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Be Wary of the Three Headed Serpent

Three Headed Serpent


This photo is pretty loathsome, isn’t it? From the Biblical Genesis to the present day, snakes have always struck fear in most people. They are by their very nature devious, stealthy and not to be trusted, striking when you least expect it.

I am speaking about another  ‘serpent’ in a symbolic sense. The three heads are composed of false religion, militarism, and greedy commercialism. They are work together to create this beast that has us all in its clutches in one way or another.

False Religion: I do not claim to know the right religion nor proselytize. But any religion that promotes the interests of the other two heads is more than likely ‘false’,

Militarism: I define this as a military buildup in hardware, deployment and personnel far beyond what is needed for defense.

Greedy Commercialism: Goes beyond business transactions, buying and selling of goods and services, but reaches to control vast natural resources, alter the relationship between labor and capital with the balance in their favor. This constitutes a single minded focus on the acquisition of wealth, ignoring any and every other consideration.

Having been a member of the U.S. Military for a few years, I recall those of the officer corps that were chaplains. A chaplain has its own insignia as part of the uniform to identify the religious denomination. It could be a cross for Christianity, a crescent moon for Islam, etc. There just seem to be a contradiction; the true religion must be about peace, not war. Both sides of a military conflict use religion to legitimatize the military mission in the eyes of its rank and file. It just seems ludicrous, like a 50 ft inflatable Jesus. We have all the symbolism, but miss the point. Both sides of a military conflict use this to goad its armed forces to get after the enemy and have them believe that God is supporting their efforts. The idea of justifying warfare as supported by God goes back before recorded time. Would not God be pleased by the fact that you are going to die for your country? Who is going to say that I am a liberal that does not appreciate the fact that freedom is not free? I am not naïve, I am aware that certain conflicts, particularly the Second World War, were necessary. The Axis powers had plans for global domination and had to be destroyed at an incredible cost. But, this was almost 70 years ago, I do not believe that the conflicts that this country has been engaged in since 1945, were of so dire a nature. We have read stories of pressure placed on Air Force Academy cadets to align themselves with certain religious values and principles. Did not Jesus say that those who lived by the sword were to die by it? Militarism takes advantage of the Judeo-Christian background of most Americans to goad them on to fight with the idea that this is consistent with love of God and country. But what is it that we are fighting for in this day and age, is it worth the supreme sacrifice? Let’s have military service and religion stand on its own merits and not be intertwined in this way.


Outside the United States there are approximately 1,000 American military bases. How is this interpreted as ‘defense’? Our garrisons encircle the planet, what ever became of the peace dividend after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War some 20 years ago? The Government says the facilities are needed for national security. Did we not learn the limits of American military power during the Vietnam conflict? This was just one example of ones reach exceeding ones grasp. That much of an American presence around the world is provocative in itself. Who stands to benefit by keeping a new bogey man before the American people on a regular basis? Are we involved in our own kind of global domination? We all, conservatives in particular, like to say that we are exceptional and have no designs of world control. Really, then what are we doing lacing the planet with our installations? Hundreds of thousands of military personnel and their families had employment in jobs that kept the unemployment numbers down and raised few complaints from taxpayers who foot the bill. It also kept the military-industrial complex profitable. Is this country capable of maintaining a full employment economy without the need to rattle sabers? It is a question that the authorities do not want you to ask. Hundreds of these bases are located outside of war zones, so what gives with the national security argument? Perhaps the interests are not solely of a military but more of a commercial basis. Ask the “we know why we are here people” at the Boeing Company. As a former federal contracting officer, I am aware of the tremendous costs associated with military contracting for goods and services; it is a source of revenue for the contractor and a source of pride for the congressional representatives that want to keep in good graces with working people in their districts. But, the big picture is counterproductive, is it not? So while we create this worldwide security umbrella, others prosper and develop their economies not having to deal with this cost, at our expense. W.C. Fields once said ‘never give a sucker and even break’. You may be willing to die for your country, but would you die for the Koch Brothers or to put another dollar into the pockets of those reaping mucho profits in the petroleum industry?

