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Baron Samedi - Man in the top hat?

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Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi- the man in the top hat

Baron Samedi- the man in the top hat

About the man in the top hat

I have been doing extensive research online, to find others who have seen this shadow person.A tall dark looming figure in a top hat that appears at random moments when we are alone.For a long time I didn't talk about him, people tend to think you are crazy if you mention this kind of thing. Well I know what I saw was real , it scared the piss out of me. It has been years since I seen him, I used to practice voodoo and black magic.Not until recently did I find out about the Baron , and make the connection which was at the time I saw him I owned a real voodoo doll from new Orleans.A week later I was in a car accident and had a near death experience. Some people seem to think that the top hat man is a bringer of death or destruction , much like the moth man.However, if this really is Baron could mean much more.The Baron is known for his superior connection to the world of the dead, perhaps we can see him as a groundskeeper to the gates of the dead world.I will be conducting research to add more substance to this topic.Right now one thing is apparent , most of the people who saw the man in the top hat were teenagers or children at the time.If you have any information that you would like to share please comment! I would love to hear your stories and experiences with the man in the top hat!

Is Baron Samedi really the man in the top hat?

This is a very good question, its hard to say who the man in the top hat really is; people have seen him in many states and even in different countries.We do not know for sure if this is who we are seeing,but it's a lead! Another source claims that the man in the top hat is the " right hand man of satan" a fallen angel,demon. There must be a way to summon " the man in the top hat " , I'm not sure if that is a good idea or not...although if he could have harmed us, he would have. I guess it will be a risk that I will have to consider.

This is phase one of my research, I need you all to tell me about your experience!

Phase one :protect thyself from the unknown

Ok so this can be dangerous business summoning a spirit or god that I know very little about.

Right now I'm doing some extra research on protection spells and circles that can be cast.I need the most powerful protection,because I do not know what I'm up against.

The only type of protection circle I have ever casted was one of salt ,crystals and colored candles.Candle magic is something all on it's own and you must be careful what colors and scents you use. I will be using white (purity) red (love) any other suggestions? In doing so, I will also be calling the four corners by using the elements of earth,fire,water and air.

I am doing more research about calling up arch angels for protection.It's kind of up in the air and quite debatable for me. I do believe in angels,but I also know that we should not abuse what they offer.

: Update :  One of our hubbers has offered to help me prepare for the summoning process (Thanks Runic)

I have yet to decide a date for the summoning, I have been considering Halloween, the summoning will most definitely begin at 3am in the morning.On the contrary to what most people think about midnight, 3am is actually the witching hour.I am also trying to set the conduction up for a live stream web cam session so everyone can see what does or doesn't happen.

Have you seen the man in the top hat?

Jimmy David on December 23, 2019:

I've seen shadow people several times in my life. Never seen one using a hat, but they were shadow masses nonetheless, which disappeared as fast as they appeared. Now, lately i've had my house invaded by presences, shadows moving, and weird events have started to happen (doors moving on their own, voices of people who aren't there, etc). I've managed to capture one of those "entities" in a few photos and, believe me, i find it as strange as it is scary. A few photos managed to capture the image of a man on a wall mirror, when there was nobody in the room with me... It's a black man, dressed in last centuries gothic clothes, with a zombie-like face! I never beluieved in ghosts but i have no answer for this. Could this presence be what they call the Baron Samedi?

Morgan Fredenburg on March 03, 2017:

About 5 years ago my now 15 year old sister said she saw a tall black figure with a top hat walk into my room. She then said she saw it walk across my room. Then recently like about a year or 2 ago my little sister said she saw it again in my room.

Raycii on February 17, 2017:

My sister said she saw him standing in the corner of her room watching her when she woke from sleeping. She said he was a skeletal shadow figure wearing a top hat. She said he was pissed that she saw him and he hissed at her and disappeared. This was at the time her third eye was awakening and because she was pregnant, with her heightened hormonal based awareness, was seeing and receiving a lot of unsettling stuff. Though she was scared as, she was very tired and went back to sleep. Hasn't seen him again but she now has a beautiful boy, who at a very young age, of 6 months, appears to have his mother's gift of sight and astral projection. Having read all comments I get a sense that this figure was perhaps guiding my nephews soul into life, or watching over my sister, not to harm her. My nephew is an old soul. When he was newly born he would just stare at us and communicate with wise knowing eyes, no baby crying! I negotiated with him to let my sister sleep and he did! He loves Sinatra and seems to be reminiscing of the good old days when he hears his songs. Now at almost 2 he seems to have lost his 'memories' and I can now see the true innocence of a child in his eyes. So I guess it's not all bad seeing the Hatman but it does sound like there might be a few spiritual beings who sport a top hat?

