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Aura, an Air of Mystery

By way of a little practice, we too can see the aura of all things, particularly of human beings.

Aura, an air of mystery

It is indicative of energy emanating from everything.

It is indicative of energy emanating from everything.

Aura, an air of mystery

The baffling secretive aura is that mystifying glow that surrounds every living object, very beautiful to see, but rather difficult to interpret. Until we have become very familiar with aura colors and the analyzing procedures, it can easily deceive anyone.

It is indicative of energy emanating from everything. By way of a little practice, we too can see the aura of all things, particularly of human beings. Thus, we gain knowledge with several guidelines to understand and interpret the meaning of the different colors of the aura.

There are three basic layers and color variances. The inner band is dark followed by the misty layer, thereon, the outer layer.

The Dark Inner hazy Mist Layer ranging in size from four inches to as much as ten inches is the first layer we normally learn to see first. It is without sharp edges as if being viewed through a layer of smoke. It relates to the emotional and mental state of the body and indicates the personality as well as the spiritual development of a person. It is reflective of health, energy, and one’s vitality. Variations in thickness of aura at various points of the body and its organs are the surest indication of the state of health and energy of the body and its organs at that particular point.

The Outer Layer is composed of twisting shapes and ribbons of color and light and is not clearly visible as the second layer.

As time marches on, the progressive path of better understanding and more knowledge is what makes life change and transform. Due to our restricted thought process and limited understanding of nature, we find certain issues in the Universe beyond normal explanation, contrary to nature and we think they are paranormal. What we normally think we are knowledgeable about Earth and Universal Spectacles are, in fact, just a small fragment, the smallest bit of information as if a drop in the giant Ocean of Knowledge.

Every human being, whether young or old, as a natural and automatic course, retains information about many things of his past happenings in life. Remembering unnecessary things of no value or no purpose will be distressful and will give us only sorrow. To all intents and purposes, undoubtedly, it will soak away our energy. It is essential to memorize and retain information that gives us vigor, power, and strength leaving all other thoughts aside.

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An Aura is a field of subtle and luminous radiation surrounding a person. It is associated with the subtle body and is a storehouse of mental and emotional impressions that connotes a person of particular power and holiness. Though it is invisible to normal human beings, many people claim it to be perceptible and have seen the human aura of oval shape surrounding the human body. All living beings manifest such an aura. It is often perceptible practice. Whether seeing of aura is spontaneous or with practice, it is always linked with the Sixth Chakra – the 3 RD EYE of human spirituality. The stronger and brighter the aura, the more powerful is the soul. The powerful energy and strength of our soul exhibited by the intensity of aura covering the body will restrict external evil forces of thoughts to enter the domain. The forceful field will not allow the negative influences to pierce our bodies and mind.

It is the chemistry of an aura, a mere metaphor that speaks all about the vitality and strength of a human personality, physical as well as spiritual. Most importantly, aura highlights spiritual growth. Everything in the Universe is about energy transfer and its vibration to reach an equilibrium position. Every particle, electron, and atom is based on the theory of vibrations and sending pulses. So to say, even our mental apprehension, thoughts, the continuous flow of ideas and feelings that constitute an individual's consciousness are in motion, just vibrations.

Oval shape aura- the golden bowl, thus gives out vibrations and emits out electro-magnetic energy of varying thickness permeating through the physical body. The power center of the aura, its interrelated seven colors are forever in equilibrium signifying a person's mindset, thought process, deeds as well as health. Moreover, there is something unusual - perhaps precious about aura sure to captivate and amaze everyone. Each color of the aura has a significant meaning implying contrasting energies of psyche and spirit, sizzling contrasts of dark and lighter shades; and a clear indication of the emotional state he is in. In normal conditions, all seven colors of aura need to be in balance. One needs experienced and trained eyes to see the vibrations of Oval shape Aura all around the body. It extends above the head and below the feet into the earth.

Our eyes can see, recognize and distinguish a very limited range of vibrating frequencies of the wavelength of few micrometers. They have limitations identify various obscure colors and complex vibrations of light. In clear words, our eyes have the capacity to see clearly only a fractional picture of intricate reality nature can display.

The negative moods, cruel thoughts, send off vibrations causing disturbances. Laid-up or negative thoughts throw damaging and destructive vibes create disturbing ambiance. It flashes back on the strength of the aura reducing its vitality and intensity.

It is clear that though we have eyes, we still do not see. Some people are capable of seeing Aura. It is wrong to think that no one can read our minds or understand our thought processes. There are sufficient people around us who can read our thoughts and mind as if reading written words in a book. It is the aura that speaks everything about the human being. It is like a smart identity card which is considered the most effective method of proof of identity. Similarly, aura elaborates the mental state and physical condition of a person. Clairvoyants having greater insight or otherwise called second sight can perceive things beyond the natural range of the senses. They can clearly see the subtle bodies as an aura, the golden bowl. Such people get the power to foretell future events precisely.

Silver cord

The human being possesses both mind and motive, moreover, both a divine and a mortal body as well. The mortal body of a human being and the astral or divine body (Soul) are connected with the Silver cord as mentioned by mystics, especially in contexts of dying and of near-death experiences. So to say, it is the silver cord also known as the Sutratma or life thread, in its natural state has a silver sheen, the life-giving linkage from the nonphysical body called soul and our physical body on earth and is in complete agreement of harmonizing state.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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