President Eisenhower Warns us of the Danger of the Military Industrial Complex

Ronald Reagan ran up deficits to the moon, one aspect of this was his “Star Wars” defense plan. Orbital based platforms of missiles targeting other missiles. Its cost was to be into the billions of dollars, never mind the fact that a suborbital projectile could destroy much of it at a fraction of the cost. I may not be up to date on military hardware and technology, but I have not heard anything about force fields or the like, have you? There are issues around much of Central America where the military was used to prop up regimes that were anything but democratic, so that commercial interests of American multinational companies would not be impeded. I believe that a lot of that was behind the so called outrage over Fidel Castro and Cuba more than 50 years ago. Who keeps maintaining the animosity between our countries? Castro is a teddy bear compared with some of the tyrants with whom we have allied ourselves. We, today, face much of this ‘walking a tightrope” in the Middle East. We talk democracy, but our history has shown that we were more interested in stability and a clean flow of petroleum products than the aspirations of people. All this is proving expensive and is not justified when so many of our countrymen are experiencing economic hardship. Eisenhower warned us about the dangers of the military industrial complex in January, 1961, has anybody listened? Sadly, although I have supported President Obama, this militarism status seems to permeate both parties and is a ‘given’ as part of Government operation. Although we celebrate on having eliminated Osama Bin Laden, what was the cost? We invest in high technology to destroy people in gopher holes. Since, September 11, 2001, how many lives have been lost? Initially, we go to the wrong target and are eluded by a man for almost a decade that has been definitely operating low tech. I  wonder if our leaders really want to check Al Qaeda or, instead, continue an endless conflict that has shown itself not to have a military solution. But if control and power is the goal, we have to continue to let loose the dogs of war, as our very purpose for all this would have to come under question.

So what about false religion and greedy commercial interests? When you check the GOP and/or the Tea Party’s base do we not see an alliance between the corporate interests and Evangelical Christians? We know that corporations are profit driven and are at best, amoral. They are neither interested in country nor morality, yet these ‘values voters’ align with them, why? Corporations will invest in China without a second thought, never mind that it may be contrary to American interests. China has no problem with abortion and the last time I checked still use it for population control. How does light coexist with darkness? Well, I say that it is not so much of a light as it is a glare. As I told a fellow hubber and friend earlier today (lots of poignant articles, check him out) that in the biblical account Jesus chased money changers from the temple as defilement to true worship. Who are the ‘money changers” today, the corporate power structure? Would Jesus be comfortable having an alliance with this sort? I see churches making money as a major aspect of its existence outside of saving souls. Religion has been used as a crutch for slavery, as the slaveowner said that it Christianizes savages and such. My sister visited the Vatican once and was awestruck at the opulence. Reminds me of the film “Car Wash” (1976) where Daddy Rich (Richard Pryor), is the founder of the Church of Divine Economic Spirituality. This was a classic piece of comedy but I really do not think that the reality is so much different.

Recommended read in line with the topic:

by fellow hubber d.william

I am sorry if I disturbed comfort zones for so many, but I ask people to think a little bit about the choices they make and about who they choose to follow without question. Thank you for your attention.

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Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on January 09, 2018:

Thanks, Tim look forward to your input on so many of these trying issues of the day...

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Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on January 09, 2018:

No problem. You have a fan now. Thanks, by the way, your comments in the forums are pretty spot on, too.

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on January 08, 2018:

Thanks, Tim for your gracious comments, you are most kind.

I did not need a crystal ball to pick this up. I noted the changes around me and could see where they were leading.

Unfortunately, it is getting worse. Trump is busy making working people more vulnerable before corporatists and capitalists. He is giving those that earn tips as part of the job the shaft in favor of the owners and managers. This is just the beginning, further outrage is on the horizon.

And how about the 'Christian vote' rallying around a scoundrel like Roy Moore in Alabama? Christian principles and ideals certainly are not at the forefront here. I think that Satan himself would have been a more palatable candidate.

The people that voted for Trump thought that they were going to 'stick it' it to those 'takers', what they failed to realize is that this will include many of them.

It is like I say just before I hit someone in the puss with a lemon cream pie, "always remember, you asked for it"!!!

Again, thanks for reminding me that I penned this article and that it passes muster.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on January 07, 2018:

Excellent, Credence2. This title drew me in, I had to read your work. Great analysis on the Unholy Trinity (militarism, false religion, and greedy economics.) Interestingly enough, it seems your article is more relevant now (Trump wants to increase military spending, corporations got a big tax break, and White evangelical Christians prop up the alt-right movement.)

You had a second sense about these things. Good job. Great perspective.


Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on July 14, 2013:

Hi Paraglider, thanks for taking the time to read and appreciate my perspective on the topic...

Dave McClure from Worcester, UK on July 14, 2013:

On a quick scan of your profile, this was the title that most drew me in. I like and agree with your analysis of the modern triumvirate of religion, military and over-commercialism. Though I suspect that in recent years all three have become the executive arms of big banking. Good hub :)

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 16, 2011:

Hi, ge, thanks for having a look at this article. I am with you, hoping that Bin Laden's recent demise could signify the end of our military involvement in that part of the world. But, alas, someone will find an excuse to remain so as to protect something or prevent something from happening. The show must go on!!

geegee77 from The Lone Star State!! on May 16, 2011:

Wow I think your writing is impeccable. And I agree with what you said in your last comment about how great the internet is, we can voice our opinion on just about anything. And having this forum to write and read others feelings and differences of opinion. You made alot of sense in your article that frankly I probably would not have understood if written by someone else. I really hope we can make a difference even if it's one person at a time. I wish this war would end already, this country is way too dependent on oil and that's where the problem lies. Sorry so long. Great hub and cant wait to read your others. :) ge

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 16, 2011:

Thanks for weighing in on this one D!! Many voices and vocal ranges provide a unified message in the chorus. That is what this is all about, That is what is great about the internet, we can have breath and depth to our topics and both are important. Praise from a master is most gratifying.......

