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Channeling and Automatic Drawing How To


What is Automatic Writing and Drawing and What is Channeling?


In the realm of the nonmaterial world of those who have shed our mortal coil subtle energies in the vibrations of consciousness as we experience it, are sent via our own psychic mental processes in which all things alive or dead are able to communicate. Channeling is done in this way. To become a channel for a non-living entity one must be in trance and be able to open up their own energy field for those subtle vibrations to take shape in their mind. It is like opening up a communication line by lowering the mental chatter that fills our thoughts like so much static on a radio signal and letting what ever comes through, come through. When the channel is open the spirit is able to use the person as a sort of living telephone giving their thoughts to the channel and using their body to speak to the living.

Automatic Writing and Drawing:

In much the same way communicating with spirits in trance can be done through drawing and writing in a trance state. Allowing your mind to remain open to the impressions you are receiving without filtering through them. Words and images can be drawn or written out and the details filled in later or even while in trance.

Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

How To Channel

There are processes to become and open channel for the dead. In ancient times oracles and necromancers were what people called mediums, today we call them psychics. The truth is we all have this ability. Many people have had the experience where a deceased loved one has visited them in a dream, or perhaps they saw or smelled something that reminded them of that departed person. This is a type of channeling! Though not at a conscious level, you are communicating with a loved one on the other side. So now you are asking "What about channeling like a psychic does?" Well that takes practice and patience, not to mention focus. Here I warn you though... Don't take this warning lightly, once you've learned this ability it is up to you if you want to allow the channel to remain open. I am only offering you the know how... This is not a (you should) learn this advice. I take no responsibility if you learn to do this. I have channeled for over fifteen years now and I can tune it out or tune back in. I mostly tune it out. There will be times when a spirit is most forceful when trying to communicate with someone and it can be annoying, there are also spirits that do not want to be bothered by your prying. Both can be aggressive and their thoughts most intrusive. Be warned.

  • Passive channel - Some stage channels like John Edwards and Sylvia Browne are able to receive information from a parted soul. They pick up on the subtle voices that drop information into their thoughts and they are able to pick out what the spirit is communicating by seeing images and getting names in their minds eye.
  • Automatic Writing and Drawing - Here you draw images and write words that seem to come out of nowhere, these are thought images and words that are flowing into your consciousness. Open your mind and trance into the images and words, let them flow into your hand and onto the paper.
  • Trance Mediumship - The deepest type of channeling. Here you go into a hypnotic trance and your body and mind are used to communicate for the dead. Your own personality goes into a sort of hybernative state while the spirit controls your thoughts by using the open mental faculties of the medium to communicate. To do this practice passive channeling at first, once you allow yourself to tune into the channel ask the spirit either audibly or in your mind if they would like to use your body to communicate to the living. Again I warn you... unless you are an avid practiced medium this is not recommended.

These are some of the ways to channel, there are other non-invasive ways to channel but many of those are controversial as well since people believe they open a doorway to things you don't want to come through. Some of these include oujia boards, scyring mirrors, psychomanteums, and crystal or water gazing.

Should you learn to do this your life will be forever changed. Remote viewing and learning things like psychometry some times lead to this ability for others they have it their entire life like myself. Learning to use this ability can be very rewarding. Use your gift to help others and yourself in life.

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Tom Ware from Sydney, Australia on October 06, 2014:

An excellent Hub on Automatic Writing. It seems that some people cannot help themselves by adding 'creepy' music - and thereby creating that ghostly atmosophere, when it isn't at all necessary. I've been able to channel automatic writing and typing for forty-five years. From what I've received I know that we truly are spiritual beings experiencing an earth existence.

gqueen09 from AUS on June 05, 2011:

great, thankyou for the info!!

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