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Avalon Sol, The Voice!

Moving to the next level of human evolution will require a spiritual awakening, creating a new paradigm of peace and harmony and Ascension.


According to Avalon Sol, there are three types of Indigos. After my consultation he identified me as a type three and activated my contract.

According to Avalon Sol, there are three types of Indigos. After my consultation he identified me as a type three and activated my contract.

Avalon Sol

Avalon Sol is a controversial figure within the Truth Seekers Movement, claiming to be an Indigo representing the Guardian Alliance. His mission, like many of us, is to awaken humanity to their true potential, while revealing information about the three types of Indigos on Earth and their purpose for being here now. This article Avalon Sol, The Voice!, is not being written to convince any one of anything. It is merely one persons view about this person.

I was lead to Avalon through a face-book group known as Full Disclosure Now, which has blocked me from their site due to my own controversial revelations, evidently I don't play nice with others, boohoo! I follow the truth where ever it takes me and sometimes it takes me down a path others are simply too afraid to follow, so be it, their loss, not mine.

Avalon Sol has his own face-book page, just as I do (although mine is accessed by invitation only), which you can follow by clicking on the link in this sentence. However I will warn you now that he doesn't tolerate fools, trolls and dissension, so if you wish to argue or disparage the message this site is not for you. I think he is controversial because he shares with the public a version of the truth that most people simply cannot handle and if they can't handle the written word . . . being confronted with actual physical evidence would shut down their fragile ego permanently.

One of his earliest postings was an article written about the Black Knight satellite, in which he explains how our brains actually have a kill switch to prevent humans from witnessing any event or recognizing any information which would alter their paradigm in such a way as to reveal the truth.

So while many people think they have spiritual awoken, all they really have done is too recognize that they are being lied to, the truth behind this Big Lie (as I call it) would cause their artificial brains to shut down permanently. Of course many people will question the term artificial brain, because they still think their existence is perfectly natural, it is not.

One of the criticisms I most often hear or read about Avalon Sol is the idea that he can activate an Indigo, for a price! This always makes me laugh! Folks always tell me, "You can activate yourself, you don't need to pay someone to do it for you".

Oh really, well folks, if it is so easy . . . what are you waiting for?

Avalon Sol asks for donations, just as many other whistleblowers, Secret Space Program Insiders, spiritual gurus and consultants. We do live in a matrix governed by money, so to make a living and pay your bills, many people do charge for their time, Avalon Sol is no different.

I myself donated $50 dollars and was given a three and half hour "consultation","considering what I donated this was a bargain at $14.28 an hour, I make more than that at my job and I guarantee if you ever tried to hired me to create some artwork for you $50 wouldn't even get you in the door. So to all the folks out there that accuse Avalon Sol of charging money for consultations, I laugh in your face, your pathetic.

The truth is these people are afraid of his revelations because they make sense, describe the world as it truly is and he doesn't patty cake the information while frolicking with unicorns and skipping through rainbows and waterfalls. If people do not want to awake too the harsh reality of a world in which we (all of us) allow 30,000 of our fellow humans starve to death on this Earth everyday and prefer to wallow in ignorance . . . I say let 'em.

I for one enjoy reading the truth from a person unafraid of telling it like it is and willing to make a stand for what they accept as reality. That being said let's now explore a little more of the reality that is the Avalon Sol world . . . shall we?


Lee Carroll & Jan Tober

Avalon Sol The Researcher

Avalon's unique position as an intermediary with The Voice allows him insight into information to events that is prevalent in today's society, such as False Flag Events and information pertaining to the Secret Space Program.

Having downloaded a vast storehouse of knowledge allows him to not only recognize when Earth's past history is being manipulated but also where and when to look for ideas, concepts and events taking place in our current society.

This allows him to alert the public to ongoing clandestine operations and provide proof and evidence through photographs, information and online links.

Avalon Sol The Researcher



The term Indigo Child is often bantered about in the New Age Community as a new breed of humanity or the next step in human evolution and being considered an Indigo holds some prestige. Having researched what it means to be an Indigo, I can identify with many of the positive and negative aspects of what it means to be an Indigo Child but have always considered these traits to be predominately negative, allow me to explain.

