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The Bible is the most popular book in the world and holds the title of the all-time best-selling publication. Its contents have been studied, discussed, and debated for centuries. It's comprised of a wide variety of genres, from love stories and war chronicles to poetry and spirituality. However, to a Christian, this book is more than just a best-selling leisure read. It is the infallible, eternal, and perfect Word of God Himself.

Although its popularity and importance are immense, perhaps you have stumbled into its pages and don't know much about its contents. Below is an attempt to unpack the general and foundational context of the Bible, which will serve as an introduction for those that are not very familiar with the Holy Book.

What, Where, and When?

The Bible is the principal text for the Christian faith. It is comprised of 66 different books and is divided into two main sections, known as the Old Testament and the New Testament. It was written over the course of about 1,500 years by many different authors, with the earliest books being composed around 1400 BC, and the last around AD 90. Within its pages is a beautiful mixture of poetry, narratives, songs, letters, proverbs, parables, and more. The events of Scripture mainly take place in the Mediterranean and middle eastern parts of the world. Old Testament passages predominantly follow the decedents of a man named Abraham, who would grow to become the nation of Israel, and the covenant that the one true God makes with this people. This then leads into the New Testament which follows Jesus Christ, the one God manifest in human form, and his ministry to free all humanity from sin and reconcile the world back to himself.


Scripture was written by about 40 different authors, each of which bringing key insights to the table with their different lives and backgrounds. Some were kings, others were doctors, and others were fishermen turned preachers. However, the common thread that runs through each writer is that God was involved. Rather than picking up a pen and putting it to paper Himself, he used man as the pen. Imperfect people, inspired by a perfect God, to write the perfect Book.


Ultimately, the Bible is God's way of showing man how to live. Whether through giving us clear and bold statements on what to do or not to do, or by showing us the experiences of people throughout history that helps reveal these principles to us. The Bible reveals to us that it has always been God's desire to have a relationship with man. God declares to humanity in the Old Testament that he knows the thoughts that he has towards us, and they are thoughts of peace and not of evil. It is his genuine pleasure to speak, and help us navigate the curveball that is life.

So, why is the Bible important? It is the voice, instruction, and power of the Lord Himself for humanity. If you want God's hand to be at work in your life, or you want to hear and be familiar with His voice, the easiest way to begin is by digging into the Bible.

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