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The Beauty of Bare Trees


Winter takes its toil upon all that is natural, including us. It is a time of cold and for the terrestrial barrenness and bareness. It has been a pressing issue in my heart to take an in depth look at the bareness of the trees during this segment of winter, and I found beauty in bare trees. Some empty and bare appear to be a silhouette of hands raised in an upward position as if they were worshipping God, if words could be added I imagine they would say, Lord, I am empty and bare but I know you will adorn me accordingly come Spring-time, but I praise you through my barrenness.

Sin also takes its toll on human beings as it also expels them from fellowship and a relationship with their Creator and God, because sin produces separation from God. The unsaved are likened to these bare trees, and the void and barrenness which the winter climates produces for trees, sin produces it own climates of evil for sinners. Now every time I see a bare tree, I am reminded of the unsaved, and their need for salvation; just like those bare trees need contrary weather so that passing from budding can bring forth their fruit in the right time of the season. There is a hope for every unsaved person, that at any second of the day, God through Jesus Christ can change their sinful condition to salvation and grant them the hope of eternal life. You will clearly see the potential for receiving Christ as Savior and Lord can happen any moment.

Observe the bare trees in a new way during the interval of winter turning to spring, it is a miraculous time how those trees can be bare one day when you see them the next day they are all full of leaves and silently shouting to us, Praise the Lord in their own terrestrial lingo. We have to have faith to believe the bare tree will in fact bear new leaves on the now bare branches. It takes faith to believe all things are possible with God, every day and in every way.

Jesus taught us that the wind blows where it listeth and we can hear the sound of the wind, but we cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. He goes on to explain that so is everyone born of the spirit. (Read John 3:8). So beloved, the next time that you see a bare tree, think of the great potential it has and next time you think about the unsaved pray for their potential to acknowledge, believe and receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

I am a walker, meaning, I walk a great deal. I do not drive and find myself walking most places within reason. In doing so, I behold so many wonders of God, in bloom and out of bloom. Recently, as winter came into fruition, my eyes were turned to the beauty of the bare trees. You may say, now what beauty is there in a bare tree? You would have to behold that for yourself, because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The beauty is in their shape and poise, and the suggested anticipation of new growth as Spring emerges.

The terrestrial teaches a lesson in how to wait. As bare as that tree may be right now, give it a couple more months and then look at it again. You should marvel to see the bare tree emerge forth with splendor again. Some of them look as though they are in a praying position with branch limbs cupped upward as though in prayer, with buds on the tips, declaring the waiting for their next season of bloom.

This look at bare trees is teaching me how to see others. Instead of seeing potential bareness that may or can be evident, to look at their potential in Christ Jesus. To see those buds of good character, and the worth that is resident in them, because of Christ in them the hope of glory. Look for the buds and realize the potential that is in others. What if we beheld the buds of bare trees without the hope in God that those buds will bring forth new leaves and that Spring would arrive? He created the trees and the bareness is a part of the process for new growth. We should look for the beauty in each other. Bareness is a temporary condition, it doesn't have eternity written therein.

I learn from nature. This bareness seems so applicable to a spiritual season of barrenness in which it appears that nothing is growing, but if you look intently at a barren tree, you will see its potential is in its new buds, and that ultimately it will be fruitful, and you can be encouraged to wait on God for the next season in your life as well. The past keeps us focused on what to expect in the future. It is almost unseen by the natural eye, but a close look will rule that out. Who looks at barren trees?

The barren tree will and can be adorned in time, the barren heart and soul can be filled, which speaks of potential. Another discovery concerning bare trees is that each tree buds diversely and differently. One tree may produce buds before others, we don't say why is that tree's buds more than the others. Nope, we wait for them to do their own terrestrial thing. Just as we should be patient for the harvest and potential in others. God has it all under control, and remember where you see and perceive there is lack, it could be a call for you and me to pray and intercede for others and speak God's Word over them. Heart is the word earth scrambled. We are positioned in the earth and our hearts are always longing for more. More of God to fill the bare and empty spaces in us and others.

Bare trees offer a lesson in resilience. Snow, sleet, rain, fidget cold and every other type of inclement change, the bare tree still stands. All that we know about seasons and the impact upon nature, should serve to assist us in our own times of barrenness.


The fruit of the Spirit helps us to qualify that the barrenness we endure can be dwarfed by operating our new value system to acquire and incorporate these treasures. These fruit comprise God’s value system, informing us how to be pleasing to Him. They are ordained by Jesus Christ for prosperous and abundant living. Barrenness can be a profitable teacher, when we hope to see the budding of new character as it blooms towards righteousness and conforms us into the image of God.