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For instance in the book The Indigo Children by Lee Carol and Jan Tober, the less appealing qualities, demonstrated by Indigos, are brought to light along with some of their better advancements. Most Indigo Children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), which can lead to an inability to get along with other children and classmates, violent behavior and quick temper, all traits I have exhibited in the past. Back when I was growing up this psychological disorder had not been identified yet and I was simply labelled a trouble maker.

For me, I always enjoyed learning and expanding my knowledge base but the lower education process, such Elementary School and Junior High School, I found extremely boring, to the point of distraction. I rarely studied but did well on test and often would just wing any answers that I didn't know, with amazing results. I seemed to have an ability to just instantly know the answers to math problems, history and other subjects just by picturing them in my mind's eye. At first I didn't trust this ability but after repeated success, I took it for granted and eventually relied on it heavily. This also worked well in sports and other things, I could picture hitting an object by throwing a rock at it and then would do exactly that, with amazing accuracy.

As my abilities grew and manifested themselves, I became more and more isolated from my classmates and labelled as odd or weird, which lead to fights and unsocial behavior. My smart-ass and sarcastic behavior also lead to many confrontations with teachers, as I simply refused to accept some of the information they tried to teach us as true and prevalent.

"Later in my life I learned to accept this gift as being beneficial but early in life I couldn't understand why I was so different from other kids and it bothered me to the extreme!"

But enough about me let me try to answer some of the questions of what it means to be Indigo Child. It is important to remember that many of the answers lies in the intrinsic nature of an Indigo Child's spiritual nature and orientation of their unique consciousness or ability to think with their heart, instead of their mind.

The Indigos are in truth representatives of a very OLD BREED of consciousness once prevalent on Earth and in their re-emergence today, they serve as harbingers of our race evolution – the way-showers of things to come, as our race evolution moves closer to its intended hidden destination.

While most Indigo Children exhibit a deeper understanding of life and appreciation for nature, they also do not allow themselves to be the doormat for other's rude behavior or tolerate the persecution of their fellow humans and will defend another without hesitation. While this maybe considered a noble trait, it often leads to confrontations and even violence.

However what we must recognize is that the phenomenon of Indigo Children is both spiritual and genetic and their appearance in our society today represents the beginning of our Bio-Spiritual Evolution.

The other, very important aspect of an Indigo Child that most people and parents may have a difficult time accepted and understanding is that, they are not of this world. What I mean by that, is our souls are from a more advanced human-hybrid future and they have agreed to incarnate into this timeline to integrate their DNA and spiritual paradigm into our own society as a means of awakening the population.

I have often joked with friends and family that I am not of this world and for the most part I rarely get any disagreement on this matter. I simply do not think like most of humanity, so you can appreciate how this would be upsetting to most children learning how to co-exist with their classmates and other children.

Avalon Sol's mission is to remind us of whom we are, why we came here and what our mission is. Here is what he has to say to all the Indigo Children out there . . . and you KNOW who you are, so don't kid yourself! Avalon Sol, The Voice!, has this to say about Indigo Children:

"You already know you have mental telepathy or clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, precognition, psychic abilities and the list goes on. You might have ONE of these, you might have ALL of them, and yet you sit right there, frozen in fear for what your family or friends would say if they knew. And for what? You fear that they will think you are a freak?"

"OK,You ARE a freak in this world that is insane from subjugation and enslavement. You ARE NOT HUMAN."

I would venture to guess that many Indigo Children could be found in our mental institutions, or on the streets as part of the growing population of homeless. I have often told anyone that would listen, that I would not wish my brain or the way I think on my worst enemy, as they would literally go insane. I have a tendency to think in the abstract and while this is beneficial for being an artist, it leads to many difficulties, trying to adjust into our current social paradigm.

— Somethgblue

Warriors Of Tara

Blood Types

According to modern science, there are eight (8) different blood types present in our reality or eight (8) different genetic versions of one human bloodline. These bloodlines are constant, they do not change, they do not morph into different bloodlines. In other words, the ruling elite wish for you to accept this idea that, we have mutated over time from one single strain, we have not.

