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Can You Be A Christian AND a Democrat?


Is it possible for a person to be a Christian and a Democrat? That is the question.

I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that He was crucified on the cross, was buried and rose from the dead. I believe that His shed blood paid for my sins and that no one goes to the Father except through Jesus Christ.

I am also voting Democrat in the up coming election. Many Christians find this shocking. How can someone that professes Jesus as Savior vote for a candidate from the "baby killer" party? How can someone that believes that Jesus is the Son of God vote for a candidate from the party that selects judges that back same-sex marriage? It's scandalous!

A Pro-Life Democrat

Let me explain. I am pro-life. I believe that abortion is a great sin. It is the taking of another life; murder. However I don't think that Roe -v- Wade will ever be overturned by casually elected officials.

Eight years ago the buzz in the Christian community was that if Bush was elected he would appoint Supreme Court judges and Roe - V - Wade would be overturned. It didn't happen. The President did appoint judges but nothing happened. The Christian community came out to vote, elected a leader that reflected their values, and went home to wait and see what would happen. Nothing did. Why?

This comes as no surprise as most people that fill the pews are content to let their leaders do the work for them. They dutifully show up for church, participate as needed, some even tithe, but the majority are content to let their pastor read the word, pray and bring a message to them on Sunday. They delegate their responsibility to pursue God to have a relationship with Him, to the pastor and believe that all is well. They need do nothing more than show up on Sunday, sing some songs, put a couple of bucks in the offering tray and all is well.

This same philosophy carries over into the political arena. The political congregation is content and believes that voting for a candidate that professes their faith fulfills their responsibility. Cast you vote and go home and all is well. Becoming active in the political process is not needed. The elected official will do it all, interceding on Capital Hill for you.

Unfortunately the results in the Kingdom and the results on Capital Hill are the same. A lukewarm congregation where nothing gets done, where no one is held accountable, where there is no progress.

Killing A Baby By Neglect Is Still Murder

I was watching a documentary on Health Care by the liberal Satan, Michael Moore, called "Sicko ". I never thought that I would watch something by "him", after hearing all of the Christian leaders decry his other films. But my stepdaughter said that it was very interesting and that even if I didn't agree with him, I would at least know what the other side was espousing straight from the horse's mouth.

So I watched it. It was very interesting, thought provoking and humorous. Even viewing this movie with rightwing eyes I was deeply moved. When the infant mortality rate in the United States is higher then Cuba something is wrong. In a country as wealthy as ours, how can we allow babies to die from lack of proper healthcare?

It is estimated that 17 out of 1000 babies are aborted in this country. The infant mortality rate is 6 out of 1000. Of the 17 aborted babies some would still be aborted if abortion were illegal as shown in history. For the sake of argument lets say that 5 of the 17 would still be lost. So the difference between aborted babies and the infant mortality rate is 6. Six out of a 1000 babies lost to abortion. That is ghastly and a national disgrace.

Now lets throw in health care, a key plank in the Democratic Party. In our current system millions cannot afford health care. The elderly, the poor and those in between are often the ones that suffer the most.

A recent study that was spread across the net revealed that those with a college education live longer than those with only a higher school education. Why? Because of the disparity in the health care that they receive.

The elderly that can't afford their prescription drugs, the mother that can't get proper prenatal care, the single father paying child support that can't afford to visit a doctor. All of these result in premature death.

When you add the effects of lack of affordable health care into the mix and the loss of life it causes, then the Republican Party hardly holds the moral high ground on matters related to the preservation of life.

What Did Jesus Do?

Abortion. Same sex marriage. Stem Cell Research. All buzz words in the Christian community. All important issues that Christians face and consider when electing a candidate for public office. All abominations in the eyes of God.

What would Jesus do when faced with such things? How would He vote? I think that it is obvious that He would vote according to His Word. But would this be the end of it? Would this even be the most important issue, the end action? Vote and go home?

I don't think so. I often wonder if Jesus would have even spent much time and effort effecting legislative change. Jesus didn't do that when He walked the earth. His efforts were aimed at the hearts of man. We are living in a fallen world and no amount of legislation can change that. Jesus knew that so He spent His time preparing and equipping people to live in this fallen world - to be in the world and not of it.

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I think that perhaps there is a great deal of merit in this. We live in a fallen world. You can look around and see the downward spiral that we are on. Can this be changed by legislation? I don't think so. Can it be changed by a revival within the church? Absolutely. If those who call on the Name of the Lord would practice what He taught, would walk in love and live an example of His life before the world there would be change.

If the millions of Christians in this country would stand united in their actions, that's the key, their actions - how they live their lives daily, it would be immaterial if same sex marriage were legal. It would not affect you. Your example of living a life of love would probably effect more change than any law could. It would require you to be more active in educating your children in regards to your beliefs. And it would probably require a closer walk with God, deeper fellowship with believers, and a greater faith and trust in God.

In Genesis we read of Adam and Eve and the fall of man. God could have made man to have no choice, no free will, but didn't. Adam and Eve had a choice. In the face of evil they chose poorly. We still have those choices. God didn't legislate the choice away from Adam and Eve and I don't think that this is the answer today. The ultimate issue is what will you do as a Christian in the face of evil. How will you chose when confronted with evil?

How does this play into my choosing to vote Democrat in this election? It takes the smoke and mirror issues out of the equation and allows me to focus on the real political issues: the economy, the war in Iraq, the environment, health care, immigration, and the survival of the middle class


Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on March 30, 2019:

I say, if to know the meaning of the word "church" means "the called out from" following the state and Christian's definition as defined in Acts 11:1-26 reveals the early Christians lived that life, my answer is "No, one can't be 'in the likeness of Christ' and a Political Party". 1 Peter 2:9's reading "ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light" suggests Christians are "chosen out of the world" to be an example by how they live and what the speak. They are a different breed of people, strange in their actions, living and appearance. They have "left unto Cezar what is his and given their lives unto God" as Christ, the place the word Christians derived from, is saying.

Larry Allen Brown from Brattleboro Vermont on May 17, 2015:

Of course you can. The question that the Hub asks seems really strange to me. You can be whatever you want to be. You could even be a conservative, but I doubt that you'd be happy.

