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Bloody Mary The Urban Legend, Does Bloody Mary Lurk Behind Your Bathroom Mirror

Bloody Mary The Urban Legend That Will Not Die, This Is The Bloody Mary Video You Want To See, If You Want To See Bloody Mary Appear.

Two Versions Of The Bloody Mary Story On This Video

Bloody Mary - Moon County

Bloody Mary The Legend, The Myth, Is She Real Or Is She Not?

The legend of Bloody Mary can be traced back to the 13th century Europe specifically in the northern England area. It is said that young girls were vanishing from the local villages and the area people became convinced that an old woman who lived in a near by forest area was to blame. A huge Mob went to her house one night late at night and dragged the old woman from her bed. They accused her of being a witch and tried to torture her into telling them what had happened to the young girls.

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When she could not tell them the crowd became angrier and they tied her to a near by tree and began to pile wood and brush around her. As they set the wood and brush afire she began to curse the people in the crowd and she is said to have uttered a curse that if any one was foolish enough to say her name , " Bloody Mary " three times in front of a mirror at night while holding a candle she would come out of the mirror and take her revenge on the person foolish enough to have said her name.

Ever since then people especially teenagers and youngsters have given it a try. Many claim to have seen Bloody Mary in the mirror and some have even claimed to have been attacked by a old woman who came from the mirror when they said " Bloody Mary " three times in front of a mirror in a dark room while holding a candle. Many have claimed to have seen an ugly old woman glaring out at them from the mirror. Have you ever dared to try it. If so why not tell us your story below in the comment section. And what other Urban Legends have you heard about. Feel free to tell us about them in the comment section below.

Has Anyone Ever Talked To Bloody Mary?

I have a lot of people email me all the time and ask, has anyone ever talked to Bloody Mary? Well I can tell you that yes I really do believe there are people out there who have indeed talked to Bloody Mary.

Now I warn you that if you play around with things like Bloody Mary, Ouija Boards, and the Occult you can open doorways to other realms that you should not open. You can let out something really nasty with out meaning to and once you let it out it can be very hard to put it back.

So be very careful what you play with and know that your actions can have dramatic consequences that you or someone may have to deal with.

I have been to locations where people told me stories of seeing Bloody Mary and then she talked to them from inside the mirror and in some cases came out through the mirror into the room with them and talked to them. In several cases people received bad scratches and in one case a girls arm was broken. I really think that these people may have been dealing with a demon that disguised its self to make the people think they were dealing with a woman named Bloody Mary.

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Does Bloody Mary Hide Behind The Bathroom Mirror?

Be Careful What You Wish For. Bloody Mary May Be Waiting There Behind The Mirror.

Be Careful What You Wish For. Bloody Mary May Be Waiting There Behind The Mirror.

Does Bloody Mary Really Exist

Have you ever seen Bloody Mary or something related to Bloody Mary? If so we really sould like to hear from you.

Have you ever seen Bloody Mary or something related to Bloody Mary? If so we really sould like to hear from you.

Bloody Mary In The Mirror. Does Bloody Mary Live Beyond The Mirror?

Bloody Mary In The Mirror. Does Bloody Mary Live Beyond The Mirror?

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Queen Mary I was also known as Bloody Mary.

Queen Mary I was also known as Bloody Mary.

Sara From Greenville Mississippi Tells Her Bloody Mary Story

I'm 22 now and a few years ago I was at my friends house across town on Friday the 13th when we got to talking about Bloody Mary. We had been reading on the internet about Bloody Mary and me and my friends decided to try doing Bloody Mary that night. There was me and my friends Gail and Missy and we were going to be spending the night at Gail's house. It was actually the 12th when we started talking about it and luckily we were going to be out of school on the 13th for a teachers work day. The 13th that year was a Friday. I would have never took part in what we did that night if I had known what was going to happen to us that night.

We got several candles and as Gail had her own bathroom we set up the candles in there in front of the big mirror and got ready. We set up all night talking and scaring the hell out of each other and then at about five minutes till 3 A.M. we went in the bathroom and used a match to light the candles.

A Scary Old Woman Was Looking Out Of The Mirror At Us.

There were three of us girls in the bathroom at 3 A.M. and I chanted Bloody Mary 13 times at almost exactly 3 A.M. As I said Bloody Mary about the 12th time we saw smoke swirl around the mirror and we saw a scary as hell old woman looking out of the mirror at us. We all three screamed and I think Gail turned the light on. Bloody Mary vanished almost at once and Gail's mother came running into the bathroom to see what was going on. She made us go to bed but we stayed awake till daylight because we knew what we had seen. We all three saw Bloody Mary in that mirror that night and I know she is very real. I can tell you that I for one will never do Bloody Mary again. It scared the hell out of us and there is no way it could have been a trick.

So Far Nothing Bad Has Happened To Me Or My Friends

I've heard of bad things happening to people who have seen Bloody Mary but as luck would have it so far me and my friends are okay. At least so far any way.

Have You Ever Seen Bloody Mary?

Yes I know its supposed to be a game but I have people send me really scary tales of seeing Bloody Mary or having something really scary happen when they are trying to call Bloody Mary. I wonder have you ever tried to call Bloody Mary like the girls in the photo. If so we would really like to hear your story. Email us at thomasbyers at with "Bloody Mary" in the subject line.

Please tell us if we can publish your story here on the Bloody Mary Project Page. Include the name you would like published with your story and we will get it right up here on the page for everyone to read. So get busy sending in your Bloody Mary Stories. Lets see what you have.

I've had several people mail their Bloody Mary Stories in and we will be publishing them here for everyone to read.

Cindy Hyder's Bloody Mary Story From Huntsville Alabama

I and some friends were over at my Grandma's house when we all went in the bathroom where we had several candles burning. Several girls were chanting Bloody Mary in that bathroom when there was a brilliant flash of light and we all saw a very old scary woman that looked like her flesh was rotting off standing there in the bathroom with us. You could smell the most horrible smell of rotting flesh there in that bathroom. And then the old woman was gone. I know from then on I was scared to go back in that bathroom.

About four months later my friend Amber wrecked her new car and she kept telling her Mom and Dad and me that Bloody Mary was there in the car with her just before she wrecked and that Bloody Mary had grabbed the steering wheel and caused her to wreck. Just a short time later Amber was found drowned in the bathroom upstairs in her parents house. I know I have always wondered if Bloody Mary killed Amber. I promise you this is a true story and it still scares me.