"The 'human' blood types present in your playing field and their import of your existence are one of the most tightly held secrets about life on this planet because bloodlines carry different codes which are specific to the unique abilities of that star race which could be activated in soul group-specific heritages if the encryptions were exposed. Something you can never, ever know."

What do we know about the number eight?

We know that eight represents the symbol for infinity or God.

We know that eight musical notes create an octave, such as Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do, with one repeating note.

We know that there are eight squares on a chess board row and that eight times eight is 64.

We know that the Chinese book of prophecy, the I Ching is a compilation of 64, six line signals, known as hexagrams.

We know that DNA, the double helix of genetic information contained within the nuclei of all reproductive cells, is in reality made up from precisely 64 basic bio-chemical hexagrams (RNA).

The average person simply does not recognize the importance of bloodlines, they have been conditioned to accept it without any true recognition. Yet when we consider how every major religion uses some form of blood ritual indoctrinated into it, we might get a true understanding of its significance.

Then when we realize how the ruling elite, Kings and Queens and even the United States' Presidents are all related and that a very concerted effort is made to ensure this, then we might actually recognize how imperative maintaining bloodlines are for those in power.

The main message that Avalon Sol, The Voice!, is trying to impart to humanity is that the frequency fence that has imposed the ruling elites manipulation of humanity has been turned off and now is the time for humanity to unlearn, everything they have been taught and recognize that we carry the premier bloodline in our avatars. That by learning and practicing the Law Of One we can raise our vibrational frequency and elevate our potential so that we may participate in the current Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC).

The Deception of His Story

The problem that most people awake or asleep have is that our entire history, what we have been taught, is a complete lie, a deception on a grand scale. Faced with this reality it becomes a daunting task to tear down the facade, the veil of deception and introduce a reality that not only makes sense but can be proven.

I started writing articles online over five years ago to reveal this deception and although my articles have been read by hundreds of thousands of people the world over, I have only scratched the surface of this grand deception. Avalon Sol relies on, what he calls The Voice to help re-educate the masses. This Voice is an intermediary between him and the Guardian Alliance, the group of higher dimensional beings assigned the task of watching over the reality of Earth.

While many people would say that this Guardian Alliance have failed miserably at their task, I would say that we would be in a far worse mess without them and to put it in a nutshell, the situation is complex. Trying to educate humanity to this massive deception has been a battle that has raged for millions of years, with many different factions contributing to this War of Knowledge, including our own fellow humans.

This deception, that has been perpetrated on mankind, is not an accident, this was done on purpose to enslave us, to manipulate us into not knowing who we are. This deception is part of everything we know, everything we learn and even in the perception of our reality. Our race has been so thoroughly deceived as to our true nature and the nature of our reality that we cannot even begin to recognize the deception, it is so all pervasive.

What is even more fantastic and difficult to grasp is that this deception is even written into our DNA, into the very fabric of the bodies that we inhabit, the way we think and process information. Our mental processors (our brains) actually have a "kill-switch", a "circuit breaker" if you will, that will turn itself off, if we are able to breakthrough the illusionary matrix we consider reality and recognize the deception.

So while many people "feel" they are awake, all they have really done is to realize that we are being deceived, they haven't actually "seen" the true nature of our reality. This is where Avalon Sol comes into the picture and because of his own unwillingness to accept that massive amount of daunting information thrust upon him, his paradigm changes often as he is able to integrate this overwhelming amount of knowledge into his very human perception.

Consider the idea that you are a scientists, an inventor and successful business man of above average intelligence, which makes you feel you have an advantage over your fellow humans even to the point of being more than a little self assured. You think you have a relatively good understanding of the natural world around you but then quite suddenly you are provided, a different perspective, a different reality by another "supposed human" and you are shown unequivocally that everything you thought you knew is wrong, false, and a complete deception, not just scientifically but spiritually and I mean EVERYTHING!

What would you do with this new found information?