Marycatholicrandall on October 06, 2014:

I am so proud if every one that commented on this twisted comment. I was going to comment myself BUT everything I have to say was covered very well! Killing babies is NOT something we can accept and call ourselves true believers. Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, " if we can slowly become imuned to killing the unborn, accept euthanasia with assisted suicides.... What is going to stop them from killing me and you? Homosexuality IS wrong ! I am not sure how wrong but so is immoral sex between man and woman. We are called to be holy! I have finally understood what GOD was talking about in the holy scripture" ughhh you people sicken me. I wish you would be either hot or cold because the lukewarm I will spew out of my nostrils on judgement day. Test that! Who nauseates you more, listening to a lukewarm making up excuses as to why it's ok to sin and claiming "GOD understands" or an athiest. I can tolerate an atheist that has not found Jesus but I can not tolerate the lukewarm with their web of deceptions.

clirus on April 03, 2014:

A person that advocates or condones homosexuality, adultery and drugs cannot be a Christian.

1John 2:4 - He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

Daniel on March 06, 2014:

You cant stand with the devil and his agenda and then claim allegence to God. It just does not work. If it looks like the devil, its probably the devil.

Daniel on March 06, 2014:

Your not a Christan your a Democrat. The Democratic party is anti-GOD any way you look at it. All athiest groups, anti-american groups, All gay and lesbian groups, the aclu, all anti-GOD. the Bible says you will know them by the fruit they bare, not by what they claim. And we see the falling numbers of Christans and the direction the democratic party is moving in and the things they support and the groups that make up the party. Im sorry you have been lead astray. Hope you can get back on track.

Eddie Combs on March 04, 2014:

What a Joke! This is a weak attempt to justify yourself and your loyalty to your political party. Healthcare is not a right mentioned ANYWHERE in Scripture! God tells us individually to feed the poor, not collectively to force people into giving up their money to "feed the poor" as you say. Which the democratic party does not do! If anything they fund the lazy!! Do i even need to bring scripture about the lazy? God says those who will not work WILL NOT EAT! As far as your ridiculous attempt to describe that BABIES ARE GOING TO DIE ANYWAY! How do you sleep at night? God says life is a gift from God and we are to defend the Innocent! Wake up!!!!1

nelson on October 14, 2013:

for all of you god will be done

A conservative View on November 27, 2012:

While socialism seems all mushy gushy and christian but it is not, in relaity it is not the Christian way, if you want healthcare for the elderly then let charities take care of it, do you think its righteous to force someone at the point of the gun to give? Jesus never forced anyone to follow him or give, yet you want to use the government for social programs that it cannot afford. Government is not the answer, you are if you cannot get help then maybe you should help yourself, if you lived to your old age and never thought about the future and saved money, then maybe you deserve what's coming to you, also healthcare is not as bad as you say, the numbers that put out are lies, alot of people can afford healthcare but choose not to, but if your in a bad situation and need some money, go to your church or a charity that's what there there for but please dont use the government to put a gun to someones head.

Tracey on October 12, 2012:

I just don't see how you could be a Christian and vote democrat! This article doesn't make any sense, not to mention the Lord's word in the Old Testament and the New Testament clearly are against homosexuality. Again, democrats say same sex marriage is ok!! How can people twist what the Lord has said and become such a part of this world and it's sin! Whatever the result, I will be on my knees praying for a revival for all lukewarm and cold Christians to wake up, as well as the unbelievers! God Bless

NotEveryChristianIsRepublican on September 06, 2012:

I'm for eliminating unwanted zygotes if the individual who's burdened with them----for whatever reason and however that clump of cells came into being irregardless whether it's rape, unplanned, a drunk night at the bar, someone doesn't have enough money to raise another kid, etc.--and women having a choice, not killing babies, so for everyone who starts their comment out with "I'm against baby killing"---so is everyone else, me included. Because an embryo isn't a baby---it's a clump of cells. Up to a point, it's like removing a wart. And it's not the government's place to say otherwise or force women to have something grow inside them that they don't want any more than it's the government's place to tell a man with prostate cancer that he can't get treatment to get rid of the cancer. Plus, if you want to live in a theocracy, move to Iran. You'd LOVE it there--they govern by their religious beliefs, keep women on a chain, and kill men for being gay. Sounds like paradise to me if you're a Republican, er, I mean, Christian, since apparently everyone else is the anti-Christ.

All of you idiots saying you can't be a Democrat and be a Christian are full of it as well. Plus saying that "Jesus didn't kill babies"--please re-read the Old Testament. God wasn't a big unborn organism fan, either. You guys always conveniently forget/omit those parts regarding God CAUSING MISCARRIAGES TO---and here's another fave of mine about the Bible & misogyny---PUNISH WOMEN. WHY don't you ever bring that up in your political speeches? Huh? WHY??????????

SickOfSanctimonious"Christians" on September 06, 2012:

I'm so sick of this B.S. and how you all have tried to make Christianity Republican. I go to church, but I have a mind of my own. I support abortion AND gay marriage, I'm a liberal Democrat, and I'm SICK of people at my church bashing the Dems. You all make it sound like if you're a Democrat, you're the friggin' anti-Christ. Someone in a Bible study I was in called Bill Clinton the anti-Christ once, and I was two steps from walking out and not going back. Is there a church I can go to where gays, women and the environment aren't villified? Because that's the one I want to join.

Jo on September 05, 2012:

"Conservatives" voted to make abortion legal to begin with. Research Roe v Wade and see. There were 3 republican judges and 2 democrats. 2 voted against abortion being legal, 1 democrat and 1 republican. SOOO the majority carries, and the republican's made it legal.

Yes, it is possible to be a Christian and be a democrat. Nobody knows my heart except me and God. Unless you are God, you have no right to judge me.

And no, I'm not for abortion or gay marriage.

