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Blind Bulgarian Seer Baba Vanga Has Predicted Russia Will Rule The World

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The human body is a complex phenomenon and there are many aspects including clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and divination, which have not been explained by science. I remember reading the book Psychic by Peter Hurkos. He was a window cleaner in Rotterdam during World War II and was cleaning a window on the fourth floor when the Germans bombed the city. He fell down from the fourth floor and was unconscious for many days. He was lying in a hospital and when he recovered his consciousness he realized he had developed extrasensory powers and he could see a Gestapo jeep of the German secret police moving towards the hospital and he could also divine the man next to him on the bed is a British agent. He immediately warned the British agent that the Gestapo was coming for him and he should run away and the agent left.

Astounded with his power that no scientist could explain he accepted it as God's gift. I understand there is a Hurkos Institute of Research in the USA but then he was not a hundred percent successful and during the famous Boston nurses murder case he was called by the FBI investigators to help find the killers and give a clue but he was not very successful.

There are many such people around the world. To divine into the future is a God-given gift and proves that man is in the image of God. The ancient Indian Rishi or Saint Bhrigue made forecasts four thousand years back which are valid today. The ancient Hindu tome the Bavishia Puran also forecast major events in the world. We have also heard of Nostradamus and his forecast though I will say they can be interpreted anyway. There is one seer who is not that well known but who made some astounding forecasts. Her name is Baba Venga and she's from Bulgaria and died 26 years back at the age of 85.


Astounding forecast

Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova is the complete name of the seer popularly called Baba Vanga. She was born in 1911 and at the age of 12 was blinded when she was caught up in a tornado and her father did not have enough money to get her eyes treated. Nobody knows how she developed her psychic abilities but over many decades she made some very astounding forecasts. if the statistical analysis is carried out, one can see that she was about 85% accurate. She made some very spectacular forecasts but her forecast of a world war in 2011 was not correct.

Among her spectacular forecasts is the assassination of President Kennedy and the rise of China as a world power. She has however given some very intriguing forecasts regarding the United States, Europe, and Russia.

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She had forecast the ascendancy of an Afro- American as president of America. The seer also forecasts the traumatic attack on America by Islamic fundamentalists of 9/11 but with the present crisis in Russia, I was keen to know what she has to say about it. A bit of research has shown that she had told painter Sokolov that Putin will rule the world and Russia will win. She had also forecasted that Europe will become a wasteland.

One can take this forecast with a pinch of salt because she was wrong when she had forecasted the start of world war three in 2011 but then she has been accurate in so many other forecasts that one cannot just write off what she has divined.

I am definitely intrigued with the forecast on Vladimir Putin and Russia. At the moment the Russian leader has shown great tenacity and has refused to back down and there could be a possibility that the forecast of Baba Vanga comes true but I sincerely hope that her forecast that Europe will become a wasteland and get destroyed does not become a reality.

Baba Vanga died in 1996 but by that time many were comparing her to Nostradamus, a famous astrologer but there is a difference, as Baba Vanga only knew Bulgarian and was an unlettered woman. She had married in 1942 but by all accounts, the marriage is not very fruitful.

Seeing her growing popularity, the Bulgarian government in 1967 had given her a state pension so she could organize services with a secretary. Many important people met her. Her prophesy regarding Mikhail Gorbachev was doing the rounds that the Soviet Union would break up, came true.

Most of the seers talk in the cryptic language and it is open to interpretation. That is the drawback of most of the seers and the same thing goes for Nostradamus and all astrologers including Bhrigue.

One of her forecasts given to Valentin Siderov clearly says that the Russian leader Putin will be the master of the world. I wonder how true this is going to be but I'm going to keep this information with me and try and compare it in the years to come.



Baba Vanga is no more having expired 25 years back. There is no written work by her to substantiate her forecasts. All the information which we have is actually hearsay of other people who heard her and noted it down but all the same many people who met her have come back astounded by her forecast.

Yugoslav actress Silvana Armenulic met her in 1976 but Baba Venga refused to tell her anything and told her to come back to her after three months if God wills it and the sad part of the story is that within two months the actor died in a car crash with her sister.

This just about shows that Baba Vengas forecasts and power to divine the future cannot be just written off though I will be the first person to say that they are not gospel truth. I just became interested in her forecast when I learned that she had said about Putin and Russia with war raging and many European nations acting as cheerleaders for Ukraine, little realizing that they are signing their own death warrant. I sincerely hope that this is one forecast of Baba Vanga that does not come true.

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