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The Birth of a New Religion

Name: Fantasism

Adherent: Fantasist

Founded: February, 2022

Founder: Anonymous

Goal: Not one of us will go to Hell. In Paradise we all shall dwell.

Our presence in the prevailing reality involves us in suffering: disappointment, sickness, accident, death. To avoid such suffering we must jump to an alternate reality, a fantasy realm.

Not only will we avoid suffering, all our wishes will come true.

In this alternate reality we may suffer brief delays or inconveniences (if we so choose), but we will inevitably triumph over all adversity.

You will be detectives, pirates, mermaids, home run hitters, spies, bank robbers, Kung Fu masters, musketeers, astronauts, Aladdin, Cinderella, Dracula, Thor, Leonardo DaVinci, Robin Hood, Amelia Earhart, Heracles, Galahad, a fashion model, an Egyptian pharaoh, a rap star. You can seek Mordor or Oz or Atlantis or King Solomon’s mines. You can be popular. You can triumph over your enemies. You can engage in forbidden love affairs. You can choose from amongst hundreds of fantasies.

These fantasies can be completely amoral. Even if you become Genghis Khan or Napoleon you won’t really harm anyone.

Space fantasies will be preferable to actual space travel - faster, less taxing, more interesting.

I suggest a two tier fantasy realm. The first level will be your home base. This level will be restful and unchanging. From this primary level you will choose one of many secondary level fantasies perhaps visualized as a series of doors. You will open a door and enjoy the indicated fantasy for a specified period of time.

Forgetfulness is crucial.

Level 1 Forgetting: If you are to really enjoy your fantasy you need to forget that you are in one. You also need to forget that you will die. We want to banish the dread of death.

Level 2 Forgetting: You again need to forget you are in a fantasy. You also need to forget that you have participated in a series of fantasies, some of them repeats. Awareness of repetition would lead to boredom and a desperate search for novelty. You need to forget that within your fantasy the cards have been stacked in your favor. Suspense would vanish if you knew your victories were inevitable.

You will be able to adjust the level of difficulty depending on your preference.

Of course people have indulged in fantasies for thousands of years - listening to stories, reading novels, watching movies. However, technology will boost our ability to truly immerse ourselves in our fantasies. While we are enjoying the more primitive sort of fantasies we should support scientific research involving brain-computer interface, virtual reality, life extension, neuroscience, etc.

Finances: We can sell T-shirts, medallions, certificates, pamphlets.

The unfortunate will be drawn to Fantasism because they want much. The fortunate will be drawn to Fantasism because they want much.

Fantasism is the most realistic of all the religions.

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Fantasism offers all the fun of infantilism without the downsides of fanaticism.

Jesus - Great guy but he vastly overestimated mankind’s capacity for love and forgiveness.

Buddha - It’s not easy to smother your desires. See: Rasselas Prince of Abyssinia Chapter XVIII

Respect to Mary Baker Eddy, the Báb, Zarathustra and all the other religion founders.

Pegasus will carry us to Mount Olympus!

Pegasus will carry us to Mount Olympus!

The best argument against Fantasism: God uses our sometimes harsh reality to improve us, test us, refine us. Therefore we shouldn’t flee reality. God provides us with opportunities to battle evil - battles which are the glory of mankind.

However, if there is no God, or indifferent God or gods, such an argument becomes unavailable. So Fantasism can ally with atheism.

Buddhism and Jainism are sometimes thought of as atheist religions but neither is truly atheist.

While Fantasism includes members of many other religions, it does fit well with atheism.

Why would a random universe just happen to provide us communion with itself or the possibility of heroism?

In Fantasism the only God we worship is You.

Really just thinking about a life filled with action, mystery, magic, and romance is too wonderful.

Fantasism may turn out to be one of the greatest boons to mankind in history.

Also see:


Formerly, I, Kwang Kâu, dreamt that I was a butterfly, a butterfly flying about, feeling that it was enjoying itself. I did not know that it was Kâu. Suddenly I awoke, and was myself again, the veritable Kâu. I did not know whether it had formerly been Kâu dreaming that he was a butterfly, or it was now a butterfly dreaming that it was Kâu. But between Kâu and a butterfly there must be a difference. This is a case of what is called the Transformation of Things.'

Life is a Dream

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Nutcracker

The Tremendous Adventures of Major Brown

The Man Who Awoke


The Veldt



Charles Perrault

Hans Anderson

Brothers Grimm

George MacDonald

Walt Disney

J R R Tolkien

C S Lewis


R L Stevenson



Conan Doyle

Agatha Christie








H G Wells

Ray Bradbury

Errol Flynn

Olivia deHaviland

Tyrone Power

Robert Taylor

Joan Fontaine

Chretjan de Troyes





e r burroughs



busby berkeley

philo farnsworth


king Ludwig


michael Curtiz

ronald colman

The Lumière brothers

ivan sutherland

berners lee

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