadership: If Called to Correct, Let us First Confess, article by Elizabeth Scalia

Bible quotation taken from:

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