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Can People Heal With the Power of Jesus Christ?

The question isn’t: Can people heal people as Jesus did?

The question is this: Can people heal people with the power of Christ?

These are two distinct questions. The first questions imply that people, just with their own sheer will, mental power, words, and strength, can heal others. The second question wonders if Christ's power can be manifested in a way where we can heal others, with ourselves being a sort of ‘mediator’ between the person being healed and Jesus.

An interesting conversation with my husband inspired a discussion. My husband believes that people could heal others with the power of Jesus Christ. I am a cynic, and I’m the kind of person who has to peruse research papers and several opinions and truly, deeply study something before I completely believe it. And even then, I always leave room for error and skepticism, as ‘facts’ are ever-changing and sometimes based on how one perceives the evidence presented. As a side note, this is a reason why many often misquote the Bible and cling to scripture clichés – They want to sling around Christian scripture without understanding the context. This is why research, to me, is important. Before I go around and proclaim I can heal in the name of Jesus Christ, I need to do some detective level research.

When my husband mentioned that people could heal through Jesus, I shot back with this: “People like Benny Hinn have killed that thought for me. I don’t believe that someone can channel Jesus’s power and randomly heal people. He touches their head, and *bam* they fell on the floor and start having a seizure.” I was astonished when my husband mentioned that he believes Benny Hinn is a powerful healer. We clearly had some research to do because I truly believed that Benny Hinn, and tele-evangelists like him, were swimming in Quack-land. (I apologize if any of this offends you – I am just offering my pre-research view of the television ‘healers’ that my husband apparently believes in.

I want to share something personal that happened to me regarding ‘healers.’ My mom was notorious for switching religions and faiths in the same way one would switch through radio stations when outside of one’s home city. One of the religious cults practiced in a lady’s home. She was an older lady who kept bragging about how she died two times, and because of this, she was made a healer and holy. She had everyone line up in a half-circle. She went to each person and thumped them on the head. They immediately proceeded to fall, iron-flat, on the floor. When they hit the floor, their heads made a loud sound. I almost thought someone cracked their skull. I was ready to smash 9-1-1 in case of an emergency! I was nervous as she was approaching me. Would I magically fall? What would happen when she pushes my forehead? She was in front of me, finally. I could feel her breath on my face (before this world became COVID Country, anyway), and pushed my forehead. I took a step backward, looking at her in the eyes. I felt somewhat embarrassed, being the only one standing in a room full of seemingly sleeping individuals with possible concussions. She proceeded to yell, “See, you’re the devil! You’re the devil! You wear black, and you are not worthy!” I was maybe 17 years old, so I just shrugged, laughed, and then sat down. People eventually started to come out of their stupor as this strange lady eyed me with suspicion and hatred. I decided at that point that this healing-on-Earth business was just not something I wanted to believe in, especially since I was deemed a pariah just for not wanting to physically reenact the song, “Let the bodies hit the floor.”

I want to take this time to get directly to Scripture. First, I want to ask potential, hypothetical questions that we may ask in regards to Jesus, healing, and the modern era.

What does the Bible say about healing? What does the Bible say about healing power? What does the Bible say about healing today? What does the Bible say about faith healing? What does the Bible say about physical healing? What does the Bible say about healing the sick?

These questions may sound redundant, but they all refer to a tiny different aspect regarding healing through Jesus today.

Let’s get straight to the Scriptures:

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James 5: 14-15: In this scripture, those who are sick are asked to call upon the church elders, have them pray over the sickly person, become anointed with oil in the name of the Lord, say a prayer of faith, and the Lord will raise this person. If the person committed sins in the past, they will be forgiven.

Matthew 10: 1 – Jesus gave his twelve disciples authority to cast out unclean spirits and heal every affliction and disease.

Acts 28:8 – Publius’s father was sick with dysentery and fever. Paul went to him, prayed, put his hands on him, and healed the man.

James 5:16 – People are commanded to confess their sins to each other, pray for each other, and healing will occur. IT is mentioned that the righteous person’s prayer has great power as it is working.

John 14: 12 – 14 – This verse mentions that those who believe in Jesus will also do the works that he does, and greater works than these will be done because Jesus is going to the Father. Whatever you ask in the name of Jesus, it will be done, following what is written here.

Mark 16: 17 – This verse elaborates what Matthew 10:1 said. Jesus tells the ‘eleven’ while they reclined at a table. After he rebuked them for having hard hearts and not believing accounts of his resurrection, he mentioned that the eleven should go into the world, proclaim the gospel, baptize, and cast out demons. They will also speak in new tongues, pick up serpents with their hands, drink deadly poison without any repercussions, and lay hands on the sick, who will recover.

Romans 10: 17 – Faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ.

With those Scriptures, a few things are certain. The word of Christ heals, so there is obvious power in prayer.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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