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Can You Feel the Touch of an Angel? Perhaps After Noticing the 444s...

"Once we get to this point, a whole new magical world opens up to us."

"Once we get to this point, a whole new magical world opens up to us."

Most of us didn’t grow up learning so much about angels. We may have lived in homes decorated with angel plaques or adorned ourselves with jewelry symbolizing our love of the angels, but a deeper, truer sense of our understanding of our Divine friends, which is beginning to grow more prevalent now, was not so commonplace. Not until something sparked a new beginning that found us on a spiritual path which beckoned us to explore such topics. Once we get to this point, a whole new magical world opens up to us. We become aware of the angelic realm, and we learn to grow our personal relationships with our angels.

In my other hubpages article, “Our Angels Speak to Us through Numbers: 444,” I discuss the phenomenon of our angels getting us to look at the clock “Now!” only to see, or wake up at, 4:44, as it is “a sign of the power of God’s love.” Or, perhaps we see the numbers 444 on a store receipt or on a car's license plate. Our angels also nudge us to catch other number combinations, often in triplicate or something meaningful to each person, to get our attention. Once we notice, we may get inspired to build not only our understanding of them, but to build a direct relationship with our angels.

Our angels can be “in our space” at any time. Of course, our guardian angels are with us 24/7. And even though most of us cannot see the angels, we can feel them! Yes, they can touch us and we can feel that touch. Let me quote from my book, I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives:

Because we are indeed spiritual beings, should we not learn to feel and act like spiritual beings and be who we really are? When you let go of the fear of the unknown and open yourself up to new expressions from the Heavenly realms, they will naturally occur in your life. Have you ever felt tingling sensations on the crown of your head, as if there were a puddle of extremely effervescent soda water there? More and more people are feeling unusual sensations as the veil keeps thinning and humans become more open to these types of experiences.

Many believe that these sensations come from God, their angels, or their departed loved ones. Some people feel actual sensations on their skin at various places on their bodies. Others notice their arms or faces being gently moved or feel as if someone is brushing a finger through their hair. When you open yourself to these experiences, you feel blessed by the spiritual connection.

Forming relationships with your angels is a highly creative act. When you partake in this process you assume a role as a pioneer in what, for most of us, are new, uncharted waters. Some of us talk to our angels, or hear messages from them, but we can also communicate through the feeling of their touch.

I often wake with the feeling of my angels “washing my feet.” When I channeled messages from the angel I feel most connected to, Archangel Michael, for my second book, Michael’s Clarion Call: Messages from the Archangel for Creating Heaven on Earth, he described this process to readers of this book:

I wish for you to request for your angel’s presence and allow them to touch you to prove to you of their existence. They can hold your hand and you can feel the tingling of energy there. They can move your head very gently. Angels love to give feet washings, especially when you’ve had a difficult day. These are energetic and you can actually feel your feet being “washed,” and it is most comforting. This channel often experiences feet washings and especially appreciates it when she forgets she is not alone when going through a life difficulty. She often wakes up with her feet being washed.

This is true, and it is a most beautiful way to wake up! You truly can request a feet washing from your angels by simply asking them in your mind or out loud. Some people may be scared to feel such a thing, or not feel worthy to receive. As you grow your understanding of the divine being you truly are, and allow for this most awe-inspiring connection, your whole concept of reality changes as you open yourself up to the unseen. The gift of touch from the angels will cause you to respond differently, and in the most positive way, to life itself. During these intensely chaotic times as this this planet is rebirthing itself into a new beginning, you can choose an easier, most blessed road by consciously inviting your angels into your daily life.

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Joseph Braid on December 09, 2016:

It's not just 444 but 11:11, 333, and 777. I also feel angel touch constantly in my right hand as if someone is holding it (unless I'm using it of course) and sometimes on my feet and face. I was unsure until I read how others are feeling it too.

Nora on January 24, 2016:


I have been seeing the number 4, or 44 a lot! 4:44 sometimes. Probably for about 8 months now. I have also been feeling a lot of touching my face and legs. But that has faded away for a while. Last night my phone got stuck on 4:44, time. Before I fell in sleep I felt something stroking my cheek. And the clock in my son’s room was stuck on 4:44 to, a couple of nights ago. With the second’s pointer still making sound but stuck on 44 min. Analogue clock.

