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Biblical Astrology Predicts a New World Order


Astrology is Worth Looking at

The term astrotheology has emerged as a description of a religion or theology that is based on the constellations, stars, and planets. Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial bodies. Astrology suggests that the position, alignment, and movement of heavenly bodies affect our planet and our lives.

Astrotheology is any religion based on astronomy and astrology. Almost all religions are astrotheology. Those who practice astrotheology are typically unaware that their beliefs are actually based on the movements of the planets and stars. Ancient Gods were almost always personifications of, and metaphors for planets and stars. We know that our star, the Sun, does influence our planet and the inhabitants of it. We know that the Moon heavily influences Earth as well. It is not absurd to think that other heavenly bodies also influence our lives. In the Bible there are many references to these type of ideas. They are very interesting and worth having a look at.

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

Signs of the Zodiac in the Bible

  • Job 38:31 (KJV)

    Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

  • Job 38:32 (KJV)

    Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?

  • Job 38:33 (KJV)

    Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?

This is clearly suggesting some form of influence by the constellations. It is saying that there is some ordinance of heaven. Heaven, in those days, was what today we would call space or the sky. This is suggesting that whatever goes on in the heavens somehow has dominion over Earth.

What is this word Mazzaroth that appears in Job 38:32?

Easton's Bible Dictionary defines Mazzaroth as the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The footnotes to the scripture in Job says that Mazzaroth means the signs of the Zodiac.

According to the Bible, it is God that brought forth the Zodiac. Apparently, God created the twelve signs of the Zodiac. God brought forth the Mazzaroth, that's what it says.

In the Bible the twelve tribes of Israel were not actual tribes, they represented the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The twelve months of the year can be traced back to the Zodiac as well.

The Zodiac is shown all through Hebrew art and architecture. It was featured in temples, synagogues, schools, and is prevalent in all ancient systems of belief. The Zodiac has always been an important part of religious history. In ancient times they knew this was something God had done, and there was nothing evil about it.

Hundreds of Biblical reference materials say God created the constellations and the signs of the Zodiac. Google search Mazzaroth.

All Bible reference materials say the constellations and stars rule Earth, and that there is an astrological effect on our planet. Heavenly bodies govern and have dominion over all life on Earth, according to all Biblical reference material. The Bible and all the reference materials say the same thing; there is most certainly a relationship between the inhabitants of Earth and the stars and planets. According to these reference materials, God understands the signs of the Zodiac and how they influence life on Earth. In fact, and very clearly, the Bible says that the Zodiac rules Earth.

As above so below.


"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed." - Thomas Jefferson

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It is Important to Know the Truth

It is important to know the truth of where things come from. If we want to understand something, we have to find out what it is really based on. We have to decide how important it really is to know the truth about things. This is especially true about religious beliefs. If we are going to base our whole life, and indeed eternity, on a belief, we should know the true origin of that belief. If we don't understand the origin of our beliefs, how do we even know what our beliefs are based on? We don't. We might have beliefs that are based on the opposite of what we thought we were believing. If we don't know the factual foundations of our beliefs, we can be in trouble very quickly. It is extremely important to understand where our beliefs actually, and originally, come from. Sometimes, upon understanding the origin of their beliefs, some people would rather believe something else. This is important. We cannot just take what we hear and blindly believe it. We have to look for the truth, and for the facts. Facts tend to remain the same, but everyone has a different view of truth. Far too many people have spent way too much time promoting values and beliefs without ever really doing their homework. In that, we have ended up with so much information that is just being believed, but not researched or understood. Then, that wrong information is passed on as if it is accurate. Sometimes nothing could be further from the truth, but "everyone knows that" so it must be true. At one time everyone knew the Earth was flat, but that did not make it true or factual. We must decide how important it really is to know the truth, especially about something like God. Many people are not aware of what the Hebrews actually believed, or what the Bible is really based on.

People in all different parts of the world are not going to know about the Bible. Different cultures have different beliefs and are often unaware of one another.