Being a "D" or "R" makes you a Christian. It's accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.

bumpkin on September 04, 2012:

demoncrats are not christians fact

john on July 26, 2012:

If everyone voted Republican, there would be NO legalized abortion (which 9o something percent is belated contraception), pro-gay adgenda laws, pro-pediphilia laws, etc. So justifiy all you want how you're not responsible, but you know that you are lying to yourself and to the Lord

bjohnson on June 12, 2012:

Kelly you are so wishywashy. You sit there and talk about how everyone is so judgemental. Maybe you need to read your own post and see what judgemental looks like.

bjohnson on June 12, 2012:

I have read tons about being a democrat and a christian and I do agree with some of it. My question is "do I not have the right to deccide not to live in sodom and gammorah?" We saw how the Lord handled that. Had I lived in that time; I would not have chosen to live there nor do I chose to now. I may love everyone, but I don't want to be forced to live next to some of them.

Jeff on June 04, 2012:

I do not see how you could be a Christian and vote democrat. I believe there are Christians who have voted for a democrat but they have been misguided. I believe there are things wrong with the republican party but look at what they support compared to the democratic party. Ask yourself the question the other way around. Can you be a non Christian in support of abortion, gay-marriage etc... and be a republican?? They just don't mix.

Brad Harris on April 28, 2012:

God's speaks to all things. God desires to be Lord of all of life. Having a Christian Worldview means that God has something to say in all areas of life even what governments do and should not do.

There are things that Democrats are wrong in and there things that Republicans are wrong in. The question is if my life, action, and behavior lines up with God's word.

Both Republicans and Democrats care about the poor. To say one is more than the other is wrong. Has much as it is good to give handouts at times it can also not be good. Welfare has in the long run kept people in the state of poorness. Something that might have been good has done more to keep people from really experiencing freedom and liberty. Spreading the wealth is not always a good thing. Not that I don't want to help the poor because I do, but I think there are better ways that can actually do it better and take them out of poverty.

wadams92101 on April 26, 2012:

The answer to the rhetorical question of the title is "it depends," i.e., it depends if you believe that christianity is about ritual, profit, and dogma (Republican) or love, empathy, tolerance, charity, and healing (Democrat).

Donna on April 04, 2012:

I completely agree with Kelly. It will be interesting to see of all those people that were screaming about Obama not really being a Christian will be quick to vote for a Mormon because he's republican. I don't think there is a "Christian" party. I think we need a party that values life from conception to death, which would be an entirely new thing. Make abortion illegal AND help the poor AND love and respect everyone as being equal. Talk about Change!!

KELLY on April 04, 2012:

wow some of these people are so judgemental its hard to believe their even christians. I am a christian and a democrat. And I think its going to be really interesting when the evangelicals have to choose between a mormon and an actual christian this upcoming election. oh and by the way when I say Christian I am referring to President Obama. I live in Alabama where everyone is pretty much republican, and everytime I hear someone bash our president the word black always comes up. I think its sad that people are still so prejudice in this day in age. They all hate him so much they lie and accuse him of being a muslim or an atheist that's the new one. It's funny when I see his family values compared to Newt Gingrich. I wonder what are all these crazy republicans thinking. I hear people bash Obamacare well it has already helped some people I know, I have a friend who is able to cover her 21 year old daughter under her insurance til she is 26 years old .Her daughter is in college. I am pro life but lets face it republicans dont do anything about this issue, their too busy helping out all their rich buddies you probabally know them as the 1%.

james on March 11, 2012:

you cannot be a true christian if you support a party that supports aboration and homeosexulty this is aginst what god saysvote the bible not what you think is right

jhall on March 06, 2012:

Why has no one pointed out that our infant mortality rate only appears higher than other countries because they are measured differently. In the US we count it at birth, some asian countries don't even count it until a child reaches the age of 2. If a child dies before that it doesn't affect the mortality rate. I am currently pregnant and while I do have insurance it doesn't cover maternity so I am paying for it myself. My quality of care is great. I don't buy the whole "people receive poorer healthcare when they don't have insurance" argument because it simply isn't true.

stal on February 17, 2012:

eric on February 13, 2012:

I don't see how voting for either party is the right thing for Christians to do, neither one of them is any good, I refuse to vote because I'm not choosing the lesser of 2 evils, and to me both republicans and democrats are evil

peppy1 on January 31, 2012:

Politics, How about we take it a step further, With republicans clearly careing nothing about the the poor,or the middle class;with democrats leading us toward a secular nation. How can a true Christian filled with the Spirit of the living God place his vote for either of these parties? Are we deist or Christians, is the God of the bible real or not? Where we place our vote is what we stand for, and if I may, Where would God stand on this question? or when it comes to politics do we leave him on the side lines?

Dems_R_Evil on January 30, 2012:

There is no such thing as a Democrat Christian. That's an oxymoron. So, sooooo misguided...

stal on January 29, 2012:

It is impossible for a true Christian to vote democrat. When Jesus comes for his Church, you will be left behind.

lisacatz on January 26, 2012:

Texasbel, much of what you say about now President Obama is simply not facutal. You are passing along hearsay and gossip which is ungodly.

Matthew Dho on January 21, 2012:

Sometimes I think Conservative values as they are shown today are the antithisis of Christian values. To me being a democrat or almost a socialist are the way more inline with Christian values and the values of most major religions. I wrote an article on it here

angela on January 20, 2012:

are you serious? I am a born again Christian and I don't see how anybody who really loves God and what He stands for could possible be a Repuplican, they reek of sin, reek and then they turn people away from Christ. Frankly to bring Jesus into either party is a sign of spiritual immaturity. He is not a party, not a nation, not a people, He is God and says not to divide his body. As far as abortion, I had one, He in the over 30 years of our relationship oddly has never name called me about it.

tom on December 22, 2011:

ALl ofthese comments reminds me why I detest Christians and their foul religion.

Mark on December 12, 2011:

Research each candidate intensly this year. See where they stand individually. Try not to make your decision on the party, but by their testimony. I think God will ultimately give the answer as to how to vote based on that.

bubba on November 27, 2011:

Thanks for the blog.

chrisjr on September 02, 2011:

Here is a twist. It's funny the Christians (I am one), never brought up the point about going to church and then just going home. Let's rate the communication where people meet. The Bible studies on Sunday ( A+). The fellowship where we really get to know the people who enter our buildings (F-). You can all the convictions in the world but if you can't open your mouth to communicate with the lost or at least the people who God brings into your church- You are very sad indeed. I get really sink of people who have all these high and mighty self righteous convictions and then they just go home and have no need or even the time to just really get to know strangers. I'll end with this " the Apostle Paul said " I didn't give you the gospel only but my own soul." Hey church leaders. Are you listening? Have a nice lunch with your friends.