Katie's Story Of Bloody Mary From Bryson City North Carolina

I was 9 when me and my friends tried doing Bloody Mary at my house one weekend. As well as I remember there were five of us and we carried my Mom's candles in the upstairs bathroom and all five of us were chanting Bloody Mary. We saw an old woman with cuts on her face and chains around her neck and shoulders looking out of the mirror out at us. Then the shower curtain went up in flames and we ran out of the bathroom. An older boy ran into the bathroom and luckily for us got the fire put out. We all got in big trouble for it and the parents thought we caught the shower curtain on fire with the candles but we had the candles at least six feet from the shower curtain when it suddenly went up in flames. I know for a fact that we did not touch that shower curtain with a candle. I've always thought about it and I know that we saw Bloody Mary but I've never been tempted to do it ever again. I was 25 this year and I remember it like it was yesterday.

She Has Been Afraid Of Fire All Her Life

There were five of us girls there that night when we did Bloody Mary and had the fire in the bathroom and two of those girls who were my childhood friends died at different times in fire related accidents. I've been scared of fire all my life and I've never been tempted to do Bloody Mary again. I've always been afraid that we some how caused the death of my two friends that night and I've been afraid of fire all my life.

Bloody Mary by Chris Vaisvilas

More Bloody Mary Information

Who among us can forget the story of Bloody Mary. She is said to live in Mirrors and when someone especially a young girl goes into a dark room with a lighted candle in her hand and stands in front of the mirror looking into it and says Bloody Mary three times the ghost of the old woman will come out of the mirror and appear or at least appear in the mirror. It is said that a bathroom is where the ghost has appeared most often and some claim you have to say Bloody Mary thirteen times. Some people also say it must be a black candle and that it must be held in the left hand.

What Do You Know About The Bloody Mary Legend?

What do you know about the Bloody Mary Legend. Have you ever tried it. Have you ever known anyone who tried it and saw something. If so let us all know about it in the comment section below. Today especially in America it is usually teen girls who try to do Bloody Mary and see the ghost of Bloody Mary that is supposed to be hiding behind the mirror in your bathroom. Some people claim that it is the ghost of a witch that people call out of the mirror. Some people claim to see a old woman covered in blood staring out of the mirror at them. Some people have made the claim that Bloody Mary has appeared there in the bathroom with them.

Where Did Bloody Mary Come From?

You'll hear many different stories and legends of where Bloody Mary came from and how she came to be. Some people have made the claim that the legend of Bloody Mary can be traced back to the English Queen, Queen Mary I who had many pregnancies and as many miscarriages. It is said she never carried a child to term. All were born dead. Queen Mary I was also known as Bloody Mary.

But in early America several women with the first name Mary here executed for being a witch or for practicing witchcraft so its not really known for sure where the name Bloody Mary came from.

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Friday The 13th Is The Best Time To Try To See Bloody Mary

In case you don't know any Friday the 13th seems to be the best time to try to see Bloody Mary.

In case you don't know any Friday the 13th seems to be the best time to try to see Bloody Mary.

Be careful what play with or you just might see Bloody Mary.

Be careful what play with or you just might see Bloody Mary.

Was There A Real Bloody Mary? Well In North Carolina There Was A Woman Hung For Witchcraft.

At the old now closed down Tri Community Elementary School near Caroleen North Carolina people have always claimed that Bloody Mary can be seen in the bathroom mirrors of the school. She was always described as standing looking out of the mirror with a bloody dress on and several rusty chains were draped around her neck and shoulders.

Women Were Hung In North Carolina For The Practice Of Witchcraft

Up the hill behind the school is a very old graveyard with a lot of tombstones but most have been there so long you can't see the names on the stones any longer. It is said that here in this grave yard is where a witch was hung and buried in the 1780's. Yes it's a historical fact that several women were hung in this area for practicing witch craft. At one of the trials the old transcripts said that a woman was hung for making her neighbors cows go dry and for running a 20 year old woman crazy and for causing her to throw herself into the near by river and drown. The witches name was Mary Holescloth and she was hung on Christmas Day 1781 near the present day Tri Community School by a rope around her neck until she was dead by the then high sheriff. She was tried three days before she was hung and eleven of her neighbors testified against the old woman. They told wild stories that the old woman had told of having relations with the devil himself. And she was said to have a large place on her right hip that looked like something with a large mouth of jagged teeth had bitten her.

Some people said that it was only a birth mark. But at the time of the trial and the hanging of the accused witch people in the area believed very much in witchcraft and they also believed that the devil was a very real being.

At the time that Mary Holescloth was buried it was believed that if you buried a witch wrapped in chains that the witches ghost could not come back and bother anyone. Its strange that down through the years that when the old woman's ghost was seen in the mirrors of the school that she was wrapped in chains. It was also said that witches were always wrapped in chains and buried facing down.

People Often Try To Practice Witchcraft At The Grave Of The Old Witch

Over the years people have left offerings of candy, flowers, and dolls at the gravestone of the old witch. Her grave stone is a large red tombstone with no writing on it. People throughout the years have drawn three crosses in a row on the tombstone for luck. There are also rumors that people often practice witch craft at the old witches tombstone. They light candles and leave offerings of dead chickens and you can often see where candles have been burned and melted down. Small mirrors are also often found leaning against the old red tombstone by people trying to summon the real Bloody Mary. Some have the belief that if they are able to summons the ghost of the old witch that she will be able to give them the desires of their heart.

Is Bloody Mary Real?

Just because you go into the bathroom with a candle and chant Bloody Mary three times while standing in front of the mirror with a candle burning doesn't mean you will ever see her. You have to do it with the belief in your mind that you're going to see the old witch. If you believe you may have a chance to see her. But if not you may not see anything.

But be very careful what you play around with because you can often open doorways that are a lot better left closed. Use real care if you mess around or play with a Ouija Board. Ouija Boards can be doorways to dark and evil things that are a lot better left along. Click that link there and you can learn a lot about the Ouija Board.

People who don't truly believe will often see nothing. But if the person who is trying to get the old witch to appear truly believes then the old witch may indeed appear.

Do You Know The Best Time To See Bloody Mary?

The best times to see the old witch is on Fridays, any Friday the 13th, and on Halloween. It won't hardly ever happen unless it is dark outside. You have a better chance when there is a thunderstorm or at 3 A.M. which is the true witching hour not midnight as you may have been led to believe. So if you do try to see Bloody Mary why not try to see her at what is supposed to be the best time to see her. If I was trying to see her I would use a black candle in my left hand and I would try it at 3 A.M. on a Friday morning. If it's raining outside or a thunderstorm is going on outside you may have better luck.

A Circle Of Salt

It is best if you can to stand inside a circle of sea salt when you try to get Bloody Mary or any spirit to come to you. The sea salt will protect you as long as you stay inside the circle.