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Olivia Grace on October 17, 2016:

I have seen the Hat Man. I was 16 or 17. Before I saw him, I was sitting at the edge of my bed. My light was the only light on in the house as everyone else was asleep. I heard a man's voice clearly state: "A dog, a dog is in your house." I just thought I was either imagining it or hearing a neighbor. Then I heard it a second time and this time it sounded like it was said much closer to me. I jumped up, got my brother up and told him someone had broken into our house. He got up, turned the lights on, checked every room/door/and window. Not only was there no one inside but everything was locked up as it should have been. My brother gave me a knife to put under my mattress and let me know all is good; maybe you were dreaming and didn't realize you were actually asleep. I know what I heard and I was awake looking at the local paper classified ads. But, at least there wasn't a thief in our home. I went back to my bedroom with my car in tow. I closed the door, got ready for bed, made sure my window was definitely locked then turned off the light. I climbed into bed. That's when things got real. My room became darker than black; so much so that I couldn't see my hands right in front of my face. My cat jumped off of my chest onto the floor in the middle of the room. She then began meowing. I listened to her as she continued to meow when it changed into a high pitched cry sound. She was making this sound while backing up to my closed door. That's when he appeared. He was from a different era. I'm thinking like the 1800's, I believe. He had a top hat, a tailored black suit on. The jacket was like a tux with the longer back, the pants were dress pants and he wore boots. I could see his face clearly, his eyes were normal but his stare was pure evil, I could see his dominant facial features but you could tell he was ghostly; perhaps he could have been alive at one time. He was pretty tall and his arms were in the same position as someone who is slow dancing. It appeared he was slow dancing with a woman but nothing but empty space between him and his arms. When he went to turn, his eyes never left mine. That's right he did a turn with his entire ghostly, manly white Smokey body but his head never turned. It reminded me of the exorsist. Once the turn came to an end he was still glaring at me when I noticed the second ghostly figure. She was about up to his knees which is why I didn't see her when he first appeared. However, I was also only watching his eyes and face as he pretended to dance. I felt like he had tied me down or something because I couldn't move nor speak. I think that's referred to as ghostly paralysis? Back to the second figure: she was either a very young woman (early 20's to mid), or a mature teenage girl. I could make out her ghostly features clearly. She was dressed as a Catholic school girl as she was wearing a school uniform, shoulder length hair that I believe to have been brown and there was a headband on that held her hair back. The hair was wavy (I'm not too sure why I saw every feature perfectly but they had no skin) it was ghostly white, I could see through them. She was looking up at me while she lipped to me "Help". She was reaching her arms up to me. It appeared she was begging me to do something. I never heard sound from her but I knew she was asking me to help her and I could

Feel her fear!! I couldn't believe what was happening so I covered my body, head and face with all my blankets. I told myself this isn't real and I asked for the Guardian Angeles and Spirit Guides to make whatever was in my room, if anything, to please go away. When I pulled the blankets off my face, he was right next to me just staring at me but he now seemed either enraged or extremely annoyed and I could feel his anger! The woman was gone. Why did she go but he stayed. I tried screaming for my Dad but nothing would come out. I was frozen with fear as he continued to stay by my bed and state until he began to pace this time not looking at me. I prayed for help as that this evil leave me alone. I was finally able to scream with my voice for my Dad. He came running in but didn't believe me. He was leaving to work so I climbed into bed with my Mom. From that day forward I never slept in that room again. I slept on the floor in either my parents room or my brothers room on the floor. They not only didn't believe me but thought I was crazy. So at 18 I moved out. I received a call from my Mom after her, Dad and brother returned from vacation. She explained that when my Dad opened the door, he saw a dark manly figure move as if running from the living room and headed to the back of the home. He made my Mom and brother wait outside so he can check everything out. He found the house exactly as they left it. No one was in there. My Mom said: "I'm sorry I never believed you but we all do now!" Unfortunately, I'm happy they believed me but I will never open up to them or share with them anything of substance. My questions are:

- Who was he?

- Why did the woman choose me to help her or was she evil as well?