JimmyJ on August 08, 2011:

Eph 2:8-9 states that it is by grace through faith that we are saved. It is a gift from God, not of works, unless any many should boast. Being a "Believer" has nothing to do with what party you belong to. There are republicans who are gay (Log Cabin Republicans), but no republican denounces them. And in the 2008 elections, there were many politicians who were caught up in sex scandals that included homosexual behavior and adultery. The Bible states that there is none righteous, no not one. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). So to put the perception out there that you have to be affiliated with one political party is totally against the words of Jesus who said that He was the only way to God (John 14:6). If you think God is going to ask you who you voted for as a criteria to get into heaven, you are all wrong.

And just because someone (no matter what party affiliation) may say they are a Christian, Jesus will say depart from Me, you workers of iniquity, I never knew you; especially if you think you you voted for will get you in heaven.

Michael on July 06, 2011:

I was saved by the grace of God over 24-years ago and from that day I have never and will never vote for a democrat. I have told people that if I was offered a billion dollars to vote for a democrat I would refuse. I could not sleep at night knowing that I had helped even the slightest in putting a knife into the hands of an abortionist doctor. I do not do everything perfectly but one thing I will NEVER do is vote for a democrat. In my eyes it would be a grievous sin against God and His word. I also have a very hard time understanding how anyone can call themselves a true Christian (having been born again by the grace of God) and vote for anyone who is in any way a part of the Democratic platform. One would be a complete hypocrite to say that they follow the Lord Jesus and also vote for a member of the Democratic party.

Brent Wilcoxon on July 01, 2011:

You CANNOT be a Christian and vote Democrat.

Dan on May 31, 2011:

You can not serve two masters, you are either with me or against me.

Dave on May 20, 2011:

This is a third party political platform I'm trying to start if anyone is interested. Right now I am trying to get enough interest to get enough signatures on a petition for a charter.!/pages/Christian-Democratic-Party-of-the-United-States/210274259006294?sk=info

senior lady on March 22, 2011:

I fail to see what being a Christian has to do with being a Democrat. If one does good, he or she will be known for their deeds. Not for what they say but, for what they actually do. What one espouses is nothing. It is the accomplished DEED!

Dave on January 26, 2011:

Bottom line is that here in PA, i voted for a republican congressman and a senator who are against abortion, gay marriage and want to give but also want us to work for it. Democrats are the opposite, feed you with one hand and keep you poor with the other. Maybe decades ago dems were more spiritual but today they are the total opposite. You say jesus was liberal? How dare you blaspheme my Jesus. Another example of how dems. never read the bible. Remember, jesus also said that man should work and do their part or not be fed or clothed. Liberalism is a defect in the brain and too many of those who need assistance are just lazy because of the entitlement society our country has created. Get over it. Modern day democrat views oppose everything that is Godly.

Trina on November 04, 2010:

no true Christian would put people in office who hate

God, the bib;e and Jesus and who seek to make it easier and easier to kill bsbies. If you say you are a christian and vote this way you are ignorant or evil or both.

John on September 01, 2010:

I totally agree with crosley. Cold blooded conservatives should be the last ones to claim to have the love of God in their hearts. Rev. Jack is not thinking clearly, or would the term brainwashed be closer to it.

crosley on September 01, 2010:

I can't see how anyone could claim to be a conservative and be a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the most liber good hearted persin that ever lived.He surely wasn't a tight fisted conservative.

Rev. Jack on August 30, 2010:

It is impossible to be a Christian and vote for the Democratic values, they are in complete opposition to the word of God.

GHUA on August 10, 2010:

GHUA on August 10, 2010:

I love what blangrehr and shaithis1 had to say. I can relate to shaithis1 when he said "you lost me when you leap to say that these arguments have somehow led you to vote Democrat this time around". You can’t have true conservative values and vote for a liberal party who’s for the most part fighting against Christian moral standards. It’s like you’ve joined the enemy’s camp because you feel defeated! That is not how Jesus operates. You have some good points but that is where I draw the line. There is nothing good that has come out of Obama leading this country. Nothing! If you are for slavery (working for the government instead of yourself) and socializm then you are in the right party!

It's time to wake up people! You who your enemy is and see who he's working through in the government!

Watch the video I posted!

Susan Gleason on August 09, 2010:

This is a great commentary. Thank you for sharing your viewpoints which I mostly agree with. I do think that there is no salvation in politics. No political party or candidate can save someone. Only Jesus Christ can save, and that is who I put my hope and trust in. It really doesn't matter what political party one embraces, for many politicians will say anything to get elected. For example, the Republican Party claims to be anti-abortion, pro-business and anti-gay marriage. However, many Republican candidates are now taking the "moderate" road, saying that abortion is okay in certain circumstances, taxing the middle-class is needed to pay off the debt, and gays do deserve marriage status. Look at California where the Governor who has an "R" next to his name embraces this agenda. Look at GWB and the Republicans who were in control for 6 years. They did nothing to embrace the true Conservative agenda. The same thing applies to the Democrats who claimed to be for the poor and against the self-seeking rich. President Obama said he was for "change" and would go after the banks who were given carte blanch. He has basically continued the policies of GWB and given more to the money-hungry banks, and even continued the war in Iraq and developed an new front in Afghanistan. The fact remains that either party is the party of special interests and are concerned mainly about being elected and exerting power. And they will support organizations and businesses that get them into power. They throw in pro-life, universal healthcare, saving the environment, etc. as catch-all phrases to lure people from both camps into thinking that they will give them these things. But usually nothing materializes from either party - the poor are still poor, babies are still being aborted, and the rich get richer at the expense of the middle class. It's not until people get off their behinds and actually become more involved in the culture and social institutions that things will be changed. And, of course, Jesus is the best example of how to do good at the local level, and then have it spread to a national level. It's through our culture and walking the walking, rather than talking the talk, that we will be heard by others. We (as individuals) need to be the light in the darkness because there is no politician that will ever embrace these values. They cannot because they are focused on winning at any cost. JMO

Batreader on July 22, 2010:

You may be interested in a new book coming out in September. Republocrat get's people to think beyond the knee-jerk and the sound-bite to think Christian and Act Christian.

shaithis1 on May 11, 2010:

I'm afraid I am not following your logic here. What you seem to say is that when a Christian votes for a Republican nothing changes. You then argue that the reason nothing changes is because Christians do not take enough direct action in the political process and in the overall process of addressing the problems of this country.