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Two Versions Of The Bloody Mary Story On This Video

What Do You Think About Bloody Mary. Have you or anyone you known ever seen anything strange when saying Bloody Mary

Ashley on April 04, 2020:

When I read this I felt so scared but now I have proof to show my friends to not summon Bloody Mary

ashton on June 28, 2019:

can you get Sarah pretty please thank you

Spuitelf on September 05, 2016:

Why would you want to summon a angry ghost? That's sheer idiocy. Playing with ghosts is like playing with people, heck it ìs playing with people! I personally think playing with people, wether living or dead is morally unacceptable. I respect ghosts (never seen one, tho) and personally do not want to wake them but if you're as stupid to summon an angry ghost, why not try to get her to move on when you're at it? Instead of, say, screaming and using crosses which I would find really annoying, éspecially when you're burned to dead by Christians. Don't get me wrong Ì have nothing against Christians but I can imagine that shé has something against them.

Pony rock on December 19, 2015:

Bloody marry means I took your baby

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 03, 2014:

Let us all know how it works out for you. Thanks for the comment.

meldog&gtay on December 03, 2014:

well we feel this is great info. im going to go try this right now actually

lileprechaun on March 15, 2014:

I don't know about getting truly hurt playing this game, however, I have done it like 3 times in my life and got scared to death each time. The first time was when I was about 9-10 years old. A friend of mine had just learned of bloody mary, and decided to tell me about it, well she also wanted to try it as well. I was kinda nervous but still did it with her, not knowing what to expect, and after we said it 3 times in a mirror, both of our faces in the reflection looked warped and almost like we were beaten with bruises, and cuts.... we compared what we saw and found our experiences matched... freaky stuff! ;) of course we ran out of her bathroom as soon as we saw what we saw, but we were both alive and intact. And the ither two times I was dared to do it by my sister and her friend by myself. I did, except this time I saw my reflections eyes roll in the back of my head. And I got outta there as fast as I could. And then the last time was after we had moved into a old haunted hospital (we didn't know until later, don't judge). Well I was home alone, so I decided to try bm again (so smart, lol) and as I was saying her name 3 times I got a creepy feeling of being watched and just "knew something was wrong" type of feeling, but anyway the shampoo bottle on the opposite side of the bath flew to the other side and put a nasty dent in the wall, I panicked and ran back into my bedroom to call my sister, only to have my phone be thrown across the room out of reach... I left the house to visit a friend until someone came home... im never doing it again. on August 09, 2013:

I be live here

shruti on July 04, 2013:

Hi guys I did it and an scary women appeared and scrached me that mark still exists

Angel on June 28, 2013:

I had a friend that was foolish enough to do it in my bedroom and nothing happened when he did. Av hour later he went home and I went to bed and at about 3am I got spooked awake because I heard a hissing that ended with a growl in my ear that started off far and ended so close in my ear that I felt what resembled hot breath....needless to say I now sleep with a pillow over my head at all times

tiffany on March 13, 2013:

I am freaked now that I saw bloody mary.I'm only 8 years old.

Jo on February 26, 2013:

I warn you guys, please don't do this. She is REAL! She will show up and you will see her. I saw here when I was the age of 9. All the kids in school were doing it. So I thought it would be fun, if I did it at home with my little sisters. We all shared a room and we had a big mirror in our room. We chanted her name and flickered the lights on and off. We look into the mirror and chanted her name. (I don't even want to type her name. Im even shaking writing about this) My two younger sister and I were looking into the mirror. We paused for a moment and we saw two big red eyes. The eyes looked like as if she was waking up. We didn't see a face. All we seen were two big red glowing eyes. As soon as I saw this I ran to the living room and my sister ran behind me. I wanted to make sure I wasn't just seeing things and I remember asking my younger sister "what did you see?" She told me " Two big red eyes."

taylor mcgillta,lor on February 24, 2013:

I have never done bloodymary in the mirror if u have post one back

Abby on January 19, 2013:

Im going to have a sleepover at my friend Hugo's house, with my friends Brianna, Michael, and Jake. Here's the plan:

1. Hugo, Michael and Jake will go in and do the ritual.

2. Brianna and I will stand outside with holy water and crosses, just in case something bad happens.

3. If something does happen, we come in and dump holy water on the mirror and hold a bunch of crosses up.

By the way, some friends told me that Bloody Mary hates people with blue eyes, and she likes people with brown eyes. Is it true? I can't be one of the people who comes in because I'm wearing a cross that was blessed by a cardinal, so that would just scare her away (and it's too hard to get off). Besides, awhile ago I made this potion I found on the internet to make me invisible to ghosts. I guess she wouldn't kill me if I did go in there. I'm scared because I don't want my friends to die. Can I please have some advice?

Dasha10 on January 18, 2013:

I did it nice with a friend we oth survived nothing happened but thesis what happened....

My friend dared me to go to do the Bloody Mary thing when I did it the lights flickered on and of then went black then I saw Bloody Mary in the mirror but she didn't do anything to me she stared at me I screamed and ran out of the bathroom when I was running I heard" don't be scared I don't want to hurt you" I though why is marry acting nice to me and I went back to bathroom she didn't look scary at all she had just scratches on her but I didn't get scared . She hand me her hand and touched me and then when it was time for morning she disapered. It was odd why she was acting nice . I never saw her ever again but she was nice I swear. No joke.

meganwho? on November 28, 2012:

it works

Russiazoe on November 04, 2012:

It happened when I was in the second grade, I had no clue it happened actually. I think I tried killing myself back then with it. My sister told me that I had come screaming and crying to her telling her that I had seen a woman in the mirror after saying bloody Mary three times

Someone smart on October 07, 2012:

I've never done it, but I think she is only real if you believe that she is. "Bloody Mary" was actually the queen of England. She enforced Catholicism and whoever did not convert they were burned at the stake. She killed thousands of people. That's how she got her name, she didn't get it by being buried alive with bells and she didn't die with her eyes scratched out or her fingernails on the coffin lid. She died because of a cancerous tumor in her stomach.

Vanessa on August 23, 2012:

To ashley: I think the best thing to do is to use evidence your self and find out. One time I was playing with my cuz(about five of us) one of my cuz was bike riding in the basement and u don't want 2 go there. Then all of a sudden he flied in the air a broke his arm. Two days later I went with my oldest cuz and found a old lady who was soooooo ugly I wanted to leave but my cuz said no. Then I feeling something dripping on me I find out I was bleeding. Later my cuz said I was sleeping and I had a big cut. I would never go in there basement.

