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Banned From the Bible. The Lost History of Solomon and Lilith.

Banned from the Bible

The original "creation" of the bible

The original "creation" of the bible

Banned from the Bible

Book closed - items banned from the book

Book closed - items banned from the book

Misguided beliefs and misguided hatred.

How deep are the sins of man? Are religious teachings blatant child abuse? All the religious lies are damning us to a life of emotional pain, unfounded guilt, fear and hatred of things unfamiliar to our basic beliefs.

The first affront to women's rights started when time began according to the old testament portion of the modern day bible.

Was this by "intelligent design" or misguided manifestations in the eyes of men?

The bible makes it clear that this was common practice thousands of years ago, and men today are hell bent on continuing this practice.

Religions need to clean up the mess they have created.

Research into the origin of the bible that people are so fearful of, reveals quite a shocking story.

Quoting from it to justify 'anything' is about as illogical as it can get.

The old testament had 5 separate and distinctly different versions

  • Greek,
  • Armenian,
  • Syrian,
  • Latin
  • Hebrew.

The modern day version was taken from the Hebrew (Jewish) versions.

The problem with that statement is that there were 3 distinct versions of the Hebrew text:

  • Palestinian,
  • Babylonian,
  • Egyptian.

The Hebrew versions were translated from Hebrew to Greek to Latin and later to English.

Much of it was discarded as heresy because it was defined as:

( 1.) adherent to a religious opinion that was contrary to church dogma,

(2) a denial of a 'revealed' truth by a 'baptized' member of the Roman Catholic church.

(3) dissent or deviation from a dominant theory , opinion or practice.)

King Solomon

story of King Solomon the man

story of King Solomon the man


Most of the "stories of Solomon " were written by Solomon himself, in the 1st person. and all of which were banned from the bible, for obvious reasons.

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He was known as the "master of demons".

He purportedly conjured up 36 demons who he then ordered to build a great temple for him.

All of his writings were banned from the bible, for obvious reasons.

The few passages regarding Solomon that are found in the bible were merely to depict him as a great king who accomplished much; without any references to the dark side.

Among the most prominent of the banned were the "testament of Solomon, the master of demons", and the "testaments of Peter and Simon" regarding their public displays of who had the greatest power over life and death.

Lilith the First woman

Adam's first wife

Adam's first wife


The second major story banned from the bible was the 'story of Lilith'.

She was the first wife of Adam.

According to the old testament she was created along with Adam as an 'equal' to him.

When he wanted her to 'lay beneath' him she refused to be subservient and demanded equal status.

She was the first female created and the first 'feminist' (believer in equality of the sexes). So she was given a choice of compliance or banishment.

She chose banishment and was exiled and labeled a demonic entity associated with infanticide (in those days it was common to lose infants to disease and other unknown causes, so they put that blame on Lilith), feminism, and demonic sex.

[much like the politics of today - If you stand up for your rights you are demonized by the 'establishment'].

Some things have not changed much over thousands of years.

Defending women's rights


Man's long history of misogyny

(misogyny - the having or showing a hatred and distrust of women)

The story of Eve was invented to replace the story of Lilith.

Eve was portrayed as subservient by the very nature of her being 'made' from a rib of Adam.

Thus demonstrating (symbolizing) her 'status' upon her "creation" so she could never be elevated to equal status , as Lilith was.

Not much more to say about the old testament, most of it could have been excluded as superfluous in my opinion. The other stuff that was excluded was not important for this hub.

The next ''Banned from the bible - the lost history of....'' will add more detail and will really get the religious zealots going on another rampage.

the Story about the Devil's Bible

Creation of the New testament

The new testament - equally as shocking as the old testament.

During the creation of the new testament, of today's Bible, there was much conflict and blood shed in deciding what was to be embraced or cast out.

There were literally hundreds of letters, epistles, parables, psalms and proverbs written long after the death of Christ, who was a practicing Gnostic as were his disciples.

Gnosticism defined: the thought and practice of various cults of the late pre-christian and early christian centuries distinguished by the conviction that matter is evil and that emancipation comes through gnosis. (esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth held by the ancient gnostics to be essential for salvation) . This knowledge being - designed for, or understood by, the specially initiated alone. "Knowledge" that was restricted to a small group, that Jesus was believed to belong to.

These gnostic groups were a menace to society and had to be destroyed. They were considered dangerous heretics and their "gnostic secrets of the universe" writings were destroyed by the emerging Christian movement as were any one, or any thing, that was in conflict with their intentions of creating this new Christian philosophy.

There was a tribunal created that would sort through all the writings to select only those that were in line with the intended views they wanted to promote.

