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Bible Verses About Weed and Alcohol -- Drugs and Alcohol in the Bible

Do you smoke weed or enjoy getting drunk? Discover what the Bible says about weed and alcohol and how this decision can effect your claim to salvation.

Do you smoke weed or enjoy getting drunk? Discover what the Bible says about weed and alcohol and how this decision can effect your claim to salvation.

What the Bible Says About Weed, Alcohol

Looking for Bible verses about marijuana (weed) or alcohol? While the Bible is filled with instruction on avoiding drunkenness, Bible verses about weed specifically do not exist.

However, Galatians 5:19-21 says, "Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God."

In this passage, the word sorcery implies "the use or administering of drugs," from the original translated Greek word pharmakeia, according to Strong's Concordance.

Not only is sorcery found in Galatians, but in a multitude of other verses as well, all implying the use of marijuana and other drugs.

The most serious of these is Revelation 9:20-21 and Revelation 18:23, where scripture tells us mind-altering drug use, as experience by those who smoke weed or use other drugs, will lead to destruction and punishment for those who will not repent:

"The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, so as not to worship demons, and the idols of gold and of silver and of brass and of stone and of wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk; and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their immorality nor of their thefts," (Revelation 9:20-21).

"...and the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery," (Revelation 18:23).

Bible Verses About Drunkenness

Wheras the Bible has little specifically to say about weed, Bible verses regarding drunkenness are plenty and condemn irresponsible drinking specifically.

In Proverbs 31:4-7, King Lemuel writes that his mother forwarned that drunkenness clouds the mind and can lead to injustice and poor judgment.  "For if they drink, they may forget the law," (Proverbs 31:5 NLT).

Had King Xerxes (also Ahasureus in Hebrew) been given similar advice, he might not have made the rash, half-drunken decision he made in Esther 1:10-11.  After Queen Vashti refused to parade before Xerxes' all-male party, in an effort by the king to show off his beautiful wife, he banished her from his kingdom and moved forward to choose a new wife.  Later, in the second verse, we find Xerxes realized how much he missed Vashti but could not undo his drunken mistake of banishing her as the decree could not be rescinded.

Even the great Noah had a moment of poor judgment under the affects of alcohol, when, in Genesis 9:18-27, scripture described a moment in which Noah became drunk and fell asleep naked in a tent.  His sons did their best to cover him without looking after his son, Ham, found his father naked in slumber.  When Noah awoke and realized what happened, he cursed his son illustrating how drunkenness can effect the relationships with friends and family.

Finally, Proverbs 23:29-35 is among the best Bible verses regarding alcohol and drunkenness as they illustrate the by-products of drinking:

"Who has anguish? Who has sorrow? Who is always fighting?  Who is always complaining?  Who has unnecessary bruises?  Who has bloodshot eyes?  It is the one who spends long hours in taverns, trying out new drinks," (Proverbs 23:29-30).

By drinking, these Proverbs provide that people can come to idolize alcohol, cause hallucinations, loss of internal censorship which speaking, staggered mobility, and eventual alcoholism.

While drinking might seem fun at the start, "in the end it bites like a poisonous snake; it stings like a viper," (Proverbs 23:32).

If You Have a Drug or Alcohol Problem...

Remember, regardless of where you have been or where you are now, God can turn around everything and give you a fresh, new beginning.  Scripture tells us that in Christ, all things are made new (2 Corinthians 5:17) and you can become a new creature, blessed, healthy and whole!  Get in a good Bible based church, find a good alcohol or drug treatment program and don't be afraid to ask for help!

Whereas the lust of your flesh for drugs and alcohol is strong, I know your partnership with Christ will make you stronger to withstand the temptation and see you through to a full recovery.

Remember, "[t]he temptations in your life are no different from what others experience.  And God is faithful.  He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand.  When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure," (1 Corinthians 10:13 NLT).

Bible Verses about Weed, Alcohol


Leland Johnson from Midland MI on November 13, 2018:

I'm not sure who is meant in particular by "self righteous" in the post from Fran, but I don't think it's self righteous to say that the bible is against any form of drug or alcohol use that is used recreationally to mentally "check out" from reality. There is no balanced way to use meth, for example. You just shouldn't use it. The bible says "give strong drink to him who is perishing." I think in context we are safe to say that there are some mind altering drugs that can reduce death pains and the bible acknowledges that and makes allowance for appropriate application. What is happening in our culture today is the justification of smoking pot ostensibly because it eases suffering. THC could be put into a capsule form if that were the case. People who advocate smoking pot do so because they like the way it makes them feel, plain and simple. The bible isn't saying "don't use sorcery when you do drugs" its saying "doing drugs is sorcery."

Fran on November 12, 2018:

Its a sin when we use pot and sorcery together to get into that relm .God put medicine here for us to heal and doctors..or if we eat too much its going to do us harm .Have a balance .Its not sorcery!! Hes just saying not to combine .pharmekia can be any dam drug over the counter .we just have self righteous people who think they know how to interpret the word of God.

Leland Johnson from Midland MI on April 14, 2018:

I know this comment is pretty late in the game, but I just read this hub. Good study, referencing, and you are 100% correct regarding the Greek word for sorcery/witchcraft. It is, as you said, the Greek word "pharmakaia" in is where we get our English word for pharmacy. It might be of interest to you that the Greek word for fornication is "porneia" the word from which we derive "pornography." Well done.

Andrea on June 09, 2016:

This is FALSE! Be warned about changing the words of the bible to meet your personal feelings or agenda! Sorcery is exactly that, sorcery! In the King James version it says witchcraft! Sorcery DOES NOT refer to drugs! That's insanity to even attempt to say so! The Lord Himself refers to a merry heart being as good as medicine! Read the bible folks and don't fall for man's interpretations!

DoveFreexrolo on April 28, 2016:

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Mary on October 01, 2013:

We serve a Holy God. We are Not to conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. To many people are looking for loop holes in the word of God to justify their behavior or the way they think. Present your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. Jesus is our example on how to live, act, and speak. Engaging in drinking and smoking pot and taking pills just to get drunk or high is not what we as born again Children of God should be involved in. Medical reasons is a different issue all together. We are talking about those who are undisciplined and carnally minded Christians..babies.

Darrus Pennington from Columbus, Ohio on June 08, 2013:

weed is an herb, look up verses on herbs

Max Neale on May 06, 2013:

But please rest assure everyday i try to quit or build myself to that because i want to be blameless like you should but in order to attain a christ like image we must accept that the holy spirit takes time and will eventually settle on a blameless and upright man . i dont go church not because i judge them or hate them i love all christians and non believers but for my faith i have a battle with authorities and things not seen so i must always be prepared to protect my spirituality and the churches teach there own opinions and the lord states DONT PUT TRUST INTO NO MAN not in a bad way but discern what god is not what mans opinion on god mixing worldly knowledge with spiritual NEVER MAY THAT HAPPEN but understand god is 100% love and by being like him you also must so you have to go into the world find yourself and leave it there BELIEVE WHAT I AM SAYING because all humans will know eventually that god loves us all the word ALL means all not half not a quarter ALL . so enjoy your walk with the lord its a great expereince but to become like christ is something very difficult but can be done by becoming BLAMELESS . i know most potsmokers on here feel the same we want to do the lords will but takes time but likewise look at yourself ANGER , LUST ,GREED,HATE,BACKBITING ETC ETC there all present somewhere you just need a situation to spark them and then boom thats the spiritual fight. defeat it and you will see the spirit JESUS IS LORD no matter whereyou feel in your life hes not


Max Neale on May 06, 2013:

and to think the lord even drank alchohol is stupid and based on an opinion of men who drank just like weed smokers want to find scriptures that comfort there believes on smoking pot but the difference is the bible clearly states to different types of wine unfermented and fermented . christ would never drink alchohol or eat meat or smoke cannabis but yet he learnt us not to judge people who do because judgement is reserved for him alone not us.

ive smoked weed for ten years found the lord 4 years and quit meat 6 months ago and try not to touch alchohol at all but found myself to have a biass opinion on not drinking it due to my childhood of being brought up by a dad who loved the drink beat me and my family but now is a righteous man . you see we can not judge no matter the situation because all fall short and all will repent eventually . god will give us all everlasting life hes just learning us in different ways but the kingdom of god will not tolerate non belivers of christ but doesnt mean they wont gain approval.

the lord knows that most people have to see to believe because of how corrupt man has made it . he does not judge nor has favouritism he wants all to gain repentance AND GUESS WHAT THEY ALL WILL because this is what he has stated by that scripture alone by stating HE wants all to repent. if god wants the moon to turn to blood it will . if he wants you to know the truth and be comforted through scripture he will and so likewise everyone will gain everlasting life and to think that they wont is judging anyway lol because one day your happy one day your sad but all days are for the progress of our lives to become closer to the creator which has to be 100% love if he is not then im sorry you havent found god but some man made traditions twisted for there own ear tickling pleasure.

i use to judge man on my opinions and search scriptures to back them up and learnt that whoever is going against the bible doesnt know that they are because god knows its not the right time but when it is then how amazing will it be for that woman whos daughter was murdered in a sinful world to see her again in the kingdom of god, do you honestly think that woman will have hate for the murderer of course not . her love for god will grow immensly and so will all of ours .

the bible is beneficial for setting things straight and this is one thing id like to set straight





Futamarka on March 22, 2013:

Известный термин «энергетический вампир», о котором писалось в статье о «энерговампиризме», говорит нам лишь о том, что это человек визажистивного типа, нуждающийся в энергетической подпитке, и получает он эту энергию от людей, и при этом делает это неконструктивным образом. Проще говоря, «энергетический вампир» это визажист, который получает энергию, причиняя людям зло и нанося им вред (через обиды, страхи, необоснованные обвинения, критику и т. д.). Но, к счастью, есть визажисты (и их большинство), которые получают энергию, делая людям добро и принося пользу.

wainesworld on July 17, 2012:


did you see this comment?

""Swattleme 8 months ago

Idk about you but for me this isn't up for debate I'm gonna do what I want.I dont even consider it a real drug cause its not manmade. I somewhat believe in God but it doesn't matter cause nobody does what he says anyways.If people are gonna be a fake christians then whats the difference between that and not being one at all.I lost my faith in religion cause it just seems like its dividing instead of providing that level playing field that were all seen as the same in the creators eyes. Somewhere in the bible it says man cannot direct his own steps....""

I'm not here to defend anyone, but please look and pray for understanding whether you are doing our Fathers will to argue this point.


I believe your thinking of Proverbs 20:24

"Man's goings are of the LORD; how can a man then understand his own way? "

I will refrain from my own earthly wisdom and only offer a few verses I find applicable.

1Ti_4:3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

MEATS : bro'-mah

From the base of G977; food (literally or figuratively), especially (ceremonial) articles allowed or forbiden by the Jewish law: - meat, victuals. (Strongs Concordance)

Rom 14:20 For meat destroy not the work of God. All things indeed are pure; but it is evil for that man who eateth with offence.

21 It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.

22 Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.

23 And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

Mat_10:10 Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat.

Rom_14:3 Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eateth: for God hath received him.

Ecc_5:18 Behold that which I have seen: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life, which God giveth him: for it is his portion.

Ecc_8:15 Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun.

Luk 6:37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

Psa_60:11 Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man.

Mat 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

meanpeace on July 16, 2012:


 It is important to remember that God alone is the source of wisdom and understanding. We merely aquire glances of bits and pieces from other people,places, or things. While it is true that things can either hinder or help us on the journey of understanding Gods word. Only God understands what God manifests. So naturaly only God is the truthful medium to the remote posibility of the understanding of God and his word. Marijuana can help or harm just the same as anything else. 

anonymous on July 15, 2012:

man peace all u have said is just wonderful i would love to get ur email address or facebook page sumwer i can ask u some questions about hw marijuana is d fastest and easiest way for one to mortify his flesh and leave in d spirit where a greater understanding of God's word will come... i also advice all weed supporters on dis page to stay away 4rm alcohol for it is man made and is not in accordance with d spirit of God but a weapon of the devil to cause household destruction...

katie on June 30, 2012:

I disagree that the Bible is anti-marijuana. God made the plant for a purpose, as an herb to either relax, focus, or take away physical pain. The drugs i think the Bible is referring to are man-made ones that are actually extremely damaging to the body, such as meth or acid.

Randy on June 21, 2012:

One thing that seems to be over looked is that one of the acceptable offerings that is specifically mentioned is "new wine" which was basically a fortified wine much like brandy today. The wine that the jews produced was not the grape juice alot like to say but actually so strong the romans are recorded as diluting in the cup with water. History shows us that when you take all the propaganda out that drunkeness is bad, but alcohol is ok.

With "weed", again I believe that it is the misuse not the use that is a problem. The pharmakeia was drugs used for pagan reasons like speaking to spirits, or altering consciousness to gain a "spiritual plane". That is a far cry from smoking some to relax and de-stress.

To clarify, drinking or smoking in moderation with no pagan intent or actions is just fine, but getting trashed or seeking your "spirit animal" or whatever is no.

meanpeace on May 19, 2012:

He we go with catagories and seperation again.. the world hypothetical agian eh. Hippies? Dude you watch too much tv. See how you are putting people in catagories that you dont even know, havent even seen? That is prejudice. Yep sure is. Am i to assume all christians are abortion doctor killers? No

See my point? 

Here we go again....Alright.....Why sin? :-D 

if you know sin is wrong then why do you do it? Time and time again you sin. The "world" sins. So do you. You are taking sides with the world? :-D

See my point?

But .. but its okay Right....right...

And thats because of.... Jesus

And thats speaking in terms of knowing what is sinful, let alone something that isnt! The "world" sins and so do you. See where this is going...again? 

What you are essentially saying is that you refuse to accept that someone who consumes marijuana can be a christian. So its worthless proving to you that yes there are christians that favor it or have no problem with direct legalization or medicinal use etc. Because its not the pressence of weed smoking christians thats the problem. Its the acceptance of them. Sin is sin.

Your lack of seeing them as part of your fellowship expresses just that. Take a look around you, there is information regarding those who favor legalization etc. Its over 50 percent. So look around you, if you travel like you should teaching and preaching the gospel, thereby getting your self out of the protective rock you live under, you would see that half of the people around you favor it. Wow! Thats like alot of people hyuk hyuk. And you are saying where are they at? How is it that you have not came across people like me while doing The Great Commission?

 Oh i know here it comes......You know some people who smoke pot. yada yada insert here some stuff that doesnt pretain to subject mater, or stuff that is a direct result of legality. 

 There is the staggering realization that should take effect in your awarness now. Were not talking about the legalization of a drug. We are talking about the reclassification of an herb. Your classification of marijuana is just that, a classification. It changes from person to person, place to place. But we know what God says about it dont we. Yep said it was for us to use and that its good. That is no lie. 

Just as coffee is a stimulant,  a mere bean. In terms of effect yes caffiene does surpass marijuanas neggitive medical and physical effects. 

Im also a bit perplexed that despite that, you instinctively know that what i say is truth, that you manage your view all on the account hypotheticals. We have real physical harm bieng inflicted upon every day tax paying people for just using an herb. Not an herb that makes you crazy or that harms you in any way. All it does is make you hungry and feel good. And you are saying that fines, tax money, jail ,death etc and harm are better for us in the long run than oh I dont know ummmm people feeling good or eating alot.

That is a no brainer, and so is continuing the same eforts as put forth by our current iligalizaton and criminalization policy. A true christian would favor a less harmfull aproach in ANY mater right?

Is that saying spark it up? No, its saying put down the damn guns, the bars and the chains. Put up the arms and imbrace,educate, and help. NOT KILL lockup and fine, and eat up tax money.

Current criminal policy regarding marijuana gets people killed and injured. There is no justifying that! People die in drug raids etc etc. Drug mafia takes the lives of the inocent. Yet you maintain that we should have the same failing criminal policy that has this war zone outcome? 

Yes, i do see christians fighting for legalization. I am one of them. Its RE-LEGALIZATION by the way. It used to be legal ya know. In our saviors day it was used and what do ya know nothing is mentioned about it. Guess its not as bad as some people hypotheticaly claim it is after all. 

Here is a site umung many, check it out.

What makes you more "christian" than anyone else? Your absense of sin? No. 

You not doing something that another does? No

Nothing does.

Christ. Like it or not I am christian. In terms of comparison with your standards,  My favor of marijuana is no different than your masterbation or gossip or whatever. Its all gonna burn up. fiath in Christ is what saves. Good luck trying to discredit faith in christ. If such is your task than actually you would be doing the devils deeds :-D

We shant do that shall we lad? lol

The bible says this about it; 

God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth.…To you it will be for meat." … And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:29-31)

Do ya know what meat is son? Are you aware that its reffering to substance for our physical body?

Gods word says its for me to use, and he says its good. Sorry that your hypotheticals are panning out. But how can you disregard tangible biblical scripture regarding subject mater? You cant. 

So let me correct you, the catagory that you put people in is of the world. The beam thats in your eye is of the world. The judgement that you make is of the world. Marijuana was made by God, and it is good. Thus says God. Unless your God, changing what you have said? 

Not going there are we. 

So right about now you are mad. You are thinking how is this guy claiming to be christian when he "gets high". You are looking at whats going into my mouth. Christ spoke on that. By my fruits ye shall know me. I deffend my brothers and sisters against false judgement. This is my fruit. Dont like it, then dont eat it. Its for god anyway.

Let me ask you this. Whom umungst Gods servants was perfect?.............. Only 1

David was a whore mongerer. Noah was a drunk..... We all know there are more. So, clearly its Gods choice isnt it.