'IE' on July 25, 2012:

I'm not saying Bloody Mary isn't real. But some of these stories are a little bit rediculous and no doubt most of them people made up for something to do. I have done the Bloody Mary Trick before. You are saying that if you believe in Bloody Mary then she will appear in some way. Well I did believe until nothing happened. And the house i had done this is was claimed to have been haunted anyway. Its my friends house. I go there all the time. Nothing has ever happened to me or my friend.

dyvan on June 18, 2012:

Bloody Mary does sooo exsest! ive seen her. she has black hair that's drippin blood and red eyes that is also drippin blood. she waz holdin a knife. i waz in the bathroom with 5 or 6 other friends. i waz in the middle. by the end everyone waz screamin.... expecialy me. that's bcause it felt like someone waz cuttin my back. when we finally got the lights on... we cheched my back. shure enoughf, i had like 50 scraches on my back and arms... so if anyone is reading this plz don't do bloody mary.

Adam on June 13, 2012:

Its all in ur head if u say to urself she doesn't exist then nothing happens if u say she exists then ur mind will trick u into thinking she is their.... There is simple logic to evry ghost story

The helper on April 19, 2012:

Ok, I have heard many stories about bloody Mary. I honestly do not know whech one is real. But I I'm a beliver of bludy Marry. Ok, I did try it, but saw no one in the bathroom or in the room that i slept in. I did this at my friend's house and the next day i came back over and there were scratches on the ceiling. I thought it was her cats, so i want and asked and her cats were at the vet. They were there because they had gotten injured somehow and they were bleeding alot. I still did not believe. Then we had a sleepover and she went to the bathroom. Then she screamed and her big bro ran in and the door shut. I was getting kind of kreeped out so i came in and saw a bunch of blood on the floor. i thought someone had hurt her. So i checked her and she was unconscious along with her brother. They had no cuts whatsoever, then i realized it was cat blood. It was discusting. I then dragged them out and barricaded the bathroom. I had a dream of what had happened to the cats that night. Then the dream shifted and showed there spirits dead and with no eyes, being held by the neck by bloody Mary.

See my message in my post, you will be shocked, and you will know me perfectly well.

Montana on April 14, 2012:

Honestly, I have heard over 5 different stories but, they all connect to either "Mary or Bloody Mary." I think the game would be a great way to freak out some people but, I do not believe in it even though I have read a lot of these theories.

chiara on April 12, 2012:

i believe in bloody mary i did a try and i saw a shadow coming twords mei was so scared then i saw a light and a women with a scary was so scary

c-train on April 09, 2012:

i would never try this alone i would only do it with a mate!!!!!

thats crazy hallie on March 12, 2012:

ive done it with the lights off without a candle and i said bloody mary my face in the mirror turned ugly i ran out of there LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skye on February 26, 2012:

When I was 9 yrs. old i had a sleepover and my friends dared me to go into the bathroom and say Bloody Mary so i did and it was around 12 am and i used a candle and brought red roses into the bathroom and ripped them up while i said Bloody Mary and all i saw was a red blur so i ran out and went to sleep i still ask god to forgive me that i actually believe that stuff but i think that she was an exorsist and killed her self a long time ago and people make up that legend to scare people but if you want to get real creeped out go on youtube and search the exorcism of Emily Rose

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on February 23, 2012:

Thanks for all the great comments. I just uploaded a new Bloody Mary video with two great stories

Corrina on February 20, 2012:

I remember hearing about this as a kid! Though I was told that it was a little girl and you put both hands on the mirror and say her name three times. I tried it and though I did not see anything I sure as hell was scared of mirrors for at least a week! I think that was karma tho for making the junior kids beleive the story!

Taryn on February 04, 2012:

also, im thinking of doing it again. should i? u decide

Taryn on February 04, 2012:

last year (2011), on halloween, we went trick-or-treating with my little sisters, Morgan, friends. after we were done, we all went into her friend Rileys room and Riley told me to close the door and turn out the lights. so i did. we didn't light a candle or go in a bathroom or near a mirror. i just said it out-loud."BLOODY MARY"!!!!! after tht we saw a girl long blond (AND RED!) hair. then Emma realized that the girls hair was dripping....... she also had a creepy grin and a black rose. or, thts what it looked like. the girl stabbed me with it. all three of them screamed and turned on the lights and she dissappeared. lucky for them i was the only one hurt. i still have a huge scar on my left arm. p.s. i just turned 12 today. whether u belief this story or not..... its all true. and bloody mary IS real. and my birthday present is that im reminded of tht night.

ashley on January 29, 2012:

ps: i there is nothing strange about my old elementry school nor is there anything strange around it. celest has told me about how she has seen other ghosts though. she claimes her house is haunted. i have slept over at her house 3 times and have never seen anything. i thing she is trying to scare me just like she used to back in elementry school.

what do you think? should i believe her?

ashley on January 29, 2012:

hi, im 12 years old and bloody mary IS REAL!!!! I am currently in 7'th grade. So... here's my story:

When i was in 5'th grade, my school's power went out. So, my friend, celest, said, "hey we should play bloody mary!" this was the first time i've heared of bloody mary so i said, "how do you play? And who's bloody mary?" my friend grabed my arm and said,"Come to the bathroom and you'll find out."

The bathroom in the 5'th grade hallway was creepy enough as it is, but with the lights off, i was seriously freaked. celest finally managed to drag me into the bathroom. i said,"celest we shouldn't be in here, we could get in trouble." she said, "relax it's going to be fun. now, we have to say bloody mary 3 times, ok?" "ok" i said.

"bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary." we chanted. then i saw a piece of paper fly out of celest's hand. "nice try, celest. i know you threw that." i went and picked up the paper she threw. "see, this is even in your handwriting!" then she said, "fine whatever, you got me."

at that piont i was facing celest and my back was tward the mirror. then celest started to freak, "ASHLEY!TURN AROUND!!! LOOK AT THE MIRROR!" i said, "c'mon, celest. give it up im not falling for it." celest continued to freak out. so, i turned around.

in the mirror, i saw a black shadow coming toward me. i screemed and ran out. as soon as i was out, i noticed that celest didn't follow me. i waited, but she didn't come. knowing she must be in trouble i went back into the bathroom. celest had her hands on the mirror and was staring into it, her eyes wide.

"celest let's go we have to get out of here!!!" i screemed. she didn't move. i was scared she was going to die, she was standing so still. i ran over to her. it took all my strength to pull her away from the mirror.

to this day, celest does not remember much of what happened.

i do not recommend trying this. we got lucky based on some of the stuff that i just read. this is not a fake, i swear!!!

