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A Literal Translation Means Exactly That


When does life begin? Long before conception. We are born with the components in our bodies to procreate. They are alive from the moment we are. The needed parts are joined at conception, but they were alive long before that step in the process of creating a human.

When does a life become a human being? God created all the lifeforms there are before he created human beings. Every animal within a womb moves, reacts to stimulus, develops. Only humans are created "like us" the Bible says. In God's image. What makes the difference? A soul, which makes us spiritual beings - like God.

God created all the animals, then created man. "God formed man from the dust of the ground - and then - breathed into him the breath of life. And man became a living soul." If God did that for the first human being, why would He change the process for all the humans who followed? Inconsistent - He is not.

Some people have convoluted themselves into a rationalization that excuses the behavior they have determined is acceptable for themselves, while judging those who see things differently as nothing less than murderers. When all the ambiguity is swept away: interference in the procreation process is interference at any point resulting in a human not taking that first breath and receiving the soul that separates them from the animals.

If you believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, start with Genesis and end with Revelation where it admonishes readers not to add anything to this book or take anything away from it.

Personally, I've used every form of birth control known to man with the exception of abortion and Intrauterine devices, which are essentially the same thing if you are honest about how they work. I don't think it is a coincidence that about the time the world was becoming overpopulated to the point of not being able to sustain the life in it, scientists developed the knowledge of how to limit the number of pregnancies a woman had during her reproductive years. I took full advantage of that knowledge. I live with my choices and am more than willing to let others live with theirs.

Hypocrisy, though, is a different thing. A rationalization that absolves you of any wrongdoing but conveniently lets you point a finger at others (whose circumstances - by the way - you have no way of knowing) does not make you the better person. It makes you the smaller person.

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"Let the wild rumpus start."

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