What makes me think that my belief is better than what anyone else believes? It makes no sense at all to think this way. All of these apparently different belief systems are based on the same thing, so there is no way for one to be better or worse than any other. They are all the same thing. They are all astrotheology, which are belief systems based on stars and planets. This is the root of all religion, and the very foundation of the Holy Bible.

None of us can possibly understand that which has been called God, or the presence of what must be in order to be the Almighty Creator. What an amazing thing to consider. What must something be to have the ability to create something like the Universe? We cannot comprehend or understand this, but we can understand where the ideas, beliefs, and concepts of God come from.

God spelled Backwards is Dog

The root word of God in German is Goth; this is where Goth-ic temples come from. In Scandinavia the word for God is Gut; this is why we have a "Gut feeling" about something.

God backwards is dog. In ancient Egypt, the most powerful of all beings was Osiris. According to ancient Egyptian belief, Osiris came to Earth from the star system of Sirius and set up a divine arrangement on Earth. Sirius is known as the Dog Star.

Osiris came from the Dog Star; this is why we have religious or church Dog-ma.

The Truth will make You Free

The Bible says that truth will make you free, so the path to freedom is knowing the truth. If something makes you more free, it must be the truth. If something makes you less free, it must be the lie. In this way, it is very easy to tell what is truth and what is not.

If we do not know the truth, and if our belief is based on the lie, freedom will be found nowhere. If we are ever going to experience freedom in our lives, we have to find out what the truth really is. Truth and knowledge produce freedom; lies and ignorance produce slavery. This is why it is so vitally important for us to know and understand the truth.

Mother Church

The word church is based on the Scottish word kirk. The Scottish word kirk comes from the Greek word circe.

Mother Circe was a Greek Mother Goddess. She hypnotized people and took them into her home. She then performed magic spells on them, which turned them into animals. After that, Mother Circe used them for food; she ate them. She lived off of them -- this is where our word church comes from. Mother Church is hypnotizing us and feeding off of us.

The Church is not God. The government is not God. The president is not God. Science is not God. Money is not God. Technology is not God.

We are supposed to be free. The Human race is the only species on this planet that is not free. All other life, except for that which Humans have enslaved, is free, but not us. We are not free, but this is not the way things are supposed to be. We are not here to submit, conform, and be subservient to any person, church, religion, or government; we are here to be free.

Taurus the Bull

Taurus the Bull

A Moon Cult

Moses was the leader of a cult, a lunar Moon cult. The ancient Hebrews worshiped the Moon. This is why all Jewish celebrations happen after the Sun goes down; that's when the Moon can be seen. This is why all Jewish religions celebrations are at night, because they worshiped the Moon.

Moses came down from the mountain to give the law (the Ten Commandments). These commandments were actually based on the Egyptian Twelve Negative Confessions and did not originate with the Hebrew people. When Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments, or more correctly the Twelve Negative Confessions, he saw the people worshiping the golden calf. Moses was not happy about this in the least. He was so outraged that he threw the stone tablets down onto the ground. Moses threw the tablets so hard that they broke into pieces. Some say this makes Moses "the first lawbreaker."

The reason Moses was so upset was because the Hebrews were still worshiping the golden calf. The golden calf represented the Sun in the constellation of Taurus the Bull. The golden calf symbolized, in the Bible, that they were in the Age of Taurus. Aries follows Taurus, and this is what is being represented by this story in the Bible.

Moses was trying to bring in a new age, the Age of Aries the Ram. This is why he blew the ram's horn; they still blow the rams horn to this day. The blowing of the ram's horn celebrates the Sun being in the constellation of Aries the Ram.

Amen Ra

Amen Ra

Isis, Ra, and El Become Israel

Isis was one of the fundamental ancient Egyptian gods. When Akhenaten came along, he outlawed the religion of Isis. He established a new religion, a religion of the Sun. He named the Sun Amen Ra.

At the end of prayer, the Sun worshiping ancient Egyptians would dedicate their prayers to Amen Ra. They did so by saying "amen" after each prayer.