Those points, taken by themselves, make sense. However, where you lose me is how you make the leap to say that these arguments have somehow led you to vote Democrat this time around. To me the question is not whether or not simply voting Republican is enough to enact needed change in our country, but whether or not voting Republican or voting Democrat more closely reflects a Christian viewpoint. As many have already posted here, it's tough to argue that the standard Democrat platform reflects a Christian worldview. The average Republican platform has long reflected a more Christian worldview, and that is why they are the de facto selection for most Christians (hence the question that started this whole thread). Personally, I cannot see what voting Democrat accomplishes when viewed from a Christian viewpoint.

Additionally, the argument that Christians are satisfied with voting for a conservative candidate and then seeing what happens seems discounts the reality that, in this country at least, there is not much else the average citizen can legally do to influence the political process besides casting their vote and seeing what happens. Yes, you can call and email your elected officials. Yes, you can picket and demonstrate. Yes, you can put up billboards. However, all of these things are prohibitive to most citizens in either cost or time, or both, and so are unrealistic.

You can try to reach out to those who are experiencing a breakdown of family and Christian values and try to help and guide them (assuming they will even accept your help, and assuming by accpepting your help it even changes their opinions at all). However, that does not change anything at the policy level and only serves to do work the policies are supposed to do. This leads the policy makers to believe that their policies are affective simply because they see change happening and automatically assume it was their policies that did it.

Fear and Denial on May 10, 2010:

Buy the book Fear and Denial...It will answer your questions.

Opening secret prisons, torturing humans, starting wars, trying to make gay marrige a pryority [at the exclusion of actual Christian issues], suporting carrying guns "for self-protection",[faithless action] and always voting against social programs that " care for the least among us"..

No friends, you canot to be true Christian and republican..

At least look up the definition of conservative.[if those who claim to be conservative would, they would no longer claim this affiliation.[i.e. virtually everything we love about this nation was born of liberals]

Read the Book...........

TheRight on April 14, 2010:

Pretty Simple. If I am TRULY a follower of Christ I strive to do things that Christ told us to do. If I am a democrat I help elect people that believe killing babies is okay and that a man and a man can marry. These two paths are not consistent. You can't be a follower of Christ and also be a democrat. I would think the current Democrat leadership would have illustrated that all too well!

ChristianDemocrat on April 04, 2010:

Every time I read the Bible I find more reasons I Could never support the Republicans. Republicans stand for greed which is by far worse than homosexuality. The Republicans are too much like the Pharisees.

It annoys me how people think you are liberal just because you support the Democrats. Liberals hijacked the Democrat Party. I am for social justice(racially and gender), universal healthcare but that is as liberal as I go. But I do support the Separation of Church and State. I don't want a Christian of another denomination pushing their version of Christianity on me. Christians are so busy wanting power in America, they don't realize that if they got it, they would have to decide which Christian denomination gets the most. I don't want government to make Christianity a national religion, because what if that ends up being Catholicism? I am not a Catholic. What if it ends up being a Pentecostal denomination? I am no longer Pentecostal, I am non-denominational now. I don't want gov't telling me how to pray or when to, or what I can and can't believe. These are things Republicans are never thinking about when they rant about wanting to make Christianity the religion of America. Also, I believe in what goes around comes around, you push Christianity on non-Christians, its only a matter of time before non-Christians get enough power and push atheism or Islam, or Jewish, etc beliefs on to you as pay back for pushing your religion on to them. If you don't want them pushing their views onto you, why would you do it to them?

But for the most part I have been able to avoid the dumb question "How can you be Christian and a Democrat" because I am biracial/black so people already assume I am a Democrat. Now my family (they are white), they are ultra-conservatives (even my sister) and you can't talk politics with them because they are so ignorant. My physically/verbally/emotionally abusive aunt is praised and loved at church even though she is the polar opposite of a Christian outside it.

The most conservative views I own are on sex and immigration. I believe in waiting marriage not only religiously but socially its better to wait. I think marriage should be made harder to obtain since people are marrying too young. An with immigration, I believe illegals should deported and we should either stop legal immigration for a while or drastically cut down on it.

When it comes to abortion, I believe its okay in cases of rape and incest and medical. If anti-abortion (they are not pro-life since they are for the death penalty) want to get rid of abortion, then you need to actually get off your butt and go help the very people who are getting them. Give them a home, pay their hospital bills, etc.

KORIZZONO on January 12, 2010:

It seems to me that many Christians believe that GWB is some how divine. To believe that some how God told George Bush to attack Iraq is totally ludicrist to me. God does not go against his word. We are to abide by the law of the land. GWB disobeyed the resolution of the U.N council. I'm quite sure anyone who will open their eyes can see this country is in the shape its in because of Bushco's agenda for eight long horrible years. If we don't obey the U.N. why should anyone else.? But most of all if we profess Christ and do like GWB did the out come will catastrophic. It seems also to me that many Christians believe that Israel should have their country but not the Palestinians. It seems to me also that many Christians believe abortion is terrible, which it is, some how they forget about the babies that on with food, clothing and basic health care in this country in the world at large.