Creating this bible was essential to the creation of 'one group' that would be victorious in stopping the religious fragmentation arising A.D. They desperately needed to establish who would be in control of the new religion they wanted to create after the death of Christ.

They pored over all the writings of the time and selected only those that seemed to be in line with their 'intended version' of this new religious order.

Notably, amongst all those writings that were banned from the bible there were many tales of sorcery, witchcraft, demonic possession and exorcisms, recipes for casting spells and conjuring up of demons for evil purposes. (These particular writings were the ones assembled to create the Devil's Bible).

by: d.william 10/31/10

The following 3 videos are debates regarding Religion as child abuse


d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on November 13, 2013:

from: Dim Flaxenwick 2 years ago from Great Britain

Very interesting. l wish l could remember who wrote the folowing::

Woman was taken from man, not from his head to be above him

Nor from his feet to be trampled underfoot.

But from his side to be equal to him !!!!!!!


Thanks for you comments. I do not know who said this either, but it certainly had to be a woman. LOL.

That old story of Adam and Eve is just another fairytale from the past with no basis in fact.

I saw this special on t.v. the other night that proposed that humans were originally designed to be bisexual (or rather hermaphrodite; possessing both male and female sex organs), but somehow our present state was a mutation that became permanent. That certainly would have been more appropriate and would have saved lots of heartache and controversy over the centuries.

from: days leaper 8 months ago from england

What a load of absolute drivel! I believe you are trying to give good a bad name. What clap trap! I won't be reading any more of your hubs.

To: daysleaper.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

Some people can not handle the truth about their religious beliefs. I am so sorry you are one of them.

These are not 'made up' stories, they are historical facts. Religions have us so brainwashed that it is almost impossible for some people to believe the truth about the propaganda they spread, the lives they destroy, and the control they hold over our minds, souls throughout our entire lives. Therein lies the claptrap, bunk and drivel, not the words of logic and truth.

Without viewing your profile, i would suppose you to be a christian, white male who has been totally brainwashed as a child into a religion you had not choice in adopting. My sympathies to you my friend. We can not hide from the truth unless we make a personal choice to do so.

from: days leaper 8 months ago from england

Oh, am I. Yes. brought up CofE, White male. Very Astute. And there might even be elements of truth in your page. But this is outweighed by the ton of falsehood. You agree I suspect, something happened: Solomon etc. existed. What You don't seem to realise is the gospel according to Judas was Ommitted for good reason. A TV. programme I saw that claimed to have discovered what was left of it. Said that Judas claimed to see Jesus appear as a child. Why? The man was right there with him. If he wanted to speak to him, even using forces beyond our ken (knowing) then He would surely have appeared as himself. Why appear as anything else unless to teach something, if so what? No, My Dear fellow Hubber, it is you that are somewhat misguided I suspect. The man was hallucinating, which so many that might otherwise be considered gifted succumb to even in our modern era. And this lack of discerning was part of what contributed to his betraying Jesus. That is to say giving him to his enemies who might also have said such things as yourself.

To bring it back to Solomon, he used forced labour (slavery) for something, and didn't get rid of his wives when told to. If this therein is the domain of demons as you put it then I have no quarrel, but that does not mean it shouldn't be read because it still serves as an example.

As for not viewing my profile as you claim. Strange that my score has dropped 2 points since writing the prior comment. But OK. that teaches me not to correct an ignorant man. (proverb).

Oh, heck nearly forgot. I do not attend any church as I feel modern religion has become lost from the real thing. I did read both old and New Testaments, then on looking at different versions found variations. It shows various people have taken it, and twisted things for their own use and power in this world. But much of faith is about getting into heaven after this material life. And aiming for the best seat we can by our good nature and forgiveness. If you sit through the average sermon it seems the last thing on their mind -really.

I hope you find your way.

To: daysleaper

Typical christian attitude. You have passed judgment and sentenced me to hell because of your perceived truths. What you do not realize is that there are different 'truths' for everyone. There are no false hoods in my article, and i, too, have read the bible several times. I do not need it interpreted by those who would control the minds of others. When we take things out of context, and have hundreds, or more, people interpreting the words in their own views it does nothing but corrupt the so called holy books of every religion even more than they already are.

Religion is not about saving souls, it is all about judging and having control over others. I am at peace with my maker, and there is no man who can judge another by his own views.

I do not judge you, but i do feel empathy toward anyone who does not have the capacity to think for themselves and reach conclusions based on logic, rationality, and good old common sense. There is no mysticism, superstition, or heresy in the real world.

I will continue to live in the real world, and allow those who wish to live in their fantasies of fear and guilt to their own devices. Peace.