- Why did she appear to be from a different time period than the "Top Hat Man"? I call him the Devil.

- Why did no one else in my family see him but I've heard stories from random people that have seen him?

- What did they want? Was I being warned Or seeing a future crime that was going to happen?

- I've only seen him that one time, does he usually show himself multiple times?

- Off topic: Can people be used as a vessel for evil mainly when they are drunk? And can homes have a portal in a bedroom?

Any information and answers would be greatly appreciated! I'm also wondering why I can now suddenly shake a person's hand and instantly know their life story and pick up on all their feelings. This just started

C.M. on August 05, 2016:

I was 16/17 somewhere in there and I was sleeping in my parents basement on the couch, soundly I might add. I ad the strangest feeling that I needed to wake up. Something dark was about to happen and I needed to wake up. Finally I manage to open my eyes and I see a dark figure 5 feet away just felt like it was watching me. I felt a "he" and he was tall lanky top hat long coat like Jack the Ripper in shadow figure. I ran upstairs and said nothing for years until I was talking with my sisters only to find they seen him too but had like me and said nothing. on December 27, 2015:

Let me tell you somthing that is the devil we only see him when were young because we are unsaved .i dont know what his plan is but i do know i seen him at the the foot of my mom an dads bed when i was 12 i stared at him for about 5 min before i was scared enough to wake my mom an dad up hoping they would see him he was gone once my dad turned the light on i wont say events that took place after that night all i can tell you is stay away nothing good will come of getting to know him .my daughter is now 2-1/2 an has seen him she says guy come pink eyes hiding breathing fast under her blanket an he was next to me an i didnt even know it an our lights were on so i can only imagine what she saw .so now i have to try an explain to my daughter some how who god is an how to pray so he dont come back .like i said stay away an dont play with the hat man as you call him hes the devil

Leia Seemungal on August 02, 2015:

Hi there my eleven years old son has been seeing this man in black hat and coat for the last five years now. He has now told me about it, he says that the man watches him and then leaves. He also appears in the night when everyone is sleeping. It doesn't harm him but watches him when he's alone. Can you shed light on this situation for me please.

Joseph Riley on October 23, 2014:

I'm 32 and have been seeing him since I was 3-4 I am no longer scared but his taunts send me into a rage. I'm Native American and have no fear of demons or spirits. I have often asked him what he wants yet I never knew his name tonight I will call him out and see what happens wish me luck

rwatso on August 04, 2014:

Yes I've seen him walking up basement stairs he had his head down and hat was cover in his face my daughter saw him months before I did..I didn't have her describe it til I saw was exact same figure.. There is also a moisture picture on the garage wall of him in demon form

alycia on July 25, 2014:

i have seen him 2 times the first time i saw him he was crying and when i tryed to speak he diapered and the second time he smiled at me and nodded his head then vanished

James Simmons on July 01, 2014:

An offering was made to the Baron of coffee and tobacco. Salted around room, burning candles, sage and commanded in Jesus Christ name I command you to leave and to leave now. A door was left open for an exit. There was no notable exit of spirit(s). Could this have been another spirit of more evil intentions? Suggestions anyone? Please help!

Melody from Reading, Pa on July 01, 2014:

The black coffee didn't work. He had nightmares again. Please please please if anyone can give me any info or advice do so asap!! I'm desperate!! Thank u

James Simmons on July 01, 2014:

I need some help. My stepdad is very near death he is in the end stages of COPD. He keeps seeing this man and it is scaring him and he's never been scared of anything. As I said I need help please don't be fake this is very serious. My email is

Melody from Reading, Pa on June 30, 2014:

I have some questions pertaining to this figure. My friend died n was brought back n has been having nightmares of him ever since. But there's more to his nightmares n they've been getting worse to the point that he's been thrown onto the floor from his bed by branchlike fingers from this figure!!! What is going on to him n what can I do to help him??? I'm putting black coffee by his bed tonight in hopes that his sleep will b without this figure. So please if anyone with any legitament answers can inform me, email me asap at Any spammers or bullshitters will be reported. Thank you

Kitty on June 26, 2014:

I feel the need to correct you in that... If he had WANTED to hurt you, he would have by now. Just because he hasn't doesn't mean he can't.

captainoneeye on April 07, 2014:

Before my parents went to prison. Me and my dad was going to sleep and while laying in bed I look in the corner and there he was tall as fuck, trench coat, and hat, like an old skoll detective, I said dad look, my father began yelling at it. I don't know what this means.