B-mary victim5 on January 20, 2012:

To all of those who think that you need to chant her name every time you go into the bathroom, you are very wrong. This is about the 6th or 7th time I've done B-Mary, and its never gone down like this before. Not but a half hour ago, my step-dad and I summoned B-Mary together, nothing special, pitch- black bathroom and chanted her name 5 times. We waited about 5 minutes and my vision began to blur and i saw a shadow move across the small beam of light coming in from the crack in the door, and knowing what shes capable of, that was enough to make me leave the bathroom. Then my mom and step-dad went to the store, and i decided that I was going to do it again, this time by myself. Big mistake. I walked into the bathroom, shut the door, and said," Can you see me now, bitch?" after about 3 minutes I heard a distant scream and her face began to manifest in the mirror! I refuse to go in that bathroom, nor sleep in the dark, because every room has a mirror, and i don't believe that shes restricted to the mirror she was summoned through.

O.O OMG on January 09, 2012:

My friend told me the story of Bloody Mary,that's how I got on this page obiously, but I had to go to the bathroom like 15 minutes ago and I kept on thinking about Bloody Mary and if I should do it or not... So i got my Ipod and turned it up to Max... I like did a ninja kick to the door incase (SOMETHING) was out there O.O Im afraid of the bathroom now. Wonderful isn't it?

josh on December 28, 2011:

k i know she should only appears in mirrors but its not true so here's my story one time i was sleeping in my bros room with my dad and then i seen a old woman in white rags holding a knife i turned on the light and she dissapeared and i still hear her

Emily on December 23, 2011:

okay can I just say that what you all have witnessed is just your subconscious mind playing tricks on you.. you don't realise it but when you say I said her name three times in the mirror and there was a cut down your face or something it was actually you that did it, its like when you use a Ouija Board you don't realise your moving it because its your subconscious mind.. and its the same for this myth.. you see what you want to see because you believe its real.. and some of it is lies from people making it up to see if you will do it and get all scared... and if you don't believe me then talk to a Hypnosis therapist because they will tell you all about it and I guaranty they are right otherwise they would not be qualified to be a hypnosis therapist

kimberly on December 21, 2011:

This is a true story about bloody mary! And it happened at my house! Rebbecca was on my cumputter.My room was dark.But wasn't no candles there lit up! So me and her were talking about bloody mary i said bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary 3 times in my bedroom! But no mirror i said it in! My room didn't have a mirror! I said im ganna put me on a pair of shorts.Soon i opened my closet.There she was! She had no wrinkles on her face! Like an old woman she was about 19 when she was killed! Soon she was ganna cut my neck open so i slammed the door in her face! So don't say bloody mary 3 times in your darkened room!

kittythedreamer on December 20, 2011:

The Bloody Mary legend where I live is this:

Young Mary was asked to a school dance. She was more than excited to go with a boy she loved more than anything. But that night Mary showed up to the dance little did she know that her date was murdered on his way there. She wote for 20 minutes. Mary saw two boys walking towarrd her. She stood. "Have you seen my date, Elija?" she asked them. The boys laughed at her. "Yeah. Come with us we know." Mary did not know what awote her. She followed the young men into a dark room lit dimly by a candle. The two boys from there killed Mary but she said her last words were, "I will get you back! I will murder your children and your wifes!" The boys laughed. "You do not beleive me? Say my name three times and blink fast while spinning." The boys did so and later Mary did as she swore and left the boys to suffer. The first boy married and had twin boys. Later when his sons reached age 13 they were found dead in their beds, along with their mother. The second boy got married and had a daughter. When the daughter reached 14 she and her mother were found dead in their beds. The day Mary died a boy who was watching her die passed on the story and everyone who heard of it tried it and were either found dead or went missing. I tired it and I don't suggest you try.

jaidyn77 on December 20, 2011:

omg i tried it and it did not work but the next day i saw my friend in the bathroom bleeding to death.she said look at me. i don't know how but bloody mary got me and cut me with a knife.and i looked at the mirror and saw blood all over it. and the blood wrote out,i will get you next time!

paige on December 18, 2011:

The Bloody Mary legend where I live is this:

Young Mary was asked to a school dance. She was more than excited to go with a boy she loved more than anything. But that night Mary showed up to the dance little did she know that her date was murdered on his way there. She wote for 20 minutes. Mary saw two boys walking towarrd her. She stood. "Have you seen my date, Elija?" she asked them. The boys laughed at her. "Yeah. Come with us we know." Mary did not know what awote her. She followed the young men into a dark room lit dimly by a candle. The two boys from there killed Mary but she said her last words were, "I will get you back! I will murder your children and your wifes!" The boys laughed. "You do not beleive me? Say my name three times and blink fast while spinning." The boys did so and later Mary did as she swore and left the boys to suffer. The first boy married and had twin boys. Later when his sons reached age 13 they were found dead in their beds, along with their mother. The second boy got married and had a daughter. When the daughter reached 14 she and her mother were found dead in their beds. The day Mary died a boy who was watching her die passed on the story and everyone who heard of it tried it and were either found dead or went missing. I tired it and I don't suggest you try.

lola18914 on December 18, 2011:

ok the story i hav been told was that when mary was young that all the girls haad 2 be nuns so she became one but that year ythey had a ball or something like that and she had a love but nuns could not love but she did so the elderly nuns hunted her down brought her 2 the top or thr church and killed her she was crying bloody tears she watched her self die

smellmyfarttheneatit on December 14, 2011:

she is real just bellive

nancyg6 on December 12, 2011:

bloody mary will onley appear if you beleive that she wil

nancyg6 on December 12, 2011:

omg she is not real it turned out that the scar was fake but whatever you do donot go and do it

nancyg6 on December 12, 2011:

SOS im seriose one night me and some other friends(about five of us) were at a party we were playing truth or dare and one of my friends dared another to do bloddy mary my friend agreeed so long as we all went with her. we snuck in my friends coboured and took out a candle we got out some mathces and we lit it. we turned the lights off and the door open my friend said it three times and sad;ey nothing happened we all wen to bed that night as it was a sleep over when we woke up everything was fine and every thing was fine but get this every day she claimed to see a bloody women at night when she woke up. the next day she was the last one to wake up and we alll heard singing then we went upstairs and we saw our friend with a big scar and she didn't say a word when we had asked her what ahppend she just looked at us in a hateful way and she didn't say what happened she just said she wished it were the other girl who did it because it was her dare and its her fault because of what happened

