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Being an Aries Sun Gemini Rising Is a Challenge for Your Outer Personality and a New Identity!

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

The Aries/Gemini Identity Gives a Dose of Hot and Cool That Can't Be Beat

Aries and Gemini, Ego and Public Personality, Provide a Punch.


OK. There are 12 basic Sun Signs, and they are clustered around your 24 hour day. The planets Mercury, Venus, (Earth), Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. As the planets move they take their positions around the circle. When you are born, you are tagged within the 30 day "sign". So, let's say you are an Aries.

When you awake, you catch the sun's morning rays, at sun set, the earth keeps spinning for its next turn ---- THE RISING. But as the earth keeps turning EACH 2 HOURS, a new sign "appears" at the EASTERN HORIZON. Babies are certainly born, ANY TIME.

My eldest was born in 1971 as a Virgo. He was born at 6:31 AM. SO, HIS RISING SIGN is VIRGO RISING.

My second was a darling girl --- a Cancer. She was born at 8:30 PM on a hot summer night. When Daddy picked her up and kissed her, what was on the Eastern Horizon? In the dark, right out there --- Aquarius. She had Aquarius rising.

The Aries Who Sports the Gemini Public Personality Will Crackle


The Ram has a singularity of Focus. The Gemini lives in Duality. This is quite a Mix.

What is the Divine Doing?

WHAT IS THE DIVINE DOING? Making you a more specific, more clearly specialized individual. It is the HOUR of your birth that determines where your Mars in Leo (as a supposed example) is to be placed ----- in the 12th house the 8th house or the 4th house.

What are the HOUSES? There are 12 houses. Imagine 12 aspects of life -- Home Health, Travel, Career, Hopes. I won't list all 12 here, but where your planets INFLUENCE you is the House it sits in.

Imagine a CIRCUS WHEEL. On a given day the planets are in their position in one of the 12 seats. when you are born, at that moment, the Circus Wheel STOPS.


Where is the Rising Sign at the Circus Wheel? As a baby, you don't know. A Doctor or a Parent has to tell you later in your life, OR IT IS DOCUMENTED.

The Rising Sign has to be determined. At the 1st House, you "mathematically" turn the Circus Wheel, and the placing of that Rising Sign determines WHAT HOUSE receives the energy, significance, (aspects) of that placement. Your "Mars in Cancer" or your Jupiter in Scorpio goes to the right house.

So, you see how your individuality AND your chart gets determined by your Rising Sign.

In doing interpretations for people I have always used this TWO LENSES approach. Think of the Sun and Rising as your INNER and OUTER, your PRIVATE and PUBLIC self.

In the "old days", before computers, the first thing an astrologer would ask was:

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"What is the Day of your Birth dearie? And what was the Hour of your Birth? Find out from your Momma, to make this the best Horoscope it can be."


Aries and Gemini are both in the Spring season! With Taurus nudging against these two, you would expect to see some complimentary qualities, but also some stark differences.


The RAM sits upon the end of winter. Having come to a screeching halt, the Vernal Equinox begins, the Ram, to say the least, is animated! To use a play on words. The creature --- YOU are RAMINATED.


The Twins are Number three in the Zodiac. The glowing sun in May and June hosts humanity's weddings, sporting events, picnics and travel. The Twins represent "male and female" symbols hand in hand. They are great with debate, argument, seeing both sides of a deal; twinkling and giving an "aw shucks" as they win the discussion.

This is truly a contrast. As you are THIS INDIVIDUAL, you should ponder what this means. Your Ego is strong and forthright, but you can be a bit edgy and inadvertently ignore less vital individuals and sometimes interrupt too much.

Now, envision the Outer Personality of Gemini. It can make a difference for you. You are blessed with the "astro" vibe that gentles the waters of the Aries Rushing Rapids. The languid pools of June quiet the personality. Gemini in you is a winning charmer. When I say "quiet the personality", I mean in contrast to the powerful Aries. That's why this is such an effective combination. Balancing Aries Ego with the Clever Twin at parties and lunches will give you the tools you need.

FROM THESE TWO desciptions, you will see how they are similar, but counterbalancing, harmonious and counterbalancing.

As you think about your being, another word might be "your act". And I use that phrase with delicacy, you should see the ego and personality as a beautifully drawn portrait of your growing and maturing self. See the "callout" about how to help yourself grow and mature.

© 2020 Christofer French


Solomon Burns on February 25, 2020:

You have a gift for explaining the vagueness in much of astrology. I have a cousin who did charts for a living in her metaphysical bookstore and she never really made sense of it to me.

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