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Bappa raval

Bappa raval एक राजपूत बालक की गाय रोज दूध दुहने के समय कहीं चली जाती थी।

Bappa raval The name of this child was ′′ Kalbhoj ′′ which was known by everyone as Bappa Rawal,

Bappa raval

Bappa has to come

A Rajput boy's cow used to go somewhere while milking it everyday. That child had to starve everyday, so one day he followed that cow. The cow reached the ashram of a sage and started abhishek with her milk on a Shivlinga. The child was very surprised, what is this matter, that's why he saw a sage standing behind him smiling. Rishi's name was ′′ Harit Rishi He gave education to that child and with his blessings he defeated Maurya Samrat named Manmori in Chitore in 734 AD and increased his reputation.

The name of this child was ′′ Kalbhoj ′′ which was known by everyone as Bappa Rawal, with the blessings of Harit Rishi, Bappa Mahadev became a big devotee. He was so interested in his religion that wherever there were trauma on religion, Bappa's havoc would have been broken and he would have reunited that place in Sanatan and waved saffron.In 712 AD, when Mohammed Qasim killed King Dahir with deceit, he waved the power of Islam in Sindh, but it didn't last long. Bappa Rawal broke down on him like Rudra and Muhammad Qasim was called back by the Khalifa of that time, did Muhammad Qasim have to run away.But the rulers of Islam did not have peace. They attacked Mewar from two sides. This time Bappa Rawal created havoc. He created such a fight that these invaders of Islam had never heard of in history. On the other hand, Nagbhatt Pratham of Gurjar Pratihar dynasty ran and killed him from Southwest Rajasthan.Again Bappa Rawal did such a thing that for the next 400 years, Arab and Islamic rulers did not even look at India. He built a Hindu army together with small fat Sardars and Nagbhatt Pratham and Vikramaditya II. Apart from Al-Hakam bin of Arab, Tamim bin Zaid al-Utabi, Abdul Rahman al-Muri, this army raised such a cot that even the Islamic ruler Bappa Rawal's name started trembling.Bappa didn't stop here. He defeated Gajni's ruler Salim badly, and made his nephew sit on the throne there. Arabic rulers considered the dream of Gajwa-e-Hind as a dream. They hoisted the flag of their power to Gandhar, Turan, Khurasan and Iran and maintained the saffron rule there. 35 Muslim rulers had married their daughters to them due to their fear.Bappa Rawal, born in 713 AD, retired after about 19-20 years of rule. At the age of 97 he left this world. The coin they run had a picture of Nandi and Shivling and the male figure with the trishul. Even today, in the entire history of India, if we search, we will not find any warrior who has brought Islam rulers to their knees in such a way that they did not even look at India for 400 years due to the fear of that Bappa's havoc Got it.Rawalpindi, which was settled in the name of Bappa Rawal, is still standing on the chest of Pakistan, showing their status to the enemies.

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