KRISTINA on December 05, 2011:

bloody mary is real i have done it and so have my friends and we have been scarred so please whatever it is u want to do, DON'T PLAY BLOODY MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

olivia on November 30, 2011:

me and my friends believe in her and i went in the school showers and when i loked it then i opend it it was so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katperry45453 on November 29, 2011:

i triyed it before i was with my brother a night i will never forget we have a cracked mirror up stairs a we brought a candle with us we shut the door it was dark so we light the candle my brother said her name three times nothing happened so i tried it nothing happened then we both tryed in the back of us we say a ugly woman reaching out for us she was mumbling something we could not understand it it was like she was putting a curse on us we were FREAKIN OUT so we ran out we did not tell our parents so that night we went to bed we had the same dream she was saying that she would kill us me and my brother both had a mini coma that night we never told are parents days after that my other brother would never go in that bathroom he said he sees the old lady saying stuff to him he has nightmars still today

moco555 on November 29, 2011:

i have not tried it but my friend has i dared her 2 so she went in the bathroom and said it three times she was in there for a while and see came out screaming and crying she told me she see her i thought see was joking me but that night i was sleeping over at her house she woke me up screaming in her sleep she told me her dream her dream was about bloody mary wraped in chains and she was saying i wil get u !

me on November 29, 2011:

i did it and i seen a light and went out screaming

olivia on November 29, 2011:

i know i am only nine but bloody mary is real and me and my friend done it and growld and we could see a scary face so we have made a club about bloody mary and black lady thing whati don't believe

Dare devil on November 26, 2011:

I have tried all sorts of sh*t but i took a vow not to try this one OMG!i lived in my school dorm every night my friends and i told scary storys and one of them told the leagend of bloody mary we desided to dare one of the boys in the male dorm to do it they did they siad they saw nothing but they all had the same srcatch on thir rgiht hand that healed in a day

Dare devil on November 26, 2011:

I have tried all sorts of sh*t but i took a vow not to try this one OMG!i lived in my school dorm every night my friends and i told scary storys and one of them told the leagend of bloody mary we desided to dare one of the boys in the male dorm to do it they did they siad they saw nothing but they all had the same srcatch on thir rgiht hand that healed in a day

Blahhhmonkey on November 26, 2011:

Me and my friend tried this in the bath room we seen a light in the mirror and we ran out of the room scared

Beth on November 23, 2011:

Today my friends and I went into the bathroom with a candle turned the lights off with one candle, one person touching the mirror and chanted,"bloody Mary" 13 times, nothing happened we kept the camera on the candle. My friend Noah began to chant "I killed you son, i killed your baby" all of a sudden the sink turned on and the candle blew out and the door locked. My friend haliegh stayed outside and got the door open before we died. It was freaking scary. I have it all on tape now though!

Angelina on November 20, 2011:

WOW, I mean the first video up there i sjust so gross but just so cool and its a bit scary too. but i do not believe it. if anybody has some stories of haunted houses and ghosts and bloody mary send it to this address please :

Lexi and clara and clio on November 20, 2011:

ok you better watch out for what you do so me and my sister wanted to do this so we had are younger sister wait out the door and me and my older sis went in there we said it three times and we had a candle it went light and dark off and on and we saw something in the middle of us it look like a old women so we walked slowly out and are candle right when we left it blew out and we where scared to death so we walked down stairs and there was a pair of pants where we had a skull hanging up for halloween. so watch out for what you do

Jomo on November 20, 2011:

Well I was with my friend and we did the.Bloody Mary trick and we saw nothing later that night I saw a lady pass by my fridge and yesterday night my microwave was open and my toaster was flipped over

eli on November 19, 2011:

so yesterday me and my friend went to the bathroom the light was off so we said "hey lets do it" i say 'do what' he says bloody **** so we went out told people went back in did it it did not work so i banged on the mirror and said "what a load" so i banged again and a girl with a white dress was standing there we ran screaming out of that place so we told someone went back in and i said "are you sure" he said"yeah" so we went in did it a old lady was next to the mirror staring at me and him we ran out and went in one more time she was right next tgo the doorway and i think im cursed for life or dead

A Believer on November 15, 2011:

Be careful with what you play with. I and a friend did it and there was a old woman looking out of the mirror at us. And I assure you that it really happened to us. It was spooky as hell. So be careful what you do

Mike on November 13, 2011:

I agree with Jaybee on the part it may be in your head. People tend to mistake everyday things as monsters and figures when it is dark. It also doesn't help when the movie Bloody Mary gives you an image to think of when you say bloody mary three times.

Jaybe Reese on November 10, 2011:

the story of how she died maybe real. but what is supppose to happen doesn't. people that think something does happen its probably somebody scaring u or it may be in ur head im not saying any of y'all are crazy or anything just making a point here... LATA!!!

Jaybe Reese on November 08, 2011:

honestly i really have done this before and i thought i saw bloody mary i turned around and it was my friend tricking me. some people are over reacting with this stuff im not saying it isn't true but i just don't believe it is.

Marina on November 07, 2011:

When I was in elementary, I had a very troublemaker friend. She would tell me stories. She was the first one who told me about this Urban Legend...

One day, she told me she was going to do it in the restroom that was already creepy enough. She talked about it and asked me many times to join her. She wouldn't shut up about it so I told her I would do it with her.

We went in the school restroom, when we did it, the lights flickered and completely turned off. We heard a female voice. The restroom was soundproof so it wasn't from outside. When the lights turned back on, we where scared, frighten. I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, but she held my arm and told me not to leave.

She told me she had to go to the restroom, and she wasn't going anywhere else, but here. I thought she was crazy, but like I told you, was a troublemaker. I was alone, standing and staring at the mirror, I didn't see anything, so that was good, but when she was done she went to wash her hands. The water didn't turn off at the time it should have had. We got more scared and we ran away.

We decide to return later that day, and the water was still going. We laugh, and forgot about what happened earlier.

I was still scared from that restroom though, and I'm still frighten about that place, even if I don't go there anymore.

amanda on November 04, 2011:

My friend and i were at school and tried it obvioulsy couldn't turn the lights off or everybody would be suspicious and she tried it and it didn't work but i do believe in some stories. also, we cant light a candle or we will go in trouble

renee on November 02, 2011:

I've never tried it but I want to my boyfriend said he will try it with me but if he sees Sumner then he shootiing it LOL lets see way happens

leann2800 on November 01, 2011:

This is great! I remember doing that when I was a kid with my sister and friends.

Jessi on October 31, 2011:

I went in my bathroom by myself,and said bloody mary 3 times and nothing happened.Its not my first time saying it either.I even tried the whole spinning around 3 times thing and still nothing.