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on February 16, 2013:

Secret text of the canaan

Thanks for reading and commenting. It still amazes me just how little people of religious faith actually know about the origins of their holy books and/or their respective religions. "Blind Faith" is just that: BLIND

Secret text of the canaan on February 16, 2013:

maaaan did an amazing job conveying this page about Forgotten text of the holy bible.

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on March 17, 2012:

Thank you for reading and commenting: Learn more about the Dead sea scrolls here:

What are popularly called The Dead Sea Scrolls End view of one of the larger scroll fragments from the Dead Sea collectionconsist of a very large number of scrolls – most poorly preserved and many surviving only as tiny scraps – discovered in a series of eleven caves near Qumran and the Dead Sea beginning around 1947. Over 800 separate texts of several divergent types are now recognized among this find. The scrolls date from the "intertestamental period" – a period ranging from about 250 BCE to 100 CE, the epoch after textual formation of the "Old Testament" but still before the formation of Christianity and rabbinical Judaism.

The Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of thirteen ancient codices containing over fifty texts, was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945. Read more here:

There is no indication, or proof, who wrote these findings or when they were actually written.

I do not subscribe to any conspiracy theories regarding religion. Religion is nothing more than a business that exploits and manipulates its people through fear and guilt. So as it was in the beginning, it is still the same concepts today.

My personal stance is best described by the third video above: Lack of belief in Gods. It is more realistic than any ancient texts.

illumanati truth on March 16, 2012:

when were the nag hamadi scrolls,dead sea scrolls found?by whom tell me?who dated them?it is all part of a huge concpiracy to mislead us into following beezebuls path do not be fooled!

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on January 13, 2012:


Thank you so much for reading and your astute comments. And yes there is definitely a reason it was called 'HIS-story" in lieu of "HER-story", it was mostly written by men. There were other stories, parables, psalms, letters, etc..., that were written by women at the time they created this 'sacred text' but obviously could not include anything by women, who were beneath the status of men, to be allowed any input into its compilation.

And, too, true of all the other religions' "holy books" that were written for the same purpose - control over the masses through intimidation, fear, threats, and lies. You might like my other follow up to this hub called:

"The Origins of the Art of Manipulation. A Philosophical study". I added a link to it above under links.

Thanks again for reading.

Desiree on January 12, 2012:

I agree 100% that the bible is nothing more than an anthology of man-made material of the not-so-true type, put together for one purpose...Mental slavery in thee highest regard possible! The bible is nothing more than a cleverly hidden agenda, using the name of "god". It is thee ultinate act of heresy in HIStory...pun is fully intended.

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on February 16, 2011:

Thanks. I appreaciate the read and encouragement comments. dw

Reynold Jay from Saginaw, Michigan on February 13, 2011:

Yes, this was information I discovered in my studies. I know it is true as everything was documented in history quite clearly. The Judas script, doumented by National Geographic, paints a very different picture of Judas and the events that led to his suicide. RJ

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on November 07, 2010:

Thanks for reading and commenting. Unfortunately (or fortunately - which ever view one has) it is based on facts. Although, the die hard religious will probably disagree. Some of them still believe the world was created 4,000 to 6,000 years ago, and everything that is written was actually written by God himself, and Adam and Eve were literally "created" in one day. This kind of irrational belief system has always fascinated me.

Peter from Australia on November 06, 2010:

Thanks for putting your hub into such a readable form. I am not qualified to say whether it is true or not but at least I understood what you were saying.

India Arnold from Northern, California on November 03, 2010:

I must tell you that you have found a loyal reader not only in terms of what you write but in terms of what you have to say.

I will be checking in to read your work!

A loyal Fan,


d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on November 01, 2010:

Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment. This is based on historical facts. Very little is my opinion. And you are correct that it will freak out some people. I truly hope so. I cannot imagine anyone embracing such fairy tales as fact. And basing their entire existence around them. They have been totally brainwashed, and will never admit to their misgivings. Growing up a catholic, i was always taught by the priests and nuns that if you question anything they teach you, or even think about the possibilities that what they say may not be true, you will be committing a mortal sin. What utter hogwash. Children are gullible enough to believe this crap, but when supposedly sentient adults do, it is a total mystery to me. These are the same people that even deny the fact that Jesus was Jewish. And these are the people that want to make laws for you and me? I don't think so.

India Arnold from Northern, California on November 01, 2010:

You say much within this hub! I have always held to the truth that man decided what to edit in or out of the modern bible. Looking at your writing from a historical perspective I find many viable truths. You may well freak a bunch of people out with this hub, but I applaud your work and encourage you to continue your task.

Calling you brave would be an understatement.

~Always Choose Love~


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