We still do this today, but instead of praying to the Creator Almighty God -- we are sending our prayers to Amen Ra, the Sun God of ancient Egypt. Maybe this has something to do with why things just keep getting worse. People keep praying and praying, but the world continues to get worse and worse. Starvation, rape, war, and murder are happening all around the world; all the while everyone has been praying to their God for peace, health, and prosperity. Common sense and logic should tell us that something isn't right. It seems like the more people pray to God, the worse things get -- maybe it's because they are praying to the wrong one.

The Star of David was actually the star of the planet Saturn; there was no David. The six-pointed star would be more accurately called the Star of Satan, before being called the Star of David. Most often, the five-pointed star (pentagram) is associated with Satan, but the six-pointed star is just as much, if not more so, related to Satan and Satanism. The very word Satan comes from the word Saturn. The connections between the planet Saturn and Satan are lengthy and often very disturbing. What is even more frightening -- most of the people on our planet are worshiping Satan (Saturn) -- but they do not know it. People keep on praying, but things keep getting worse. Again, maybe it is because they are praying to the wrong God. Obviously, if you are praying to Satan, things will keep getting worse.

Saturn has always been heavily worshiped by every culture. This is still true, and more than ever, but now the vast majority of people have no idea in the world what they are actually doing.

The six-pointed star represents Saturn, and it was being used to worship and represent Saturn long before anyone ever heard of a Star of David. It is now most commonly known as the Star of David, but there was no such thing. The six-pointed star is the Star of Saturn (Satan).

The Hebrew name for the planet Saturn was El. This is very interesting, considering that in the original Hebrew texts, the word for God was Elohim. El meant God; ohim made God plural. What is the Bible actually saying? If El is Saturn and Saturn is Satan, then who exactly is the God of the Bible? This is something that should be carefully considered.

The three main gods from the ancient world were Isis, Ra, and El. When you combine their names, you get the word Israel. Isis, Ra, and El become Israel.

The Ark of the Contract

The Ark of the Covenant in the Bible was based on the Egyptian Ark of the Contract. It is exactly the same, identical in every way. The Ark is not Hebrew; it is Egyptian, and it happened way before the time of the Hebrews. The Bible does a really good job of telling this story as if it is its own, except it is identical to the Egyptian story from many years before.

Google Search Ark of the Contract

It's a Metaphor

All Western religious ideas, beliefs, and concepts originated in the Northern Hemisphere. Thousands of years ago, the most fundamental religious idea was the war between light and dark. Dark represented evil and light represented good. This is why today on police cars we see the black and white; it represents the war between good and evil.

To the ancients, the Sun coming up in the morning was a matter of life and death. To them the Sun was God. In very ancient times, the Sun was the greatest gift the Creator could give. All Western religions are based on the movement of the Sun, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere of Earth.

In ancient Egypt the Sun was known as Horus. Horus was said to have walked across the sky in twelve steps; these steps are the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Twelve tribes of Israel, twelve step programs, twelve members of a jury, twelve months of the year, twelve years of school, Jesus had twelve disciples, it goes on and on and it all has to do with the signs of the Zodiac. H-o-r-u-s became h-o-u-r-s, so we now have twelve hours in every day and every night.

In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus is a metaphor. Jesus is a symbolic metaphor for the Sun. In ancient Greek, Horus translated to Iesous. I's and J's were interchangeable from Greek to Latin, so then Iesous became Jesous. From there, into English, it became Jesus. Jesus is none other than the ancient Egyptian Sun God named Horus. Horus became Iesous, Iesous became Jesous, and Jesous became Jesus. Jesus is a metaphor for the Sun; this is why church is on SUN-day.

The New Testament is a metaphor much like Aesop's Fables. Instead of trying to understand the moral, we have always been arguing about the details. If we are trying to sort out all the nonsense of the Bible's historical accuracy, we are missing the point. We are not talking about real people who really lived -- it is a metaphor.

There was no historical Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. There was no Jesus, Joseph, or Mary. There was no King David. There was not even a historical King Solomon. Solomon breaks down to be Sun Sun Sun. Sol means Sun, Om means Sun, and On means Sun. Sun Sun Sun? Yes, Sun Sun Sun, the whole thing is a metaphor and a personification of the Sun. That is exactly, precisely, and -- all -- that it is.