Regards Cred2

d.william from Somewhere in the south on May 15, 2011:

Excellent article. You are much more adept at speaking your mind than i am. Although i write a lot about the evils of corporate america and religions in greater detail, you have put them all together in a much greater perspective than i have managed to do. Kudos to you.

And you are correct that if enough of us, say these things enough times, maybe we can really start making a difference and poking the sleeping bear to wake it up and start making some positive changes in our lifetime. dw

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 13, 2011:

Hi, BBG, thanks for taking the time to read it, I get on a roll sometimes. You and I both know that the military serves a necessary purpose, but there are only about 250 countries in the world, so with 1000 bases we probably have installations most everywhere except Antarctica. If you are going to give your life for something make sure that is something that worthy of the sacrifice, because you only have one life. Yes, I am asking Europe and prosperous Asia to pick up most of the costs for its own defense. Wwe are in a recession and its a matter of principle that everybody needs to have skin in the game. Militarism and the foundation of religion are contradicting concepts, how can one ever be allied with the other? Again, BBG, thanks for ringing in and I will see you around in hubberland. Cred2

Stacy Harris from Hemet, Ca on May 12, 2011:

Great piece - I never really thought of it the way that you presented. Typically it isn't my favorite topic, but I do believe that you brought up some great points. For instance, having the military covering the entire world. Is that over use. Although, a little off topic, I don't know why we want to protect the world when we have so many people here that need our help.

And connecting religion to the military by the way of the Chaplians. That too was a unique point of view. I thought they were there for the people, not really a way to support war. But I like the way you think.

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 12, 2011:

Hi, LRC, thanks for checking this out.

When you think about the extent of our involvement in the affairs of others, it isn't any wonder that we are disliked by so many. Seems to me that we have enough on our plate right here.

Both Japan and Germany are wealthy societies, perhaps it is time that they take their own defense matters seriously enough to wean off from the milk of the American tax payer. They should have as much at stake for keeping the peace as we.

As for the alliance between corporate America and the Christian right, that is a situation of strange bedfellows. Glaring contradictions between what christian right espouses and how they actually behave, seen by their embrace of the greatest money changers ever. If that is not false religion, I do not know what is.

You know, LRC, they say that there is no devil, but this is how he is suppose to work, making darkness look as light and deceiving millions. The nefarious nature of all this stuff is beyond the power of any one man or series of men. It is just as obvious as the nose on our faces, but people refuse to look and acknowledge the truth, although painful. They will continue to be deceived until the very shirt on their backs are taken.

I am always going to err on the side of people over military hardware.I am sure that we could take a big chunk from the deficit if we dismantled all this. As you indicate, we need to circle the wagons and start looking after ourselves if we are to survive.

LRC, it is great to chat with someone that worked on the other side of CO desk, I have to confess that I missed all the excitement being caught up in the mix when I was doing the job.

Thanks for your thoughful comment and I will see you around the hubber universe.

LRCBlogger on May 11, 2011:

There are so many great points in here, I'm not sure where to start. First off, excellent analysis of the 3 headed serpent. Long have I said that we are more like the Roman Empire than America. We conquer and leave an installation or base in the land we have conquered. Doesn't this constitute a form of world domination? The cost to have these installations is massive, not to mention, I believe the soldiers pay no taxes while stationed abroad, right? Take Germany for example. I think we have something like 30k troops there. They eat at german restaurants, they spend their money on German products, etc. BRING THEM HOME! I think we have 25k troops in Japan? Do we think they are going to attack us again???!?! Let the troops spend their money in the good ole USA.

People of deep 'moral' faith aligning with corporate interests...what a great point you are making here. Isn't it a contradiction? As you pointed out, many companies unchecked have no morals. If there is any doubt, just look at our history and how corporations exploited children, women, men, etc. The govt had to step in and pass a series of labor laws to protect the American worker. The corporations certainly were not going to police themselves. Strange to me that it is the extreme right (which is usually the same group that is ultra Christian) that defends these companies.

Last point (Sorry for lengthy comment but there is so much good stuff in your hub),

What if we shifted half of the money and energy we spend on building weapons and defense and shifted that money and energy into solving the world's hunger problems. Imagine what we could accomplish.