Even if you told anyone they would think your are nuts, or trying to scam them, you would be labelled crazy, a nutcase. So how would you go about sharing it with anyone? How could you get anyone to listen to you? How would you even explain to people how you got this information or whom gave it to you? Imagine the difficulties this would present you, imagine then what would happen if you did start sharing it with people?

Avalon relies on a person he calls The Voice to gather his information but he emphasizes that he is not as he calls it "The Voice," he is merely the conduit through which this Voice can be heard. Here is a quote from his own face-book page as he tries to explain to a member what this Voice is and how he came to be associated with it.

"Sorry if it seems I speak 'down' to people. I am a Type 3 Indigo with two warring Signature Spirit Essences inside of me, one of which is a very overbearing jackass with Asperger's Syndrome (a nice way of saying "asshole"), something I have little control over, just as many other Type 3s as well. Not that it makes it ok, just to explain where I happen to be coming from, which makes it all the more difficult for me to assimilate this role where I am supposed to "talk to the world" about what is happening now. Why couldn't they just choose a Type 1 for this is my question. Jesus. One thing I want this world to know right up front about me is I don't consider myself anything other than a sounding board for truths to come forward, and not from a very good choice of mouthpiece. Ask whomever it was that chose me for this job what they were thinking. I am NOT the voice, I am merely a speaker for the truth to come forward. The voice will stand on his own, whether I am still here or not. This is paving the way for the real facts to come forward as much higher players than me decide. And no, my information is not channeled, it is in person."

He explained it to me during our consultation, as I had many questions for him, that he demanded proof, if he was going to accept his role and when he was shown this proof, he said he wasn't even remotely prepared for it. He said it pushed him to the brink of madness, insanity and that what he experienced, he felt took hours (as in half a day) but in reality, only 12 minutes had passed by.

My epiphany happened in a matter of seconds, as a huge amount of information was downloaded into my paradigm, and it was quite overwhelming, I thought I was having an LSD flashback. I equate it to having had a spiritual awakening, an Ah-ha moment, a divine intellectual breakthrough but I can tell you that most people would have thought they had snapped and may have had a mental breakdown, an anxiety attack. I cannot imagine, even a minute of that kind of informational download, not to mention 12 minutes of it.

I mention this because before you disparage another's role in our awakening process as a scam or as some sort of disinformationist's, try to walk a mile in his shoes and realize that this person is doing it own their own, with no outside help. Avalon Sol does not have a TV Show, to help with the expenses, does not even have a huge network of support staff or editors, this is one person trying to make a difference. I support his efforts and that is one of the main reasons I have written this article Avalon Sol, The Voice!


I found this photo on Avalon Sol's facebook page and felt compelled to share it. Taken in Texas, this photograph is unlike any I have seen.

I found this photo on Avalon Sol's facebook page and felt compelled to share it. Taken in Texas, this photograph is unlike any I have seen.

Avalon Sol vs Corey Goode

Let's face some reality here folks, if I have a question for Avalon Sol, The Voice!, such as:

"Are you in this for the money, are you a lying, cheating, scamming, con-artist, selling disinformation snake oil by playing off the emotional fears of the ignorant masses?", and I post it on his website or send him a Private Message, he will answer me.

I have asked Corey Goode and David Wilcock over thirty different questions each on their websites and Gaia TV and never even received one response from either, so let's get real are they just too busy or are they hiding something . . . my money is on the latter.

I sent Avalon Sol $50 dollars and got a 3 1/2 hour consultation, I sent Corey Goode $50 dollars and didn't even get a thank you, let alone actually getting a questioned answered. Let me ask you something folks . . . How difficult is it to type "TY" into your computer and hit "send"? Even if it took you a New York minute you could thank, sixty donors an hour.

Avalon Recommends Movies

  • The Infinite Harmony, Is God A Musician?
    The two fundamental Laws of Nature show their is indeed an Infinite Harmony composed of the Law of Octaves and three waves of creative force. This article supports the concept that God is a Musician.
  • The Flower Of Life
    The Flower Of Life reveals the vast understanding and knowledge our ancient ancestors possessed of sacred geometry, nature, the Universe and our role in it, learn its mysteries, discover the truth.
  • Being Wrong Is Important!
    Learning to move beyond the fear of being wrong will remove the emotional obstacles inherent in processing new information and developing an open mind to a variety of subjects.