Doing Gods will is personal mater.

Your sining daily is a personal mater. Its between you and God. I am nobody to say that you are not a follower of Christ for sining, and likewise vice versa. 

Justin on May 16, 2012:

Why use marijuana? If the world idolizes it, then you know that it is not of God. Plain and simple. You DO NOT see Christians fighting for the legalization of mariuana, do you? nope. You see hippies and weirded out people push for it. You have no arguement against that. The world hates God and everything that has to do with God, so in conclusion, marijuana is of the world.

meanpeace on May 15, 2012:

I sincerely hope that you dont believe that "chemists" put the chemicals that are present within plants, ie marijuana!? Are you serious? Thats i like believing that storks deliver babies. 

Chemists Infact do the opposite. They extract,combine,modify etc. they cannot really create anything. They only discover. Its seems as if tho they create, to the simple minded. It is God who makes everything.

In order preserve your dignity, i suggest that you do deligent study on that. Call who ever you have to,  google it or what ever. I say this as  a true concern my brother. 

Lets look at the simple facts. The cannabis plant is older than man. Its documented use predates early egyptian use. From what laboratory did these prehestoric people make thc? Thc is the plants natural defense against ultraviolet light. Do you think someone put thorns on roses? 

I am not brainwashing, i expose the dirt. Its up to you if you want to wash the dirt away or not. Im not sure of your age etc, but i honestly hope you dont believe that humans put thc into marijuana. This mere notion exposes the direct effect of social reform. If your in school ask a science teacher, if its a entity of authority that you desire than call the health department or department of agriculture or something and simply ask them, who put thc into marijuana.

However i suggest a simple google   To save you embarassment. 

Yes it may be a hard concept to grasp. You can accept that God allowed evil,pain and suffering. Yet you cant accept thatGod made thc?

 Humans modify and extract to make your tylenol or even asprin. Thc is present within marijuanas genetic structure. It was not placed in there by man or some space aliens either. 

Nobody is telling you to use it or to like it. What im telling you or anyone else is...... Im (we) are allowed to use Gods provisions without judgement and condemnation from my fellow brethren (sinners). Christ is salvation. Its not our deeds or absense of sin that saves us. It is only christ. That sir is fact. How thus you call that bs?

Mario Rossi on May 14, 2012:


Yes you are right. God did provide us with the plants and things to make chemicals but it was chemists that actually make chemicals not God! So it is chemists that make THC to put into the marijuana not God! I think you are beating a dead horse with this by going on and on to try to make people to go your way on this. I believe in Jesus Christ very much so but the BS you are trying to brain wash in peoples minds is ridiculous!!!!

meanpeace on May 14, 2012:

Ok, where are we going? Are you driving, cuz im rather critical and nervous of others peoples driving. You know there will be other stops dont ya.  :-D I do see your point but maybe your missing mine.....

If, my defending of my fellow mans Souls (sinners) is wasting time so be it. Perhaps you might want to move on, cuz im just getting started lol. Seriously tho. Its not as if the instant this issue is "over", we will all be called home. All those that seek another issue, will turn the page. If Christ was all that maters then we wouldnt even be in seperate churches. We got alot of work to do eh?

Let me assure you that my life does not revolve around this here. It is merely something that i do in passing. Equivilant to someone reading a book while doing theyre doing theyre morning paperwork. Infact that pretty much sums up its accumulative effect that it has with me. 

So let me put emphesis on my intention. Werther or not Christ is, was or will be involved in any marijuana as we see it, the issue is irrelevant, because on contrary therein is involving souls bieng wrongfully judged and condemed by unworthy fellow man. And that, rest assured Christ is indeed involved in. Therefore it is thereby which i stand, not for the issue of an herb or anyother. 

Christ stood for sinners, as for the righteous they shall recieve theyres. I remain unworthy of grace given unto me no matter what issue is at hand, just like all the rest of us.

 Sin like the rest of us? Then grab a stone and see who chucks one first. (Its my observation that  its the self righteous ones who are usualy the first lol) 

Maybe its not right that im putting super glue on the rocks, but when the glue runs so will the rocks. Ha! ;-D

Justin on May 13, 2012:

meanpeace- Give it up. This topic just isnt worth wasting your time. Christ means everything more than marijuana. Whether it is ok for use or not, Jesus Christ is the only thing that matters. Its time to move on.

meanpeace on May 05, 2012:

our pills are a different story......... 

meanpeace on May 05, 2012:


Its is a fact that our view on things are simply a result of what we know and accept or not accept. Its what we dont know, that has the ability to change our veiws. Weather we accept it as factual presented as such or if we reject and stuburnly adhere to our egotistical pridely point of view regardless of factual truth. God indeed is the grand engineer. Everything nature provides us is preconcieved and made by him. Sure we have bad things like poisonous things, but then we have beneficial things as well. Providence of God is not for humans to distribute or govern umungst each other. It is for every man,woman.

Everything we need God has provided. Its mans doings to try to alter,police,dictate or change what God has provided. Through time we learn what to use and what not to use. Science and history is full of marijuana use. Along came the law  changing man to change things. Marijuanas beneficial properties are still there no mater what the law is. I have said this before, if law is for our good than why are ciggarettes still bieng sold? $ $ $

It is quite histerical that we have people saying we shouldnt allow marijuana to be used when its proven to be benificial. 

Ironicaly it is all based on legality, funny thing there is all that the legality side validly claims is addiction.

And we all know addiction is found in anything. So if everything can be classified as addictive then, yes the classification is correct but the list of other things in the same category are endless. People drink cokes everyday and all day. Nothing is thought of it, because its legal. Make it illegal and you have a criminal element. After a few years comes social reform. People automaticaly think because its illegal it must be bad. How about giving felony charges to all those people who fish without a fishing license? That will teach them.. Oh but that protects our waters? Ok drink it then. Oh thats cuz of the ones without license, yeah right. See my point? Its a sorry state that we live in,for,with,by, and after.

 Add many years to prohibition and it transforms into an industry that has twin streams of revenue. Look at any Federal site. They will list the money spent on enforcement etc. They regulate commerce and marijuana is a commercial comodity. 

Ok tons of money is spent on erradicting something that is proven to be beneficial and not harmfull. Tons of money is spent on inflicting life dammaging precussion  on the people who are in possesion of something that is merely "addictive." Not harmfull, deadly or dangerous. Just addictive. 

Oh sure Fed sites list marijuana as harmfull.  Look closer at what the harmful claim is, its a CLASSIFICATION people!  Impaired thinking. Duh yeah thats why people use it. 

And what exactly was the result? Over eating? Driving slower? People desire alteration in many forms. From sports to coffee. Just like alcohol. Just one thing, alcohol will kill you and others around you. Marijuana, nope! Go ahead look and see, there are zero deaths as a result of marijuana. Harmfull? Hello, exactly what is the fricken problem then. We are decieved by marijuana being classified. I could classify a frog as a butterfly. You would say thats preposterous. I would say well, theres is metamorphosis. Oh that is decievingly correct. Yes there is metamorph, but they are not the same creature are they. The Government uses deception like this manner to decieve us with many things. I could list many.

We dont need anything addictive? Okay caffeine, sugar etc etc should be ilegal as well then. Too extreme? Tell me about it. Marijuana prohibition is ridiculous. If someone is addicted to something, give them proper treatment, not jail. If someone is addicted to something that doesnt harm themselves or others, than so be it. We've got bigger issues to  address.

Recently i wrote a letter to a federal division responsible for releasing data on abusive drugs, asking why is it that they do not list caffeine as a drug of abuse like they do with marijuana.

 Know what they said? Its not our call. Its the FDA (food and drug admin). Go talk to them. Hello, them is you, Fed is fed. Ironicaly on their web site within the resource links, they list caffiene as a stimulant as well as it effecting mental and physical conditions. And heres the real kicker folks.....caffeine has WITHDRAWL symptoms. Yep, all right there on the same federal web pages that claim marijuana is addictive and dangerous. Need i say more?!?! Drink up kids. 

Physcologicaly speaking anything is addictive. What is addiction without harm? Its like a glass of water. Its not harmfull unless you drown in it. 

Look around you, people are simply doing as told. Even down to Governmental branches. 

Go to the white house web address. Find the "facts about marijuana".

Do you really see any "facts"?

Its funny, with every other issue there are numbers that correspond with the impact. However with marijuana it is all hypothetical. The impact you ask? Well, all they can come up with is Emergency room visits and addiction.

The only numbers you will see are regarding use. What impact does the use directly have? 376,000 emegrency room visits a year they say. Okay, what is the treatment given? You know i asked that question and have not recieved an answer to that one. You see, there is no treatment for using it. It simply does no harm. Theres no developed mental condition, no brain dammage, no immune system weakening etc etc like they say is "possible" as a result. They say that because of the attributes of other DRUGS that are in the same CLASSIFICATION as marijuana :-O

 Technicaly they have to say that. Lol If its reclassified, guess what. All them alleged dangerous attributes will be changed, as required by "law" LoL. Do you see what i am saying here folks? Ever notice one year you hear eggs are good for you, the next they are bad for you... Hello?

 A study will be sited in any federal refrence to marijuana. Folks whenever a "study" is mentioned what does that tell you? Its a manipulation of implementing an agenda, that ordinarly goes against either common thought,practice or sense. If i was to say to you, a study shows masterbation will make your hands hairy. You will believe the possibility it in a split second, even after seeing that your hands remain just as hairy as they ever was. Then you think gee doesnt that happen over time anyways? 

So all them emergency room visits are uneccessary. How about instead of jail, Educate people about the cause and effect. 

As far as deceptive classification "data" How about information regarding the ratio of first time "users" per ER visit. I bet its 100 percent first time users whom go into emergency room as a result of anxiety and panic from altered perception. Just the same as prescription visits for the same reason! Oh just one thing, prescription drug related emergency room visits are into millions range, and that includes life damaging or threatening conditions as a result of consuming the pharmecueticals. Go figure that one!  

Heres how  a typical emergency room visit as a result of a marijuana "reaction" might be.

ER "What is the porpose of your visit mr brown". 

Mr brown will say "i smoked some pot"

ER will say "what are your symptoms"

Mr brown will say "im hungry and feel weird".

ER will say "how do you feel weird?"

Mr brown will say "i feel good and i know im sopposed to feel bad, like i did before i smoked, thats why i wanted to smoke something knowing it would change me in the first place"

ER will say" theres nothing we can do but do some tests. The results of the tests will be the same weather you took marijuana or not."

Mr brown will say "so i came here for nothing"

ER will say "lets run them tests"$$$

Thats it, theres the dagum truth i tryed to convey in a comical yet bold fashion. There are no negative attributes to marijuana. If the side effect of mind alteration is not wanted then it shouldnt be smoked. That is a personal self inflicted choice. If that is ever realized then emergency room visits would be zero. 

Cheat pains, fever, swelling, none of that crap is associated with use. Now y

MarioRossi on May 01, 2012:

I really don't see what the big deal is about. Yes Meanpeace you are right and I never thought about it that way. And to whoever that person is that is anonymous should respect people! Obviously you have no clue! And you should whoever you are talking about a little bit of respect!

Matt on May 01, 2012:

God gives us the right to smoke weed like the right to do anything else. Free will, but it is your choice to follow God's teachings and do what is right over doing something that is selfish.

meanpeace on April 17, 2012:

 Haha yeah, saying that T.H.C is Man made is like saying cinnamon is man made. We know that its not, its a bark from a tree. Yet It is both subsituted and synthesized ofcourse. Man has to try to perfect nature, and fails every time. 

THC is the plants own self made substance of wich was given its genetic structure as designed by God himself.

MarioRossi from Westerly Rhode Island on April 16, 2012:

Yes Marijuana is made by Christ. But the THC that is put into it is man made not Christ made. Remember that people! God Bless you all.

Anonymous on April 16, 2012:

I think you're all nuts! Especially You Michellesbusta! You a nut in itself girl!

meanpeace on March 15, 2012:

The bible doesnt justify smoking anything. Who said anything about smoking it anyway? It doesnt need to be smoked. We shouldnt smoke anything! Are you aware that you savior made wine for people to drink, are you aware that the bible does "justify" wine? We all know Wine is alcohol.

Turn to 1st timothy chapter 5 verse 23 here is the  King James version

"Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities." 

straight from the mouth of an apostle! Another thing that paul says :-D


There you have it. New testament scripture "justifying" wine drinking.

Let me guess, its just says a little. Well you said it doesnt "justify" it. Are we to assume you forgot to clarify other things in your invalid assumptions as well??

An appearance is what? An image. Wether its 3dementional or a representational object ,appearance is a physical manifestation. A plant of ANY kind is not an appearance of evil. The thoughts that your minds eye brings behind it IS. Nice try.

Drug trafficking is a result of what? Say it with me now "LAW". As i pointed out many times, its the "law" that creates criminals. The governments answer "the cure" is worse than the desease "marijuana". You have proved my point to your self :-D

Once not long ago bieng christian was illegal, while slavery was not. Go figure. As i said politics of man is fallable by nature. The only thing that i consider holy is Christ Jesus. All others fall short. Tempt me not.

Okay paul says..... Its proven to be beneficial, so you just shot your self in the foot! 

Im servitude by my master mr. water, mrs. food, and my children. Christ is my lord. And ofcourse i can and do go without smoking it. Can you go without even excess of food or water let alone other nonessentials? Can you go without sining?  If not, you are mastered by it. You see, the playing field is level, we are all equals no mater what you say. Christ is our salvation.

Why give attention to anything then? Do you think that God wants you to suffer and be unhappy? Ofcourse not. Will ye give away ALL your possesions and walk ONLY with God, traveling the world preaching the gospel? If not, then you have no room to talk! As Christ addressed that very question. 

If the will of God is done than it should bring joy. You can still be in sin and do the will of God. You are proof of that. The apostles were proof of that. The prophets were proof of that. The entire BIBLE proves that. Christ is salvation. Christ is the ONLY spottless! Our holiness is NOT our salvation. To teach or think otherwise is blasphemy. We ALL sin. Christ is our medium between God, not ourself preservation or anything else. 

Am i using that to justify marijuana? Nope, im using it to clarify that CHRIST ALONE IS OUR SALVATION. For we ALL will sin till the day we die! So how can anyone say that salvation lies in self preservation, knowing it will never truely happen? They cant, no sin is better than the other by the way. We sin till we die. Thats why we need Christ. We all desperately need Christ. 

 My smelling and tasting of herbs is no different than king Davids whore mongering. Or Noahs drunkeness, actually there is alot of "sin" that our founding fathers did. God knows our hearts and uses us to do his will. Even hitler has done Gods will. God is all knowing. Only Christ is perfect. Are you saying that you are? David the whore monger walked with God none the less, so shall i. 

What kind of question is that, there will be no need to drink anything in heaven. As it is within a different realm than our physical realm.  Therein is mans delima. We cannot seperate the two. Our bicameral minds associate everything physicaly. God is spirit, his angels are spirit, your soul is spirit. It has no need for food or water or sex or television or anyother physical thing. Christ ALONE is salvation. Its not our capability, its not our holiness, its not our call. Jesus Christ the blessed redeemer, is my hope and faith given unto me by Gods everlasting grace. His grace and mercy is why i am. Glory to Christ

meanpeace on March 15, 2012:

The Providence of God is my unalienable right. And your personal expiriences are just that, personal expiriences. Given the seemingly valid "majority rules" with legislation, more people reporting positive personal expiriences with marijuana AUGHT to overide the lesser amount of neggative personal ones. One would think. But this world is not fair or just. 

And living without alcohol is possible sorry.  It was the violent crime that was associated with legality that made alcohol legal again. You know bloody bodies death guns murder etc etc. mexico cartel is a repeat of history. That is why prohibition does not work.. You see, wether you realize it or not placing something in an "illegal" catagory turns one market into an enforcement and another into a criminal. It twin streams of revenue. Highly profitable industry. Criminal involves guns death.....yep all that stuff. So how can you say that alcohol was made legal again because people couldnt live without it? I guess getting killed by the violence is what you mean! It was death and destruction. That far out weighed damage done from the consumption. Prohibition does not work. It didnt work with adam and eve, and it sure as hell aint gonna work with modern man.

We learned that in the first few pages in the bible. And if two people couldnt adhere to prohibition given from God himself, millions and millions of people arent going to listen to prohibition coming from man. Yet you insist on repeating the fallacy of prohibition?

Everyone will suffer.... Okay, do you take a tylenol when you get a headache? How about when your legs hurt so bad you can hardly walk? Pop a ibuprofren? Why, arent you sopposed to suffer? So you choose synthetic medicine over natural. Its doesnt bring you any closer to God using mans medicine than it does using Gods. So whats you point? I must endure bodily pain? I have other man made options? Be gone ye workers of iniquity. I choose Gods providence, HIS provisions. 

Long suffering, fruit of the spirit. Hmm do you see that word SPIRIT? Thats exactly right the spirit will suffer. Suffering is adhering to Gods plan, not MANS. Because we as humans want it "our way". Fruit of the spirit is doing Gods will. Every sinner is capable and more importantly DOES Gods will. 

Theres physical and then theres spiritual. Bieng christian is a spiritual mater. Anyone who has the capability to relieve physical body pain VIA A GOD CREATED AND BLESSED provision has the right to do so. Do you maintain that we should torture ourselves enduring pain?  Like you have a checklist of acceptable things someone is allowed to take. Where did you get that list? Uncle sam? Whom do you serve your uncle or the father? 