My father was a huge drug lord and killed people and ruined thousands of American families with his dope movement. people told me I seen this demon bc my father was an evil man. some one please help me understand this.

Krassi on April 03, 2014:

I saw him fall of '97 when I was 17. I don't think he saw me, I was very careful of that. I couldn't sleep that night, I lived on my own since I was 16 and live with a ass of my 20 year old exhusband who upset me so much I was up most nights. It was after 2:30am and I went out to have a smoke on the deck of my trailer home. He was walking down the side walk and I could tell he was very tall by the large steps he was taking. He was very thin, skeleton like, and was wearing the "old' Abe" top hat. I felt paralyzingly fear sand kept very still so he wouldn't see me.

Veronica on June 02, 2013:

I have seen this same "Baron" when I was a child and also my older brother. I am a bit confirmed because of he was a protector then can someone explain to me why my brother passed away???? He passed away 2-3yrs after he saw it. This was back in early 90's.

Coyote on January 11, 2013:

I think perhaps Baron Samedi might be _a_ being that wears a top hat that some people see, but having met both the Baron and the creepy guy with the top hat, I think there's more than one spooky guy in a hat out there.

The usually scary apparition that appears in a tall hat that seems to haunt some people just doesn't look or feel like Baron Samedi. To begin with, Baron Samedi is a lot more fun to hang around with.

Trish on November 17, 2012:

I have a shortstory to tell. I asked my son to go into my bedroom to close the curtains cause it was getting on dard and he went to go in and came out sceaming, I asked him wants wrong and he said, in a shaky voice. I saw this tall man wearing an old fashion top hat at the window. I thought that was strange cause my bedroom window was pretty high from the ground. so I ran outside to check my bedroom window if someone was standing under the window he must have been 15feet tall.

elisa on August 28, 2012:

people who think he is a demonic man is so wrong. he is a protector the guide for people who are dead. he brings across the between. if you see him he has something special set for you. he isn't trying to hurt you, he wants youth listen, you have a gift and he wants you to open it up! he is trying to guide you to your ability. don't assume he is bad, he loves and protects all children and if he has been with you since you were a child you should feel blessed

Crayfish333 on July 20, 2012:

This is baron samedi the protector of the crossroads and of children he can prevent your death or bring it right now. But he only hurts you If you practice bad voodoo. Who were you trying to hurt?

MaggieB17 on July 05, 2012:

I saw "Top Hat Man" as a small child and am very surprised to read that other people have had similar experiences. However, I never felt afraid of him. The man I saw was dressed in a black cloak, black boots, and a top hat. He was watching me from my cousin's back porch while I was standing in the doorway looking out at him. I laughed and turned my back to him and upon turning back around, he was in the yard and then he just disappeared into the night. This occurred in the fall of the year, it was also a very dark night on my cousin's well lit back porch in a rural town in NC. This happened while all the family members and friends were in a separate front room and I was alone in the back section of her house. Never told anyone until I was an adult. In my personal experience, he never felt evil or demonic. I do not know where he came from or where he went, but have never seen him again. I also do not recall anything negative happening to me or my family after his visit. I almost feel protective of him as if he should be left alone as a pleasant mystery of childhood.

Mackenzie1989 on June 23, 2012:

Sorry I mis spelt my email add. It's

Mackenzie1989 on June 23, 2012:

Hey there, my step dad had seen this man twice. I can only remember the time when he was approached by him on a train. he said the man was asking him all about his life and told him about things that could happen or may happen to him. he wasn't evil or negative at all however my step dad said although he was dressed very strangely he didn't take note of this until the man had left. It was as if this was completely normal and the. He snapped out of it. my second story comes from when I was talkin to a work colleague within my new Jon today. she said her and her sister used to have bunk beds and one night they both seen this tall man in a top hat and long coat in the corner of the room however he was so tall that he was bent over the ceiling almost like a shadow does? her mother used to see a man in her wardrobe all the time and was so terrified her dad smashed the wardrobe into a millions bits. I do not practice voodoo or the arts however I have always felt that I know more I just don't know how to use my knowledge if that makes sense? I had

My first supernatural experience a month and a half ago in a woman's house I babysit for in which I was babysitting for the weekend. On both nights this supernatural being knocked my bag off of the door and picked up other bags in the room only to let them go to wake myself and my bf up. when I approached the children's mother about this she replied " I think it's a tall man ". I would love to talk about this with anyone else who is interested in this subject. I have no idea about any of it and there for do not have the right to judge what exactly is going on. I live in Scotland. my email is

Yvonne on June 09, 2012:

I just recently saw the a shadow of a man in black coat and top hat, the face was not very clear, but the feeling I got was that he was there to watch over me, not hurt me or take my soul away. He hung around for couple of weeks and than stop appearing to me. I have spoken to a friend of mine that has described him to me before I had a chance to tell her what he looked lika and she told me he is called the protector. Could it be the same spirit?