Kristen Burshett on October 28, 2011:

i am scared of bloody mary

McKenzie on October 24, 2011:

My brother and his friend tossed me in the bathroom, turned off the lights and turned on the fan and I was so young like five or six and I was screaming and crying and they finally let me out but they had a candle lit and they were whispering her name through the door and I came out and they were laughing and then their eyes got all huge and they started saying oh my gosh we are so sorry we didn't know and I looked down and my legs and fists were bleeding but the leg was just where I cut it on a screw sticking out of the drawer (droor for some of u crazies that don't know that word) and my fists from where I was smacking the dor I never saw anything or heard anything and i only believed for a short while they still don't know how I got all bloodied up to this very day I'm 14 and my bro is 22 and his friend is 23. Now the joke is on them! Nice comments everyone even though some are unbelievable like the one where two of his friends died, I didn't hear anything on the news did anyone else. I liked reading the different versions, thanks guys!!!!

isabella tucker and brittany manwarren on October 23, 2011:

we were messing around an watching scary videos of bloody mary and then we did go in the bathroom an said blood mary in the dark bathroom three times,,,,and we thought we saw something,,but we did not have a lit does that still count or not because we are seariously majorly seariouslyyyyyy TRIPPINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caydence on October 23, 2011:

I believe when u say bloody Mary in the bathroom with the lights off and u truly believe in it then u are opening up A portal and it might not be bloody Mary but sumthing else u are talking to. It's not a smart idea.

sabrina on October 21, 2011:

I a'm so scared of bloody mary i will not dare to go to the bathroom and say bloody mary three times.

Tay on October 16, 2011:

Nothing like that has ever happened to me and I did it before.

jamilla on October 16, 2011:

one day my sister and her friend and i were having a sleep over my sisters friend did it ! once

she was done the door was locked . she couldn't get out it was crazy. my mom heard her screaming and she broke in to the bathroom and my friend came running out!

Amiee on October 12, 2011:

I think most of these are a bunch of bologna. I believe in Bloody Mary... but I don't think she really attacks anyone from inside a mirror. I believe in ghosts and demons and everything, but I don't think she'd actually harm anyone. I have done all the ways to bring her out and never saw her once, and I can see ghosts. I think you guys are just silly.

patty on October 03, 2011:

i have tryed it on several occations. but nothing happened when i did it as said to do. the room was always dark, i had a candle. byt nothing happened

Sally on October 02, 2011:

well i wouldn't do it unless i had a friend with me. but i heard the story a little different, Well one night a girl named mary was with her friends, her boyfriend and some of his friends had gotten drunk and they started raping marys friends, mary had run away to her house and her boy friend followed her. She ran into the basement boyfriend pushed her she landed head first on the concrete floor and died, of course her boyfriend rapped her....

norma on October 02, 2011:

me and my friends did bloody marry and nothing happened but like three days later we had heard someone crying and we went to go check it out and it came from the restroom so my friend opened it aa little and saw a little girl cry because she was soo ugly AND SHE SAW MY FRIEND AND MY FRIEND SCREAMED


jj in the house on September 27, 2011:

ok wat i read about all ur coments i believe some and others are totally bogas that's all i'm sayin and i used to believe and ever since i was little after i did it nothing happened so i don't believe anymore but some of urs really reall scared me so i am really freaked out right now

merron on September 22, 2011:

i did it once and i got makse that look like hand marks on my legs and kneas and when i weant to go to the bathroom that night all foasets were runiing weird

12mimi12 on September 11, 2011:

there is a tale in puerto rico if u pass by a semetery there is a old lady standin up and if u stop she will ask u to give her a ride if u say yes everything will befine if u say no she'll clime into ur car make u have a caraxsident

Melody on August 30, 2011:

I had a sleepover at my friends house and we were stupid enough to try the bloody Mary thingy. So each of my friends had a candle (3) and we went in a bathroom and turned the light off and said bloody Mary three times nothing happened so we said it one more time and in her shower we all saw her with no eyes we all ran out . The next day we all had the same dream about bloody Mary saying you girls might die later ...........

We all stayed at her house one more day and we never did the bloody mary thing again

Naomz on August 12, 2011:

I heard that she was beaten up so bad that she slipped into a coma. In those days they didn't understand comas and thought she was dead. When they buried her they left a bell on the surface of her grave with a string tied to her hand to make sure she was dead. That night her parents were so upset that they went out and got drunk. No one was around when she came out of the coma. She began to freak out, ringing the bell furiously until it toppled over. In the morning when someone came to check on the bell, they found it on its side. They then got her parents and dug her coffin out. WHen they opened it they found her dead with scratches all over the inside of the lid of the coffin. Her finger nails were stuck into the wood.

Apparently she suffocated.

Kitty Fields from Summerland on August 03, 2011:

There's more to "Bloody Mary" than the first legend. I've heard it in connection to Mary, Queen of the Scots. I've tried the "bloody mary" incantation in a mirror but never met her myself. Thanks for this hub, though. Voted up.

jake on July 26, 2011:

I don't know about bloody mary, but I have tried calling the names of 6 demons while in the bathroom with the lights off, 6 black candles and an inverted pentagram which I had smeared blood not try that. It worked for each one of them, I had no idea what each one of them looked like but I knew their names so I looked it up later and evidently, the right ones did appear when I called them. It actually didn't scare me at the time, two of them gave me a bit of a creeped out feeling but nothing that bad, BUT about a year after that I had SOMETHING following me. I don't know what, it was just a black figure that was clearly there and I could look at it and it wouldn't move or disappear or anything most of the time and other times it seemed as though it was behind me and I could catch glimpses of it but the problem was I felt VERY disturbed when it was around, I could usually sense that it was hanging around long before I ever actually saw it. The thing would NOT leave until one day I tried banishing it and it worked, but then it apparently showed up to the friends house whom i had banished it with and wont leave there now...and I still see it from time to time but it doesn't really bother me like it used to, so long story short, I don't really recommend trying this sort of thing...

Ashlyn claussen on March 15, 2011:

Is bloody mary real or not? I have not ever seen her before.And are ghost real ether?.And can children only see them.As a child I have always thought they were real and I still do.

amanda on March 11, 2011:

to charley: she wants to take your friends little sister because in the real true story she had a baby, being unmarried the townspeople and high priest figured it was the devils. for she did not tell of the father, so they had nowhere else to turn. they all tied her to a tree and took turns slicing her face with a mirror shard. when the fathers turn came to pass he looked her straight in the eye and stabed her with the mirror shard, right where her baby was nesled up in her whom. as he stared into her eyes he whispered" bloody marry I killed your baby.". as she screamed in terror she swore that anyone who stred into a mirror wrote, in red their names, lit candles, and spun around each time her name was spoken, then just then she would take them. she would take their babies,she would take anyone written in red on that mirror.after she had died the tows people did not want an evil presence in the town and sent her to be burried.she was bauried with the mirror uesd to kill her baby. as she was burried you could hear her baby cry as if it were being born and lost in the wind. after a couple of weeks the father had gone insane. he begain to kill everyone in the town. he unbauried her body and scraped her bones clean. he took her mirror and stared into it for days. after a while he worked up the courage to say it, "bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary, my beloved." as he said beloved she appeared in the mirror kissed him and drag him in.he is now in forever torcher only feeling happiness when he thinks of possible life they couldve had if he wouldve spoken up and told the priest. now anyone who does the same as he loses a young child within a year, but if she is thinking of her own child she will mark the child with a blood mark across its face and if she truly sees the future of the baby she will cover it in blood as if saying bloody mary is here my child.

