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Awakening; Process of Deterioration towards Authentic Self


Metaphors are his creative weapon. He has graduated in Humanities and Film. Currently studying M.A Dance Movement Psychotherapy from London

Call of Higher Self


Liberation of Conditioned Self

Humans are condemned to be free. Yet, we are constantly being torn between what others believe is right, and what our heart tells us; a matter of knowing whether one should continue to exist or not.

We all reach a point in our lives where we are forced to make such a decision – the answer which then either makes us, or breaks us. There are a few of us, who have this fire burning inside us – we are born with the desire to achieve our dreams, our goals and hopes.

Knowing our society will eat us alive, we still are willing to suffer the torture, the abuse, the stones which are thrown at us – knowing one day, we will win. We will stand at the finishing line – with beautiful purple bruises scattered across our bodies. We will look back, and realize despite how unbearable it all was, it was worth it. Those bruises become a sign of victory.

However, most of us follow what we have been brainwashed by – things which are considered a ‘norm’ in our society. Compromising our lives, shattering our dreams, becoming hollow – slowly dying a little inside day by day, until our dreams are nothing but dust.

We are nothing but cowards, thinking we will be unable to tolerate the whips and scorns of time; the pain of rejected love; the fear of loneliness. And before we know it, our hopes are diluted to the point where we do not see anything but it's there like some void.

"I don't find you but you are everywhere like a bloom on every Autumn's trunk".



Inevitable Truth

Breakdowns, revolts, crisis, catastrophes, highly disruptive events happened and challenged his constitutional situations, and they command you to throw away whatever has been constituted the situation.

For example, a teenager learned to say no, because these moralities, values has not given answered to his/her experience. What he is experiencing now. Event happened, so it challenged all constituted gender, sexuality, political moral rules and values.

“To Be or Not To Be”

Event is that fire which will burn your fingers so be prepared, when it comes which does not just disturbed the self but also impossible for the situation to stable itself. It comes up and ruptures apart the situation which was constituted.

Event happened, breakdown happened – catastrophe introduced to Self.

Self has broken and shatters faith. An inevitable movement ‘movement of truth’ which has been arrived and told you, you cannot stay in the same situation anymore. When the event happened, it intensified the sense this much that even your experience of drinking water has changed too, if not – then this was not the true event.

It has created a new being which is taking you towards something new. It has even changed the meaning of every aspect of life. Now the question arise where this event come from? And the answer to this it does not come from outside but it comes within this situation.

“There are more things happen in heaven and earth”- Shakespeare

Situation is constantly implying to destroy everything what event stands for. There is a constant war happening between situation and event. In each war there is a clash of truths because situation and event has their own truths.

Truth is only that which generates the life force, create, sustain, and nurture a new life force. It is the highest truth of life which is “Life” itself. Nothing can make you feel better whatever you do, no drugs, tranquilizers neither prayers can help out because truth has to be acknowledged.

Anarchy, anxiety are the greatest gifts what demands you to demonstrate loyalty with life. In the moments of despair, when you will call God shout by looking towards the sky and when you will never be answered then you will understand Life, where you will encounter with the “Moment of Decision”.

You see that both I are me and if you take decision that you will go either with “I” of event or the “I” with the situation, then everything will be changed now.

i.e., Prophet Mohammad had encounter with both “I” where he had to decide which God the one Cave of Hira or those who were within Kaaba so he broke all those God who were being placed within Kaaba because he has to decide one.’
The self before the arrival of the event that is the self-constitute in a situation not a real self. You were all robotic, not human but a non self.

You create yourself and become god and only the self which is actually created become an authentic self.

I Am Truth