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Burning Black Candles

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Candle Magick

Black Candles

Halloween is a time for orange pumpkins, green goblins and black candles. The stores begin to load their shelves mid to late August and all of the Halloween Fans flock to the store to stack up on decorations especially the black candles. Unfortunately, the stores only get a small supply which means they usually sell out the fastest.

Burning black candles often has negative connotations because they are associated to witchcraft, evil and darkness. However, wearing dark colored clothes especially black is considered very fashionable and sensual. Decorating your home with black décor is very stylish. Do you believe there is a difference between burning black candles and/or wearing or decorating your home with black colors?

I believe because so many people believe black is a mysterious color~they often shy away from it or choose to not burn them. But again, perhaps a lot of people just do not like black candles at all. This article is about why so many people place a negative connotation on burning black candles. These are just my thoughts and not intended to be seen as judging or trying to change anyone’s mind, it is just to see why black candles are so often viewed as mysterious, negative or evil.

Full Moon


Candle Making

So why do people burn Black Candles?

Black absorbs negative energy. Actually they are symbolic tools that help to ease that little part of your mind that says, I am burning a black candle so I know the negative aspect of a situation will be push aside and banished. Usually (but not always) I will burn white candles with the black candles because white candles represents purity and protection. By burning both a black candle and a white one, that creates a balance of energies.

There are many different kinds of black candles, black ritual candles which burn approximately two hours. These are perfect to use when you are doing a ritual or a spell. There are seven day black candles: If you allow these candles to burn continously they will burn for seven days. I did not believe that so of course I had to try doing it, and sure enough the candle I burned, burned for seven straight days. There are black tea light candles that many people use inside a carved pumpkin for Halloween. There are black pillar and tapered candles that you can burn in honor of the Crone Goddess. During certain moon cycles, I will place a taper candle and holder inside my cauldron and burn it in honor of Cerridwen. Whichever kind of Black Candle you decide to use, try your very best to make sure it is a solid black candle and not a black coating over a white candle.

Different reasons to burn black candles-

Of course Halloween

There is nothing that sets the mood for a spooky Halloween Night then walking into a room that is filled with burning black candles. Adding a few orange candles to the whole assumable brings more of an eerie affect to the occasion.

Burning away negativity

I often burn a lot of black candles during Mercury Retrograde. That is the worst time for communication problems. Everything gets misunderstood and arguments flare up faster that popcorn pops! When I am having emotional problems or feel very unbalanced, the first thing I do is burn a black candle. When there is sickness involved I burn black candles. Whatever the situation is that has a negative connotations to it I will burn black candles.

Burning Black Candles to honor

I will burn black candles to honor my Crone Goddess Cerridwen. When it comes to the triple goddess, the color that represents each goddess is: White is burned for the Maiden, Red is burned for the Mother and Black is burned for the Crone.

Decorating with a Goth Theme

This was a very hard habit for me to break but there was a time in my life that I had every one of my rooms in my apartment set to a Goth Theme. I would add a touch of dark blood red or a touch of purple here and there but mainly everything was black. I had black candles everywhere, all shapes, all sizes and often burned many candles at once.

How to make Candles-1

What's your thoughts?

Making Soy Candles

Black Candles

Candle Colors and Their Meanings

I work a lot with color and candles, so I thought I would add a list of colors and their meanings.

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Red: Love, passion, energy, enthusiasm and courage-Associated with the Root Chakra

Orange: Strength, authority, attraction, joy and success-Associated with the Sacral Chakra

Yellow: Clairvoyance, learning, communication-Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra

Green: Healing, money, prosperity, luck and fertility-Associated with the Heart Chakra

Blue: Healing, meditation, tranquility, forgiveness-Associated with the Throat Chakra

Purple: Spirituality, wisdom, psychic awareness-Associated with Brow and Crown Chakra's

White: Protection, peace, purity, truth-Associated with the Crown Chakra

Pink: Emotional love, friendship, affection, harmony-Associated with the Heart Chakra

Black: Absorption and destruction of negative energy

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Thank you for your comments they are welcomed and appreciated.

AILIME on January 26, 2016:


Eva Thomas (author) from Georgia on January 26, 2016:

AILIME You may burn the black candles with any other candles you like including Angel candles. Sometimes I will burn them with other colored candles, sometimes I don't. It just depends on the intention you need. You can always email me directly at: if you need further help.

AILIME on January 25, 2016:


Rev. Candy Lacey-Partlow from Columbus, Ohio on November 18, 2014:

I often use black candles to "burn off" negative energy and to banish what is unwanted from my household and life. I, too, use them to represent the Crone aspect of the Goddess. Prior to burning the candle, I will also dress the candle for the aspect that corresponds with my desire. Thanks for sharing as I know there are many just learning.

Amanda on January 03, 2013:

We are the color candle and tealight candle in China.

Eva Thomas (author) from Georgia on April 26, 2012:

I agree hestershouse, lack of understanding in general can cause a lot of conflict and misunderstanding about beliefs.

hestershouse on April 26, 2012:

I always use black candles as a symbol of 'light from darkness' and to honour the moon. Of course I'm aware of the negative ideas around black candles, but these are based, I believe,on a lack of understanding of magic(k) and its purposes.

Eva Thomas (author) from Georgia on April 22, 2012:

Thanks for your comment. It is very true, intent and focus is very important,

Dale Hyde from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on April 18, 2012:

As a person who uses candles for magickal purposes daily, I would add that no candle, no matter the color, has any power at all. It is through intent and our charging of the candle that gives it energy/power. Colors enhance simply because they create focus when charging candles. Any color can be charged for any power. Again, it is all based on focus and intent at the time of charging the candle.

Great hub and informative! Voted up!

Eva Thomas (author) from Georgia on September 14, 2011:

Hi swapnil, I sell them at my eCrater store:

swapnil tambe on September 14, 2011:

i need those black candals where can i buy it or where can i get no-9372682027

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