Oh i know, i know smoking weed aint serving the lord right, well niether are your DAILY SINS that you commit every day. Christ is our salvation. The will of the Father be done regardless.

Your blind christian friend who is on a fence smoking pot commit som of the sam sins you commit DAILY... Deserving? Who are you to say who deserves what? My father made it for me. You cannot come between that. I know our ego may be telling us other wise, but Gods children are intitled to his provisions. Period.

She might repent from what? Sin? Will you? You should daily, but i bet you sure as hell sin daily DONT YOU! No sweat, we all do!

Its Christ who redeems us.

The bible doesnt justify anything. It cant. Its a collection of text. What does the justifying is truth because in the end it endures. Justification only manifests in the end of a situation. Ponder that one. 

It "justifies" herbs and seed bearing plants. God himself said so. Sorry buddy i believe him over you or some corporation posing as a society. Are you suggesting that i am falsely using the bible to "justify" my words?

How so? Please be specific, and i shall address it.

meanpeace on March 15, 2012:

Is there some other escape you seeked? An escape that ONLY GOD CAN FILL. Welcome to the school of life. Only God can fill your escape. We all learn this even as christians.

We as humans go through trials and tribulations. Are your sopposed struggles with matijuana more valid than positive scientific, demographic and more importantly  God providence fact?

Your dramatic "dependence on marijuana" has transfered to something else im sure. It didnt suck you into "a path" YOU SUCKED IT AND USED IT AS A REASON TO ABANDON RESPONSIBILITY. 

The point im making is not that its not possible or valid. Its not even that not inevitable. We all as humans get "hooked" to something. That "hook" is in the form of anything. Literaly, physical and spiritualy.  But your "path to destruction" could happen with anything else. Even food. Turn on the tv. Ever heard of the biggest looser. Enough said. You dont see food bieng made illegal. Again you have no proof that marijuana is harmful. 

What the federal government cant proove it but you can? Thats right. I said they cant prove it. Thats the nerve of them. Funny thing is they dont have to prove what they say. Despite bieng proven otherwise by its own research and development, and marketing of a synthetic substitute. It still maintains that its bad for you. Why? So it can make $. But thats about to change.

Heres an Example: The point with tobbacco is not that it can "kill" you. ITS THAT ITS STILL LEGAL. If Government is looking out for us, like you presume, why is it still legal? Its says on the wraper it will kill you. Shows pictures. Yet government allows it to be sold marketed and consumed in mass amounts. WHY? This tottaly exposes the incompotence and corruption of government yet you maintain their sound judgement regarding marijuana. A point there is marijuana has proven benefits. Tobacco has NONE. Yet tobacco is legal. Once again the "law" is not valid or just.

Another fact is that the statutory enforcement of marijuana prohibition  is like a Cure that is worse than the desease its trying to cure. Forget the money made from legality. What about lives lost. While we are so blindly distracted with satans viel of deception, (worried about hypothetical souls lost to pot) peoples physical lives are bieng lost simply from it bieng illegal. Those are not hypothetical lost souls. Were talking dead bodies. No chance for salvation at all. Example drug deal shooting etc etc etc. How exactly can you witness to a DEAD body anyways. You cant. So in favor of doing the will of God. You could atleast work for peaceful means of coexsisting with these pesky pot heads, "legalization" or other means, other than poilice enforcement or exposure to danger in any circumstance thereof. And supporting current federal or state "law" as you put it, is not doing that.

Taking away Accountability is unbiblical any way you look at it. No mater what your excuse is. Just because you slipped on ice and busted your head doesnt mean that i cant put ice chips in my drinks. Ok sure it hurt John but john slipped, tryed again, slipped, and so on and so on. Its ALL Johns fault. Hes the one who walked out onto the frozen lake. Who is he to make lakes illegal because they have potential to freeze. And what is a frozen lake to those who have a use or right to use. How can anyone seriously not see the big picture?

meanpeace on March 15, 2012:

There is no "reason" let alone a main one, why its "illegal".

There doesnt need to be. Thats the "beauty" of legislation and governments role. All in favor, majority wins. Money talks by the way.  Welcome to the politics of man. Legislators, politicians, lawyers,judges, congressman alike DO NOT represent me nor will they ever. I will not belittle my representation into the hands of another man. That is the fallacy of statutory law. It does NOT represent everyones vote,beliefe,moral thoughts etc etc.   You NOR anyone else has the authority to hold me personaly accountable to the statutory mind set of the politics of man. Look up common law. It is the law that every human is bound by. Common law is LAW. All other is statutes, man made. Do no harm. That is the law. 

" caffeine and tobbacco dont alter enough to sufficiently to cause impairment" umm unfortunately you are wrong. Have you ever been around someone who drinks coffee daily (demonstration that its addictive)? Then also have you ever seen them in a situation where they are unable to get coffee or thier precious stogies? How do they act? How do they change? Try meditating on the lord while having nicotine cravings or bieng hyped up on cafiene. Ha ha yeah be still now, be still....And you have the oddasity to say that its not enough to alter the mind? 

Like there is a standard of measurement When it comes to impairment? Besides, its not how much it alters its that IT DOES. 

Theres no need in belittling anything to raise another here. We should all be honest. Anything and everything can and does alter the mind. We prove this to ourselves daily.

This escape that you speak of, is it like the escape of being painless for a few hours? Bieng able to sit or lay down for awhile without twitching? Is it like the escape of bieng able to sleep at night or more like the escape of gaining a few much needed pounds? Surely you speak not of abandoning reality? Like we all do when we watch ANY movie. Who would want to escape their responsibilitys? That is not a marijuana problem, its a mental problem. Handling your dutys are part of life.

 If you want to sit in a chair and become a vegitable BEFORE you "smoke marijuana" you sure as hell are going to AFTERWARDS. 

Point bieng, if thats your goal, its going to get accomplished no mater what the "tool" is. Look around you, theres people who do that who dont even consume anything that would be considered "mind altering". 

meanpeace on March 15, 2012:

By stating that it alters the mind, therefore its made illegal, are we to conclude "laws" are formed for the sake of our well bieng. We know they are not entirely. 

Laws are for our "protection" you presume. This is what Government "needs" you to believe in order to justify theyre actions. However we have obvious cases where infact Government has infinged upoun their "duty". Yet you maintain that its for our good that they do. Turn on the news. After a few minutes you will see. The law of God is infallable. Common law is infallable. Statutory law of man IS fallible. This is 100 percent true. Ask even a child.

Sure some laws appear to be protective to us. However majority fall under DO NO HARM wich is common law :-D . But many "laws" are not for our well bieng. Example abortion, its legal. Thats not for our well bieng is it now. Infact its the opposite, DEATH. Is a hungry man with a fishing pole in hand, a criminal because he is fishing without a license? I can go on and on. seriously...

How vain is the mind that understands not that the politics of man is NOT Gods politics. 

I have layed out before you the origin and the application of LAW and its predecessor statutory law. 

Statutes are a legislative RULE of society wich is given the FORCE of law. Its NOT LAW. Tell me whats the name of the society that youre in? Having trouble finding the exact name? It will varry from person to person. If you know not the name of a thing, all knowledge of that thing will perish. Another maxim law :-D  if i were to ask you whats your best friends name, and you were to say im not sure. What then am i to conclude?

Societys have a common agreement on issues within that society. Its evident here we 

dont have a common agreement. So the society and its rule is void. Statutory enforcement within that society is void to all who do not agree. And they have every right to remove them self from that society as well. Fact ; Bieng a society we must all agree in order for rules within that society to be valid. And majority rules representation and legislation contridicts and voids just that! Be ye not decieved. 

Force is force. 

The statutory enforcement is given the FORCE of law. It is forced upoun us. Look up statute in Blacks law dictionary. Feel free to look it up your self, Ask your self this. Why is it that everyday people use a websters dictionary, mean while lawyers,judges,legislators and politicians etc use law dictionary. They are different languages. One is used for common use , one is for legal use, better known as legalese. The language of "law" is based on redefenition of words. If you want to we can go further into examples or to as why would anyone want to redefine a word? If i was to redefine words in the bible to suit my agenda you would rightfully recongnize that the mere notion is agenda based. So why do you not recongnize the same scenario with legislation? With modern "law etc etc?

Born Again Former Addict on March 12, 2012:

I can tell you from experience, as a born again christian, SMOKING WEED is a manifestation of the FLESH.

It's something you do to escape reality. I have an anxiety disorder, and the first time I smoked weed, I had multiple panic attacks, so I smoked it in conjuction with alcohol, and then in low low doses. Weed brings on euphoria, it alters the mind. When I was anxious, and couldn't handle life, boredom, or emotions, I used Marijuana to escape, as someone would with alcohol, Let me repeat

MARIJUANA ALTERS THE MIND. Hence, it is NOT LEGAL. this is the main reason it is NOT LEGAL.

There are only a few substances that are LEGAL that ALTER the mind. Caffiene, Tobacco, and Alcohol.

Caffiene and Tobacco don't alter the mind sufficiently to cause impairment. Alcohol DOES, infact it was made ILLEGEAL in the united states VIA Prohibition but since so many people couldn't live without it, the prohibition was revoked.

I threw 5 years of my life away by becoming addicted to the escape of Marijuana. Along with Tobacco, and Alcohol, but Marijuana is what got me sucked back into the WIDE PATH OF DESTRUCTION.

When Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, he said you will now have to till the soil. Nobody is exempt, everyone will have to sweat, and bleed, and suffer.

LIFE is going to have suffering! It says in scripture that one of the fruits of the holy spirit is LONG-SUFFERING.

I know of one professing christian who smokes pot, as I once did, and let me tell you, she's legally blind, cannot drive, and spends most of her time alone at home. in my opinion, she's far more deserving to smoke pot, and her stance is "ON THE FENCE" about smoking it. She might repent, she might not, I do not know this, but I do know that God will Judge her according to it.

By no means does she use the bible to JUSTIFY smoking Pot.

The bible NOWHERE Justifys smoking weed, just as it NOWHERE Justifys drinking alcohol.


So far, Marijuana drug trafficing in Mexico is responsible for the death's of thousands of people. Do you consider this Holy?


Are you mastered by marijuana? If you cannot go without smoking it, you are mastered by it.

Why even give attention to something that will NOT matter when you die and go to heaven if saved? Do you think people will be smoking weed in heaven? I dont think so. Do you think people will be drinking alcoholic beverages in heaven? Nope!

Spiritual bliss on March 10, 2012:

A person ability to think clearly. I know of many who do not drink, smoke or use drugs but have committed adultery, have stolen and some who have murdered even after declaring faith through being active members in the church community. Knowing the difference of consequence with action speaks louder than words. Whether your drunk off the Lord or high after smoking a spliff, you know what is right and wrong. Only The Giver of Deliverance will have that right to judge and no one else. I am not going to quote the bible because only those with a higher understanding of wisdom within its sanctity should do so. It should be only used as a tool for spiritual enlightenment and discussion.

Spiritual lids on March 10, 2012:

Conciousness is a State of being or knowing your surroundings. Lust, greed, gluttony ect...can alter a

meanpeace on March 01, 2012:

Yeah like Greed,envy, lust, judgement,hate, and anger to name a few mind altering "things".

Emily on February 29, 2012:

Anything that alters your mind is bad.

meanpeace on February 15, 2012:

I concur. Lets examine this Luke chp 7 verse 39 Now when the Pharisee which had bidden him saw it, he spake within himself, saying, This man, if he were a prophet, would have known who and what manner of woman this is that toucheth him: for she is a sinner. 40  And Jesus answering said unto him, Simon, I have somewhat to say unto thee. And he saith, Master, say on. 41  There was a certain creditor which had two debtors: the one owed five hundred pence, and the other fifty. 42  And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore, which of them will love him most? 43  Simon answered and said, I suppose that he, to whom he forgave most. And he said unto him, Thou hast rightly judged. 

Here we have Christ pointing out that God loves (has reason to) sinners MORE than self proclaimed "saints". Yet, we have here people trying to claim the opposite. Im going by what Christ says, not some other man proclaiming to be closer to God, because he doesnt use marijuana. All the Meanwhile battling with sin every human endures. It is pure contridictory. And we know Christ spoke against hypocritical embodiement. 

Steven on February 14, 2012:

God said it himself were all sinners and know bodys perfect you shoulnt be called a criminal because you use an herb that happens to alter your mind but takes away a pain so hurtfull were all gunna sin its a part of life but it doesnt matter if you kill some one or medicate your sinning and god will forgive

Steven on February 14, 2012:

I think marijuana shouldnt be judged for the simple fact god said he gave us every herb bearing seed why is it ok that you can take ten pain killers and die but its not ok to smoke a joint and feel better you would be wrong saying that God made man and everything on earth but man made alchohol I may just be a 16 year old kid but i still use cannabis because i am in pain everyday And god said judge a man not for what goes in his body but what comes out of it.

Irrelevant on February 05, 2012:

Genesis 1:29 if the world was a gift why do we forsake it..? Mother nature helps our body because we were made from dirt.

meanpeace on January 20, 2012:

Oh how mans view can become distorted by his minds eye. Man will cast his belief onto what he sees, or onto what he think he should see. Then in the same breath cast it elsewhere in another breath. Let us look at the words of Christ regarding this. 

Mathew chapter 11 verse 18 &19

    18  For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil. 19  The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children. 

What is Christs message here? Do you see the correlation with the beam thats in your eyes now?

We often think we know what "should be". And once we are shown otherwise we tend to dwell upoun what we think then that should be as well. Christ alone is what should be. Our souls focous is Christ. There isnt a man woman or child umung us who battles not with things of this earth. Not just with desire. But with neccessitys as well. However, somehow its not the battle that is in common, and that makes us all equal. Somehow its the perspective or justification thereof that some people feel their sin or strife is pardoned while other people are not. Not the case folks.

There is but one spottless. Theres is but one christ the lord. Hate and judge not your neighbor for using an herb. Because doing so is not scriptually sound. Nor is it adhered to the second commandment from our lord Christ; love thy neighbor as thy self. 

On a side note. Remember the passage ;  The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners?

See the word winebibber? Christ is personifying the exaggerated personification of mans ways. The way we assume things. For example. Soppose you see someone with a beer in hand. Whats your first thought? A drunk! Perhaps this is the only beer that person has ever had or will have. Or perhaps its a medicine for him. Or perhaps its not a stumble for this man at all. Yet for you it is. etc etc. 

 However the lets examine this. Christ said eating and drinking. Ofcourse he is speaking of his self. He ate and he drank. Taking those to extreme would be gloutony and drunkeness would they not? In order for something to be taken to the extreme there has to be a starting point. If i was to become a drunk i would have to drink atleast some. So, here can we presume that Christ drank wine. According to his words and deduction of grammer and context and point. Yes we could presume that. 

However my point is not if christ drank wine or not. Frankly its irrelevant to me. To you on the other hand it would be a different story. As you would more than likely have to change your prespective and judgements etc. that would mean all your assumptions and charges would have to be dropped against your wine drinking brethren. Not gonna hapen? Yeah it would have to be that you were wrong. And ego is to big for that eh? 

Anyways Point is that we tend to make false judgement according to what we see or think we should see. Christ centership is not the pursuit of having only pure before thine eyes. Its merely the pursuit of christ. Leaving only room for christ. Does this leave room for putting bad before thine eyes? No, when you only have room for christ. You only have room for christ. And my

Point to everyone with eyes or ears here is. None umungst us makes room  ONLY for christ. Christ is put into different rooms within each and every one of our physical bodys mansion. He may be in your foyer or you dining hall. Yet other things reside in you closets. 

Lets us hope and pray christ IS the mansion in all our spiritual bodys mansion. 

meanpeace on January 12, 2012:

All power does come from , will come from and is from God. It is contradictory to say that something  is made by God on one hand but not of his will or power on the other. Plain and simple.

 God is supreme all knowing. Everything is preconceived. So, are we to say the power of God is only in the form of some light ray streaming down from heaven? No, Gods power is not limited to such, or anything. Gods power is unlimited. And can and is, in the form of many "things". His power could be in a tuna sandwich. 

Whom are we to say that its not even possible. God is God. The tuna could be spoiled to cause harm to a tyrant or enriched to nourish a God fearing servant. Are we to discern Gods methods?

If you don't want to accept Gods will or power in the form of a plant or herb. What makes you think your spiritual minds perception has the capacity to accept Gods will or power in anyother shape or form. You dare to train your thought to only accept what you deem acceptable? Why? Especially of form you cannot see!? Stand there and wait for that heavenly light ray to touch and heal you. While I partake of this herb, that which has within it, omniscient and perfect preconceived design and capacity to be of Gods will and power. God alone chooses his medium of his power or will. Not man. Happy sunbathing

G blanch on January 07, 2012:

Mandrakes Roots: (see below) It sure seems to me that the Bible is full of parables and stories to help us understand the fallacy of man and the awesome power of God...they trusted in drugs to do the work that God is meant to do. I want all power to come from Him.

Should we also listen to Lot's daughters and have incest with our family? In Genesis 19:32 they lay with Lot after getting him drunk and those children became Moabites and Ammonites...enemies of Israel...It seems that there are consequences to all evil acts throughout the Bible.