Aries the Ram

Aries the Ram

All Religions have a Trinity

All of the major religions have a Trinity God. In ancient Hindu they had Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. In the ancient Egyptian religion the Trinity was Osiris, Isis, and Horus. In Christianity there is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost version of the Triune God. In Hebrew it was Issac, Abraham, and Jacob.

The holiest man in the Hebrew religion is Abraham, but there was no Abraham until much later. In Hebrew, the name was Abram, not Abraham. The reason is because, Ab, in Hebrew, means father. Ram is in reference to the Age of Aries the Ram. Abram means father ram. This is because father is to acknowledge "God the Father" or "Father God" (Kingdom of God/Zodiac) being in the Age of Aries the Ram.



Spiritual and Intellectual Enlightenment

In addition to being a metaphor for the Sun, Jesus is also symbolic of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. He always does what truly enlightened spirituality and intelligence does, which is the opposite of what ignorance does.

When Jesus was arrested it was nighttime and dark outside. They found him guilty and sentenced him to be put to death.

If you are sleeping and someone turns on a very bright light, this will startle you and wake you up abruptly. You will no doubt turn your head away from the light if it is extremely bright. Some lights, like the Light of the World (the Sun), are just too bright to look at, even if you are wide awake.

This is essentially what happened with Jesus. He was so illuminating and bright, metaphorically, that they had to look away. They could not bear it. The people were sleeping and Jesus came in there with a light as bright as the Sun. They could not handle it, so they put him to death.

The place where they put Jesus to death was called Golgotha. Golgotha means place of the skull. When someone is trying to tell you something they think is profound knowledge (like Jesus tried to tell the people), you listen and make judgements in your mind about what they are saying. These judgements happen inside your skull (place of the skull), between your temples. Where is the Holy Temple? If you don't like what you are being told, you will likely put that information to death in your mind. The mind is the Temple at Golgotha where they put Jesus (spiritual intellectual enlightenment) to death.

That's what went on here; we are not talking about real events that historically and factually happened. They put spiritual and intellectual enlightenment to death in their own minds, because they could not handle the truth. That is what this is about. We do this same thing all the time and it happens right between our temples, inside our skulls, just as they did in the story of Jesus.

The whole story of the New Testament is about the war between ignorance and enlightenment. It is a metaphor trying to teach us something very important and meaningful.

Crown of Thorns

They gave Jesus a crown of thorns. A crown of thorns has always been used to represent the rays of the Sun. This same "crown of thorns" is on the Statue of Liberty.

This is because The Sun represents spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. Freedom is only possible through truth. Truth leads to spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. Enlightenment is freedom. This is why the crown is on the Statue of Liberty and what it means. This is what all crowns represent.

This part of the Lord's Prayer has Jesus saying let the Zodiac, the astrological heavenly Kingdom of God, direct the affairs of Mankind on Earth. The kingdom here is in reference to the heavenly realm. The heavenly realm could be in reference to nothing other than the Zodiac. What else could possibly be the Kingdom of God, other than the stars and constellations?

In ancient times, they used the stars to navigate around the world and were always referring to the constellations when they talked about the Kingdom of God or God's Kingdom; this was always the Zodiac.

The stars, constellations, and planets have always effected the affairs of Earth in one way or another.

The Cross of the Zodiac

If we draw a circle representing the Sun, then divide that circle into four equal parts, this becomes the cross of the Zodiac; the Sun Cross. This is a representation of the four seasons of the year; the Four Gospels in the New Testament are a representation of the four seasons of the year. This is why we say, "Jesus is the reason for the season," not because it is cute and rhymes, but because Jesus (the Sun) really is the reason we have the four seasons of the year. Of course the Sun is the reason for the seasons of the year, what else could possibly be the cause?

The Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) represent the four seasons of the year. This is why the Tetragrammaton uses four letters to describe the name of God, which the common people were not allowed to say or to even know. The great rulers and priests took this knowledge and hid it away from the people. The four seasons of the year (spring, summer, fall, and winter), the four elements of nature (fire, water, earth, and air), the four directions (north, south, west, and east) are the origin of the idea of God.