Many Christians seem to believe they should make a real public stand against same sex marriages but not illicit sex

outside marriage, adultery and all the sexual sins. What I'm saying is they make a far stronger stand against homosexuality but not on other a fore mentioned sins. Most Christians seem to think that Arabs who are Christians are less compared to a Jewish person who doesn't even believe in Jesus. This is what I see in the body of Christ, I am a christian, I hate abortion, same sex, marriages and I believe supporting Israel is right as long as they are following God laws also. But also, I hate seeing so many babies in this country homeless, without food, without clothing without basic health care same goes for old young people, God loves them all. I also, believe that the Palestinians have a right to home they can call their own also. So what is wrong with what i'VE have said? To me its not being conservative or being Liberal, to me its what Jesus would want. IN fact I know he wants us to do what was written by the prophet Micah 6:8 He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God.

trell on December 18, 2009:

you are alot like the other so called christ like people, full of bluemud. christ died on the cross for what is right and wrong.the so called christian won't even go and stand up for god's law. yea are not so blind that will not see.

hell is going to be very full of these people. i'm not a christian but i study the bible alot....trell

Joey on October 27, 2009:

I am a Christian and a Conservative Republican; Jesus is my personal Lord and Savior, but i couldn't vote for someone who is pro gay marriage as well as pro abortion, these are two of the biggest reasons i wouldn't vote for obama. I also believe that a lot of democratic views are silly to be honest. I believe that universal health care will make our country even worse, just do research in countries that have it and you will find that their people hate that kind of health care. I also will not vote for someone that claims to be a Christian and puts some of Christianity into practice and some of the small aspects of it. You have to either go with everything in the bible or none of it at all. there is no halfway and the bible even talks about that issue. I disagree with affirmative action, re distribution of wealth, and government run institutions all of these things are from democrats and they have only made our country worse, ever since the democrats have taken God out of schools our society has only gotten worse, were on the same path to destruction as the Roman empire, they did exactly for the most part what we are doing now and that empire crumbled for the inside out, and we are falling apart from the inside out as well. also i believe people focus to much on what would Jesus do rather than read the Gospel and see what he actually did and we should follow what he did not speculate what he might have done. I pray my friend that what i have stated below will help you with future decisions

TOm on October 13, 2009:

"How does this play into my choosing to vote Democrat in this election? It takes the smoke and mirror issues out of the equation and allows me to focus on the real political issues: the economy, the war in Iraq, the environment, health care, immigration, and the survival of the middle class"

This is actually very disturbing to me. Looking at your list of priorities, do you really think these deserve merit as top of the list from a christian perspective?

The entire Bible including the 10 commandments stands on the premises of 2 things. Your relationship with God and your relationship with others. These are clearly outlined in the 10 commandments and the 2 greatest commandments; Love God with all of your heart, soul and mind, and Love your neighbor as you would love yourself. The fundamental under pinning of all of this is the establishment of marriage between man and women, the family.

Of all the issues you listed above, do u really think that immigration, environment, Iraq war, survival of the middle class and health care reform take presidency over the core foundation of the christian establishment of marriage and the family? How could you ever justify that the environment is more important than gay marriage or abortion? Are you serious???

In my opinion it is people that say things like you have said that weaken Christianity in general. The focus should always be on the family and your relationship with God.

Chickenlips on October 11, 2009:

Labels Labels labels,

The thing I hate the most is being condensed down and placed in a package just so someone can feel comfortable with themselves. One thing for sure is we all believe in something but at what commitment level. If you say you believe in Science or Mathematics than there is a core belief that all fellow believers agree upon without question. Engineering standards are absolutes in all fields or the world would really be a dangerous place to live in. Why is it when it comes to the Word of God, everyone has completely ignored the core and injected their own understanding. This Hub Page exists because Smiling Cat gets to use freedom of speech to voice an opinion about something that he/she believes in. Can you be a Democrat and a Christian? Forget party and look at core beliefs and compare that to the absolutes in God's word. If things don't line up than you cannot be a part of this group. The same thing applies to any party or organization. God's Word is very clear on every stance of any party. The one thing missing from everyone who comments on God and the belief in Him is the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit dwells in you than you thoughts and actions would lead you to the full understanding and acceptance of His Word. In other words there would not be anyone with a label. Our core values would be the same. Our way of life would line up with the word and God would pour out His blessings. We cannot take God's Word and choose to live a partial life in Him anymore than you can take partial classes on Engineering. Bottom line is do not lean on your own understanding.

Smiling Cat (author) from Deerfield Beach, Florida on July 19, 2009:

Interesting comment, sorry. I would have to agree, always look for the agenda - whether it comes from a liberal or a conservative.

Sorry smiling cat on July 16, 2009:

This is really a matter of God or no God. In Theory, Liberalism (Marxism, Coummunism, Socialism ...) sounds great, the heaven on earth croud (everything is fair, everyone gets there share and so on and so forth). They believe Karl Marx (not that he was the first liberal, but will suffice for an example in the exerpt) was right in his theories but the reason the earth hasn't reached heaven status (utopia if you will) is because the Liberals (here in America) weren't at the wheel. Moreover, "Marxism is a wonderful concept, and would work because we are leaps and bounds smarter than an early Marxist". The reason Liberals want heaven on Earth can be put in the simplist terms: There is no God, therefore no heaven and no one to fix man's problems except man. So we have to make it heaven on earth. There isn't black or white, only infinite shades of grey.Right and wrong/ truth and lies are simply a point of view. It should be apparent why liberalism latches on to ideology such as Evilution, Global Warming, and Fetal Stem Cell Research. Evilution is a way to explain away creation (though Evolution gets disproved over and over, and it isn't even true science), with no need for God, hence reinforcing "we need to take care of this since there is no God". Then you have the Global Warming political football which is used so the government can produce even more legislation as to tighten the grip of Big Government. Global Warming also works to instill fear and guilt into people to further along the liberal agenda. Then we have the wolf in sheeps clothing called Fetal Stem Cell research which is an effort to legitimize abortion. On the surface the libs make it sound noble-- cures of cancer, MS, and other horrible diseases,: whereas there has yet to be any solid proof that Fetal Stem Cell will ever lead to anything positive. At the present, it too is another means to further along the liberal agenda, while simultaneously giving the already victimized afflicted (those suffering with disease as well as their families) false hope. Liberals are all about there agendas, and I am starting to believe Dr. Savage is right about Liberalism being a mental disorder". I would take that a step further that Liberalism is a Spiritual Disorder. Smiling Cat I think you believe your ideas about Democrat and Christianity can coexist. With that said, just because someone believes something false to be true doesn't make it true. And of course believing something is false that is really true doesn't make it false. You need to watch out for these freaking libs. When you see one of them go on there rants about how much they care about a certain issue, always look for, "what's the real agenda". This agenda business is most always the case. For example do you really think those curly Q light bulbs are going to be better for the environment, remember that GE is one of the largest $money power in the country. Just something to think about. I think you are going down a path that is better left alone. You obviously have the foundation right, just be careful. God Bless you!!