Kara on May 30, 2012:

I only came to know who it was I saw by researching online. When I was around 14, 15, or 16 I was outside around 5am taking my dog outside when I saw him up on top of my roof. He was wearing a black tuxedo jacket with tails, had a straight black cane with white tips on each end, a black top hat, a bow tie but no pants or shirt. He was all skeleton other than that. I don't know how to explain it but he had an expression. I don't remember seeing any eyes in the skulls eye sockets but I knew when he was looking right at me. He seemed to be somewhat amused that I was seeing him and that I was scared by what I saw. He was smiling at me or more like smirking at me. I wasn't drunk, or on drugs. I've never been into those things and I had nothing to do with voodoo, either. After seeing him, if I remember right, I went inside and freaked out to my mom and she went out and looked and I went back out to look, too and there was nothing there. I've never seen him since then and don't care to. I'd love to know why in the world I saw him though.

I told my grandmother about this and she said her preacher had described seeing the same sort of thing peering in his windows and called him "the devil" or a "demon."

I don't know what I saw but I do know that the picture at the top of this page of Baron Samedi is almost identical to what I saw that morning. The only difference was there was no shirt or gloves that I can remember and he had no ears or earring and no eyes. It was just the sockets.

Kara on May 28, 2012:

I don't remember whether I put this or not but yes, what I saw was also wearing a black top hat on top of his head.

Has anyone seen him as an adult? My email is

paul on May 27, 2012:

My wife experienced this when she was 3 ever since she had bad things happen. How doyou stop this? Please email me

Meg on May 01, 2012:

Please contact me if you would like to hear my experiences. I have seen him, as well as spoken with him many times (though at the time I didn't realize they were one and the same.) I would like to hear about your experience as well.

Kitty Fields from Summerland on April 22, 2012:

In my humble opinion, I don't think Baron Samedi would be messing with anyone who doesn't actively practice Vooodoo. Usually the lwa (Loa) desire some sort of offering or series of offerings and commitment to their favor before they show themselves to you. That would include Baron Samedi too. I could be wrong, but that's what I've come to learn about the Voodoo spirits. Thanks for sharing though. Super interesting hub!

Jen on April 04, 2012:

I find it both amusing and sad that so many people have said that Baron Samedi is evil; either through their experiences or ignorance. I just read through every single comment here, and though some of the things you've seen or went through are horrifying, I really don't see the Baron as trying to harm anyone. If anything, I would take his appearance as a sign or a warning - Baron Samedi is a Loa of Death, Fertility, and Earthly pleasures. He is a guardian of the crossroads between Life and the Afterlife; he is the judge of all souls who cross over. He is also a protector of children and Life; to any who claim he is responsible for your accidents or pain, try looking at what you have freely admitted to doing before or after you have seen him.

Drinking. Drugs. Partying. Irresponsibility with your own lives. While the Baron embodies what is considered "a good time" (he parties with the best of them), he does not bring death or suffering - He teaches to love and enjoy life, because every single one of us, no matter how rich or poor, are not immune to death. And for those of you I am writing this comment to, you were obviously not loving your life as you should. Enjoy it to it's fullest, but don't kill yourself in the process.

To the dear who started this hub, I am curious about a few things.

1) have you performed your ritual yet?

2) how can you have practiced Voodoo and not known of Baron Samedi? There are so many different Spirits in this practice, but he is one of the more famous, if only due to pop culture. He is the leader of his particular group of Loa. If anything, I'd think you'd know the leaders of each group; at least for your own safety, anyway.

If you have not done your ritual yet, may I suggest something? Baron Samedi is a Voodoo Spirit. Intermingling religious practices in an attempt to speak with him is probably not a good idea - and while I am all for safety when it comes to working with Spirits and Energy, I fear that casting a protective circle, or calling on protective beings would be insulting to the Baron.