The wilderness is barrenness, it is an empty and barren uninhabited place. We were once a type of bare tree, nothing was growing but sinfulness because of the environment of the wilderness we lived in, because sin produces barrenness. The empty and barren uninhabited place within us was once a wilderness and desolate place, it has now become the residence of the Almighty God. He has begun His holy work in us through the Holy Spirit, this process we call sanctification.

There is placed in us a incorruptible seed, pure and genuine, for the purpose of reproducing in us the same qualities of God which are conforming us into His image and likeness. By wilderness, I mean the void place our hearts were before God took up residency there, it was uninhabited because if God does not dwell there; it is indeed a very empty place.

The unsaved are like bare trees, but they have potential to come into the knowledge of the truth about Jesus Christ and be saved at any moment.

When the Spirit of God and the Word of God informs us, and gives us the information we need not to be barren, we flourish with new expectation and hope that leads to faith unfeigned and sincere. The fruits of the Holy Spirit are all characteristics we need to be healthy in spirit, soul and body, holistically are they applicable to and for us.

The fruits of the Spirit are founded upon Christ. The core value of our lives being righteousness. Righteousness is what makes every value thrive. The right to choose is experiential in that it only entails choosing what is right according to God, and the righteousness of Christ. We have the option to choose biblical values or not, we always have a choice, but the right to choose can only be found in choosing what is right. In this case scenario, to choose the biblical system of character which the Word and Spirit of God counsels as well as inspires, would be wisdom, using what we know accurately. In doing so we are complying with the right to choose what is right. The right approach and attitude and can help define the season you are in. Are you bearing the fruits of the Spirit? If not then you may be a bare tree needing what is necessary to bud and bloom in the spirit.

In John 15, Jesus said, I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

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In the looking at bare trees, the hopeful aspect is that all the leaves fall in Autumn, as a type of cleansing for new growth come Spring and the expectation to see new leaves as the buds opens is truly something to look forward to. Most assert, I cannot wait until Spring, and the weather changes. Yet the operation of all that must take place prior to Spring is ignored. This probe at bare trees is assisting me in understanding how to appreciate the coming manifestations and fruitfulness of Spring.

Hopefully, it is not ignored spiritually speaking. We want the exponential growth but are we willing to comprehend all that is needed to witness it coming to pass. The lesson these bare trees communicated by their branches which reach upward as in a position of prayer and praise, is just that prayer and praise and growth are inevitable. The beauty of bareness is the hope and expectation of growth. It means seeing potential when there is none evident. It is a faith thing to see a barren tree and realize that in due time it will be fruitful. This is how we are to see each other and know that to see barrenness or bareness in others you must supersede it to see potential.

The bare trees are likened to what one would find in the wilderness. By wilderness, I mean the uninhabited place our hearts were before God took up residency there, uninhabited because if God doesn't dwell there, it is an empty place indeed in terms of life. The barrenness of trees typify emptiness. The Scripture tell us that the heart can deceive us, and that it is deceitful above all things and who can know it. Only God the heart knower. The shocker is you can never judge potential by bareness.


Bareness is Gone

There is a spirit in a man and woman and the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding. When the Spirit of God is poured out upon us and we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, our spirits are saturated and immersed with the holiness of the Father, which descends from on high where there is absolute abundance.

The bare tree demonstrate to us a condition, emptiness; nothing is growing because of the change of season to winter, prior to winter, autumn took its toll as well and all the leaves fell to the ground. Winter is just that way, it is a very barren time of year. Have you ever wondered how did winter get into the seasonal equation? Winter is a season of waiting, it inculcates wait. There is however a hope we all have that by spring the buds will blossom and bring forth fruit and new life. Wouldn't is be great to have this same hope all the time for the events of the spirit that are similar to winter. I wrote another hub on spiritual seasons. However it is through writing this one that I've made an observation, that winter is the time of waiting.

The trials we go through, we have the blessed assurance and hope that things will work out for good, just like hoping to see the newness spring will bring.

Barrenness is just a condition, it is not a principle we should embrace. We should be aware of it to know what fruitfulness entails. The empty and uninhabited place which was once a wilderness and desolate place becomes the residence of the Almighty God who takes up abode within us and upon receiving Him, He begins His holy work in our lives. The process of renewing our minds we call transformation, we are destined to change, just like those bare trees into the beauty of the King.