Telstar on July 05, 2009:

"We are not the salt we are called to be." I believe that statement gets to the heart of the problem. The bottom line... God is in Control

Jen on June 02, 2009:

Let me get this straight:

According to you, Jesus did not try to legislate morality ergo you are free to vote for the party who puts in their platform that they are 100% pro-choice, support no ban on gay marriage, supports universal health care even to those who do not work or pay taxes?

I think you're missing a few steps in your logic.

You never explain why you choose Dems over Repubs in your piece . . . please tell me you're above the whole "well, there are hypocrites in the church and the Republican party" argument. Really? Hypocrites? SHOCKING. There have been hypocrites since the beginning of recorded time--see Cain--they have never negated the unfallibility of the Word of God. The hypocrites in the church, the hypocrites in the Republican party do not justify you doing spiritual, logical, and emotional gymnastics to come up with a pseudo-reason for voting for a pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage, pro-socialism candidate.

In the end, and I mean the very end, you alone will stand before our Lord and answer His only question: "What have you done with my Son." I wonder then, how, "I voted for Barack Obama" is going to work for you on that one. When I pondered that in my own mind, I came to the conclusion there was NO candidate I could vote for last election. No where in the Bible does it proport the philosophy of the lesser of two evils. No where in the Bible does it say that because a Christian commits a sin, it makes it okay for another one to do it. No where does it say that because a Christian deacon commits sin with the sunday school teacher and they end up divorcing their spouses and breaking up two families does it make it okay for Christians to pull a lever, write a blog, or in any other way support a political party that will not allow ANY legislation to combat the murder of thousands of babies a day, not to mention financially supporting it in other countries.

No way. You and all the other "enlightened" ones out there can pat yourselves on the back for voting democrat and being cool and "Christian", but that's all it is--a status symbol that may get you a ghetto pass in your mega-church coffee area. But don't call it a logical choice, a spiritual choice, and least of all, a Biblical choice.

Smiling Cat (author) from Deerfield Beach, Florida on April 22, 2009:

Thanks Kelvn, I appreciate the comments!

Kelvn on April 18, 2009:

Excellent points! one of the best I have ever read!

Smiling Cat (author) from Deerfield Beach, Florida on February 14, 2009:

No, I don't support killing babies. What I am saying is that Jesus never once tried to legislate morality. He never sid, "Hey Peter, John, James...lets head on dowwn to the Sanhedrin and try to get women's rights established. The way we treat them is really aweful...."

No, Jesus lead by example. He knew that you can only change a heart with love and compassion and by living The Life in such a way as to effect change.

What I am saying is that God gave us free will. He didn't have to. He could have MADE us live sin free lives but He didn't. So why do we think that we can change lives by laws? It won't happen.

I helped at a pregnancy crisis center. A center located within 5 miles of over 50 churches and several thousand "Christians". Only one church supported this center and only a handful on "Christians". What I guess I'm saying is its time to put up or shut up. Perhaps Christians want to legislate morality because they are to lazy to live a life that could effect change - an easy way out.

johnb0127 from TX on February 08, 2009:

So your saying you support the killing of innocent babies? That's a question you need to ask.

Smiling Cat (author) from Deerfield Beach, Florida on February 08, 2009:

I know its "what Would Jesus Do". My point is what did He do? Abortion is horrible. He would surely weep. THEN HE would reach out in love to the poor mother (and father) that felt that they had to make such a decision. I doubt that He would throw stones. Perhaps He would reach out in love BEFORE the act that brought about the pregnancy.

What are YOU doing to help single mothers? What are you doing to help keep kids and young aduls pure? That's a question that you need to ask.

johnb0127 from TX on February 05, 2009:

What do you mean what did Jesus do????

Its What Would Jesus Do. I said WWJD to all the abortion talk. What would Jesus do about the abortion... Would he kill babies?

Smiling Cat (author) from Deerfield Beach, Florida on February 05, 2009:

Hey Johnb0127,

Good question but I think a better is What DID Jesus Do?

johnb0127 from TX on February 04, 2009:


john330 on November 05, 2008:

Good Quesiton. Can you be a Christian and a Democrat? Well, the Democrats are usually consider to be very leberial in many ways. However, I know Republicans who are as well. But, Republicans are mostly considered to be more Conservative.

The problem is not always Democrat or Republican but how they veiw God and His Word. Since the 1990's Democratic Party has become more of a socialistic mind set. Let government provide for bcause you can't. It's not fair that some have more so lets divide it up with those who don't have it. God has always given man responsibiltiy to work hard for what he has. Often times in a socialistc mind set says, "give me something so I don't half to do it." In the long term it weekens people and a government. It also puts people in a box. You see how fincial aid has worked. NOT! It keeps people in a postion and they don't need to move out of it. Socialism does not free people it keeps them in that lower level. That is what a socialist wants. That is what most Leberial Democrats believe. As a Christian I can't support that and niether can you.

Most of the Democratic Party support abortion & late term abortion, Killing of emberotic stem cell, gay marriage, and etc... As a Chritian I can not allow my life to support such a party. Sorry, you can't!

The goal of Obama is to keep people in the lower level and bring down the upper so things can be even. BAD IDEA!

If my Republican guy would support any of the above I would not support them.

Smiling Cat (author) from Deerfield Beach, Florida on October 18, 2008:

I've been asked, warned and scolded for asking this question, "Can you be a Christian and a Democrat?". One of the questions that crop up is what about the Democrat's stand on same-sex marriage and their prohomosexual attitude.