  1. • 1 Gallon Reverse-Osmosis Water (for god’s sake don’t keep drinking the tap water with fluoride in it), 1 gallon per day per adult.
  2. • 3 Crushed and Zested Whole Lemons (drink the seeds)
  3. • 1 ½ TBS Black Lava Sea Salt (this carries the secret of crystal-carbon in its makeup, and is extremely high in frequency and healthy for the body)
  4. • 3-5 Drops Lugol’s 2% Iodine (2-3 for women or children, 4-5 for men. Always chose the higher number if you live above the equator where the Fukushima radiation is freely giving that half of the world cancer)
  5. • 12,000MG (Not 1200) Vitamin C (can be Elderberry syrup or powdered or liquefied ascorbic acid)
  6. • 1 ½ ounces of organic (Braggs for example) Apple Cider Vinegar


The very style of message that irritates so many people about Avalon Sol is also the very style that makes his message so unique and different from all the other messengers of truth in the New Age Community.

Avalon Sol doesn't sugar coat his message with benevolent Aliens here to save us or Secret Space Program Alliances fighting for our rights in outer space. He doesn't promise some pie in the sky re-evaluation of currency or mass arrests of the Cabal. He doesn't shower you with platitudes of Full Disclosure or the promise of massive data dumps on to the internet.

While reading one of his articles or listening to one of his videos, you will not entertain visions of unicorns and butterflies or skipping under rainbows and waterfalls. He gives you full contact, no holds barred, blunt force trauma truth and if you can't handle it then feel free to wallow in your own self imposed ignorance for another 26,000 years or perhaps even longer.

He does no patty cake with you or hold your hand as he walks you through the reality of this world. What must be understood is that he is learning the awful truth of our reality right along with you. Is it painful, without a doubt, is it scary you can bet your sweet ass it is scary but he has been chosen for reasons beyond his understanding to relay a message, while learning information that would put most of us in the looney bin.

According to him and most of the information I have gathered we are running out of time. The time for nice is over, you are either part of the solution of part of the problem.

I for one enjoy his style of in your face, slap your Momma good truth because it is not asking you, it is telling you. Anyone, is free to either accept it or disregard it . . . and let's face it folks, he maybe asking for donations but he ain't selling t-shirts of coffee mugs.

What has convinced me of the veracity of Avalon Sol, The Voice!, and their information is that it reveals answers to many questions that other similar websites, books and articles leave unanswered. It does not shy away from tackling difficult subject matter that other New Age Messengers refuse to discuss and it does not sugar coat the answers with spiritual gobble-gook designed to placate the masses while discouraging the inquisitive and turning off the ardent researcher.

Could Avalon Sol be a con artist, sure but considering his popularity, I dare say he ain't getting rich off this scam. I would say a con artist wouldn't spend 3 1/2 hours talking to someone for only $50 dollars, I know I wouldn't.

One of the important factors to his credibility is his popularity, by most standards he is not very popular in the New Age Community and he has many critics. This to me represents a person that speaks the truth, is not afraid of a little controversy and backs up his assertions with credible information that is difficult to deny. A con artist or even an egomaniac would cater to the masses and go along to get along, trying not to offend anyone, this is certainly not the case with Avalon Sol, The Voice!

The sheer amount of information he has already divulged is incredible, I have copied and read over fifty of his articles and have only scratched the surface of his information. I have read conversations between Aug Tellez, (another truth seeker and dispenser of knowledge) and Avalon Sol in which a great deal of respect and information was being passed back and forth.

I agreed to a consultation, sent in my $50 dollars and provided my blood type. I wrote down a list of questions I wanted answered and decided that I would be completely honest with any questions he had for me. He answered all my questions and asked very few himself. He did confirm a lot of information about myself and the Voyager material but overall the consultation was really an exchange of ideas.