12amy on September 18, 2010:

yo dis was awesome

JhnWht on August 08, 2010:

It only happens if you believe it will. I tried it without any expectations and I am a live and well. I have only tried it in England so maybe this thing is only associated with the USA if you lot are Yanks.

Jenna on August 06, 2010:

I'm to freaked out to try it, and my parents said not to, I'd just scare myself.

But I did hear a legend a while ago, don't know if it was bloody Mary but here goes

There once was a girl Named Mary, She was said to be a very rude girl, and she played nasty tricks on all of her servants. One day they had finally had enough and Poisoned her food, thinking it would kill the little brat and that would be the end of it. Like they had planned, Mary ate the poisoned food, but instead of dying, she fell into a coma. Back in her day they didn't understand Coma's, and they assumed she was dead, and she was burried in the church yard in front of the home. But her Mother was sure she wasn't dead, and she insisted a bell be placed on the grave. The way the bell works is Mary is burried with the rope in her hands, and the bell rests obove the earth, and if she rings it, she is still alive. Mary's mother stayed there for days, and the Servants, fearing punishment, convinced her to go inside and get something to eat, and they would watch the Coffin. But when she did go, The two servants watched... As the bell started ringing. She was alive. They just watched it, paralized, as it tolled 13 times. Then, it stopped. They turned around to see mary's mother, who had seen her daughters last plea for help. Mary's mother tried in vain to dig the coffin up alone, while the two servants still stood there. When she finally got to the coffin, she opened it to see her daughter, had in fact been burried alive. Her nails were stuck to the top of the coffin, but her hands were free. She was dead, her eyes torn out, but her hands extended outside of the coffin, pointing at the two Servants. The wind picked up at that moment, and it is said mary was speaking through the wind. "You Shall all Pay. As bloody mary as my name, you will all die horrible Deaths, Just like I did."

Rishy on July 21, 2010:

I did it with my friends, with the light on. We didn't see her face, but the mirror fogged up, like what happens when you have a shower. We didn't have a shower on, though.

kimbery on July 21, 2010:

hi ive had enough guts to do it but with the light on and ever since me and my cuz didi strange things started happening ill never forget that me and my cuz shela were in the livin room of m houseand she started screaming "turn around turn aroud" and when i didi saw a blood woman coming we ran out side and didn't come in until our parents had checed the whole house

dede144 on July 01, 2010:

omg she is so real do never try it!!!

rasheen on June 30, 2010:

i saw her and she said shes coming she had a knife by my head

Kayla on June 04, 2010:

I have never got the guts to try saying her name but the legend where i live is this:

there was a girl named mary in england that had made nothing but bad grades the whole year so the parents decided to keep her in a coffin a whole night to teach her a lesson. so when mary got home the parents convinced her that the coffin was her new bed. that night mary got ready for bed and her mom was by her side until she fell asleep. then the mother called to the father and they both shut the lid and locked it. by now mary was awake and was screaming and pounding the coffin lid to get out. for some reason, mary hadn't noticed the big hole her parents dug in the front yard. the parents together carried her coffin out to the hole and left it there, but didn't cover the hole. the mother cried that night to sleep about leaving mary in the coffin. so the next morning at 5:00 am the parents once again went to the hole. they got out the coffin and unlocked it. what they saw shocked them. the lid was bloody and mary fingernails were no longer on her fingertips but scattered all around her and her hands and face and arms and legs were all covered in red blood. mary was still alive but with only a few more breaths. she croaked "you'll pay. they'll all pay. say my name in a mirrior three times and ill get you, and you'll pay for making me suffer." then right there in the coffin, mary died.... with her eyes open. her eyes had turned a horrible blood red as if rage and her blood together had made their way into them. no matter how hard the parents tried, they could not get her eyes closed, and mary was lying there staring at them. so they closed the coffin again locked it and covered the hole up. that night, the mother thought about what her daughter said about the mirror. so she went in the bathroom, her husband not far behind her and said "mary mary mary" right to the mirror. in two seconds flat she saw her bloody daughter glaring at her and her hubby with pure hate. "you!" she said " i told you when i died that if you were foolish enough to say my name three times i would get you for what you did to me. All the suffering, the pair, the blood. that's why They call me bloody mary"she lopked at the dad then backa t the mother with her red eyes. "now you'll join me to suffer the pain and suffering you put me through." with that last sentence, mary, excuse me, Bloody Mary pulled them both into the mirror as it shattered. no one ever heard or saw the parents again

two years later that house mary lived in with her horrible parents was burnt down and they finally found poor marys grave.they picked the lock and opened it. nothin was there but a pool of blood, her fingernails, and a note saying, they'll all pay. say bloody mary to a mirror three times and you'll pay."

phoenixgbr on May 25, 2010:

I once tried when i was a kid - nothing happened at the time but that night I had the most vivid dream I have ever had of an old woman standing over me, her hands around my throat. Probably just an overactive imagination but you never know.

Viper on May 05, 2010:

after all the hearings of bloody mary i thought i should try this. so i got my two friends and we went to my house bathroom we asked if we could light a candle aperently my mom say no. but we tried it anyway when i did it i saw a woman with black hair with blood dripping down the fringdes. i looked at the mirror and saw a hand reach out for me i saw my hand being grabbed and my eyes closed i saw my self running home with a woman following me i didn't realize the lights were on and my friends tried to wake me up. when i opened my eyes my arm was bleeding and i was crying. my friend asked me wtf happened and when i got done explaining i saw bloody mary in the mirror again saying ''i will kill you when midnight stikes'' i screamed and ran out the bathroom and sat in the corner of my room when i looked at the mirror i screamed furios and threw a shoe at it when it broke i herd a blood curling scream and when my friends came they looked at the mirror and left an hour later when i slept i woke up at midnight to see bloody mary standing there knocking me out. when i woke up i was in a hospital and in a coma.

I SWEAR TO GOD I SAW BLOODY MARY WITH MY OWN EYES! and i was in a coma for 3 months! take this seriously never sumon bloody mary!!!!!!

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