In Genesis 30:14, Reuben, the eldest son of Jacob and Leah finds mandrake in a field. Rachel, Jacob's infertile second wife and Leah's sister, is desirous of the mandrakes and barters with Leah for them. The trade offered by Rachel is for Leah to spend that night in Jacob's bed in exchange for Leah's ??????. Leah gives away the plant to her barren sister, but soon after this (Genesis 30:14-22), Leah, who had previously had four sons but had been infertile for a long while, became pregnant once more and in time gave birth to two more sons, Issachar and Zebulun, and a daughter, Dinah. Only years after this episode of her asking for the mandrakes did Rachel manage to get pregnant. The predominant traditional Jewish view is that mandrakes were an ancient folk remedy to help barren women conceive a child.

meanpeace on December 19, 2011:

Lets review some things ; If we all sat down and made of list of the things that we absolutely "need". We all would have different "requirements". God, Food, and water most likely will be the common denomination. 

Any possible physical act, proccess or thing beyond God, food or water or proccess thereof would then be considered excess. Gluttony, self indulgence, etc etc. However is doing so sinful?  Is it sin? Does it inhibit spiritual growth? Does it vary from person to person as well? What is spiritual growth? 

Growth is not just limited to getting bigger. Growth can be in the form of merely having an "IN and "out" simultainusly. Giving or taking or what ever. Point being theres two sides God/christ and antichrist/Evil are working perfectly as planned (foreknown). Two sides come across like a coin. So we often focous on just the coin or the sides. Point bieng is if it was just sitting on a shelf it wouldnt have sides. Just one side. Its gonna take a lifting to expose the other side. Dare try to convince that some day soon the coin would flip its self over and expose its other side and its purpose as a coin with two sides that must work in tandem ( they do dont they? God and evil are in tandem) 

Once again observe the crazy and "evil" things David did. And many others of the bible. Yet they are revered and "holy". 

 What kind of God would just be in a world with just God? Kinda boring eh? Sure God can decorate with nature. But being a real God requires something much much more. Creating some "things" that are capable of recongnizing God would would be and is the start as we know it. God doesnt exsist without you. Ofcourse you in general sense. If we ( anything capable of recongnizing) all die and never communicate or seek with/of God. God would "die" (our standards). God would most likely be upset ( id be too) and cause more phenominon with man in order for realization to take effect. Hence neccessary "evil" etc. 

Now given the subject or better yet the context of this web pages statement. Is using an herb evil, sin, or sinful? If you dare to be bold and say yes. Okay, well then its all part of the preconcieved plan, that is Gods neccessary "evil". What are some of the things that God has done or allowed to have been done that are "against his will? Remember David having his whore killed so it wouldnt be known? Yet, David remains a saint? But im going to hell for using an herb? Do you see the point? Our standards are OUR standards. Not Gods. Our logic is corrupted and egotistical.

 Remember when God forgotten his promise to his people and was going to reek havoc, until he was remenidid by a prophet that he promised not to?  Observe that there are many conflictions within "purity" as we know it. Point being "pure"  or holy as we know it is just as that. As we know it. Gods will works differently than our own. So how is it that any man can boast they know what pure is? Given that God even isnt then pure in the sense of our worldly perception standards. Am i saying that God is not pure? Ofcourse not! Im saying its according to the standards you or I use. We shouldnt use mans standards to gauge that or salvation or any other spiritual matter. Its kinda like electrical codes. What is considered paramont and law varies from place to place thus person to person. However one thing we know is electricity will flow regardless.

Now hypotheticly speaking,  if all possible other physical world things and or distractions were removed from our hypothetical scenario, what then would be our number one destraction from God?  Our own self.? Our own personality? Our ego? Our inability to coexsist with eachother peacefully would be a product of ego, or attachment to ones own self.

Being Given complete isolation from any possible negative influence does not effect spirit desire. In the sense that we think it does atleast.( Spirit desire being the desire to pursue spiritual mater God, christ etc)

Look at adam and eve and the lesson there. Look at Gods people, and how many chances they are/were given. Look at how  bieng strict in obedience  , law, discipline etc in the old testament yet, still gave birth to "going astray". We could look at why God even decided to create anything, let alone "evil". Being omniscient, God knownly new a confliction would occour with/WITHIN  "purity". Yet it was done. Evil was "allowed" or "manifested" with pretense. Now sure we can ponder the nessecity of evil or purity. But life as we know it is the ballance within. Essentialy a ballance between God and us. We are seperate physical beings. The notion that this "distance" can be increased or decreased physicaly is preposterous and rather 2 dementional. And very comical i might add.

 Because the goal is spiritual isnt it? That is why we have people who dont recongnize God. They cant physicaly see. And likewise they havent developed spirit Either. You have to develop spirit also folks. First comes the basics like sight sound touch. Then comes recongnition and interaction etc. Spirit body develops like the physical body does. Like the proccess from a baby to an adult. 

Prophets develop their spirit enough so they can make transactions with other spirit. Most of us just struggle with our own spirit, let alone learning to deal with others. 

Im not talking about having seyonces or metaphysical mumbo jumbo. Anyone who has a heavenly father christ relationship knows what i mean.

What effects the spirit desire is......... spirit desire. Observe  When a lowly person "accepts" God, they realize its not about them. Its God. 

What about When a Godly person (from our point of view) reaccepts God ("back slide) "what is the case there? Its about God..........the most and complete righteous is  Christ God. That is something that never changes and is undisputed. Even if assumed by athists or other religion. Change the name to molecular power source or to buddah, it doesnt matter. The absolute and undisputed thing is there is something greater or another side wich exposes a twin sided purpose (think coin)

Clearly there are choices that lead to paths. However if the one true path wich is  CHRIST GOD, the one and supreme, is ever detoured from, then it maters not WHAT (physical) did it, the destracting from God. Its HOW  it happened. Point being its "self inflicted". Self caused. No one to blame but you. Often we blame things, acts, people, thoughts, satan etc. How come "how" is never examined? Always , always its the "what". The HOW is always YOU. 

Now, how is pointing the finger at anyother thing that is just some other thing (outside of God food water) any better? Point there is that EVERYONE falls into that catergory Except Christ! 

Do you opt to throw in an exception, maybe another messiah? Ofcourse not. So, bickering over this or that is not going to make the spirit grow.  Its all physical world mumbo jumbo. Just that 4th thing, remember God, food, and water? Numbering or schematics past there is for personal vanity. As Individual gatergorization of each possible thing,act, or scenario would vary from person to person. Gods will is pure yet ours fluctuates, rejects and pulls. Only to be pure when we "dwell" with God. Thus leaving only one possible scenario. GOD

Ofcourse speaking in terms of salvation. Hence removing all possible physical world scenarios attachment or things.

 Sit in a room with nothing but you. Stay there as long as you can. There you are with no distractions. What is the "hold up" between you and God? Anything physical? Your mental state of mind? Or is it the desire to seek? Pure uninterupted God desire should be our desire. 

And whom can claim that? None other than Christ the lord.

Fellow sister on December 15, 2011:

I have read the postings above and found them to be as unique as the person writing them. On such sensitive issues I do my best to not judge the person writing but seek to see what my view is and why. I am interested in growing and know that I do not know all there is to know. I know that many times in my life God has shared with me points that has changed a complete picture. Picture a puzzle of a family with excited faces in a hot air balloon. Now picture there is a piece missing and when that piece is put in place you see a hole in the balloon. Suddenly, you see their faces of excitement in a whole different way. One missing piece can change a picture completely. Not saying any of you are wrong but just that you all sound so certain and very opinionated on a subject where there is no concrete evidence on what you believe. Maybe it's a feeling or an interpreted scripture. Without seeking God's confirmation and knowing it in your hearts as being something by saying it brings God glory. In this stage of growing I choose to be open to God correcting my views and not so much for me to stand in confidence. There are a few major points I believe He would like for us to stand confident in and other directions to practice faith and stand firm in the unknowing, expecting for Him to reveal in His time. I am not perfect and I am learning that "most" of the times I felt I needed to be right it wasn't from God. A wise man once said to me "Sometimes, you can be so right, you are dead wrong".

meanpeace on December 08, 2011:

authorization" to break law? Exactly the same place i get mine from. Begone with your vain comprehension of my personal God given rights and relationship thereof.

Statutes are a rule of society that is given FORCE of law. Marijuana classification- thus enfforcement is a STATUTE. Its not even citizen inACTed. You would know this if you were aware of how cannabis became "criminalized".  Corruption pure corruption. 

The marijuana "law" you are reffering to is a STATUTE. Its a rule of A society given the force of law. Why would a law need a force of law? Translation its not a law to begin with. Thats why statutes acts etc come and go.

What society are you a member of? Exactly, cant come up with a name can u. America? Us? Each person will have a different answer. So how is it that this soposed society that we are in has no name? Or a name that we all agree on. Sounds like a fraud to me.  A society is in agreement and has common goal. Do you honestly think government is doing Gods will? Abort any babys lately? Well its legal. Im not in agreement with marijuana prohibition. Therefore take your society and shove it. I can and will be a part of any society i want to. I was born here, you cant remove me. This is my home, given to me by my father GOD.  I look talk walk and act like most other men. I work pay taxes and have never even been arrested. I dont kill or steal etc etc. I do no harm to anyone. I violate no laws. PERIOD.

All of the ACTS as you call " LAW" are man made man driven motivated corrupted and profited bologna! Go by the dates. Go back to the year 1776 look at the view of individual sovereign rights that everyone had. Look at how few "laws" as you call them, there was at that time. Oh and marijuana was "legal" untill the mid 1900's.  Wasnt long after curroption followed our nations formation. Yeah lots of statutes. Technicaly if law was so "just", shouldnt it have iliminated corruption a long time ago? That is, if law is for mans benefit? Corruption;  Its never went away. Do you deny that it has? Translation is  the ammendments to this formed societys "law" are called statutes and are mans motive NOT GODS. Ironicly a bi product of something humorusly called an ACT. Go figure eh? :-D

Wanna talk more law? 

Anyways you cant and will not deprive me of right to have personal undictated relationship with GOD CHRIST or his provisions to me. That  is tyranny umung other things. I will not, not succumb to pursuasive and or factless assumptions that you say overide my authority from God. Even in the smallest form. I have prayed and will continue. 

 Im in Gods provision society (yeah huk huk just made it up) You can be in man made society if you want. But do not question my GOD given rights. The society  "law" of the sea or whatever the name is, you are in goes against Gods will OPENLY. Yet you retain that you should obey any rule that the society comes up with regardless of morale or Gods will or design. Hogwash. I will be obedient to GODS design not mans.

What, be peace loving and just follow orders? Okay, do you have that same thought proccess when someone messed up your drive thru order didnt realize till you got home, got a flat tire and speeding/seat belt ticket on the way, and a msg on the answering machine voice mail says your fired. And given this lovely state we are in, no other jobs are available, so you have no money. Do you seriously think the government is gonna help you? Especially if theres millions of others. Remember The hurricane that wiped out luisiana? Where was the government then? Thats just one sate. Emagine if it was on mass scale. Its all in Gods hands and plan. Government could care less for gods plan or his design.  Its a seperate entity. And you say to obey everything that spews from the mouth of liars and crooks? That same kind peace loving conformitive attitude that they have?  Aww whos hands would it all be in? Right christ! All boils down to you and christ. All other bs is bs. 

Need to pray lol Heck Why stop assuming there, i just might be a reptilian illuminati eh? Cut the bull. Marijuana is not wrong in any shape or form. There is zero validity in saying that it is. You need to pray about your stumbling over physical world distractions. That includes what YOU think that I should be/not be doing. So you can focous on your spirit. Its like a child opting out of playing the game dodgeball. If you dont play you dodged it pretty dang good didnt you. My point? Ponder it.

Primary is the force, the spirit of Christ God Alighty. Thats folks is the supreme above all above anything! SPIRIT

Now heres where our physical minds capture this concept of spirit as a "feeling". Its not a feeling, im sure it has a feeling tho eh? 

 So you would think in spirit of progress in any avenue, every aspect of Christ should be pursued,discovered applied. Its all about Jesus eh!? For instence the direct intervention "he" had for/with all man, if they be clean or as Christ pointed out, those that just think they are holy. Proof of this, is the concept that yes spirit world is different and  isnt affected DIRECTLY as we tend to imply that it does- Our laws or interpretation of how things are on earth. A sinner "saved" within in the very physical presence of christ", is no different than a person that is not in the physical presence. Another clue there folks. 

Now days Its all about pauls letters. Its all about glory holy glory. Power to the cause, power to the church yada yada. Hogwash i say. Its all irrelevant. Its not our glory folks. Its Gods glory. Drop pride its heavier than your self. Besides a spirit has no use for the arms or legs to carry anything with, let alone to be carring something it has no use for PRIDE. Christ always glorified/glorifies our father. We may think we glorify our father when we cast others asside, but the truth is "he" doesnt even do that. So why do we insist on doing so? But yeah he dont use weed either right? Really? Why did he make it then? For me to use. Case in point.

Our judgement of eachother is  Kinda self centered to say the least. Christ alone is perfection. Tell me you know where what when and how perfection is. Frankly its irrelevant. Because the spirit thereof, is out of our perception physicaly anways so its all secondary. Remember the main mission?

Cast stones all ya want.  Bring on the clowns and the smoke n mirrors all ya want to. All of us aint gonna fall for it. God bless those that do.

meanpeace on December 08, 2011:

 I must say RAS MICHAEL, we need indeed to truly study and apply christ.  Guess that ole saying "what would jesus do" was copywriten eh!? Its more of a church or "doctrine" thereof now days. Most sermons evolve around paul and his message, wich is missinterpreted to glorify the church. Paul this paul that.  Its about christ folks. Christ the God center NOT THE FLESH. Flesh is for humanity, wich is apart from God. He suffrerd for our sake remember? Flesh is for man. 

Ok let me rant again and please note i use the word "you" in a general sense not to address anyone in particular; We seen the passion of Christ, ok what about the love of Christ what about the words of Christ etc etc. Instead people hover over love of the CHURCH or IMAGE, Touting hey check me out im clean your not.  Wich is all secondary at best. 

We all know There IS something bigger and better. Spirit

My "wittness" is the fruit of my spirit. Not PHYSICAL fruit. To think otherwise is allowing "satan" to destract you so that you focous on the physical world. People often fail to realize physical world is not just material things either.

Its IS wrong that man made it illegal. Need proof? Did moses or or anyother phrophet or even christ, heck even the revered paul speak about it? Nope. Just one corrupt man, made cannabis illegal. Look it up. Look at the things he claimed. Look at what the facts tell us now. Pure corrupt motive. You can see it in the rascist language he used in describing who used it, as if that alone was a threat. He was no Godly man by no sense of the word. Marijuana can be used for many many things. This isnt good if you have a motive for monopizing industry. Commerce remember that word. So lets see, no mention by Godly man (all in the bible), versus a condemnation by an ungodly man (a single government official at that) . Hmmm wich one to consider. How much more proof do you people need for crying out loud. Ignoring that alone is grounds for bieng pert near mentaly handicaped! 

Anyways The concept is sure easy to grasp. Some may even go about darn nearly "perfect" from our stand point. Let us be reminded Christ is not physical as it were, within our reality (our sight, our touch etc etc). So any so called display of what Christ would do is secondary. Person to person Christ comparisson that is; Comparisson is secondary, on this earth, is just that, a comparrison, to the "real thing" Christ. The source "creditor". The spirit. 

 Ever had a goosebump over something you heard or seen? Ever had one over something you didnt see or dont hear? Precisely, this physical realm is just another realm. We get destracted everyone does with physical things. Wow that sure is a glorious thing over there or wow thats appauling isnt it. Dont do this, do that, go here stay away I like this or you shouldnt do that yada yada.

Yep taken in considertion. Now what? lol

On with other physical things? lol. Listen Folks christ is in spiritual realm, our father is in  spiritual realm. 

All of  this non sense in the physical realm is realy time consuming and to be honest is wasting time. Translation? Ok weather you see or not see Christ, even if you resemble or know someone who does resemble (fat chance but for the sake of argument) Christ, it is only secondary. It doesnt mater. The spiritual realm is where we intend to "dwell" is it not?  After all that is where christ is. 

Christ lived/ is living from the inside out. Why do you all say to live from the outside in? A physical body temple is outside. Even paul spoke of this.  A spirit body is inside.  Marijuana effects the spirit like a bowl of ice cream does. Translation It doesnt. All this crap around us is physical. Unless its something that inhibits spirit development your arguement is irrelevant. Marijuana DOES NOT inhibit spiritual development. On the contrary as demonstrated by supporters above, it helps. 

Another pray about it... Why would anyone assume that i diddnt? As a christian it is common practice to pray about everything. insinuating that marijuana is wrong, with that statement. I beg to differ. I dont need to pray about my use of an herb everytime someone says to. They are saying to out of theyre own vanity. 

On the contrary i already i have prayed about it, so are we to conclude you disagree with my authorization from GOD? Tuff luck. Ya might want to reconsider your authority position. (ego). You are not my intermediary between the relationship of God and I. 

God is my physician and his provisions are my prescription. Period. You can abide by mans prescriptions if you want. I am under NO OBLIGATION TO FOLLOW MANS. 

I am perfectly capable of retaining or pursuing my relationship with Christ DAILY. Unless a valid arguement, or even some proof cannabis is against  Gods will is produced?  (impossibe! he literely physicaly, directly and intentionaly made it!) And do you, doubt that he isnt all knowing? Enough said. 

So, There is no, yeah God made it BUT, there is no but. That is that. Who are you to BUT in on Gods will. God made it. No buts. He said it was good, no buts. Made after his own image no buts. Throwing in a but, That is twisting Gods word. But, but but, ya gonna say to God but? I dont think so. Well you are, think about it. I have my fathers permision to accept and USE his gifts to me. 

