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Magic in Daily Tarot Readings + Free Printable

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Yesterday, I did a tarot pull. Like almost every day, I take a deep breath and concentrate on the question - what is the message for today?

Having a few notable things on my schedule, including a 28 week midwife appointment, I wanted to hear what the day had in store for me.

I shuffle.

Hmm, the cards don’t seem right.

I cleansed the deck and try again.

Five of Cups and The Tower. Signifying disappointment, loss, anxiety, worry, fear...

I immediately got worried, thinking it might be something to do with the baby. But quickly realised that would be fairly unlikely, as nothing else pointed to that conclusion. I pulled myself together, expressed gratitude and put away the cards back in their box, moving on with my day.

Midwife appointment went well. Everything looks great, as hoped. The heartbeat sounds nice and strong. Our little man is growing as expected.

I agreed to clean out my partner’s room and, as I’m sorting out the rubbish, I notice a small white box on his desk after moving some chocolate wrappers off the top. I didn’t recognise it at first glance, but I picked it up and brought it to light to see the Pandora writing on the lid.

That can’t be.

I opened the box to recognise pieces of jewellery. Same ones we had a big fight over, just under two years ago. I thought they were long gone.

I dropped the box and the chocolate wrappers back on the desk, leaving the room. For a moment, I sat there. Quiet. But my mind wasn’t.

So many thoughts were going through my head at that moment.

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Why would he keep it? How come it’s suddenly on his desk? It wasn’t there the last time I was in, only a few days ago?

I assumed he got rid of it. He lied about it last time.


The day of the fight came back to me and that was all I could think about. It was only a few months after I have moved in. We were in the bedroom looking for something (I can’t remember what for but I can’t say it was relevant enough) and that box was under the bed. He reaches for it, his demeanour slightly shifting. He opened it and hands it to me. “What’s that for?” I ask. “That’s for you. I bought it as a housewarming present but forgot about it.”

The way he went on about giving me this present was odd. I couldn’t point out how or why but it didn’t feel right. I thanked him anyway, putting the box to the side, still not being able to shake that feeling that something is off. Next day I woke up, box still taunting me. I sat down with it, thinking it’s all in my head. He’s acting normal now and there’s nothing I can think of that could justify my worries. I managed to shake off that feeling and took the box once again. The jewellery looks quite nice though - I thought, and put it on. It’s nice of him to get me something like that. Even though it might not be exactly to my taste.

A few days go by and nothing seems out of the ordinary. One morning I stumbled upon a folded piece of paper. I open it, it’s a note for him. Reading it, looks like it’s from his ex girlfriend. I know of her so I think little of it. As I continue reading, the note mentions the Pandora box and the jewellery she is returning. Saying that maybe one day he will give it back to her if things worked out eventually.
I didn’t even know what to think. I took the jewellery off and put it back in the box, along with the note. Not wanting anything to do with it, I felt embarrassed, disappointed, sad. Why would he lie about it? It’s not like I didn’t know about her and I like to think of myself as someone reasonable enough to understand the situation.

In the end, he apologised and we moved on.

Until this moment I haven’t given it much thought. Not to drag this longer than I already did, the next day I took my cards again and wondered if I’d done a reading yesterday (terrible memory).

I remembered how I got a less than desirable reading, but now it made sense. Five of Cups and The Tower.

And while it wasn’t something I would hope for, it shows how powerful it can be. I forgot about the cards I pulled. Recalling the events of the day before, I realised I should have reflected on the reading at the end of the day.

I would see that, even though the reading was slightly unnerving, there is something I have missed.

It is true that Five of Cups represents disappointment, and that is what came through for me the loudest. But it also suggests old wounds and bitter memories. If I went back to the message I received and tried to see the bigger picture, I would see it calls for forgiveness. Of myself and others.

And while The Tower cards represents chaos and inner turmoil, it also points to change and revelation.

I realised I needed this. This situation revealed where I still needed to heal and what I need to work on.

While you could expect some major difficulty with these cards, I wanted to show it doesn’t have to be that way. It wasn’t a soul shattering event one might expect but it was a shaping one nonetheless.

It pushed me to go deeper into daily readings, being more present and disciplined.

So I also created a pdf template and shared it for you to use and start practicing and connecting to your intuition with your deck. Start with one card a day, it is more than enough.

In the end, trust yourself and the energies/spirits/universe or whoever you call upon communicating with tarot. Trust yourself that you’ve got the message and interpreted it well. Journaling or even just reflecting on the last reading and how or if it manifested strengthens your intuition and your interpretations and predictions become more accurate.

Access the daily tarot PDF template

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