This is symbolized by the Cross of the Zodiac, and it is why we have exactly four gospels in the Bible. If we only had three seasons, there would only be three gospels. This is represented in churches all over our country. In every church is a cross, and there is always a circle with that cross; the circle represents the Sun. Always with the cross we will see a depiction of the Sun; it is unavoidable. The cross with the circle always represents the Sun Cross in the middle of the Zodiac; this is in every church.

Stop calling Evil what God Created

In the book of Acts, Angels told Peter to go to Macedonia, but he didn't want to. He did not want to go to Greece and tell them anything. Peter apparently thought they were filthy people and would not even eat with them. These Angels told Peter that they were not asking; they were telling him to go there. In addition, the Angels told Peter that he had better stop calling down evil on something that God had cleansed.

We need to stop calling down evil on astrology. God put that there. God made that Zodiac and put those constellations in place. What business do we have thinking that what the Creator of this Universe put in place for us to be guided by is evil or not of God?

Maybe this has something to do with why our world has become what it has become and is in the deplorable conditions that it is in today. Maybe we have offended the Creator of this Universe by teaching and believing that what the Almighty has created is somehow evil.

Judas the Backbiter

In the New Testament is the story of Judas. Judas is who went into the street to kiss Jesus. This was not to identify him; Jesus would have been very well known. The kiss was to betray him. Judas represents the first month of fall. The fall of Jesus symbolically represents the slow torturous descent of the Sun into the time of year we call Autumn.

Scorpions in the Middle East have two stingers, one on top of the other. When someone gets stung by this two stinger scorpion, the mark left on the skin looks like two lips. This is where the idea of the "kiss of death" comes from. Back in those days you would have surely died if this type of scorpion would have stung you. When Judas gave Jesus the "kiss of death" this was in reference to Scorpio, the backbiter.

The constellation of Scorpio the Scorpion represents the fall and the kiss of death. Sure enough, in the Bible we see this "kiss of death" is the very beginning of the fall of Jesus. He has received the kiss of death, and soon after, actual death follows. This is all representing astrology and the signs of the Zodiac.

The Marriage Feast of Cana

Near the beginning of spring is Easter, or Passover, depending upon if you are Christian or Jewish. In the ancient land of Canaan, they had a celebration called the Marriage Feast of Cana. The marriage was between God the Father and Mother Earth. According to this celebration, God was going to impregnate Mother Earth with his sacred fluid, which brought life to the world. In ancient Hindu, this sacred fluid was called rain. So, the Canaanites prayed to the Sun of God to bring forth the rain. Then it did rain; it always rains in the spring. This rain then brings life to the whole planet. The ancient people understood God to be nature and all natural phenomena; nature is the original concept of God. Personification of nature is the origin of God.

Rain (God's sacred fluid) falls onto grapes, which can be made into wine. This is how the -- Sun -- of God turned "water into wine." It truly was a divine miracle. This is how the vine that produced the wine became divine. Google Search Marriage Feast of Cana

In My Father's Abode

  • John 14:2 (KJV)

    In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

This is actually a mistranslation. In Greek this would read, "In my Father's abode are many houses."

This is referring to the houses of the Zodiac, and we know how many there are; there are twelve of them.

Baptized in Mother's Water

When someone becomes "born again" they also have to get baptized. People don't typically go into lakes and rivers to get baptized, but in Biblical times they did. They went into the water of Mother Earth or Mother Nature.

When we are born, we come into this world through our mother's water; when the water "breaks" we are born.

This is why we have to go into the water and come back out again to be baptized. We have to come from the water of our mother (Mother Earth) to be born (born again).

Pisces the Fish

Pisces the Fish

We are in the Last Days

People often speak of the "last days" or "end times." We are truly in those very days. We are in the last days of the astrological Age of Pisces.

Jesus was the "great fisherman" and he fed five thousand people with only two fish. We all know that two fish cannot feed that many people. We also know that two fish are the symbol for Pisces. The only thing that makes sense is if we are talking about astrology.

The Pope sometimes wears a hat that from the side looks exactly like a fish head; it's called a Mitre. There are depictions of fish in temples and holy buildings all over the world. The Christian symbol of Jesus is a fish; this is the fish of Pisces.