And regarding legality If i was to say yeah the bible (GOD) says not to kill, but its only meant to apply where its illegal for people to kill. What kinda message is that.  If you cannot distinguish between Gods law and mans law then you will likely never distinguish between Gods will and mans will. The law of the land is mans will. Its for mans conduction between other man COMMERCE. Our laws are for transactions with eachother. Our laws are not for spirit. A child can comprehend even that.

But but BS God has spoken that is that. Take your buts somewhere else. God has spoken.  And i see the proccess of social reform is still not evident to some people. Ok i feel sorry for all you damned seat belt LAW violators . Living in sin not wearing your seat belt. Yep its "law" that gets broke by holy and unholy people alike. Uphold the law its for our good? Yeah and whats the price of a seat belt violation 20 bucks. Ok using your logic If you knowingly drive with a burnt out tail light you have sinned. Gonna throw in some more but but buts now? Hopefully you see the point. Our " laws" as you know them are for commerce. Mans law is different from Gods law. Observe moses and his peoples occupation in Egypt. Observe Daniel and his following of Gods law thereby denying and BREAKING law of his "master" the king. If anyone really studies the bible like they should, you will know what im talking about.

Wanna talk Law? Do you know the difference in law, lawful, and legal?  How about statute or act?  Lol ok,  remember render unto ceaser what is ceasers? Render unto law what is laws. Money, revenue, commerce. The law of our land is for commerce. Its not even biblicly or spiritualy sound or based law. 

Shouldnt we be inclined to change that?  Nope just go with it. Atleast thats what your sayin more or less by conforming to outrages and corrupt laws like marijuana prohibition. How is it that you think laws go about getting changed? Dont question why everyones jumping just jump. I dont think so. Question everything, turn over everything, look for Gods approval. Dont see it? Begone with it. Thats our plan eh? The "law" as you know it is NOT NOT NOT Gods will or in Gods favor. Its MAN made and maintained. Maintained by crooks, and liars at that. We all know that! They know that! For petes sake they make smear campaign adds exposing eachothers lies. On the news its this party did that the other did that. So dare you say to support the works of crooks and liars? Wtf? Bad advise to give anyone. God is my supreme authority, all, i repeat ALL others are equal to me. Thus said the lord!  Law Is do no harm. Thats it. pretty simple law actually. 

Remember christ broke laws? Remember healing on sabbath :-D Is that justified? Does it conflict with your point? Why? Dont we aim to be christ like? Where did christ get "

Richard Greene on December 04, 2011:

Titus 3:1 (NIV) says:

 1 Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good,

With it saying to be subject to rulers and authorities it is saying to follow the law. And in breaking the law, you are going against God's word, which is the pure definition of sin. The possession and use of marijuana is against the American law in most states, and requires a perscription in others. So, if you smoke weed in forbidding states, you're sinning, and of you're smoking weed in California, you're still sinning if you don't have a perscription. And my guess is that if you've gone as far as getting a perscription, then you're pretty dedicated to marijuana, and you won't be reading this thread.

macthusm on December 01, 2011:

Didn't God create the tree's and the herbs and everything he created was good....Weed is only illegal because of groups like Pfizer...No you are not suppose to be high all day just like your suppose to be sober and vigilant...but didn't Jesus turn the water into wine?

jtjesuslover on November 30, 2011:

I HAVE READ THROUGH MUCH OF THESE COMMENTS.... and here's what I want you all to know.

True Pot is a plant of the earth, given to us by God...


If we live in an area that specifically outlaws something, the bible calls us to follow the law, given to us by God, in order to witness as true Christians.

I know it's a very shaky subject, because it's "legal in some states" for "certain purposes". And some ppl argue "well, what if the law makes gay marriage legal".... well, if the law did that it would obviously and clearly go against the bible. I can't say whether it is wrong that people have made Pot illegal, but there are MANY people who do abuse it....

idk, what it comes down to is this: PRAY ON IT. Ask God and the Holy Spirit to talk to you AND through you, and be sure to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING and ALWAYS refer to the Holy Bible.

one last thing.. guys, in order to witness as true and loving Christians, we cannot condemn or say hurtful things or revile others with our speech. We are, according to the bible, to love and be accepting of ALL.. including those who even go directly against the bible. True we are to avoid those who are very deep in sin and refuse to ultimately repent, but that doesn't mean we should ostracize them and make them feel bad.

Once again.... idk..... all I know is the word of God and SOME of us here are not truly following in His holy word. I say that in the nicest way possible... let's all just take a step back and let God work through us.

RAS MICHAEL X on November 29, 2011:

Redefinition of so called "Defiled" as stated. Anything that is non-organic consumed into the body is a defilement, including the air that most of us breath. Eating dead chemical calories from your local drive thru is defilement... who so a man judge anothers "defilement" when each and every one of us on this planet who consume GMO foods in some form or fashion, the air that we breath, the tap water we cook with and consume... Get over yourself. The bible is a personal book of B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth and if someone wants to "defile" themselves by using the fruit of a plant that sprout from a seed that yes OUR FATHER CREATED in his OWN IMAGE despite the fairytales that you may believe, you are a lost soldier. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE. Our Father who art in heaven created LUCIFER ... PERIOD. HE IS EVER AND ALL KNOWING. Do you not think He created Lucifer to rebel after knowing our every move before we are even conceived? YOUR PAIN, YOUR SORROW, YOUR HAPPINESS, YOUR JOY, YOUR ESTABLISHMENT UNDERSTANDING OF WHO OUR FATHER REALLY IS AND THE GLORY OF ALL HIS CREATION....BUT THIS WORLD IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN OUR OWN "OVERSTANDINGS" and nobody can deny the medicinal effects on those who suffer from Cancer, Severe Anxiety, Glaucoma..Try telling these people that this is a defilement, no, thier condition brought upon by the chemicals ingested into thier bodies over a lifetime cuased them to be defiled...going to doctors for man-made medication is a defilement...GODS LAWS OVER RIDE THE LAWS OF THIS LAND WHEN THINGS ARE DONE WITH COMMON SENSE AND SELF GOVERNANCE AS CHRIST COME TO TEACH US...Not to use the bible and twist it to call GODS OWN SEED and DEFILEMENT!!!!!! Looks like someone fell into the secular religious population control method of understandng as suppose to the spirit of Christ. STUDY FOR YOURSELF FOLKS!!!! RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION OF BEHALF OF US MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS IN WASHINGTON STATE. AND CHRIST STILL BLESSES ME....

IF you believe that you are free under this method of conntroll then truly, you are a slave to the system who hijacked true Christology, turned it into Christianity which is vanity in Christ name, a luciferian bait and switch if you ask me.... Church is on Sunday in Babylon.... The Sabbath is Saturday..... I can go on and on about western christianity...but if we do not get back to the spirit of excellence and CHRISTOLOGY...The Science of applying UNDCONDITIONAL LOVE.... Then yes, I bear to this false witness who uses Gods word and the re-written sequences of King James to control population into beleive one such lie as calling Cannibus a defilement. Its Gods Seed. Anything of seed is of my Father, my Creator and of me...its like calling human beings a defilement on this earth as for we are of the same sequence of Creation so eloquently discovered and defined in mathematics by Fibonacci. The sequence of life of all seeds....Our Creator....THE CREATOR OF OUR BIG BANG AND MANY OTHERS.

Christian k. (yes thats my real name) on November 29, 2011:

Oh kay. So we are not supposed to do drugs. Well who classified weed as a drug. Well a goverment

meanpeace on November 18, 2011:


What do you mean by real? 

debating hmm, im exposing truth. Youre perception of "weed" is a product of the governments classification of "weed". Need proof, okay.

Once "gay marriage" is legalized will you agree with the "law"? As a "citizen" you must support it. Catch my drift? 

Stand and whatch classifications or laws change. It used to be against the law for women to vote, and im sure you catch my drift there too?

Dare you to prove the things that i have said wrong? Have at it! Fact is you cant. So this its not a debate. We have one side "marijuana" exposing facts, reffrences and logic.

 The other side "the holy and pure, Gods chosen judges yada yada" is exposing assumptions, emotion, and hypocritical practice. 

  Thus far cannabis has been proven to beneficial. What has been proven for it to be against God? Nothing. The only rebutal for people such as your self is like the following; Saying that it doesnt please God, doesnt glorify God, its sinnful, yada yada. But providing proof of claim is a different story. Im wrong? Ok show me.

Its a very simple task. Look through your bible and show me. Put your money where yo mouth is. Fact is your bankrupt, and you could use a tic tac.

Funny how there is lack of evidence for this claim bieng made against marijuana consuming brethren. No evidence, just emotion and assumptions. Go ahead find the same ole bible versus that have been clarified and and addressed already. 

Its just come to "weed supporters" having to defend an unjustified offense made by people with the mindset of marijuana such as your self. Yes indeed the accusations are unjustified. The explanation of why that is has been layed out before you. Have you failed to read/comprehend the above statements (everything on this web page) ? Didnt read them all? Ya might want to. Come 

back then we will talk. If youre tooooo  lazy to read/comprehend every response then whats to say your not toooo lazy to apply or seek truth even if/when you do realize it. Your content with settling with your prexsisting thoughts and judgements.  Wich having a closed mind is no way to pursue a spiritual path anyways. If you want your relationship with Christ to be a physical one, your prolly gonna end up waiting awhile. Fact is relationship with Christ is spiritual mater, not physical. Do you see him physicaly? No. Do you see anyones spirit physicaly? No. So how can you say what effects something that you cannot see? And absolute pure is something that you cannot see. Its intangible. Its a "concept" not a physical thing. 

Thats why your prehistoric or kindergarden like view of the PHYSICAL body bieng a holy or pure temple is old testament practice. Scary stuff actually. But hey if you want 9 wives and sacrifice first born or whatever go ahead. 

As modern (new testament) christians why emphasise the spirit body. 

Seriously man, if you can realize that God's perception and capability is far beyond our comprension let alone creativity.  Then We are in no way capable of thinking like or equivillant to God. But just to get even a step closer to thinking like him your going to have to accept some things. Wether the topic of this page is ever truly evident to you is irrlevant. Point bieng your mind is gonna have to change (proccess thought different) in order to even move a hair closer to the absolute absurd possibility of thinking like God the almighty and supreme. 

Thus proof that the spirit body is only capable of bieng pure, not the physical body. Need an example? We're made in the IMAGE of God.  Otherwise anyone could be the Christ.


Harmful? Obviosly you have not read the news lately. There are many many many benefits to using marijuana. Infact your statement that insinuates that its harmfull is a flat out lie. The OPPOSITE is the case. I will gladly provide you with verification to debunk every single harmfull assumption that you make or have. However it will save you time to just read everything above.

Ok, who made "the thc then"? Are you aware thc is produced by the plant, and its function is for the equivillant to our applicating sunblock? Are you aware the human body has receptors that are DESIGNED to recieve and use "THC"? Yes hundreds of them all over our body. That is why there is bieng done now as we speak, many scientific breakthoughs and discoveries with the proccessing of this thc and receptors. Odd isnt it? God made a plant with thc and humans with receptors designed JUST for thc. Now what say you? God messed up? Dont think so. 


Ok, do you eat only what is neccessary to survive? Do you drink cafiene? Eat sweets? Use tobbaco? Masterbate? I could go on for ever. Are you obmitting those things? Christ is the way and anyone who partakes of the above or marijuana ALWAYS has the capacity within Christ to with God, no matter what judgement you assume upoun them. 

Heres a trivia question; What body houses a spirit? The SPIRIT body. A spiritual body is only not pure when its occupied with sinful nature. Marijuana use is not a sin. 

However your over indulgence of coke and ice cream is sinful. Yet you have the oddasity to point the finger at someone else for using an herb.

 Examine thy self before you examine others. You will find you are full of hypocrisy and sin. If not, your spiritual path hasnt even began yet . Your just looking at the ship wanting to get on board.

JESUS FAVORITE EPERRY on November 17, 2011:


JESUS FAVORITE EPERRY on November 17, 2011:


sam on November 15, 2011:

to the guy who started this this little talk i would like to say im disturbed with your lack of knowledge of the bible and gods word plz do not get on the net talking about things you know nothing about sure we follow the law of the land intell the law is no longer going along with gods law and if you havnt looked around lately thats what is happening in todays world people are lost and idiots like you who try to throw god into your talk to make your point seem a little bigger really discust me the lord loves us all and we are all created in his image and he died on the cross to save us all and as long as we have accepted that fact we will be saved now those idiots that are like you and trying to stear people down a false path are doomed to burn in hell

meanpeace on November 12, 2011:

Lets ponder those thoughts and what we know;

Religion is formation of earthly charictor-vessles to refine the spirit for the masses. Its a system for many people. I preffer a home cooked meal as apposed to Mc Donalds. But each his own

Spirituality is for individuals. That is, its an individual proccess. Regaurdless if we attend church or practice a religion, everyone refines their spirit in some shape or form. We remember things, do things. We take into account and adapt. Some of us refuse to adapt  so we ignore things, like atheism or any stuburn headed person involving any mater including my self. Somethings we do over and over even tho we know the outcome. Like sex, sure its wonderful while your doing it. Afterwards? Who cares eh? That is till the next urge comes. And we could go on for days with examples there.

The best perspective is to retain individual spirituality, while using everything around you as a learning expirience. Bread as the bible calls it. Food can nourish or sicken us depending on what is taken in right? Same applies with anything we touch taste smell smell do think or feel etc. People gather in groups (church/religous sects) hoping to remove bad bread so they have only good bread. 

Personaly i attend church regularly. In actuality it henders me in some ways, in others it helps me grow. I go because of my wife and kids. Go in a sense reffering to a particular church- denomination. I gain more knowledege on my personal studys. However the fellowship and worship with brethren does nurture me in ways that comphensate, for me personaly. Were all different ofcourse. We should not be afraid to grow. That can be either in the form of change =  or adding something + or removing something - . Water becomes stagnant with no motion ya dig? 

In the end the result is the same. God, and "his" will be done

 Yes indeed, ironicaly churches deal with their own wheat and ingredient infestations so to speak while they try to bake bread for the masses , while the non church goers just battle bad loafs. No one is pure. So naturaly no mater how you do the math, the outcome isnt going to be pure. A church full of sinners is the same as a street full. The difference bieng the bread bieng taken in and christ salvation. That is in terms of individual spirit. 

 If you go to church or practice a religion that should not be the foundation of your spirit. No one should base their spiritual progression or capacity, on what other people say. Church should not be the glue that holds our spiritual body together. It is merely a popsicle stick to help spread the glue onto things/people etc.  

Its important to always keep in mind that only christ is perfect. All other fall short. Lesson there is yes there is hypocrisy lies etc etc within the spiritual "community". After all no one is perfect. We are not to give up, even tho we know we will never be perfect. As children when we learn to walk we fall, n get right back up. We wash our cars only to get dirty again the next day or two. There will be pain, and dirt always in this earthly exsistence. We deal with it as best as we learn how. Each of us have different methods and thoughts on how to deal with such. The bottom line is it must be delt with and we must adapt. 

Christ is center. Christ is the perfect harmonization with God. Within every person is christ. Christ the living "man" is "dead". This we all know. Yet within our center is the center (christ) wich is the center of God. You do not have to "get to" the center by going to church, obeying other peoples will, or practing a relgion. You "get to" the center by going there. 

Never base your spiritual progression on the perception of how things are around you. Remain steady and true to its course. Learn and adapt. There is hypocrisy, lies, and deception all around you. However beneath those dark and charred lumps of coal are beautiful diamonds. 

Dig through them, smash them up. Your gonna get dirty. You will see people walking around with many diamonds on, and they seem clean outwardly. Let me assure you they have inhailed alot of coal dust. Theyre inards are full of dark dust. They will boast they are clean outwardly, saying behold my beautiful diamonds. Fact is, if they really did all the work it took to earn those diamonds, they should be chocking on dust. Ironicly the diamonds are not for us. All that belongs to us is God. Keep digging till you find God.

Gods Peace to you

Swattleme on November 09, 2011:

Idk about you but for me this isn't up for debate I'm gonna do what I want.I dont even consider it a real drug cause its not manmade. I somewhat believe in God but it doesn't matter cause nobody does what he says anyways.If people are gonna be a fake christians then whats the difference between that and not being one at all.I lost my faith in religion cause it just seems like its dividing instead of providing that level playing field that were all seen as the same in the creators eyes. Somewhere in the bible it says man cannot direct his own steps.Which is why I feel religion is just totally man made. Maybe God is some kind of enlightenment we'll reach in the far future. So I'll be chillin in my dorm room with my roommates smoking weed until I lose my mind and need it for medical reasons.This plant just grew here if God created such intelligent beings, would he not expect them to find it? Test it? You don't need a heavy artillery of machinery to smoke it. Why would we have been able to find it so easily? The natives didn't know what it was and they used it in ceremonies.That had nothing to do with God. Are they in the wrong because they didn't know? Or because they believed in Natural structures as deities?I really want an opinion cause I'm going crazy here,seriously.

Justin on November 09, 2011:

meanpeace-In the end it is your choice what you believe. Im not going to not talk to somebody if they are a pot smoker. Christ is Lord and that is the most important thing.

q on November 09, 2011:

Psalms 104:14 "He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man"

Genesis 9:3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things

meanpeace on November 09, 2011:

"Well David, Moses, Jonah, Noah and other bible hero didn't exactly do that,and they will inherit the kingdom of God."

