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Belief Over Knowledge… Mind Over Matter

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A place to share my views and beliefs on spirituality centered on the Christian faith..

Knowledge and belief; two concepts which have continued to raise questions for a long time

Sought to be answered by different philosophers, we have seen different angles to these concepts for ages through Immanuel Kant, Plato, and Socrates among others. Each philosopher with their own opinions on what they are.


From a religious perspective I’d say belief is based on emotions and so is our faith. We have to feel him in order to trust him and connect with him. It is why the Bible makes a lot more reference to our hearts than our minds.

According to proverbs, the heart is the wellspring of life which means whatever we put into our wellspring continues to flow without end until our life is over

But putting things in our minds has a lot more challenges, we are prone to forget and in a world where we can’t seem to focus due to short attention spans, we can’t stick around long enough to get the message and when it’s mixed with a lot of anxiety due to pressure.

We over think everything when he needs us to just trust. Blind faith more or less

Criteria for Knowledge and Belief

In gaining knowledge a criterion would be to get proof that the information is correct. It has to be verifiable and tested.

An example is the blood; it’s confirmed information that it includes the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.

Knowledge can also come in form of communicated experience from others like when a person who is back from a trip to China tells you about what it is like there.

It could be viewed as true because it has being experienced firsthand

Meanwhile belief is a matter of commitment and will. It’s a personal conviction to go with the stipulated rules or order that comes with that belief.

It’s a matter of personal experience convincing enough to pull one towards the faith

An example would be the Christian faith which involves personal commitment to following steadily and consistently in the word and prayer or even in the law of attraction where you continue to visualize and do everything that ensures you attract what you desire.

Another way is because we trust the persons from whom we received the faith or belief. We see them as an infallible authority and by that transmission, this faith fulfills us

Belief also involves commitment without knowing the facts or reality about what you are committing to and that is called faith.

You aren’t so sure it is going to work but a belief that it would all work out helps you sleep soundly at night

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With the woman who had the issue of blood for twelve years, a simple belief healed her.

He didn’t need to know her, he didn’t have to speak over her or touch her. She believed just a touch would be enough. (Mark 5: 25-34)

In a skeptical generation as the one we live in, that would just sound crazy but she believed he possessed so much power she could key into it not even from his skin but his clothes. And she is justified when he tells her that her faith has made her whole

Knowledge is defined as justified true belief and I think by her healing she had come to the knowledge that Jesus was the son of God, not only believing he was for her healing

Nicodemus had also come to Jesus asking for the way to the Father using the very words ‘we know’ and Jesus had told him ‘you do not believe’ and so therefore ‘stands condemned’ (John 3:1-21)

This only further emphasizes the importance of belief in worship. Hearing and understanding isn’t even the bare minimum required.

It’s belief. In the word, the Son even the church as a whole

And this is even made clear in the parable of the sower (Matthew 13: 1-9), where seeds by the path, rocky way and thorns do not yield returns but only the seed on the fertile ground because they received and understood with their hearts, believing and being able to give back immensely

In times of conflict, it is said that one usually overshadows the other.

When push comes to shove we understand what side is stronger and matters to us more because that is what we choose; what we know or what we believe

Sometimes it can be both ways, we believe what we know but it doesn’t mean the decision making process is any easier.

We are either confronted with new information that contradicts what we know or additional information on what we already believe that just opens up an entirely new view and prompts new questions


A lot of people mistake knowledge for belief. Because you know doesn’t necessarily translate to belief.

You know the lord has the power to heal you but you still ask if it’s possible because it just looks hard or the road there just seems too long and impossible

If there’s doubt then there is no believe.

The blind men were asked if they believed Jesus could heal them and he told them it would be onto them as they believed.

Basically their faith in Christ was what healed them rather than the authority of Christ

Your faith has been said to be able to move mountains even if it’s as small as a mustard seed so… Just trust and believe

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