The story of Moses symbolized Humanity moving out of the Age of Taurus into the Age of Aries. Pisces is right after Aries. It makes absolutely perfect sense that the story of Jesus would deal with and be about fish. It is totally appropriate for Jesus to be represented by fish; it is plainly obvious. Pisces is the age we are currently in; Aquarius is the next astrological age. Each age lasts for about 2,150 years. There are some variations to this, but roughly 2,150 years is the length of each age. Each age represents a particular dispensation of time. These cycles of time are laid out very well in the Bible. If you understand the symbolism, and do the math, it all seems to line up very well.

If Pisces started at the year zero, and if the 2,150 year estimated length of an age is correct, this puts the next age (Aquarius) starting right about the year 2150. This means we are in the last 100 or so years of the Age of Pisces. We truly are in the last days, the last days of Pisces.

Aquarius the Water Bearer

Aquarius the Water Bearer

Jesus said to go Into the House of Aquarius

  • Luke 22:10 (KJV)

    And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in.

In those days men did not carry water; this was the job of women. The men never did this; it would have been an absurd suggestion. Yet, the disciples asked Jesus where they were to go after he was gone, and he told them to go into the house of the man holding a pitcher of water.

This makes absolutely no sense at all unless we are talking about astrology. The symbol of Aquarius is a man holding a pitcher of water. What else could this be talking about? Jesus is telling them that after Pisces is Aquarius. After he is gone, they are to go into the house of the man with the water pitcher, the House of Aquarius.

A "Last Supper" has always been used to represent going from one age to another age. The Last Supper in the Bible is the Last Supper of Pisces. This cannot possibly be talking about anything other than the signs of the Zodiac.


God does not Care what Your Religion is

People all over the world ask for help from the Divine Creator. People pray and then claim miracles happen. They believe it was their God who did the miracle.

How can all of these different people pray to different Gods, and have answers to these prayers if only one belief or religion is correct?

The Divine Almighty Presence, if one exists, in this Universe does not care what your religion is. It does not care about your race, history, or background. God does not care about your sin -- there is no such thing as sin.

The true Almighty Creator of this Universe is not concerned with your sexuality, morals, or ethics. Something such as a Preexisting Eternal Creator is not influenced or bothered by any petty concepts contrived by people who think they have some divine bloodline or God-given right. That which has been called God is much bigger than any one religion or belief system -- God is for all of us.

Chrestos Mithra

Fifteen cultures told the story of the Sun before Christianity. They each had their own version of the story and a different name for the Sun, but the theme of the story has remained the same for thousands of years. It does not matter if you go to ancient Egypt, the Hindu religion, or wherever else this story is told -- it's always the same story. The Sun of God is born of a Virgin Mother, it's father was a carpenter, it's the Light of the World, has twelve helpers, heals the sick, and raises the dead. The Sun always dies on the cross to take away the sins of mankind. Google search Chrestos Mithra.

There may have been someone who actually lived, a real person that the story of the Sun was applied to, but much like Santa Claus, what the real person did has very little to do with the story being told. Google Search Yeshua Ben Hur.

The Dead Sea Scrolls speak of Jesus two hundred years before the time he was supposed to have been born. The true essence of what God must be has never been contained in just one faith or religion. This story has been shared by most of the cultures that have ever existed on this planet

George Bush New World Order

A New World Order is Coming

Every 2,150 years there is a symbolic metaphoric war in heaven, a rearrangement of the stars. We are in the "Last Days" of Pisces, but we are nearing the dawning (the Sun's dawning) of the Age of Aquarius.

The Bible tells us that at the end of one age, and the beginning of the next, there is great upheaval and a war in heaven. This is talking about a new arrangement, a new order. According to the Bible, whatever is going on "up there" effects us "down here." As above so below. Compare this idea with the current conditions on our planet.