So I worked under GSA contract for many years selling to the government. I had great experiences working with the contracting officers but I certainly agree that there was a lot of pet project spending.

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 11, 2011:

Hi, Jillian, This is the highlight of my day, (mid morning-island time)sitting here drinking my joe, stimulating and being stimulated by the articles we write. Glad to have you back. I am glad that you enjoyed this article, Aloha back to you and hope to see you around the hubs. (p.s) thanks for getting the word out.

Donna Lichtenfels from California, USA on May 11, 2011:

Wow! What a powerful piece of writing! So glad I did not end up missing this one! Have been under the weather, so I am missing too many fine articles. I think that this is my favorite; it may be the best of all you have offered!

The Three Headed Serpent! Perfect illustration!

This is such an important article. Will be sending it to some friends! Aloha!

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 11, 2011:

Thanks for your observation, CP, it has been frustrating at times, much like screaming at people from inside a pane glass window. Our enemy is both subtle and clever, being careful not to make itself obvious to most people.

CreatePerfection on May 11, 2011:

Credence2, I agree with you so much. As the saying goes, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." We have allowed the worst of us to be in control of the rest of us, throughout the whole world. What are we going to do to change this? The task seems overwhelming, but we cannot let it go on as it is.

Thank you for this article. It needs to be said over and over and over until we do something about it.

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 10, 2011:

Acknowledged, mythicalstorm, thanks for the Kudos, I hope in a small way to get people attention, if just to wake up a few, while the others sleep. It is better than doing nothing.

mythicalstorm273 on May 10, 2011:

You make an excellent point. I guess there is no reason that human society couldn't be different, but the problem is... as you point out... not a lot of people seem to care about anything except themselves anymore. And those that do usually seem to not have the courage or the knowledge to make a change. Change is possible, but I do not see it happening because of the pattern history always seems to make. Even those that should know better often ignore the past and think the way they will do it will be different. Yet it never really works out that way. I hope I am just being pessimistic and the world proves me wrong, but no matter what changes might occur in the future there is still the problems of today. Those problems bring us back to your hub again. See how informative your hub is! It might just be the start to the change we need in our society.

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 10, 2011:

Hi, mythicalstorm

Yes, indeed, history repeats itself, but must it always be so? We are not machines, who says that we have to be slaves to certain unsuccessful patterns of behavior, over and over? We live in a society that touts itself as a democracy with freedom to access information, shouldn't we know better after so long?

What nature of humans? You and I can see the error as individuals and we certainly are not supermen nor have skills of awareness above everyone else. If many would allow themselves to critically think and see what is so obvious to you and I, change is possible.

Just as in the discussion about dating, who is telling us how the world works or how it is supposed to work? It is the entity that stands to benefit from the status quo.There is more information available today than ever before, but more people choose to stick their heads in the sand and ignore, giving power to these authorities, when in actuality the power lies with each and everyone to say NO and insist on change. We all have to be engaged and courageous to stand up to power, but we must or we will continue to allow the enemies of humanity and freedom to run rampant. Thanks for your stimulating and thoughtful comments, Regards, Credence

Credence2 (author) from Florida (Space Coast) on May 10, 2011:

Greetings, HS I think that most are oblivious and unbelieving that all this could be going on right under their noses. The ideological right which is primarely represented by the GOP is the serpent. We are dealing with the gathering storm. I fear that until the catastrophe is upon them, the public will continue to remain indifferent. Thanks for weighing in, and we will talk again....

mythicalstorm273 on May 10, 2011:

This is a great argument, but one thing that you do not mention but perhaps know is the idea that history repeats itself. Human Society does not learn from its mistakes and everything you stated has been in the last century but if you look back even further you will see that Americans are not the first country to expand the way it has. Furthermore wars have been fought in the name of God for 2000 years... and in the name of gods for thousands of years before that. What you are arguing for is great, in my opinion, but just like the war on terrorism... I do not believe it will ever come to fruition. We would have to change the nature of humans and every year we go deeper into this 'nature' instead of further away from it. I've heard said before that every year we, as a society, become more barbaric than the first humans that ever lived. Just because our technology is more advanced does not mean we know the proper and right way to use it. Militarism is just one aspect of a larger picture. The larger picture being that politics, the military, the way the world works today is probably not the way most people would desire it be, but as individuals we have little influence on the workings of the world(unless you happen to be superman... or the president, and even he has less power than most people realize) but we need to all try to make a difference and therefore I think this hub does a great job of explaining some of the issues!!

Howard Schneider from Parsippany, New Jersey on May 10, 2011:

Very well stated Credence2. These are the major funders of the GOP. The military complex has been a major pillar since WWII. The Religious Right since the late 70's. But the commercial interests have been there for both parties forever. Only now they have bought the GOP in its entirety. We need to break the chains of this monster to save our democracy and to have government serve the people again.

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