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Abigail Had a Foolish Husband

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

Painting of David and Abigail

Painting of David and Abigail

There are many remarkable women in the Bible. Some modern women have their favorite ones to imitate because of their accomplishments. Stories of women's greatness are recorded in both the Old Testament and in the New Testament.

Abigail is one of those remarkable women who took matters into her own hand to solve a problem brought on by her foolish husband.

Nabal, Abigail's Husband

In order to understand Abigail's story, we must first understand something about her husband Nabal. The husband and wife's story is intertwined in 1 Samuel Chapter 25.

Nabal's name means "foolish" and he lived up to his name. Nabal was harsh, surly, and rich. He owned a lot of land in the town of Carmel, as well as many sheep and goats. Before David became king of Israel, he and his men were on the run from Saul hiding out near Nabal's land. They protected Nabal's animals since they were so close by. David sent ten men to Nabal for provisions.

Nabal denied David's request, screamed at the messengers, and made fun of David for even asking. Nabal's actions insulted David because he thought Nabal would return the favor for the protection he had given to his sheep and goats in the wilderness. Nabal paid David back evil for good. Therefore, David and four hundred of his men armed themselves with swords to go after Nabal for being so rude to them.

When Abigail found out about David's plan to get revenge on her husband, she intervened without telling Nabal because he was drunk at the time.

About Abigail

Abigail took matters into her own hands to keep David and his men from destroying her household. She acted quickly by getting on a donkey with a very large supply of provisions for David and his men.

She took two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five dressed sheep, five seahs of roasted grains, a hundred cakes of raisins, and two hundred cakes of pressed figs, and loaded them on donkeys.

Abigail meets David and his men before David could reach Nabal and her household. She pleads for David to accept the provisions she brought him. She also begs him not to harm Nabal. She tells David that God would reward him with a long reign on the throne.

Instead of shedding blood, David calls off his threat and sends Abigail home in peace. When she gets home, she finds her husband still drunk. Therefore, she did not tell him about her encounter with David. The following day Nabal still had not become sober. When Abigail finally tells him what she had done, he has a heart attack and dies ten days later.

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David considered Abigail to have brains and beauty. She was also brave to go to David and his men without telling her husband. David was so impressed with Abigail's good judgment and action that after hearing about Nabal's death, he made Abigail his third wife. She became the mother of one of David's sons.


Abigail, A Type of Christ

When you consider what Abigail did, you will agree that she was a type of Christ. A type of Christ is a person who did some of the same things that Jesus did long before He came to the earth as a man. It is also a foreshadowing of what Jesus would eventually do. Abigail did the following things that Jesus did thousands of years later.

  • Abigail had a plan to save her household even though her husband was guilty. In other words, her plan was one of redemption. Jesus had a plan to save us from our sins even though we were guilty.
  • Abigail rode a donkey just like Jesus did in the gospels on what has come to be known as Palm Sunday.
  • Nabal's wife gave David provisions on behalf of her husband to atone for his rudeness. Jesus offered His life on our behalf.
  • Abigail was able to prophesy about David’s reign.
  • She was a peacemaker who kept David from destroying her household.
  • She was willing to wash the feet of David’s servants 1 Samuel 25:41. Jesus washed His disciples' feet before He went to the cross.
  • Abigail asks for David to forgive Nabal. In other words, she was interceding for him. David accepted her as an intercessor.
  • Abigail was elevated to a position of honor just like God exalted Jesus to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, according to Philippians 2:9.


Lori Colbo from United States on August 15, 2019:

You could very much be right Margaret.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on August 15, 2019:

Lori, Abigail is one of my favorite biblical characters because of the way she handled the situation and the way she did it with much speed.

There is no record of it in the Bible, but I am thinking this might not have been the first time she had to do something like that because of her "foolish" husband.

Lori Colbo from United States on August 15, 2019:

As soon as I read your title on my notifications I thought of Nabal. Fool is too kind but God bless dear Abagail for her quick thinking and actions.

As always, This was well done.

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