As christians we all will. And thats presicely my point. Even tho we dont "go all the way" salvation prevails. God is the examiner of heart n soul, not man. Why do people pride themselves as a judge of Gods people on one hand yet sin just like the very people they judged against on the other hand. We shouldnt be so foolish. We all do it. Im not saying that i dont.

 If we presume a weed smoker isnt giving all, how is that different from anyone else who doesnt give theyre all. The point bieng theres a hypocritical charge, that is bieng made by people when they yell out so to speak sinner, unclean etc. 

"This was not only Christ's message. When did Christ speak only of hypocrisy. "

Your right. Christ our lord spoke of many things. Things that some people will grasp, while others wont have the capability or the will to. Faith in christ be our salvation. 

We may try to place rankings and classifications here on earth. But in terms of spirit. Spirit is spirit. There is no national champion or a second place third place etc etc. 

 All spirits are apart of God, having within them the holy spirit. This is why christ was passionate about the lowly,meek, poor etc. Of wich were full of sin just like the so called holy ones. 

We are CHRISTians.

 Christ is the head hauncho. Fact is, christ indeed spoke of hypocrisy and judgement. We are free to accept that and apply it, or deny it and not apply it. Choose as you may. 

"Christ is God, and God's message is not just about hypocrisy."

  We cannot Legitimately say the bible says not to consume cannabis without showing where the bible says not to. And trying to rationalize a point with something that can be compared to anyother sin that we all do, is leveling the playing field at best. It doesnt confirm anything.

  The buisness of affirming a neggitive is always a fun task eh?

Anyhoot, Yeah people do things. We know in Gods eye no bad thing is worse than the other. And its been proven that cannabis is good. Thats why over half of gods people accept its use. But this has already been proven. Using marijuana doesnt need to be justified. What needs to be justified is man condeming the use of a natural remedy designed by God. What needs to be justified is the false judgements and accusations against people who use marijuana. Justifying marijuana use would be like justifying coffee use. It isnt neccessary, its of personal descresion. We dont go around hating on java (speed) drinkers now do we?

"The first commandment is Mark 12:30. This says to love the Lord with your mind and you say you can't." 

The heart loves. The mind makes descisions. Again justin remember were talking spiritual mater here. I said i do love the lord with all my heart. And indeed i do. 

What you may be mistaking is that true "going all the way" is nearly impossible/practical for us all. By going all the way, ofcourse im speaking of giving away all your possessions etc etc. Truth is most of us would rather die in Gods name rather than give away everything in Gods name.

"Well the bible says you should."

Yep. You gonna give your car,house tv etc etc away? That is, If all you need is the lord = wich is equivilant to full love for the lord. Thereby having full faith. Not worring about food shelter etc etc.

Hey man, its not my words its the words of jesus christ!! Do you see my point? It is impossible for us to be perfect, except through the eyes of the lord, except through the supreme sacrifice, the blood of christ. 

"Weed smoking doesn't do that."

Do what? Love the lord with all...? Ofcourse not, niether does watching football or anyother activity. The only thing that attributes to loving the lord is loving the lord. ALL other things, are other things. 

Why then is one category of christian people any worse than another. Given that the love of the lord is the same, outside of the other things that incompass everyones time or life. The way to gain soul is to gain soul, not to cast away. Casting away is the biproduct of judgement. Take for example American Indian culture. Tribes had a chief. No vice pres no secretary etc etc. Chief heard everyones voice. All were to speak. Even children. Before a descision was made that would effect the tribe, ALL were heard.

Our society doesnt allow for this. Sure we content that it is so. But our political system is set up to honor "majority" wich hypocriticaly is Represented by a single person. Wtf? This leaves room for coruption greed you name it. As a spiritual family we should hear the voice of ALL. Point bieng, the legal status of marijuana is a result of one man voice, not ALL's voice. 

Sure we can remove anything that takes away time for the lord. But if anyone really REALLY truely did that in spirit of removing EVERY detourant, then they would HAVE to go all the way and give away all possesions as CHRIST spoke of and more importantly DID. That is not questionable. Christ has spoken.

"Now weed smoking isn't the one and only thing, many things take away from loving the Lord with all you mind but I'm throwing weed smoking in there."

Justin as long as you realize that even the most faithful fully obedient christian ( according to man, according to you )  that you may know of still battles sin and obsticles that keep them from full reliance on the lord, full loving of the lord as specified above. Then we have reached an agreement of some sort.

 If not, i aim not to "convert" your thinking or reason for your point. I only aim for you to love your weed smoking brethren, as you love thy self. 

Justin on November 03, 2011:

"Where do you see in the bible that it says you dont have to? And who told you that? Christ? A phrophet? I dont recall seeing that in the bible. And why would you tell jesus that, no you dont have to sell/give away all posessions? More or less that is what you would be doing"

Well David, Moses, Jonah, Noah and other bible hero didn't exactly do that,and they will inherit the kingdom of God.

This was not only Christ's message. When did Christ speak only of hypocrisy. Christ is God, and God's message is not just about hypocrisy. The first commandment is Mark 12:30. This says to love the Lord with your mind and you say you can't. Well the bible says you should. Weed smoking doesn't do that. Now weed smoking isn't the one and only thing, many things take away from loving the Lord with all you mind but I'm throwing weed smoking in there.

"The vapor from marijuana brings no more glory to God than a second helping of food does."

That does not justify marijuana.

meanpeace on November 03, 2011:

Ok, moving on ..  ya do know selling would be for profit. Even if you do give the money made from it to church, hypotheticly. 

Where do you see in the bible that it says you dont have to? And who told you that? Christ? A phrophet? I dont recall seeing that in the bible. And why would you tell jesus that, no you dont have to sell/give away all posessions? More or less that is what you would be doing.

That was the advise of christ our leader. Doesnt it make sense to follow a leader, especialy if someone is wanting to be like them? Giving away all possesions is what christ prescribed and did. He specificaly told that to someone who felt they were giving their all, in turn, exposing they are really not willing to give it their all. Dont worry bro I think we all fit that catagory. My point bieng if anyone is not capable of giving their all, how can they critisize anyone else who doesnt either. Thats just going on the basis of equality. And we have already covered the morality etc.

 So how is it that not going that far, isnt considered moderation. I hope you see my point. Or more importantly christs point.

More bread on the mater In terms of God and man:

Luke ch16  Verse14  

And the Pharisees also, who were covetous, heard all these things: and they derided him. 15  And he (JESUS) said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God. 

Christ is speaking about the hypocritical pharisees. How they relic themselves in bieng so called pure. However such is/was not the case. Do we know what a pharisees is? Do we see how this can be applied to people who think they are holy- above others, or give more.(present day pharisees) Do you see how we may think that were are pleasing God in one way. (strict obedience, judgemental insert what ever) Wich indeed may very well be the case. But in another way quite the opposite. By restricting how far we are willing to go for God, there is a divider being put up. And we inherently know we should not put dividers up between us and God. Is this wrong? Yes. Will it effect salvation? Gods will be done. Do we all do it? Yes. You cant say to someone stop what your doing, it wont get you to the finish line, when you are not willing to do what it takes to get to finish line. Then again that brings up the question of full obedience and salvation. Either way having christ as savior is surity for our debt.

 The pharisees thought they were holy. Everyone even regarded them as holy. That is until along comes christ. Christ sees their  lies,hypocrisy, and hearts.  Hallelujah what a savior!

Christ spoke of this very thing that millions of people do. Many pastors preach sermons on sin yet fail to preach on the unity of spirit, we are all sinners, they may

Mumble right before the invitation song. The sermons are designed to make people feel guilty and repent. Yet it most often causes the "holy" to stick there chest out and put their nose in the air. Oh, if only sermons were about hypocrisy umungst the so called "holy". Makes me imagine christ coming through the doors and down the pews and speaking the truth. Not to lift others up or to put others down. But to expose truth.

Whats this got to do with marijuana, it addresses the hypocrisy within those that charge people as sinners. 


This justifies marijuana use,like eating past the point of neccessity justifies gluttony. All of us do that. Were all in this together. Love thy niegbor wether they be a cannabis consumer or a hypocritical zealot. 

The question of sticking up for a weed smomer wasnt literal justin. But thank you for giving an answer. It was a point, that im afraid was missed. Its not about "sticking up". I was talking spiritual mater, regaurding spirit. Even if she was stoned, christ was savior. The stopping of her bieng physicaly stoned didnt effect her salvation. Christ did. What the other people thought of her isnt relevant to her "conviction".


What the other people thought of her is relevant to christs response. That woman should have been embraced not stoned. She should have been guided, helped and ministerd to. Guilt is inherent. She knew she sinned, For others to throw guilt at her is wrong and contridictory. And above all else she should have been loved as christ prescribes. What is more captavating there? The hypocrisy of the stone chuckers that was exposed by christ, or the conviction of a whore? Gods will be done. 

The point bieng, christ knows all. Christ knew her heart and the stone holders hearts. Who is the victor there? God. The lady didnt "win" the stone chuckers didnt "loose". The holy spirit was glorified. The vapor from marijuana brings no more glory to God than a second helping of food does.  

Brother justin, peace be to you and your spiritual journey.

Justin on November 02, 2011:

"Living fully for God doesn't means you give your all to Him"

You're right, that statement was wrong. I didn't mean it like that. Living fully for God doesn't mean you have to sell all you have.

meanpeace on November 02, 2011:

Loving the lord with all your mind? 

Ohhh k.

The mind doesnt love, the heart does. My heart loves the lord completely. The mind makes decisions. Ya know like the decision to play football, smoke weed, or watch tv or spank your monkey or anyother activity that removes time from "loving the lord". Something that EVERYONE does in some shape or form.   

Im a bit confused justin. You have said some contridictory things. For example you said;

"The first commandment says to love the Lord with all your mind. Pot smoking is not loving the Lord with all your mind"

But on your previous post you stated ;

 "I am not a Christian in moderation. I don't know about you but I don't live half for God."

Wonderfull! Im glad you have reached saint hood! Just kidding, but ya do give a 100 percent thats wonderfull.

Ok you dont live half for God. But then the very next thing you said is ;

"Living fully for God doesn't means you give your all to Him"

So, ya dont gove a 100 percent. Hmm wich is it??

Huh vern? That is tottaly hypocritical an contridictory. 

 Biblical reffrence  of Jesus speaking about that has been provided-pointed out.  Do you not have "conviction" to realize there is always more room in your capacity for pursuing of God? 

Anyone who is content with their current level of pursuit of God is at a stand still- stagnant.

If you do not go all out on anything, that is moderation. This is fact justin. 

  We are all christians in moderation. There is ALLWAYS more we could be doing in/for God. No mater WHO you are.

 To think otherwise is egotistical and naive to say the least. 

This is the mind set christ spoke of. Bieng content with your current spiritual capacity. He pointed out to someone who thought they were giving theyre all, that they were not. 

So wheres the justice in someone who does not give theyre all, pointing the finger at someone else who doesnt give their all. Hypocritical and naive are those thoughts as christ demonstrated.

Justin on October 31, 2011:

Yes, I would stick up for a weed smoker, it's not hard. But the prostitute was convicted of her sin. Why would I stick up for a weed smoker who chose to keep doing so? Thats pointless. Now if they were convicted to turn away then of course, but otherwise no. I won't stick up for a sinful nature. I'm not separating you from God so dont play the victim. I don't call myself holy, I strive to be holy. The first commandment says to love the Lord with all your mind. Pot smoking is not loving the Lord with all your mind. Again you are talking to yourself. A hating spirit? Not even close. I don't hate you. I don't judge you.

meanpeace on October 31, 2011:

0boy, well heres some words on that for those with ears or an eye.

Christ gave away all his possesions. Do we? Christs didnt sin, do we? Christ was umungest "lowifes" are all christians? We could go on for ever. You can say we aim to be christ like, however our actions or even perception of other peoples souls in christ clearly demonstrates otherwise. If you are not 100 percent sure that you absolutely are christ like in everything that you do, you are degrading the persona of Christ. 

Namely, we name the same name as christ. As for charictor we can all point at aspects. When someone does point to a statement that christ made, especialy when dealing with subject mater, it should not be taken lightly. It should be taken in consideration 1st.

 Clearly your concerned about the direction of your brethren. We all should be. However if you were concerned as much as the ego would alow, you would be equaly concerned about the "lost souls" reception as well. You would hold  and guide your "misguided" brethren right to the door.  Letting them have your car, wallet or whatever they need. However what is it that we do? Yell out unclean, blasphmemus, depart from me, you are not like me, yada yada. It forms a nice little safe haven barrier for the "holy" hyocritical.  You want to be apart from the lowly as paul prescribes right? You want to shine.  Be holy as it were. 


Ok, look at what christ said. Look at what he did. How can anyone who is truly "holy" be apart from anyone. You cant. Because in the unholy person,  is the holy spirit. Look at how christ saved a whore about to be stoned to death by people who thought they were holy.

 To teach others of christ is one thing. To love you neighbor as yourself is another. The apostles struggled with this. As any bible scholar knows. Christ constantly taught people this. Yet it remained ignored even by the apostles. Perhaps its best to look at it like this. Within a bad person is a good thing. The holy spirit.

 As spiritual biengs we embrace the holy spirit. So to ignore the holy spirit in the bad person is Contridictory because in accepting the entire kingdom (collective souls) of God, you accept everything of God. 

This is where the term holy strikes me wrong. Its not that i dont agree with the overall God inspired concept. Its that it builds ego of the "holy". 

Why is it that the meek and humble will inherit the earth? Why would they be blessed for thier sacrifice of bieng meek spirited?

Is it because even in terible cituations they remain meek, therefore closer to love than a contrary judgemental,angry, hating spirit?

 Anyhow something to consider, words from our sponser. Jesus;

Mathew  ch22:

Verse    34  But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. 35  Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, 36  Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 37  JESUS said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38  This is the first and great commandment. 39  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. 

When a commandment from christ gets watered down or dismissed over anything let alone a feeling that is beyond proof of reason or judgemnent beyond jurisdiction. Then it maters not the outcome. Glory to God, will prevail.

For some its best to not go by someones description of how to be christ like. Its better to look at christ and his teachings WORDS and replicate.

Others need a spread sheet or check off list or a coloring book to go by. But i guarantee you, once they get to, give away all your possesions and  seek only the lord, or love thy neighbor as thy self. They will stop checking off. And concentrate on things they have already done. That is doing so in moderation. When you draw a line and say im not going to the next rung on the ladder. That is moderation. 

To be christ like envolves many things that we are not willing to give up or do. It is hypocritical to be christ like in some ways, yet ignore other ways and refuse to go that far.  Dare to claim you do not do a thing in moderation. 

And the fruit that the few christ like qualitys bare, will be infestesed with gnats from the unchrist like qualitys fruit. 

Would you speak up for a whore about to be stoned by people who were no more holy than she. Stoned by people carrying the same holy spirit as she. Christ did.

Would you speak up for a weed smoker in the same cituation. Not that deep? Seperating me from God in any shape or form is Gods duty, not anyone elses. So yes its deep.

You cant be holy on one hand and play with your tally wacker on the other. Anyone who claims their selves as bieng holy, id be weary of. Its far better to have someone else call you holy, than call your self holy. Kinda like getting straight A's in home school in my book. 

Justin on October 31, 2011:

Dont tell me that story. I know Christ's words but that has nothing to do with moderation. No I am not a Christian in moderation. I don't know about you but I don't live half for God. Living fully for God doesn't means you give your all to Him. Because we sin everyday doesn't mean that we accept it. You are talking to yourself here. Give up marijuana and follow Christ to the fullest.

meanpeace on October 31, 2011:

Each and everyone of us pursues God in moderation. Each and everyone of us is a christian in moderation. This conflicts with your point. The fact that your unable to not sin, the fact that you have not given away all your possesions testifies to that. Such bieng the case how can you not hypocriticaly say you do not agree with moderation. You do not abandon your material life and give everything to God. You do not go beyond what is expected by your piers. None of us do. Lets look at what christ said to someone who thought they were doing everything God wants;

From the book of mathew;

The Rich Young Man 

    16  And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? 17  And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. 18  He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, 19  Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 20  The young man saith unto him, All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet? 21  Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. 22  But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions. 

    23  Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. 24  And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. 25  When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved? 26  But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. 27  Then answered Peter and said unto him, Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee; what shall we have therefore? 28  And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29  And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. 30  But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first. 

Theres many many lessons there!

Once again its not what you have. Its what your willing to let go of. Can you let go of your self? Your sins. No? why not? Then so you live in moderation. Claim otherwise? See christs words.

Justin on October 30, 2011:

Adrian- Moderation is a lie. Why not do everything in moderation? Like cussing, or sex, or anything sinful. It is just in moderation. Doing things in moderation is not different from the world.

meanpeace- Not of the world physically is not even remotely speaking of isolation. Obviously you don't know what Im talking about. Well living the life of a Christian is following Christ. We are to be holy and Christ-like. A peculiar people as a matter of face. Doing whatever you want with your physical body is Christ-like. You also have to look different and act different, so using marijuana shouldn't even be in the question. If you have a problem with that, just read the bible like you say you do.

meanpeace on October 28, 2011:

Well said Adrian. Thank goodnes Gods not an "indian giver". It used to be that cannabis was an everyday common thing like coffee is now. This gift was embraced and used widely. 

Man has tried to tyrantly remove it and nearly all our other God given rights. And will continue to do so. Why is it that spiritual people do not recongnize how "satan" is using man for propaganda, tyranny and removing of our God given rights. People are quik to say "the end is near". Ok lets review history then shall we.

