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Being an Intuitive: Discover Your Inherent Abilities and How to Use Them

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Christy is an empath and intuitive. She loves to help others discover, grow, and nurture their abilities.

Learn how to utilize your abilities!

Learn how to utilize your abilities!

Who Is Psychic?

When one mentions the word "psychic," it can conjure up different connotations. Is it something mental, magical, scientific, or supernatural? It doesn't necessarily mean that a person who says they are psychic can automatically tell the future, read your mind, or is evil in some way. It just means that they have a more open mind in the sense that they can perceive information that is typically hidden from others. In fact, sometimes the word "intuitive" is preferred over the word "psychic." More than likely, these intuitive people look and act just like a normal person, and chances are you know an intuitive and don't even know it.

You Have to Be Special, Right?

Therefore, one may ask, is it just a special handful of people who possess these abilities? No, it isn't. Everyone has the capability to be an intuitive, they just need to know how to find and use it. There are several things needed to find these buried abilities.

First, one must have an open mind, open heart, confidence, and patience. One also needs to trust—it can be frightening and can generate some self-doubt when the abilities start to surface. It’s not uncommon to think you may be going crazy, but do not fear, you are not going crazy. Do not be afraid to take the leap and try it out.

Why Don't I Have These Abilities?

While these abilities can be inherent, they can also be buried deep down. It is not uncommon for a person to have shut down their abilities before they even realized they had any. There could be numerous reasons why a person unknowingly or knowingly shut down. Those reasons could include lack of supportive family, religious views, and societal expectations. In fact, most may not even realize they have any abilities in the first place. Often, it may take a traumatic or profound experience to open a person up to the possibilities of having abilities.

For instance, children are pure, largely untainted by the world around them in the sense of the societal norms. They have no reason to be closed-minded, thus children seem to have an extra sense. They can be more empathetic and some know things they probably should not otherwise know. Have you ever known a child who has an imaginary friend? What if that friend weren't imaginary? Could it be a guardian angel, a guide? So, if everyone is possibly born with these abilities, why doesn't everyone still have them? Easy; society, beliefs, the list goes on and on.

Stop for a minute and think about it, a child starts to school, gets involved in all sorts of activities and their mind is somewhere else. Social media, news and other factors start having an influence. Societal norms are somewhat conservative and do not allow for a widespread belief of psychics and the like. However, there are natural windows to where it is easier to reclaim these abilities and to open or re-open them up. For me personally, I had these windows once in high school and then once in college. Also, a traumatic or profound experience can re-awaken the abilities just like it could have opened them in the first place.

Steps to Develop Your Own Abilities

So, if you have this window and decide to take the chance, what do you do? Does it come naturally? Well, there is some work involved, but once you start to work things will unfold naturally. How can you develop your own abilities? Here's the short list:

• Meditate: You must learn to quiet the mind and listen.

• Invite the Divine Spirits, Angels, and Spirit Guides to help you.

• Learn about the different clairs and see where your abilities may fit.

• Practice a specific skill (channeling, automatic writing, reading cards).

• Practice, practice, practice.

• Be patient, trust your instinct, and don't second guess yourself.

Ready to go into more detail about developing your own abilities?


It is important that you can quiet your mind and listen. Find a quiet time and space that you can meditate. You want to be able to listen to what is inside you. The first visions you see in your mind’s eye, or the first words you may hear, is more than likely your intuition. Trust what you get, because sometimes it is very easy to disregard information you get or just not trust that you are getting anything important. Even if you do not physically see or hear anything pay attention to what is going on in your head, that is where you will start learning to listen and trust your intuition.

Invite Your Spirit Team

Invite the Divine Spirits, Angels, and Spirit Guides to help: Everyone has a spirit team! Yes, everyone. If you have not been in contact with them, they are waiting and ready to help. Therefore, one of the approaches you can utilize is to call them in to assist. Do not be afraid to ask for help and protection. You may not hear them, but look for subtle signs. If you cannot see any of the signs, ask your guides to be more apparent.

