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Reading Your Aura Color: Magenta

People with a Magenta aura are quirky and bizarre innovators.

People with a Magenta aura are quirky and bizarre innovators.

Written by: Jaclyn Popola

STEP ONE: What is your Life Color?

Click the link to take the test to discover your "Life Color". Auras are composed of many different colors that may change from time to time depending on your mood or environment. But the band of colors closest to your body, referred to by some as your Life Color, is fixed in place. It does not fluctuate, and because it is closest to you, it reveals the most about your personality and life purpose. Try to answer the questions as honestly as possible; respond with how you truly do think and feel, not how you want to feel. At the end, the category with the highest number of "yes" answers will be your Life Color. Most people will score a markedly higher number in one particular category. Take note, however, if you score high in two different categories. As this Hub progresses, we will be getting into the Combination Colors, and what it means if you scored as such.

There are three categories of Life Colors: PHYSICAL LIFE COLORS (Red, Orange, Magenta, Yellow) process information through their physical bodies, through touch. MENTAL LIFE COLORS (Logical Tan, Abstract Tan, Sensitive Tan, Environmental Tan, Green) are the intellectuals who progress through life by gathering information and then analyzing it. EMOTIONAL LIFE COLORS (Blue, Violet, Indigo, Lavender, Crystal) process life through their feelings, emotions and intuition.

If someone scores highest on two Life Colors that are in the same aura family (physical, mental or emotional) -- for example, a Blue/Violet or Red/Orange -- this person may be living the equivalent to two lifetimes in one. These lifetimes may be running concurrently, if the person feels she has a lot to learn and a great deal to accomplish before she passes into her next life, or they may run consecutively. For example, at a pivotal moment in her life, this person may actually be switching lifetimes without switchin physical bodies, and her personality will change accordingly.

Combination Colors, on the other hand, are when someone scores highest on two Life Colors that may or may not be in the same aura family -- for example, a Yellow/Green or Blue/Yellow. In that case, the colors either come together in that individual's personality to work in harmony, or operate in conflict.


Magentas see life from a different perspective and consider following the crowd to be boring and conformist. They are intelligent and innovative, oftening manifesting as inventors of bizarre or controversial objects. Their imagination has no limits. However, because they are a physical life color, Magentas enjoy taking physical objects and stretching them into new forms in unique ways. (Think Andy Warhol.) These free spirits love change and often have an outlandish style all their own. Their sense of humor can be considered eccentric and twisted. Most people don't have the nerve to live a Magenta lifestyle. Magentas do not join groups, organizations, or anything else that will confine them to a set of rules. Although they like other people, Magentas don't typically have many friends because the majority of people can't relate to their way of thinking. The Magenta's biggest challenge is coping with the loneliness of being misunderstood.


Frequent and short marriages are common among Magentas. They believe in commitment because it is the only way to get really close to another human being, but long-term, intense relationships are too much for them. Magentas usually prefer an open marriage, one that gives them the freedom to explore and does not place too many boundaries or restrictions on their life. Naturally, this will wear on Magenta's partner. On the plus side, Magentas are kind enough to not be hurtful when they leave. They usually remain friends due to leaving the relationship with grace.


Sex is a different adventure with each person--an experiment or an experience. As long as the sex act itself does not lead to a relationship ripe with rules, Magentas will always enjoy sex. However, they are not usually monogamous, as monogamy takes the spice out of life.


Magentas are practical about money in the sense that they know they need it to pay the bills, and they know how to go about earning it. But they don't want to be run by it, or keep a job just because it's the socially acceptable way to live. Magentas like to get in, earn as much as possible in as little time as possible, and then get out. They are vapid when it comes to paying the bills, even if they have plenty of cash, because they are disinterested in organization and order.


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Although Magentas enjoy being around children and find them a great source of creativity and inspiration, they do not usually cope well with the responsibility of raising children. Because Magentas have no rules or boundaries, they cannot usually provide a stable environment in which to raise a child. On the bright side, however, Magenta parents are great at encouraging their children to explore their own creative potential.


Magentas measure success by how much freedom of expression they have. If they are experiencing a good deal of joy and are presently pushing society's standards to the limit, then they feel they are living a successful existence.


Because they are outgoing and creatively edgy, Magentas are great in unusual settings. However, since they have short attention spans, Magentas don't always complete their given tasks nor do they stick it out til the end. They need a flexible job that allows them to be inventive and artistic. Occupations include: clown, artist, comedian, actor, writer, inventor, set designer, art dealer, costume designer, photographer, publisher.



Gopi patel on December 22, 2019:

Wow! amazing post.. Thanks for sharing!

Marcelo on July 25, 2013:

Where do I find this or similar mauenqnin? My granddaughter loves to design and wanted one for her birthday. I live in NH but also could travel to MA, Maine or Vermont . Birthday is 9/26!!! Thanks,Bruni

Magenta on September 22, 2010:

I thought this was amazing. My name is Magenta and these descriptions fit me quite well...kind of freaky actually.

Jake on February 23, 2009:

Hmm.. I scored 11 on blue, violet and lavender.... 3 equal auras? What's that mean?

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