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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Zodiac Compatibility

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Brad and Angelina’s marriage in 2014 was the talk of the year, and they quickly became Hollywood’s It couple. When Angelina filed for a divorce in 2014, most of their fans were heartbroken. Their romance was short lived, and this, many people believe was due to their zodiac signs.

Brad Pitt was born on December 18, making him a Sagittarius by birth, while Angelina Jolie’s birthday is on June 4th, meaning she is a Gemini.

Sun Signs

When it comes to their signs in terms of the sun, they are complimentary opposites. Gemini and Sagittarius both share the same curious nature, and outgoing personality. None of the signs are practical or realistic, meaning a relationship between the two would not last long, if it was to start at all.

Mercury Signs

While Angelina remains Mercury in Gemini, Brad Pitt is Mercury in Capricorn. In terms of personalities, once again, they lack compatibility. Mercury in Gemini are bright – they constantly have ideas, which they want to share and construct. Brad will not offer the insight or intellect a Gemini like Angelina wishes for, as his sign is slower, and does not like to think about things that do not concern him.

Descendant Signs

With Brad being Descendants in Gemini, and Angelina being Descendants in Capricorn, they both look for different things in life. Brad, who is one too take his ideas seriously, and always be looking for someone to have an intellectual conversation with, needs someone who will poke fun at him, and remind him to have fun. Angelina is not able to do that for Brad, as she needs someone who she can rely on. She needs someone to be there to help her organize, and help her be responsible. This will stress Brad out, and instead of being able to let loose, like he needs to, he will feel added tension to be serious.

Venus Signs

Angelina is Venus in Cancer, while Brad is Venus in Capricorn. Accordingly, Angelina will display possessiveness and vulnerability, she is protective when it comes to the people she loves, and may act rashly due to this. Meanwhile, Brad will be someone who takes his relationship very seriously, and will be the first to want to commit long term, after he gets over his initial shock. Because of this, Angelina will feel secure, and their relationship will not be rocky in this sense.

Mars Signs

Problems will arise in their relationship as Angelina is Mars in Aries, meaning she is impulsive, and does not like to be tamed. Meanwhile, Brad is Mars in Capricorn, meaning he is work oriented. Angelina, after some time will start to feel as though Brad is restricting her, and Brad, likewise will feel as though Angelina wastes too much time on matters that are not important, and will want her to settle down.


Brangelina's Compatability

Now that we have seen all their compatibilities in terms of different signs, let us see the different aspects of their sun signs:


Both signs, Gemini and Sagittarius, look for the same general thing in a partner, and that is too find someone who gives them a sense of purpose. Someone who is there to spar with them, and question their ideas. A partner who is not afraid of hurting their feelings, and always questions their beliefs. They do not want someone who closes off, and is afraid of sharing their thoughts, as this will bore them easily. This is why the pair make good friends, even if they break up, because they respect one another and enjoy each other’s company. Most of the time, a Gemini and Sagittarius are each other’s best friends, and then develop into partners.

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Gemini and Sagittarius have a 99% trust compatibility level. Both of these signs understand how important it is to be trustworthy in a relationship, and they both honor it. Sagittarius are those sort of people who cannot lie to save their lives, and they hate lies more than anything. Likewise, Gemini are so good at telling if someone is lying, they often do not know if they themselves are getting away with a lie, so tend not to. Ultimately, these characteristics lead to high faithfulness, and this is why their relationships rarely fall apart because of one being unfaithful to the other. The only people who can break a romantic bond between a Gemini and Sagittarius is themselves, and their own fear of commitment and intimacy.

They are both not the kind of people who will keep secrets from each other, and are rather open in everything that they do. They believe in working out their problems and issues through communication, even if it results in a fight, as long as it gets resolved and there is no doubt or concern in their minds.

Communication and Understanding

The level of understanding between a Gemini and Sagittarius is extremely high, at least 99%, which is quite rare when it comes to compatibility between two signs. However, it is easy for these two signs to be so involved with their own personal agendas, that they forget how important their relationship may be.

They are both complimentary opposites, Geminis are always coming up with new ideas, and their brains are always working. A Sagittarius is a teacher as well as a learner, so they will always be there to share their knowledge with their partner, as well as listen to all of their theories and ideas.

The only problem that could cause a rift between these signs, is their fear of being intimate with someone, and caring too much for one person. As they start to build a bond with each other, and become emotionally connected, they will become scared, as emotions are neither signs strong points. And this fear may be the reason they drift apart.

They are a very optimistic couple, and if you are around them, you will definitely feel the happiness they generate together. If there fear of intimacy does not drive them apart, and they overcome such fear together, they will be an unstoppable couple. If a Gemini and Sagittarius are lucky enough to work out their differences, and come together after overcoming their fear, they will likely never be broken apart again, not until death does them apart.


Both Sagittarius and Gemini are very bad at dealing with their own emotions, despite their open minded personality. And together, they build such a strong connection due to their compatibility, that they often do not know how to deal with it, and end up running away from each other in fear. However, if they do allow themselves time to overcome these emotions, and learn to cherish them instead of fearing them, they will develop an unbreakable bond with one another, and most likely be together till death do them apart.


These signs both ultimately value the same things, even if they have different personalities. Both Gemini and Sagittarius value things that they can understand. They appreciate things that make sense. Even though Sagittarius are collected, and come across as deep natured, while Gemini are more scatter-brains, and superficial, one thing they have in common is neither sign can bear stories that have no meaning. They value anything with purpose, and do not like wasting time with purposeless fairy tales.

Shared Activities

Another quality that Gemini and Sagittarius have in common is their sense of adventure and curiosity, which means they are always willing to try new things, no matter what it is. Because of this they will most likely do any activity they can fathom, and laugh and have fun doing it. They have a positive attitude and this allows them to enjoy anything, no matter how crazy it can be. This joy helps bring them together, and strengthens the bond they have with one another. They are flexible, and just want to have a good time.

A relationship between a Gemini and Sagittarius is happy, and if you are in the company of the pair, you will not help but be able to sense their love for one another and be positively affected by it. When together, they cannot help but inspire love in others. The individual optimism both signs hold allows for them to have the best of times, and they definitely make one of the most amazing couples.

To summarize the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was likely deeply intellectual, and they probably had a strong connection with one another based upon mutual trust, and easy communication. However, they did not last long, and this was probably because they allowed their fear of intimacy to get in the way of building their relationship, and staying together. That is why while their relationship was strong while it lasted, it burnt out quickly. However, even though it ended, it is most probable that they managed to remain on speaking terms, and may even be friends, because they both enjoy each other’s company.

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