The activation process, that so many people have questions and apprehensions about was really nothing more than making sure I understood my purpose for being here, which I had pretty much figured out at this point in my life. He did recognize me as a Type-3 Indigo and sent me some information on how I could go about cleansing my body and activating some of my latent abilities, I have as yet not taken the next step by using this material . . . yet. Overall it was a very positive 3 1/2 hours and would have gone on longer had I not cut the conversation off myself.

I felt no deception in his words or the experiences he related to me. If he is a con artists, I really do not see the angle or the deception. His knowledge base on some of the information I asked him about clearly shows he is getting the inside scoop from somewhere beyond what is commonly available to the public or is even shared in the Voyager material, which I have read more than once. To me he is the real deal.

Avalon Sol, The Voice!, has simplified and made available the material in the book Voyagers Vo. II, The Secrets Of Amenti, which is a very expensive book and is not considered light reading but very difficult information to digest. Avalon Sol has made available a plethora of information and knowledge to the public with very little compensation. I for one applaud his fortitude and admire his integrity but by no means just accept my word for it, go to his face-book page and read his material to make up your own mind.

Information vs Donations, You Make the Call?

© 2016 somethgblue


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 23, 2019:

Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, if there is any doubt in a persons character, there is probably a good reason why . . . but we all must learn our own lessons in this regard and his scam isn't any different than the thousands of "legal" schemes and scams out there . . .

Before Nixon and then Reagan de-regulated Banking there was much more stringent laws in place to protect consumers but now it is like the Wild West . . . anyway AS will get his, either in this life of the next!

Kimberly McGeorge on January 23, 2019:

His name is William Schock and he says he has no money or no worldly goods but he has a ranch in AZ worth 350,000 that is currently owned by him according to the tax records. He has changed his name many, many times and is commiting felony fraud. This case is currently sitting in the office of the Arizona Attorney General, he has multiple fraud complaints filed with Paypal and is about to be investigated by the FBI. Hit me up for tons of proof and more information. There is no guide. There are women that are his relatives in on this massive scam./ Sham on the people who said nothing so other people can be tricked and deceived.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 01, 2017:

Go to this link for more on David

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 01, 2017:

FB removed his page as they often do when authors get too close to the truth and develop a following. I will find you on FB and invite to a private group where you can get updates on his material as some members are still in touch with him.

I just confirmed two friend requests, was one of them yours? A first name is all that is needed if that is the case?

Marilee NiEtain from Soul Tribe Sanctuary - Northern California on January 01, 2017:

Avalon Sol requested "friendship" with me on fb some time ago, but seems to have dropped from sight.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on November 02, 2016:

OK, you are a member so all you have to do is go there and read and any comments you make will only been seen by other members, of which there are 42.

thank you for reading the next week should provide us with some interesting global changes . . . stay grounded!

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on November 02, 2016:

I will indeed also check him out like MizBejabbers is going to Daniel. I've just asked to become a friend and I see that we share 15 friends, so we will see. I'm always in need for more information that will ring true to me. I will let you know through your secret Facebook page I have bookmarked.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on October 31, 2016:

Yes, I have a FB page that is invitation only called T.E.R.C.E.S (spell it backwards) which means The Enlightened Research Creed Everyone Seeks. We have four Secret Space Program insiders, authors, a couple of HP writers, Nadine M. and Sparkster and even Avalon Sol is a member.

We don't cuss, we don't argue and we don't disparage anyone's view point. The amount of information that flows through that one page on any given day would floor most people.

I would love to add you to the page (do you know my real name?) or have anyway of sending me an email, do it and I will invite you! You would love it we have a lot of fun and just enjoy searching and discussing the truth.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on October 31, 2016:

Interesting. I will check out Avalon Sol on Facebook. I just posted on another person's hub that Facebook is a good place to meet like-minded individuals because there are invitation-only websites where you can have a discussion without being disturbed by crackpots and trolls. I recently lost my son, and I think he may have been an Indigo who could not handle this world. I hope he fares better in his next one.

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