There used to be only1 law. Do no harm.

This is self explanitory. No damage,fraud,abuse etc etc.

Now its all corrupt political driven statutes and codes that have deviated from Gods law. Gee in Christs day cannabis was accepted by everyone. Now its not. Yet, they say the end is near. Umm hello, how many more signs are needed to reveal that the politics of man are not in Gods favor. To ignore that is no different than lying in my eye.

On a lighter note

Of the world is sin. Everyone sins

Not of the world physicaly is isolation. We all cant be celebate monks. 

Not of the world spiritualy is having christ as savior.

Woe to those who stumble over truth. 

Gods side is one sided. Its been covered what God says about herbs. 

meanpeace on October 28, 2011:

Observe the conditions and applications from the result of social reform.

Look up the definition of social reform.

 Apply this effect with the classification of the said subject. 

As mentioned before and as should be prescribed by common sense: if something is illegal it will effect the live style and conditions to all whom obtain said illegal subject. If john has to get something thats illegal from someone who deals with illegal subjects, ultimately his lifestyle will have to addapt in order to avoid legal and social reprocussons. Therefore personality and associations become altered as well. Unless we are talking about something thats legal, the legality will always be the dominating persuading factor in every avenue. Commercial, personal, social etc etc. 

 Its important here to realize that ofcourse we are speaking in stereotypical terms here. We are all different, likewise things effect people differently according to values, charictor etc etc. If a persons charictor was not strong enough to pursue christ head first to start with, it sure as heck aint gonna get any better no mater what they decide to put in theyre body.

As stated before its social acceptence is a result of legality. An overwhelming sign of this is 50 percent of americans support its use. Despite current legal classification. Whats the signifigance there. There is overwhelming positive attributes to this illegal subject. Otherwise it would be shunned by everyone like heroin. 

Adrian"marryjane"blood on October 27, 2011:

1 Timothy 4:4 "4 Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it but receive it with thanks." God tells us in the bible to give a glass of wine to the saddened man to make the heart merry. Wine, although grapes were made by God, is a man made substance, which can technically be considered a "drug". So by drinking wine to make the heart merry you are using a "drug" to change the way you feel, which God obviously has no problem with, as long as it is used within moderation. I believe this is the answer to whether or not God has a problem with the use of Marijuana, moderation is the key. God gave this herb to us, knowing its effects, for a reason, to make the heart merry, and for any medical use that it may aid in. To completely reject anything God gave us is clearly against his word. Once you are to the point that you are either too drunk or too "high" to function and think normally is where it becomes a sin. Marijuana has only been illegal for 1% of the time it's been used, and not until it was illegal did people start forming negative opinions towards it. The government has brainwashed people so far to the point that even Christians will outwardly slander a God given gift.

Justin on October 27, 2011:

I have not said they are not christians. But out of millions who use marijuana, nearly all of them are unsaved and you choose to partake in what they enjoy. How can anyone take me seriously? My friends take marijuana and they claim they are christians, when their fruit shows nothing. This is not jiberish.

Fine meanpeace, do what you want. Do what you think Christ is telling you to do. I think you are completely wrong but it's not up to me. I feel sorry for you since you choose to put yourself in a position where you are a stumbling block but whatever. It's not my opinion, it's what the bible says. Be in the world not of the world. But you seem pretty close to your opinion. This debate is pointless if you are only going to look at one side.

meanpeace on October 27, 2011:

" But I don't accept sin like you do"

Yeah, im sure king david heard that one before as well. 

The author claims it effects salvation. This implys that using marijuana is sinful. 

What effects salvation? Sin and christ. Christians accept christ So whats left... Yep.... SIN

Talking about sin is in context justin, why would you say its not? Trying to persuade the origin of condemnation of your brethren wich is of you, away again? Why do you say that im talking about something different. If something is different than sin, that makes it not sinful. Thanks for finaly admitting to that :-D

It doesnt mater if sin is accepted or not it is still there and used by us all. What is your motive in stating that i accept sin? We all do. You sin everday dude. Therefore you accept it. 

Quit avoiding answering of questions, quit avoiding having to provide tangible input (facts) quit destracting, quit saying its not about YOU. Because it is 

YOU that says marijuana is wrong. So YOU better prove it. Remember the millions of people your are charging as sinners? Remember the millions of christians whom you say are not christians?  It would be best to be providing some substence to your arguments other than your opinion. Or im telling daddy

While your at it quit sining too :-D Your input of drama, emotion, assumptions and accusations is getting rather unfruitful.

Who takes ANYONE seriously if they are hypocritical? Im bieng transparent. Im not going to say im closer to God than anyone else nor am i gonna say that im doing it properly and others arent. That is what you are saying, am i wrong? 

Or are you just gonna go with your "witnessing" while high, there?

Ok weed smokers,  no witnessing while your high. You have to wait till it wears off. Like the other regular non weed smoking christian sinners who wait till their sins wear off. Must be nice to have special pardon unlike us other christians.

"Who takes someone seriously if they are high"

Yeah they didnt take steve jobs "the weed smoker" seriously. Who proved who wrong there.

"Thats sad. I will pray for you."

Why would you not pray for me?

You are speaking about something you know nothing about. Marijuana. Everything that you claim to have known has been proven to be false. So how can anyone take you seriously :-D

Thats a little egotistical and some other stuff like oh my gosh there goes your testamonys. We could say that You lie so whos to say your testamony isnt a lie..... It is the christ embodiment that makes "wittnessing" or "testamony" valid. Its not the mental or physical condition. This is evidentry.

You assume some sort of a higher role in judgement ,  and in seperation than your brethren. Yet you say your not any better. Fibbing now are we? 

In christ, is in center. Of God is in center. We all cant be in center if you say others shouldnt be in center. Do you know what i mean vern?

 If you dont reply with some substence im no longer responding to your jiberish any longer.  Your aim is valid. Your points are dull and broken and you keep sticking your self with them to boot. Put some tips on them arrows n we will talk.

BJWhite on October 20, 2011:


Justin on October 19, 2011:

No actually theres a difference. Sin is sin. Correct. But I don't accept sin like you do. You accept bringing shame to God if you witness to someone high, that's your problem. Who takes someone seriously if they are high? Thats sad. I will pray for you. For the last time, I am no greater than you, I don't think that. This isn't a debate about me buddy this is a debate about weed, so let's keep it that way. I don't think I'm better than you. Seriously, I think you have no arguement so you're bringing something up thats totally different . Sin is sin for the last time, but this is about marijuana.

meanpeace on October 19, 2011:


When ya gonna answer mine by the way? 

I Already answered that before justin. You know that. Are you trying to avoid..... yourself? 

After all, its you, who needs to be held accountable if you believe your a prophet or a pure appostle or  whatever it is that think you that allows you to be the one who dictates whos genuinely able to be christian or "witness" or like whatever n stuff .

Christian? Yep so are we. 

Are you prepared to go there son? Are you saying you are more pure than a christian who has  smoke vapor effects within there human body? 

Your human desire consuming body brings forth proper witnessing? 

Can you "witness" to someone while bieng consumed with SIN your self justin? You can? Why is that?  

But your sin is different than, someones doing something thats um at best maybe "wrong" right? Do you realize what i just said? Do you see any signifigance in being contridictory to christs teachings???  Do you realize by saying your christian walk, or witnessing is official and ANYone elses isnt. You are taking on a role justin, you are saying your of purity and even worse, GODS authority to decide. God decides who is "witnessing" officially, and who is not. Not you or anyother human being. Period

You need not to insist your pure to me or or your fellow man. Yet thats what you do. If its not your intention then owell, its whats going down. God knows your not pure.  God knows your human desires are just as prevalent as any weed smoking persons.

How is it that your "allowed" or "pardoned" from smoking of Pride, greed, envy, anger, lust, sloth, and gluttony? You smoke just as much of that crap as anyother smoke inhailer does smoke. Do you not realize what im telling you? You Consume just as much SIN as a herb consumer inhales. Did christs words not resonate? Sermon on the mt remember? You still think your better than your weed smoking brethren? Did you not hear christs words? By bieng contridictory you are not luke warm like some weed smoker is, you are scalding. Examine christs words and see if what i just said is not true. What would christ do? Christ would make you accountable before, YOU even attempt to hold others accountable. 

Grrr you say. meanpeace now your saying what, so would christ smoke weed? What im saying is ya cant go around pointing the finger or saying nope God doesnt like that, when you are not without sin your self. That is contridictory. It doesnt please God. ( proof of that has been provided by the way ). 

Or do you have to wait till the effects from those 7 deadly sins wear off before you witness? And how long does that take?  Have a 15 min le way? Say a prayer and poof your sin is gone now you can witness? Is that what weed smokers should do? Or are you still in sin until you confess? Untill you repent? Untill you change your ways? Good luck there. Only christ is perfect, so theres the bar hieghth there justin. So in a sense it will all happen again. You Sin daily!  Gee kinda sounds like a habit?? That sin Sounds addicting Seriously, do you think you can partake in wordly thoughts ( anger,lust, judgement, ego, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc one minute and then the next minute "witness" to someone? Do you really think  all that neggative, and GOD forbidden thoughts and or behaivior, will just disapear because your ..... Special? Because your different than your other christian brethren?  Because God understands that justin gets angry and lusts after wordly thoughts and emotions. But justin is special. He has a cause . It the weed smokers that arent specialy forgiven. Sure the weed smokers arent actualy sinning when they "smoke" like justin is. But none the less God understands and forgives justin right before he goes to witness to someone. That way justin is pure. 

The weed smokers have to wait till the "hi" wears off or until they quit right. Sure the neggative thoughts of ego, lust, judgement etc will never wear off, but its ok. Justins cause and effect is far better than any weed smokers testamony or witnessing. Justins complete voluntary and self produced and uneccessary hypocritical thoughts and actions that christ spoke against, are pardoned in the name of christ. 

lol at the irony there eh? Read what i say 3 times, pray then go look in the mirror bub.

 All weed smokers hail to justin. Hes onto something here.

Thats not what your saying right. Im twisting words right.

Youre aware that your sinful by nature. Youre aware that you will never be perfect. Youre aware that nobody else is either. Its just that you believe marijuna is wrong. And "it doesnt bring glory to God" right.

Well son niether does sin. 

The advantage there is a weed smoker can "quit" anytime they want to. Can you quit sining? 

Justin on October 17, 2011:

Can you witness to someone high?

meanpeace on October 17, 2011:


Yep Christ paid the price. Christ was the perfect and the last physical sacrifice. It is comforting in knowing that i dont have to be perffect.  it is troubling knowing that i will never be. Glory be to christ, as my ego probably couldnt handle bieng perfect anyways. Be born ye again, daily.

meanpeace on October 16, 2011:

( Like Those few money mongering televangilst of the past, crazy acults, doctrine wacky etc etc loons that end up wacking someone how or some way or get other people to kill thereselves or sacrifice theier efforts time and money, emebzling, condeming and you name it.)

 (What about those that apear to "give glory to God" but are hypocrits like christ pointed out about the scribes etc? What about the people that proffess christ but contridict christ by doing the things he taught against (wich that have been pointed out.) Theyre not ignored?)

(Or  we could say thats due to a product of legalisim. As a "user" you have to isolate your self. After all your "breaking law", so naturaly every thing else becomes altered. How you live, where you go, who you "do it" with etc. Its a changes events and theyre outcome. Once again, in a free and just society its no different than coffee. And statisticly speaking cannabis is no different than the people that break away because of bieng  promiscuous or anyother human desire.  In fact statisticly the amount off people falling away are low regarding drugs compared to the people that break away because of intolerence with hypocricy. Know what that means? People see the hyporiticical judgement and practices within christians or a church. So if you want to a bigger or more signifigant cause, theres a biggin)

" It all starts from Christians who say to others,"It's ok to do weed."

(what all starts? Talk about twisting lol Are you talking about Drugs? Nope it all starts with caffeine. When was your first swig of caffeine justin? )

(Talking about Sinning; Nope it all starts with human desires hate,ego,pride,lust etc etc.) 

michellesbusta from rhode island on October 16, 2011:

doesnt anybody realize this is exactly what satan wants to cause divisions with God's people? nobody seems to be mentioning the fact that sin was paid for on the cross, you guys know the passage, "it is finished" cmon and also that when we face judgement we will be judged according to our deeds, not sin, wow, thats the problem people be harping on the sin factor too much, thank God his son the lord jesus christ payed the price for them, does that mean sin it up, no however if it comes down that smoking weed was a no no after all its been dealt with. stop being so damn legalistic people you take the free right out of christianity..........

meanpeace on October 16, 2011:


"Im am NOT angry. Im simply stating something. You do not know who I am. You claim me taking God's role. Nope. You've taken that spot. If anyone is angry look at yourself. I don't condemn you. You're pretty good at twisting words."

( Twisting words? You probably mean turning the table :- D 

How have i taken Gods role? By saying your not as high and mighty as you think you are? By saying its not your decision who is "in sin" using marijuana? By saying we are equal? How is that playing God when i stick up for Gods decision for it to be his decision? lol more destraction there justin?

 I dont even deny that i get angry. Thats my biggest stumbling block, anger. Seriously even in church when the pastor says something thats not true or is just a mere personal oppinion but trys to convey it as bieng a fact, it infuriates me. Its a battle. Im not talking about when he mentions this topic we are discussing either.)

( It doesnt matter if you are angry or not. Do you deny that you do get angry? I know I get angry. Dont worry im not perfect either.   My point is  how many "faithfull" christians do you think, get angry  even while "bieng saved"? (ones who dont smoke "weed") 

oh ok are you aware a statement is not a fact. Once again facts regarding the positive context and scriptual refrences of marijuana have been provided.)

" For the last time, I am not judging you."

( last time? cool! What about the others? :-D )

" No I do not ignore those things."

(So, you visit forums etc and "testify" or "witness" in a like manner as you did this subject/ this page to christian people that battle those things? Sit around and discuss those things with your brethren? How deep is your vessle that holds concern over those things? Is it the same size as your vessle of concern for marijuana users? Do you really consider all christians equal?)

" Last time I checked caffeine didn't effect talking to someone about Christ." 

( Like, niether does cannabis. Did you check that too? The topic of this page is :Bible Verses About Weed and Alcohol -- Drugs and Alcohol in the Bible.

See the word weed, or drugs? Caffeine IS A DRUG. A refference to verify that, has been provided. That refference provides the dangers,efects,legality, and application, associated with human (thats us) consumption (we use alot). It efects the body and mind. Thats why its added to drinks. Theres plenty of uncaffeinated stuff to supplement not using it. Hence its not a "neccesity" as you might say marijuana isnt either. Caffeine is highly adicting.  Point there is millions and millions use caffiene without getting the pleasure of getting caught :-D

 "I am a Christian and love Christ with all my heart. I do listen to what he says."

( Excellent )

"Hey "man", I have a cause."

( Everything has a cause and also on effect. The effects of your "cause" is harboring false judgement and accusations on your cannabis consuming brethren if not directly from you, with your consent. Your initial accusation was cannabis is sin. Its been demonstrated its not a sin. Then yous say its wrong. Its been demonstrated its not wrong. Then you say its harmful. Its been demonstrated that its not harmful. Then you say it illegal. Its been demonstrated that same sex marriage is legal. Then you have the nerve to say your not judging, showing anger, thinking of any neggative thoughts or any other sinful thoughts about marijuana users. Forget about the reason you came here? Forget about the claims you made about marijuana?  You say that using drugs (of wich marijuana is of that list,) is sinful and makes you not a true christian or whatever it is that you think seperates us from you.)

(To me thats a major accusation. And it may not come accross as no big deal or seem wrong to you. But i have shown you otherwise. Now you say its not that deep, or thats not what your saying.

 Your just doing your cause. Thats right, just doing your job? Whos job? Whats job? Judgements job? If this is not your intention than im sorry, its coming across as otherwise.)

( You say its better not to "do weed". Thats great. It would be far more beneficial for your cause to demonstrate reasons why that is. 

I mean come on man, show the positive results of a weed free life. Show how they have one less "sin" to worry about so that draws them closer to God than others.


  As ironic and simular as the results of wich bieng twain, it would be more constructive of an argument for your sake none the less. Or continue your journey with raw anger and passion. Im sure it attracts supporters as it seems valient untill you expose the facts. Then its root force is just a passion. No different than a passion anyone else could have. This is were facts help you. I Could help ya with some word twisting if ya want.)

( Speaking bluntly, To make stereotypical, Sociological reformitive, assumptions and statements without any validity isnt helping your cause. And let your anger out bro, it causes roids :-D) 

" It's a shame you don't see that, but that verse is about unrighteous anger. Trying to stick up for Christ when so called Christians do worldly things is not unrighteous anger."

( Justin,  my point bieng, everyone has unrighteous behavior and or anger even outside of the realm of this subject mater. To deny that is vain. Are you saying you dont get angry about other things.)

( So if your in accordence with we are equals in christian terms then im cool with that. But it shouldnt be proffesed otherwise. Because as we all know, only christ is perfect. And how can you say you are not "wordly" after reading christs sermon? Jeez even st peter should feel conviction after that! Hallelujah christ!)

" You have your opinion But I just hope that someone you know doesn't fall away from Christ because you told them it was ok to use cannabis."  