That is a good question. The Bible does speak to this quite clearly. I think that it is up to each individual to stand clearly and firmly on his/her beliefs regardless of the law. The laws about marriage my change but that doesn't mean that you have to honor that spiritually.

The bigger question, the broader problem facing Christians everywhere is not the same sex marriage issue - that's a smoke screen. The real issue is the rampant adultry that is ruining marraiges and families. The Bible speaks of homosexuality as "an abomination". It lists adultry in the Top Ten - the Ten Commandmemts.

We like to get enraged when the Ten Commandments come under attack and yet we pay no heed to them within the church. Why?

Another example..."Honor Thy Father and Mother" from the Ten Commandments, direct orders from God, carved in stone (twice). Yet millions of mom's and dad's are put away into nursing homes and left to die with no comfort, no visits from their children. This is surely as much of an abomination to God as same sex marriage. (God , being all-knowing, knew about same sex marriage when He gave us the Ten Commandments so what are His priorities?, What is His heirarchy of sin?)

Don't miss read me, I am not a supporter of same sex marriage. I just believe that there are more pressing issues that we, as the Body of Christ, need to address within the body before we try to legislate our hole-filled, hypocritical morality on the world.

texasbel on September 20, 2008:

I don't see how any Christian could vote for Obama. He is not Christian, he has spent 20 years in a Black Liberation Theology Church ( not all Churches are Christian) which has taught hate of whites and of America. Twenty years is a long time to be taught hate.. He has made fun of Christians and their Bibles openly and his wife did her thesis on hate of whites and America and she also said on national TV that she was not proud of America until her husband got nominated. Obviously, Obama thinks he is the Savior of blacks and therefore America. Why would any Christian/American vote for this man. Health insurance is something we all want but at what price. This man is dangerous in my opinion and could do great harm with his hate of whites and America education. He also was signed in to a school as a Muslim and has had pictures of him as an adult dress as such. His father and brother are Muslin along with many of his relatives. He called the picture his African getup. Yea...right. Obama has also lied about several things he voted yes for when in fact he voted no on or said he voted yes when he wasn't even present. He voted no for our troops on the ground to receive more equipment to fight these Muslin terrorist with. Maybe his Muslim background played a part on that vote too. He is all over the place and not trustworthy to run America. This man is a sheep in wool clothing. Becareful Christian/Americans

Tanya on September 13, 2008:


Smiling Cat (author) from Deerfield Beach, Florida on June 22, 2008:

Blangrehr, Those are indeed alarming stats. The sad truth is that the church, religion, has had very little or no impact on our culture. We are not the salt we are called to be. We like to whine when we see abominations taking place but not to the point where we get out of our comfort zone and do something. The stats you mntion are probably equally true among Christians as non believers. That's sad. That is why the church is viewed as being filled with hypocrits.

Hamilton Forrester from Myrtle Beach, SC on June 22, 2008:

Some interesting info:

A University of Chicago study found that in just 26 years the number of married couples with children decreased 71%, and the percent of adults who were married decreased from 75% to 56%, which is evidence of an absolutely shocking cultural implosion. At the same time, the number of unmarried households with no children increased 230%, the number of children in single-mother households increased 417%, and the number of children living with neither parent increased 1,440%. Only 51% of American children, or 36.4 million of them, lived with both parents, and 18.2%, or 13 million of them, lived with a single parent, in 1998. This left 31% of the nation's children, or 22 million of them, living with neither parent.

Smiling Cat (author) from Deerfield Beach, Florida on June 22, 2008:

Blangrehr you make some very good points. The fact that the family is being destroyed in this country is indeed at the root of many problems. The Democratic party can indeed be seen as aiding that to some extent.

However, how do you explain the amount of divorce in the chucrh? It is the same (or even slightly higher by some accounts) as the secular world. Morality can never be legislated. Christians will always, indeed must always, stand for the Love that Christ shows. We need to love by His example and lead our lives accordingly. The proof is in the walk, the interaction with the world and man. Can we as Christians love your enemies? Are we willing to sell eveything we own and follow the Lord (seems like social services would not be needed if we followed that one...), Can we stand strong in the face of persecution?

You are right about the one thing that is important - calling, knowing and living your life knowing that Jesus Christ ia the Lord, only SOn of God.

Thank you for your comments. I truly appreciate them. Thank you.

Jack Burton from The Midwest on June 22, 2008:

"I often wonder if Jesus would have even spent much time and effort effecting legislative change. Jesus didn't do that when He walked the earth. His efforts were aimed at the hearts of man."

I am not sure that Jesus would have been actively aiding and abetting those who stand for virtually everything that God's Word opposes, either.

Jesus was the original "you're either with me or against me" type of person.

Hamilton Forrester from Myrtle Beach, SC on June 22, 2008:

I agree with much of what you just said, at least the parts about Jesus. You should really do the research for yourself. Every American has access to healthcare. Even those people in this country illegally have access to healthcare. I work in Social Services and I can tell you that the breakdown of the family, the increase in the use and consumption of controlled substances and the very fact that children in this country are having children, are the direct reasons babies are dying. There are very few mommies and daddies and the left is the absolute force behind morality and family being removed from the American consciences. It’s much more than just abortion (which in your argument; two wrongs don’t make a right) it’s the removal of our Lord from our culture. The left hates; the very essence of Christ and of right and wrong is in conflict to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is now in control of a powerful Socialist group that wants to control all aspects of our lives. The major component of control is outlawing Christianity.

Vote for whomever you please, but rationalizing the need for universal healthcare (which the left is never going to actually deliver) as being on equal terms with the brutal murder of billions of babies. Or calling opposition to abortion a political smoke screen is insulting and certainly un-Godly.

Of course you can be a Christian and be politically a Democrat, I know and love very many human contradictions. There is only one unforgiveable sin, refusing the call of Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. When I was lost I was a liberal, when I opened the door and answered Gods knock, I cannot now support those people trying to destroy my faith.

SrUMptiOUs from ANYWHERE on June 21, 2008:

Good point of view and reasonable reason. quite agree with your oppinion.

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