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Born Under a Waning Crescent / Balsamic Moon

Every lunar phase bestows its own special benefits to those having been born under them, but this one is probably my personal favorite -- if one can even have a favorite lunar phase, that is! The Waning Crescent / Balsamic Moon is the end of the lunar phases, and it's like a symbol of having attained total enlightenment. It's something of a metaphor for reincarnation, with the Balsamic moon being something along the lines of an ascended master. At least, that's my view; your mileage may vary. To learn more about what energy this lends to those born during it, please see below!

Karma Be Gone!

Ok, so, you're still going to have plenty of karma to deal with, but you're not going to feel weighed down by it like so many others do. You may even feel as though you've not got any, as though you've got a care in world, even. This energy will allow you to move through your life without getting tripped up by past-life imprints of an emotional or psychical nature, which is one heck of a blessing. We are always our own worst enemies when it comes to spiritual evolution, and past life imprints often get in the way. If you don't feel bound to yours, then this could be a massive help to you.


Clear Vision

We can all see clearly under the right circumstances, but those born under a Balsamic moon are almost always capable of seeing the bigger picture, no matter what they've got going on at the personal level. They always know that everything is happening for a reason, that there is a purpose in everything experienced, and that everything will balance itself out eventually. If these folks are a Pisces or Cancer or Scorpio, there will likely be a very strong psychic ability just waiting to be properly developed.

For the Good of the Many

This lunar phase presents those born under it with a real sense of honor. They are willing to go without if it means others will benefit from their own personal losses. And they will not resent a moment of it, they will instead feel completely fulfilled. Depending on other aspects of the natal chart, it might take this person some time to reach this point in their own personal evolution, but are born with the ability to reach it faster than most -- assuming the rest of us reach it at all! They see the bigger picture, where most of us see only what's directly in front of our noses.

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