There is a new order coming to the heavens; there will also be a new order to things here on Earth. This is the New World Order. A new order is coming; the old Order of Pieces is giving way to the new Order of Aquarius.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis spoke of a New World Order. Modern political leaders, such as George Bush as well as many others, have also spoken of a New World Order. Might these people have understood this ancient story and the astrology of the Bible? In popular culture the New World Order is on the lips of many people, but I dare say they have no idea in the world where these ideas actually came from.

The Bible is telling us that a new order is coming, but there is a war for what exactly that new order will be. Is it going to be the Order of Freedom and Liberty as God the Creator intended, or will it be the Order of Slavery and Bondage as Satan desires? Freedom or slavery? Liberty or tyranny? Enlightenment or ignorance? This is what the Bible is trying to tell us and get us to think about.

A new order is coming, but what order will that be? Gods Order or Satan's Order? This is the foundation of the concept of the New World Order.

In the Book of Revelation, an antichrist is spoken of. In Greek, the word anti means to stand in place of or take the place of something. In the Bible, Satan wants to take the place of the Christ; Satan wants to be the Christ.

This is what we see going on in the world today; it is the war between freedom and slavery. Satan wants to create a world of total control, while God has created us to be free. This is all very much metaphor, but this is what it means. The Bible and its characters are not the nonsense we have always been told. The whole thing is a metaphor, a very complicated detailed symbolic metaphor.

There will be a New World Order, which one will it be? According to the Bible, God is going to install a New World Order and all the Kingdoms of Satan will be destroyed. Apparently, this is the real New World Order, the one God creates, not the New World Order of popular Satanic culture.

All of this is metaphor for people's relationships to themselves, to the Universe, and to the state of the world. Being metaphor does not diminish the profound importance of the message; it emphasizes it. These ideas and concepts are more powerful than words alone; metaphors are necessary to describe these understandings.

Jordan Maxwell

Who will control the New Order?

  • Matthew 28:20 (KJV)

    Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

In the ancient Greek, the word world would have been aeon; Aeon means age. Jesus is saying, "I will be with you to the end of the age." Yes, he will be with us to the end of the age, the Age of Pisces. The Sun will be in Pisces until the Age of Aquarius begins.

When Moses came down from the mountain at the end of the Age of Taurus and the beginning of the Age of Aries, he brought with him the new law, the new order.

Then, when Jesus came, he said he came to fulfill the law. The law of Moses (the law of the Age of Aries) had been fulfilled. The story of Jesus symbolically brought us into the Age of Pisces, a new order to the arrangement of things. Then, Jesus told the apostles that at the end of the Age of Pisces there will again be a new order to things.

When the Sun does finally move out of Pisces into Aquarius, there will indeed be a new order of things on this planet. The new order will be dictated by the stars above (God). A new order to the stars, and the world, is coming. The New World Order will come, but it will not be at all what most people seem to think.

Interesting to think about who knew what, when they put that pyramid representing Jesus on the one-dollar bill along with the words Novus Ordo Seclorum. Novus Ordo Seclorum means a new order of the ages, or a new order of the world, or New World Order.

In Hebrew numerology, the number 8 means new beginnings, and 13 means perfect government. The year 1776, the founding of our nation, breaks down to 8 and 13. Someone somewhere knew something when they put this all together, and they didn't tell us anything about it.

If this is what the Bible is talking about, and it is, then who is going to be in charge when this new age comes upon us? Who is going to be running things? Satan or God? Ignorance or enlightenment? Slavery or freedom?

We better start to pay attention.


Jason Horne (author) on February 28, 2018:

I don't know really. It seems there is much confusion about that. I have heard some who believe we have already entered Aquarius; I have heard others say that it could begin as late at 2900 AD. It seems to me that no-one actually knows -- it all depends on when you start, what part of the world you are in, what calendars, calculations, mathematics, astronomy, and astrology that you use to work it out. My own personal thoughts have been that around 2050 would be about the mid-point of the transition. I think there is an overlap, a sort of fading, between Ages as the changeover happens. So, I really don't know, but something tells me that right around 2020 or so is when the transition begins. I would tend to agree with the time frame you suggested for Aquarius to begin coming in.

No lands on February 22, 2018:

So when exactlty do we entwr the age of aquarius? I've heard 2020 - 2035 would these dates be correct?

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