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An Atheist View

Kylyssa is an American atheist with high-functioning autism trying to navigate a mostly religious world with no well-beaten path to follow


On Being an Atheist in America

According to a study performed by the University of Minnesota no other race, religion, ethnic group or affiliation is more hated by the American people than atheists. Their findings confirmed what many American nonbelievers already suspected, that atheists are the most distrusted minority in America.

In American politics, calling someone an atheist, or even calling someone a person who associates with atheists is such a slur that it is considered slander. In fact, many Americans Would Rather Vote For A Philandering, Pot-Smoking President Than An Atheist.

In this day and age people in America are still afraid to be identified as nonreligious. They have good reasons to be afraid.In some areas atheists and their families still suffer job discrimination, harassment, and other social difficulties. Six state's constitutions actually still forbid an atheist to hold public office or testify in court.

Some people have a puzzling hatred of those who don't share their particular belief in God and they feel it is fine to express that hatred, no matter who is hurt. I don't think there are all that many of them but they sure are mighty loud and active. I believe their hatred comes from a misunderstanding of who and what atheists actually are.

I think if all people (who don't already) came see that people who don't think God is real are thinking, feeling human beings, they wouldn't feel so free to make bigoted remarks about them or act in ways harmful to them without regard to their rights.

This page is meant to bring understanding about atheists and perhaps, through understanding, acceptance of them by those of faith. Please join me in exploring my views as a non-believing person living in America.

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Interesting Reading for Non-Believers

photo of a beautiful sunset by Kylyssa Shay

photo of a beautiful sunset by Kylyssa Shay

I Don't Believe in Life After Death - I Believe in Life Before Death

For a Limited Time Only - Life!

I am an atheist. I don't believe in God or an afterlife. I may not believe in life after death but I wholeheartedly believe in life before death.

Life is truly amazing. Making it a good life is all the reward I need. It's a shame so many people think that this life is just some kind of dress rehearsal or test for what comes next. But I do understand why people want to believe in life after death.

I understand how the yearning for justice can make people desire an afterlife. So many people live good lives, full of kindness and compassion, full of giving and love but they suffer, often worse than those who lead lives of cruelty. So many people lead cruel lives, preying on others and reap rich rewards in this life, never seeing worldly punishment for their evils.

It seems like it would be fair that those who do good and avoid harming others would ultimately be rewarded. It seems like it would be fair that those who do harm and prey on others would ultimately be punished.

Sadly, life just isn't fair. Good people suffer and bad people get ahead in the world. A lot of that is our fault.

Much of this problem comes about because our society as a whole believes that justice will be meted out by a higher power so we spend far too little time righting wrongs and making life good for good people. We also spend far too little time intervening in the lives of people to save them from taking cruel roads and turning to evil means.

Poverty, suffering, and ignorance create a breeding ground for more of the same. Most people turn to good when treated with kindness and when their needs, physical and emotional are met. We can apply kindness and compassion to the problem of evil and achieve goodness and a modicum of justice in this life.

We can't make all life good. Chance is capricious. Bad things happen. All we can do is make the best of what we have, especially when we believe that it is all that we have.

I can understand how living in conditions that seem to hold no real world chance of hope could make a person desire something more. But there is hope in this world, and there is help in this world we just need to turn to each other to find it.

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image of the Crab Nebula by NASA and ESA

image of the Crab Nebula by NASA and ESA

If You Can't Explain the Origin of Life and the Universe Then Why Don't You Just Believe in God?

Science Doesn't Explain Everything So The Answer to All Questions Must Be God, Right?

A question thrown out often in debate between Christians and atheists is "If you can't explain the origin of the universe and the origin of life then why don't you just believe in God?" It is often followed up with, "Doesn't it make more sense to believe in God because all those questions are answered in the Bible. All science has is theories but the Bible has the Truth."

I have answered this question so frequently that I decided to write an article about why the lack of complete and perfect explanations of the origin of life and the universe do not make it seem logical for me to just believe in God instead of seeking answers.

I accept the fact that I don't know the answers to the questions of how exactly the universe came about and how exactly, life came to be. There are many good, scientific theories supported by tangible evidence. It seems likely that eventually, scientists will come closer to answering such big questions as the origin of life and the universe with a great degree of accuracy and certainty.

Demanding an absolute answer right now is much like asking a child to explain exactly how a rocket flies to the moon with complete technical details. The child does not know the answer but it doesn't mean he never will or never can. Nor does it mean that if the child said, "God makes the rocket go to the moon" he'd be correct. As a race, we are still children; your question is just a little too far beyond us as yet. So my answer is that I accept that I am not all-knowing.

Only through reason will we find the beautiful truth. Imagination is great but it doesn't compare to reality.