It makes me nervous, even though I do understand that number 4 is an angel number. Could it be a message, personally to me? When I felt the touching on my face and legs a while ago, it felt like a warning. Like, something is coming.. ppff I don’t know.



freddi on October 27, 2015:

It's been three years since angels first started getting my attention. For me it began with 11:11 and later moved to other number sequences and then sychronicities. They then communicated through blocks of one to two word messages during meditation or upon waking. Then I began feeling them touch my hair, face and arms. I hope they're okay with me sharing...and then they began moving my head and hand then was frightening at first...but they let me know they were from God and are Angels. They've taught me communication signs with left right circles clockwise counterclockwise...sign for God...for they use my index finger to sign for me instead of my head. Today I was sad and they used my hand during channeling to wipe my tears. Oh...I should say before numbers I would hear inside different frequencies....and I still do....I'm still learning about the different levels of sound. But I love them....I love God...and so very grateful to have such love. Don't forget to thank God and your Angels everyday. Hearing the heavenly choir is beyond human words. Peace and Love

Katrina on October 01, 2015:

Hi Mary, I also receive feet washing - I call it a foot massage as it feels wonderful!! I didn't understand this - I am connected to Arcgangel

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Raphael, or Raphy as I affectionately call him. What an amazing experience we have with Angels. And to think I didn't believe in them growing up, now I see and feel them daily.

Cecilia on January 29, 2015:

I started painting my 4s, i love them and im in conversation with them 24/7, i take pictures of them too...

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on January 05, 2015:

That's great you feel angels around you, Chris! Same with you, Ishani!

Chris on October 14, 2014:

Trust me friend, the Angels have grabbed my foot to wake me when I needed to complete the vows I made to God. (they are more then cool with touching!)

ASK God in the name of Jesus (Son of God) for the angles to protect you, you will NEVER regret it!

Then when you are ready for the truth...ask God for the Holy Spirit to fill your body with knowledge and wisdom.

(You will never return to your old self from this one) Then when/if you want to be sold on God (and maybe a little scared, but really its the fear of God) Ask God to send you the Holy Spirit so you can speak in tongues.

Over the next 24-48 hours you WILL notice yourself speaking words you don't understand and that you never intended to say.

That is the Holy Spirit speaking to God for you, on your behalf.

When you notice that you are speaking out loud with out trying...just know God loves you (And thank God)!

If you recognize God, he WILL recognize you!

Watch out and have fun!

Ishani on October 09, 2014:

I've recently found myself to be extremely fascinated and interested in angels which was not the case few months back and I feel tingling sensations in various parts of my body

Chris on September 12, 2014:

I have also got a side hug from mine when I was praying and going through a tough time. It did not feel like a solid strong wrap around hug that we might give but a soft slower hug.

I am a little scared of the spirit world but I fully understand it.

(mostly due to fear of God)

There are 5 proofs of God and the Spirit world has to be used to see that they are doable.

1Have God speak to you

2Do miracles using/through the Holy Spirit ( I can do anything with God)

3) Demons and their powers (I know nothing about this and happy about that)

4) Miracles using/through Jesus (The son of God)

5) ANGELS and their powers (they are invisible to us, how cool would that be)

(All of these are these ^^ are very easy to do, they just require steps)

One Tip: Pray that Angels are around you til the end of the year. That way you don't have to pray daily for them and you will not be harmed for a year. You will fall but not break. Its a sweet thing to know you cant be harmed for a year! Praise them on 1/1 and ask again.

Chris on September 12, 2014:

Mine woke me up by shaking my feet. Once I was praying and having a hard time with an issue and I could feel the angel praying next to me. I got so used to them pushing my bed around my feet, I would call them bed pushers. It feels nice, but its seems wild because they did not teach this stuff in school!

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on September 11, 2014:

Wonderful, that's great Sam! They are such a comfort.

sam on August 29, 2014:

i dont know my angels name yet but i have felt him/her touch me en its soo inspiring...i mean its reallll!

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on June 12, 2014:

That's great, Dukee!

Monique, what a most lovely experience!

Hi Stefan, I've thought the same, how frustrating it must be but they handle things much better there than on dense earth. :) My understanding is the same, they can teleport. They are energy, so we can feel that concentrated energy when they touch. They often speak to us telepathically.