Meet the Clairs

What are the clairs? The clairs are the various types of intuition. Just because you have intuitive abilities does not necessarily mean you can do it all. Just like a person in their career has a specialty, so do intuitives. There are those that can see the future (precognition), those that can control or speak with their minds (telepathic), those that communicate with the dead (mediums). Thus, we will discuss the clairs. It is possible to have more than one of these, but it is fine to just fit into one area. The three most common of the clairs include:

• Clairvoyance: Clear vision. This is where you can see visions and images with your mind’s eye.

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Clairaudience: Clear hearing. This is where you may hear tones, or voices that are not there, but are trying to communicate.

Clairsentience: Clear feeling. This is where you may walk into a place and can sense a spirit or the energy of the place or person.

Choose a Tool or Skill

Every good practitioner has their toolbox of tools they can use to complete their jobs. A teacher has their manuals and chalk; a doctor has their medicines and surgical instruments and so forth. Therefore, an intuitive needs their tools and skills. There are many to use and you do not have to be good at all of them. Use the tools that you feel drawn to utilize in your work. Some of the more common tools to use would be the following:

Tarot/Oracle cards: these are usually a deck of cards with various themes and different energies. Just because a deck is appealing doesn’t always mean you may work well with the energy of that deck. Cards are a good tool to use to help deliver your messages.

Pendulums: This is a divination tool that usually consists of a chain with a type of crystal or stone attached to the bottom. By using this tool, it can answer yes/ no questions and go even more in-depth with answers.

Automatic Writing: This would fall in line with channeling. You must be careful with this skill. It is wise to ground, protect, and set a timer before attempting to use automatic writing. In automatic writing, you are in a meditative state where you are writing without consciously knowing what you are writing.

Psychometry: This is the skill of obtaining an object and holding that object. Once you are holding that object you use all your senses to see what impressions, visions, and other factors you may pick up from the object.

Aura Reading: The energy field around a person is known as the aura and auras are different colors. The colors represent different ailments, energies, and so forth that are going on with a person. It is possible to learn to read these energies and to help people identify areas that may need healing.

Reiki: This is an attunement that must be given by a Reiki Master. This uses intuition to use the energy to heal various ailments and energy within a person.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice, practice, practice. Just because you are uncovering your abilities does not mean they will come automatically. It takes patience, time, and practice. Be sure you trust the information you are receiving as well and do not second guess yourself. Just because something does not make sense to you does not mean it will not make sense to someone else that the information is intended. You are a channel, a tool for messages to get across to those who are not yet awakened in their abilities.

Final Thoughts

Some final suggestions just to help you along your path include:

• Take psychic development or other metaphysical classes, join groups, find your tribe!

• Take care of yourself, eat right, cut out the junk. Drink a lot of water. Rest!

• Remain open.

• Try new things such as practicing tarot reading.

• Listen to your guides and work with them. See what signs you can see that will lead you to your abilities.

• Learn to open and work with your chakras.

Anyone and everyone has some abilities, it just depends on if you choose to open your heart and mind. Discover your abilities, and trust them!

© 2017 Christy


Shantell C White on January 12, 2020:

I cant turn it off my whole life has bin test after test escaping torture trauma rape molestation and im still sane butnow from dying 3 times n revived i cant turn it off so i stay in solitude but i can feel or know big events and death

the real telepathic in 808 on May 03, 2019:

Hello people I know all this information to already but I appreciate it I went through the phases or things happened or felt like I went through it I do have the hearing , smelling, communication with no sounds and mouth movement all with the mind sometimes i will answer people out loud why know my neighbors are listening cause not everyone can communicate with telepathic they no can hear own there own but through family members I figured it out and learned how to use it on many people

Nanael777 on June 18, 2018:

Just coming out of a month long quickening , exploring all my horizons. With vigor, brains.

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