We have living in us the incorruptible seed, pure and genuine for the purpose of reproducing in us the same essence, incorruption! Conforming us into the Imago Dei (the image and likeness of God). Corruption is a type of barrenness, it makes our lives bare, just like those trees. We are admonished to flee malice, and corruption. The incorruptible seed cancels corruption so that we can bear much fruit. Our lives need the sinlessness of Jesus Christ; we need it to hope beyond a bare tree and to be as He is eternally sinless. We are waiting just as the bare tree for this mortality, to put on immortality. Nevertheless, we occupy until He returns.


susan Johnson on March 03, 2016:


mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on January 13, 2015:

Hi "Luis" Luz and Anand" Thanks for dropping in and commenting. These bare trees continue to bless me. I was walking home from the store on Sunday and laid eyes on the 2015 ones. I began to worship God through a new song.. The earth is full of Your Glory, Elohim, Elohim, The whole earth is full of Your glory, Elohim, Creator. Have a blessed week.

Anand on January 13, 2015:

One more thing. The building of ctiies. Cain, Nimrod and the Babel mob all seek to build ctiies as escape from wandering, or launch pads for empire, or to hide from diversity. Cities get bad press.But one of the descriptions of the promised land, alongside the more favoured one of milk and honey, is that it is filled with large and flourishing ctiies that they did not build.I think that the text makes a distinction between ctiies built and ctiies received. The way to healthy life in the city is to receive it as a gift from God. And of course one of the first things God tells them is to establish ctiies of refuge, as opposed to building their own, as Cain did.So much so much.enjoying the blog nathan, thanks

chaplain luz on January 12, 2015:

Thanks for this message. There is always hope in Jesus of a new and better season. Praise the Lord.

Luis on January 10, 2015:

This was a fantastic tgohhut the idea that we need times of barrenness to draw more closely to God. Reminded me of the food cycle God instituted in OT times in which He instructed us to allow the land to lie barren periodically, so as to increase its productivity in normal years of farming. I'd never really considered that barrenness in terms of our spiritual lives could actually serve a preordained purpose toward helping us grow in the Lord. It also reminds me of the promise God made to show us great and mighty things that we knew not of. I'm so glad God routinely shows you and Delores these great and mighty things, and that you're both so willing to share them with all of us.

mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on March 07, 2014:

Thank you!

Lady Summerset from Willingboro, New Jersey on March 07, 2014:

Just wanted to add these:


Love them!

mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on March 05, 2014:

Hi "Lady Summerset" I hope all is well with you and your family. The value being our potential to grow and develop at any time. Thank you for dropping by and I will visit the website you gave. Have a wonderful evening.

Lady Summerset from Willingboro, New Jersey on March 05, 2014:

There is value in our bareness! Absolutely beautiful words to live by!

mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on March 01, 2014:

Thank you "VVanNess" for your encouragement through this comment, it is greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend and week!

You also "Icbenefield" I am glad to hear that it is an encouraging word and awakens your spirit to look to God in all things. He cares about our total and holistic being, and loves us with a steadfast love. All honor and glory to the Godhead.

lcbenefield on March 01, 2014:

Thanks for the encouraging word. I appreciate the reminder to look to God in all things and that in the bare spots hope blooms eternal. The barren spots will not always be so. Great job! UP and beautiful.

Victoria Van Ness from Fountain, CO on March 01, 2014:

What a beautiful article! You are very talented!

mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on March 01, 2014:

Hey there "Ericdierker" how are you doing. I pray all is well with you and your family. We all need to be reminded that is why God gave us each other. I had to be reminded to look beyond, who really does look at bare trees but to dismiss them because of the state they are in, and wonder when will Spring begin? Thanks for dropping by and have a blessed day!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on March 01, 2014:

Nicely done. I know I need to be bare often in order not to be too proud of my plumage. I hope the trees remind me of this as you have.

mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on March 01, 2014:

Good morning, "Faithreaper," I pray all is well with you and your family. Thank you for commenting. Bare trees encourage our faith, because we walk by faith and not by sight. If we just behold the condition of the tree in its bare state and as we see it, we wouldn't hope for the evidence we can't see, the leaves in full bloom. There you are reaping more substance for your faith. All glory to the Honorable Godhead. Have a great day.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on February 28, 2014:

Wow, my goodness, this is quite a most beautiful hub here you have written! I never thought of the barren trees and now you have opened my eyes to such beauty. Thank you for sharing your profound thoughts here. I truly enjoyed reading this amazing hub.

Up and more and sharing

God bless you,

Faith Reaper

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