(i have given facts and refrences in place of oppinion. I claim no instruction or responsibility for anyones actions or decisions. That is personal mater. There is no excuse for people neglecting to make proper decisions PERIOD. it aint satans fault, it aint marijuanas fault, it aint gamblings fault, it aint no one elses fault but yours (they'res)  If any one is looking for a bailout they should have accepted christ from the get go. Then they would have their prioritys straight. And that is seeking christ and his teachings, and telling others. Loving thy neighbor AS THY SELF. To get "caught"  (something thats not a sin) and say it was something or someone elses fault is yet another lie. Lies are made all the time by everyone. Thats how sin works.)

 (If a person makes wrong decisions, its their OWN fault, regardless of what the subject mater is. Especialy if its a repeated voluntary proccess. Thats called self infliction. Need i explain more? Maybe we'll see lol) 

(And someone that i dont know happens to be alot of people. The people i know accept christ and you sin as much as them.)

( People "fall away" from christ and his church for anything. In fact the top 3 reasons why, are some of the things that i pointed out. Check it out;

(At #4 on that list is the unability to cope with sin. It hasnt been proven cannabis is sin. Let me remind you that the number one reason why people give up "christ or his church is conflict and gossip. I say this as not a in your face but as something to think about.)

" Don't say it doesn't happen, because the Christians I knew that started using cannabis turned away from Him and didn't give glory to God."

( Started? So we have gone from getting caught to "started". Sounds like something that somebody says when they start a diet program or something. But thats an interesting perspective. So you insist its better to excersise then start a diet..... )

(Yeah if you look around ya justin there are non drug using christians around ya that do far more crazy stupid stuff than the weed smoking ones that "just sit around worried about smoking", and eating cheetos)

( Like Those few money mongering televangilst of the past, crazy acults, doctrine wacky etc etc loons that end up wacking someone how or some way or get other p

Justin on October 14, 2011:

Im am NOT angry. Im simply stating something. You do not know who I am. You claim me taking God's role. Nope. You've taken that spot. If anyone is angry look at yourself. I don't condemn you. You're pretty good at twisting words. For the last time, I am not judging you." You can't witness to someone high. Sorry, therefore it ruins a testimony and isn't helpful for CHRIST!" I am saying this in general. No I do not ignore those things. Last time I checked caffeine didn't effect talking to someone about Christ. I am a Christian and love Christ with all my heart. I do listen to what he says.

"so yeah man, like ive been saying.... We are all equals no mater what is proclaimed otherwise. A non "weed" consuming christian is just as much of a sinner as a "weed" consuming one"

Yeah I know.

22: But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

Hey "man", I have a cause. It's a shame you don't see that, but that verse is about unrighteous anger. Trying to stick up for Christ when so called Christians do worldly things is not unrighteous anger.

In the end, yeah I respect your decision. You can do whatever you choose to do. You have your opinion, I have mine. But I just hope that someone you know doesn't fall away from Christ because you told them it was ok to use cannabis. Don't say it doesn't happen, because the Christians I knew that started using cannabis turned away from Him and didn't give glory to God. It all starts from Christians who say to others,"It's ok to do weed."

meanpeace on October 14, 2011:


" You can't witness to someone high. Sorry, therefore it ruins a testimony and isn't helpful for CHRIST!"

Who are (you) to say what (I)cant do. Christ doesnt need "help" by the way.

 And furthermore i hope there isnt anybody claiming to "witness" while high on cafiene, pills, or ego or a whole boat load of other mind altering things you continue to ignore. Yet you insist marijuana is consumed because of a "high"? Thats rather odd. Its beneficial properties far exceed a secondary effect; mind alteration. Do you witness to others while condeming others? Talk about "cant".  ;-D

meanpeace on October 14, 2011:

Lets look at some of what Jesus taught, on the sermon on the mount. For those who dont know off hand, it starts on the 5th chapter of Matthew.

22: But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

(  Dare you call me a fool for consuming cannabis? Dare you call me a fool for anything? Dare you to change the word fool into something else? )

28: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. 

( wow, how convicting is that. Even so called "faithfull" pastors will admit they strugle with sin. Funny how they wont tell you what sin. Hmm so you say a bonified adulterer (one whom merely thinks of flesh) is more "faithfull" than a weed smoker? ... )

47: And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

( Respect no mater what. I respect you in your decision to refrain from cannabis. Do you respect me in my decision. Even non christians will.  )

25: Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment

( Hmm )

Chp7 1: Judge not, that ye be not judged.

( Straight out of Christs mouth! Whom here claims glory in judgement? )

3: And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

4: Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

5: Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

( so yeah man, like ive been saying.... We are all equals no mater what is proclaimed otherwise. A non "weed" consuming christian is just as much of a sinner as a "weed" consuming one)

15: Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

(  What does a wolf do? Hunt. Have you come here to hunt marijuana users? I came here to defend sheep, bieng my self, and my brethren.

Are you proffessing marijuana is a sin? What does the word of God say about it. Still maintain that it is? Do you have the gift of prophecy? )

17: Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

( in context of marijuana, Proof has been presented that it is beneficial ( good ) for our human body. This makes it a good tree. However with any any logic a person can see what the true context of this passage is. )

Yes, it is funny how many christians believe in christ, but dont believe what he says. 

Justin on October 14, 2011:

meanpeace: You can't witness to someone high. Sorry, therefore it ruins a testimony and isn't helpful for CHRIST!

meanpeace on October 14, 2011:

Abbeyroad , for clarification purposes. Are you reffering to born again in the sense your spirit has been born again because of your acceptance of christ in general. Or are you reffering to born again as you have accepted christ before but drew away, now your accepting christ again?

You insinuate that marijuana is wrong. No proof has been given to demonstrate that it is wrong. Sure you have "used it before". 

And you say it was a blast.  Well, i bet there is still personal vises you have right now that you had before, as well as vises that you will never be able to flee. We are not perfect. There is only one perfect. And Christ's blood makes us perfect. Obviously we are incapable of bieng perfect. Thats the whole reason in needing a savior. If you want to refrain from "weed" to please him or gain spiritualy. Go for it. Thats great.  But theres a whole bunch of other stuff to add to that list, that you need to address too! 

Yep Prayer without ceasing. Thus i shall do. It is of Gods provision and its of Gods reason that i defend my and my brothers and sisters consumption of an herb. So yes prayer is, was, and will continue. Belittle not my God given right and duty by saying i should pray about it. Im christian i pray many times a day about hosts of maters this included. To charge others of wrong doing without any proof other than that of  a conviction of "spirit" that resides in only you or others like you, thereby telling other spirit bodys whats right and wrong". Comparitively speaking Your saying a vapor is giving you signs and prophecy to direct others in their wrong doing. I say vapor because it canot be seen by the others (to verify its validity) that you say do wrong. So is everyone to trust this reasoning? Because it isnt biblicly sound. That is prophecy are you a prophet? Or is it better to trust Gods word? What does God say about weed? So one could say well wouldnt it be better to just not do it. Uh like yeah, if you have reason to believe so sure. We have reason to refrain from cafeine. But thats never gonna happen is it.

That is a personal mater. Once again as demonstrated biblicaly there is no reffrence to demonsrate the justification for "believing" such as you believe. Yes you may believe or feel that its wrong all day and all night. As for any validity of the fact that it is wrong has yet to be seen. I read the bible, pray and meditate on the lord DAILY. This is no lie.

 I do consider myself a bible scholar (we all should study the bible many times over) and welcome any biblical discusions. And as for biblical context about this opposers have no grounds. My spirit desire is no different than yours. Why try to paint a picture that it isnt by saying that it cant be? 

If i "found out"? That is insinuating its wrong. And it is not.

I wouldnt think any  different of a pastor that "smokes weed" than i would of a pastor that drinks coffee, wich caffeine is a drug and is classified in the same category as cocaine, or stimulants. Do you partake of caffeinated beverages? Then you are just as much "of the world as anyone else is. So your comment about the hypothetical weed smoking pastor is preposterous because regardless if "weed" wasnt his vice. Than something(s) else will/would/is. Thus its Contridictory and hypocritical to point the finger at marijuana consumers. Failure to realize this is denial of personal sin and human temptation that we ALL will have till the day we die. Even saints. Only christ is perfect.

" Why would I trust someone to lead me closer to Christ if he, himself isnt separated from the world?"

( i got news for you, your not seperated from the world. After all here you are. You sin and stumble just like everyone else including "otherwise faithful obiedient" pastors do.)

 "Am I to be a light unto the world? How can I be if I'm doing the same things they are?"

( And where do you draw the line? Have you given up television, given away all your earthly possesions, gossiping conversations etc etc. I bet you still harbour thoughts of flesh,ego, or anyother humanly desire or vise. Thats different you say? Yep thats right,  so you say. What does God say. Sin is sin. Marijuana is NOT a sin and its not harmful. Once again. If you say it is prove it. Otherwise i could say eating sweets is a sin and all who partake of them displease God. Sound crazy? Thats the same line of thinking that im hearing from you people.

meanpeace on October 14, 2011:

That would be spiritual body not a physical body. Physical body "temple" is for old testament doctrine. The human physical body is unpure. Did you not read above?

Father of six on October 13, 2011:

One question to everyone what happen to the body being a temple?

meanpeace on October 13, 2011:

"I have given all kinds of proof like 

I said." 

(oh, ok guess i missed it. How fast was it going? Still here? Cuz i dont see it)

"I'm not playing the role of God." 

( If you seperate or dictate who is a christian or not then yes you are  assuming the role of)

" I was being sarcastic and by the way that isn't playing the role of God. " 

( Gee doing Gods descisions for him, or telling him or us whos allowed to be christian. Your right thats beyond God, how dare you.)

"Again, by the fruits ye shall know they."

( What makes you think your fruits are better than anyone elses fruits? If you think your fruits dont come out stinking like everyone elses does......with that mind set: I'd guess you would really know what the crap you were talking about)

"Good for you where you grew up it was ok."

( Yep plant earth, where we all live. And theres more justin. Many many more all around you oooooh lock your doors, hide your snacks a roo who ha ha. Some people you would never imagine. Doctors lawyers, judges, law enforcement. Did you know that Steve Jobs inventor of Apple computer-iphone or better yet personal computer technology (wich government was trying to prevent by the way)   consumed marijuana? Look it up. Know where he got his inspiration from? Bet ya would have never known otherwise. So much for stereotypical sherades)

" Ooooooooo That must make it right. Nope. No, I need the proof from you."

( What proof? That its accepted as beneficial by your fellow man? Been provided. Proof That its not right? Yeah its absent. Or proof  that its not right, that its beneficial. As you proclaim lol. This once again exposes your core principal's origin. Social reform. Again you say its not right, but neglect to show proof. You will need proof justin. You can not charge millions of people as sinners or anything other than bieng just as spiritualy equivilant as you, without proof of your claim. I dont need to prove anything. You are the one charging. The ironic thing there is theres has been numerous reffrences to its beneficial properties. I have provided direct web site links that spell it all out for you. Once over, they are with delegation from federal authority, wich is ironic because its the federal that keeps it "illegal" and thus is the creator of your view..)

"Medical benefits isn't going to cut it."

( Bravo justin bravo. Well said sir. Never such has been a more robust rebutal than youre "isnt going to cut it". Such passion such cunning witt.  Are your arms crossed? Is your botom lip sticking out? Got the whimpers? Tail between your legs? I dont need to convience you. You have been presented with truth. Its on your concious now to apply or deny.)

 "If anybody is trying to play the role of God it is yourself; calling someone a hypocrite is the same thing as you claim I am doing."

( More Unicorns and leprechauns. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Bring me the witches broom stick and we will talk.  )

"Brainwashed? No not really. It's called conviction." 

( ok justin your conviction speaks volumes, however we are talking about your personal view not a conviction. Cannabis has not  been proven to be harmful, or degrading let alone prohibited by God, its maker by the way, again. 

I only hope you go all the way with this " conviction" and become a celebate monk or an african evangelical missionary n stuff giving away all your possesions and earthly attatchments and pursue only christ. That kind of conviction? Is that the kind of conviction you have justin? Or is it just half ass like all the rest of us. Passion pure passion. Bravo young lad.)

(Or is it more along the lines of stay away from "drugs" alcohol etc, meanwhile you retain spiritual division and condemnation upoun your brethren while hypocriticly stumbling over personal ego and old testament doctrine and many other hangups anyother living breathing person goes through. Wich is it?)

" I choose to listen to what the bible says."

(Great! So, even though "we" consume cannabis, we are all equals in the eyes of the lord. Awesome we have made some progress!)

 "I guess my question is, if a brother in Christ thinks what you are doing causes another to stumble, would you still choose to be a user?"

( User? lol well We are all users of something arent we.  Yes, because you can bet, that "another" is going to "stumble" on anything that they let THEMSELVES stumble over. If i wanted to i can say your causing me to stumble. However a weak desire for the lord will allow anything to become a stumble. Talk about excuse makers lol .Your reffrence of stumble is regarding pauls addressing of weak minded/desire God desiring individuals. Why  do you maintain that a "potential" or hypothetical stumble over marijuana is any different than a stumble over ego or pride or anyother thing else that we all surely stumble over?.)

Abbeyroad on October 12, 2011:

Christianity is black and white. Read the bible, meditate on it, listen to what God tells you to do, tell others. Instead we spend our time arguing about whether smoking weed is wrong? We need to stop trying to mold and create Christianity into what WE want it to be and just let God take over and do what HE WANTS to do with our lives.

Abbeyroad on October 12, 2011:

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. Given that, I have HIM in my heart. I have smoked pot before and I LOVED it. It was a BLAST! We can honestly go on all day about what the bible says and where it says it... And I honestly believe that staying in the Word can help direct your path in the right direction... But you also have the HOLY SPIRIT in your heart. Why not just take a week or two and pray, pray, PRAY about it? As much as I loved smoking weed, after praying about it I felt God telling me that it isn't right. I know this in my heart. As much as I TRY to justify that it isn't wrong, the Holy Spirit inside of me let's me

know that it is.

If you found out your pastor smoked weed would you think differently of him? I would! Why would I trust someone to lead me closer to Christ if he, himself isnt separated from the world? Am I to be a light unto the world? How can I be if I'm doing the same things they are? Christianity is such a watered down belief anymore.

Abbeyroad on October 12, 2011:

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. Given that, I have HIM in my heart. I have smoked pot before and I LOVED it. It was a BLAST! We can honestly go on all day about what the bible says and where it says it... And I honestly believe that staying in the Word can help direct your path in the right direction... But you also have the HOLY SPIRIT in your heart. Why not just take a week or two and pray, pray, PRAY about it? As much as I loved smoking weed, after praying about it I felt God telling me that it isn't right. I know this in my heart. As much as I TRY to justify that it isn't wrong, the Holy Spirit inside of me let's me

know that it is.

If you found out your pastor smoked weed would you think differently of him? I would! Why would I trust someone to lead me closer to Christ if he, himself isnt separated from the world? Am I to be a light unto the world? How can I be if I'm doing the same things they are? Christianity is such a watered down belief anymore.

Justin on October 11, 2011:

I have given all kinds of proof like I said. I'm not playing the role of God. Don't be stupid; I was being sarcastic and by the way that isn't playing the role of God. Again, by the fruits ye shall know they. Good for you where you grew up it was ok. Ooooooooo That must make it right. Nope. No, I need the proof from you. Medical benefits isn't going to cut it. If anybody is trying to play the role of God it is yourself; calling someone a hypocrite is the same thing as you claim I am doing. Brainwashed? No not really. It's called conviction. I choose to listen to what the bible says. I guess my question is, if a brother in Christ thinks what you are doing causes another to stumble, would you still choose to be a user?

meanpeace on October 11, 2011:

Justin 7 hours ago

"Actually thats wrong."

( yeah justin, So you say. We're still waiting on proof from you by the way.)

"Why would they think you're a Christian? "

( Because christ is my savior... Duh. Once again you insinuate that its wrong or worse than something else or more of a sin than anyother sin. We have already addressed that. And i believe its safe to say wrong is wrong sin is sin, everyone is equal. So what part dont you understand about that?   )

"Who in their right mind thinks oh hey a pothead? Must be a Christian! Good try though."

(the same ones who think of you a same sex mariage supporter, or abortion supporter wich is all of us. How dare you play God and say those who use marijuana are not christian or even play with the notion that others should think the same. Its this hypocritical practice that shines through in your rebutals. Your point will never be made with setting your brothers and sisters apart from God. Thats Gods job. Woe to the soul that thinks he can herd the flock as if he were christ.)

meanpeace on October 11, 2011:

"What kind of testimony does it give?"

(Your insinuating that its wrong. I have proven that its not. So obviously youre the one(s) that would have a problem with its "testamony". I or likeminded people would have no problem with it. Its the brainwashed social reform religous drones that would have a problem with it. In a free and just society it is legal and acceptable. If you think we live in a free and just society now, your sadly mistaken. To me its like someone "giving testomony" with a dr pepper in hand. 

You see where i come from and how i was raised its no different than smoking a ciggerete. And facts are its beneficial, tobacco ISNT.  My grandparents consumed it. Both of  My mother and my father still consume it (legaly) and the rest of my family down to my cousins all know and or consume as well. Otherwise We are a loving law abiding people.  And you really wouldnt be able to tell we or better yet I consume marijuana. Where i come from its not a hidden thing. Its not evil, it has no negative aspects, except when coming accross people who oppose it like youreself.)

 "I've given you proof plenty of times. It's not my fault if you don't even consider it."

( like what? Proof that i have proven wrong. If proof is proven wrong, then other proof must be presented. Justin you cannot just submit the same reaccuring DEBUNKED statements.)

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