Stefen on May 01, 2014:

I wonder if it's frustrating being a non-physical being like an angel at times. They try to touch and talk to humans and most just don't hear or feel them. and then of course they're probably limited by what they can communicate.

What I often wonder too is how this all works. How do they travel? do they just think of somewhere and they're there? How do they touch if they're not physical? How do they talk without a physical body? Maybe they're like us but vibrating at such a fast rate that they're not solid. If I met one I would have so many questions about him or her, or it if some are genderless. Hopefully that wouldn't be irritating.

monique on April 19, 2014:

I am so afraid that I am unaware wgat to do.. my boyfriend thinks im crazy but I know exactly what I am feeling a few weeks ago I was laying down and something happened to me I felt someone literally touch my body and qhen I say touched my heart started beating really fast my eyes were shut but I could see this all white image standing on the side of the bed and all I can do was say sorry, like I had an actual conversation about what was going on in my life and that night my youngest son was sick somehow me and my one yr old understood each other we had a conversation and he cant talk yet then I keep seeing the same numbers everywhere I go.. when the angel or god touched me it felt like I had wings on my back as if someone was lifting me up I told the angel that iwas afraid because I didn't understand why it chose me I felt that im not worth saving and what he or she said next put me in tears but tears of joy. .

DUKEE on March 29, 2014:

Everybody has two angels,male and female,one is logic and one creative;I was able to know their name;

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on March 18, 2013:

What a great story, Wendy! I love it!

Wendy on March 16, 2013:

I have been seeing 4 and double and triple 4's for awhile now. It began once my search for peace became a real thing. I have the best story of the angels who watch over me. We were travelling a short highway distance to go out for dinner for my sons birthday. He was turning 10. The roads were a bit icy and as we came up on stopped traffic in the middle of the highway I could feel a change in the air. We were going far too fast to stop. There was no way this was going to turn out well. Cars stopped on highway in front of us. Then we "sailed" "swirled" "floated" through every one of them. It was surreal and I could feel that it was from somewhere else that we able to make it through all those vehicles at that speed and not hit one of them or slow down. Needless to say we were all rattled and our hearts were beating wildly as we continued to make our way into the city. When we arrived at the restaurant still shaken but so glad to be ok. The waitress handed us the little device they use to call you when your table is ready. I took ours and looked at our number. Yah it was 44. I knew there was some intervention with that incident. It felt like we were in a tunnel of something and my confirmation came when I saw the numbers. Everytime I see the 4's and I do all the time. I know my angels are letting me know they are always around me if I choose to see them.

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on February 01, 2013:

Thank you, Tebo, so glad you are feeling this type of divine connection!

tebo from New Zealand on January 23, 2013:

I often feel tingling on my head and sometimes on a part of my head. I also feel sensations on my arms from time to time and often down around my lower legs/ankle area. This I usually put down to my departed cats - the arms I felt were loved ones, but I hadn't thought of angels although I do believe in them. Great read. I must check out more of your writing.

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on November 01, 2012:

Hi Cheryl,

How wonderful for your connection! Those are all ways that our angels can show their presence indeed.

Hi Anonymous,

I do indeed understand. In fact, I'm assuming you saw it, but want to make sure you saw my article about Michael Jackson, as well. There you will find in the comments many like minded souls who would be able to relate! And know that I'm happy for you, for such a special connection with this blessed soul of Michael, which you are too.

anonymous on October 27, 2012:

I receive what I call my "Michael signs" regularly. I believe that God woke up my heart through the talent of Michael Jackson because He knew there was something in me that would listen and respond to him. My eyes have been opened to the man he really was, and his love for God and mankind. There are many that are blinded by the lie and the image that the media portrayed him to be, but that IS NOT MICHAEL. Michael loved and cherished God in his life and in his songs, if you will really listen to the lyrics, he is not singing about women, he is singing about God and standing up to the evil that was trying to take him down. He stood up until the day he was taken out of the way. Sometimes I feel tingling up and down my arms and on the top of my just goes through me. I don't tell anyone this because they would think I have lost my mind, but I feel that you will understand. That would be such a blessing to me. When I "feel" this, I wonder if God is allowing Michael to touch me with HIS love and Grace, because I can "FEEL" him.

cheryl Edmonds on October 22, 2012:

I have been feeling things. First i heard a voice call my name. Then I felt something move my hair real gently. Then i felt someone pick my hand up and held it. I yelled for it scared me. But I know now it was an angel.