Best case scenerio: You will be ignored.

Worst case?: Well... how do you react to a personal insult? Not favorably, I'd imagine. I've never been witness to what a member of the Loa do when insulted, but I can't imagine it would be pretty.

Just.. be smart. And be safe.

Meg on April 04, 2012:

I've seen him. I had no idea who he was until this year, when I became curious to find out what exactly it was I saw. I was young- about 17, and he appeared, the skull in the top hat, beckoning me through a reflection. I thought I was insane until a few years later, a boyfriend at the time reported to me a vision he had had in a mirror, and described the exact same vision I had seen. To this day I haven't seen him since, but I wonder why he appeared to me.

Jim Sparks on February 20, 2012:

It seems, before this thread went all wonky, that this "Man in the top hat" is simaliar to Thanatos, Greek personification or incarnation of death. He travels the mortal realm not to seek destruction, but to guide lost souls to their destination. it is not death he brings, but a helping hand for those that are not sure what they should do once they cross over. I would very much like to know what happened with your summoning although I fear you will not even read this. The spiritual realm has often had my interest, but I have only toyed with it in the past. Most of those being ill prepared and leaving me with visions I still cant see if I look directly at them.

Now just a theory with no evidence, Is it possible that the strength of each branch of spirituality is amplified by location or root you are closest to? Being in the US, would it not be prudent to seek the advice of a native american shaman instead of the wiccan groups from the old world? It seems that the strength of the voodoo practice weakened in the south from its haitian roots. Please give your take on this...

Maritza on February 17, 2012:

I am the worst atheist, my parents was othodox. Once want to sea does voodoo spells have power. My wish was: To like dr Pilipovich Nada, se is fast, intelegent, but nerves and try to crash me, always.Ask Honorable High-Priest Abayomi Aaliyah, with curiosity. After 3 days before New 2011 she give to my chief full bag of present, 150 doler crista, choclite, digitron et ct. All go down. I eat shocolate. And You see !

maritza on February 17, 2012:

O Yes. Even on our television the most emision with song and comics start withthese shadow, and it is serious company. Tito, where are You ????

It must not be a person. It is enough to be psihic energy of thouse who believed it, it was power of poor people in past centuries trouht the world. Negative, Antihero

but hero,like my nation. When Salamander cannot stey alive, he cut its tail. And regenerate !

Lucia on January 16, 2012:

my son was asleep, he woke up and felt a weight on his body so he could not move. However, in the corner of his room he saw a man with a top hat smoking a cigar, He did not see the face. This happened a few months ago, and only four times, every tuesday night for a month. What does this mean?

Ginger Scharnhorst on January 16, 2012:

I have seen the hatman. I was 19 when I saw him. I went out drinking and came home passed out. Something woke me up about 3am and I saw at the end of my bed...a very tall man, 8ft tall, slim, no face, Black trench coat, and white brimmed hat. He stared at me which seemed like forever. I was so frozen with fear I could not move. All that I could speak was no! no! no!. It felt like a power from him was trying to pull me out of the bed but I managed to hang on to my boyfriend to prevent being taken. It felt like wind was blowing or something else I cant explain. My boyfriend never woke up through my screams. He was drunk passed out. I eventually went to sleep but I woke up feeling traumatized. I was embarrassed to tell anyone. I got drunk the next night with friends and told them about what happened. They laughed at me and said it was the angel of death. I was drinking so much at that time I ended up with a malfunctioned liver and was sick for one month after my hatman experience. I will never forget that night. I always wondered if I was crazy or if it was real. I just knew it had to be real. I have had nightmares but this drove something into my mind so that I don't forget that it was real. Everytime someone would talk about ghosts or something creepy I always had a story of my own. Most thought I was silly but one day I told my daughter and she took me so seriously that she looked online and found a picture of the hatman. I relived my experience all over again by seeing that picture. I didn't know that others had seen him too. Hundreds and thousands of people. I don't mess with spells and such. I believe in Jesus. I think the hatman is pure evil. Its not a good thing to see him. I don't feel very lucky to have seen him. I do feel very curious as to why I had to see him. Was I that bad of a person? Was I doomed to die but didn't? Was I chosen to be taken somewhere but didn't? I think this will boggle my mind for the rest of my life. I do love reading others stories of the hatman so I know I am not alone in this. I am now 40 and my memory is still very clear of the hatman. I know we will know who he is when we die.