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on July 15, 2012:

Hi Ledgard,

What a wonderful attitude you have! My very best wishes on regaining your wealth and all kinds of abundance! I'm glad you know your angels are with you and will support you all...

ledgard on July 11, 2012:

Hi! This is amazing, I am seeing 444 everywhere. A few times I saw it at the clock but not in the morning yet, at the market with the tag price of price of $4.44, one day when I turned on the tv it showed me a movie that is call 4.44 the end of the world, at work a few times I received calls with sequence numbers of 444 for example: 521-4443 ( is not a real ph number is just a sample), at the register...... Wow I am impress of what is happening. I am suffering economicly now, my wife and I lost our house, investment, cars and more but we always take this kind of situations with positivism. After all this we r still strong as a family with one toddler and another one on the way... I felt like sharing a little bit of this with you.......:-)

LadySparta on June 09, 2012:

I don't care if it were the creator himself, my feet DO NOT get handled lol! Anything BUT that please!

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on April 16, 2012:

I'm glad, Denisemai! And I'm sure the meaning will unfold!

Denise Mai from Idaho on April 13, 2012:

Since childhood, I've always glanced at the clock at 10:57. It's not 4:44 so I don't know what that means, but, you've got me thinking!

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on March 14, 2012:

So glad you are feeling the presence of your angels, Stephen.

stephen raynor on March 06, 2012:

my angle helps me get rid off bad spirits so l can sleep at night when ask for cuddles she does it she called debbie and feel her all times in my body and heals myself when needed is this an angle as god did bring down to myself when needed help for last 5 years would this be a angle or not doing that work for myself

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on December 03, 2011:

How wonderful you brought the angels into your story, Deborah! I love our angels too! Thanks so much for your support and interest...

Deborah Brooks Langford from Brownsville,TX on December 03, 2011:

wow I did not know about the numbers but I do know there are our PRIVATE ANGELS that we call GUARDIAN ANGELS.. In my first book called "BROOKE" she is in Jamaica, she has been attacked and raped. She calls out to God to help her and there appears a little woman to help her out of nowhere she is there.. It is awesome.. Love Angels because GOD uses them to help us.. VOTED UP AND AWESOME...PLUS I AM GOING TO BOOK MARK THIS.

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on November 01, 2011:

What a wonderful sign from your father, Margaret, I'm sure! Our passed loved ones can also get us to look at the clock "now," and leave us all kinds of amazing signs!

margaret on October 31, 2011:

Wow... i see 444 all the time... I thought it was my dad trying to let me know he was okay in heaven!!!

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on September 23, 2011:

Sure Monica, perhaps they may be showing you compassion and understanding, showing that you are not alone.

Well smiling is good, naturalsolutions.

naturalsolutions on September 22, 2011:

One time while i'm alone to my room thinking of something sad. I heard a cold voice pass to my ear and directly runs to my mind. I can't explain that feeling but after that, I get so sleepy and see my self smiling;)

Monica on September 21, 2011:

sometimes i feel as if my angel is droppping a tear from the heavens for me is this normal

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on July 20, 2011:

That made me so happy to read, Indigo! Thanks for writing...

Wishing you continued blessings!

Indigo Aglow on July 19, 2011:

Your message is deeply comforting. As I read about the washing of feet, it happened to me in an instant. I broke out with tears of release, joy and gratefulness. I sincerely thank you for the work you do. Infinite love and light to you, sister.

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on May 30, 2011:

Hi Imre,

That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing...

Imre on May 29, 2011:


I can feel my angels touch by tingling sensation and it is a miracle! sometimes i ask for a hug when i feel lonely and i guardian angel are happy to do so! When i ask for healing i can feel the angelic healing energy and it is very comforting! I love them so much they are my friends my best friends:) the beings of light!

My blessings


Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on May 20, 2011:

Hi Angel,

I too wasn't aware through much of my life that numbers speak to us and are meaningful, so I know how you feel! Thanks for sharing the website link with us.

Angel on May 19, 2011:

This is some powerful stuff. I was unaware that numbers had so much meaning. I have been seeing the same sequences over and over again and frankly I wasn't sure that it even meant anything. I guess that was way back when I wasn't as conscious as I am today. By the way I came across a resource dedicated to angel numbers here

thanks for the wonderful post

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