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At Dead Center

John is an actor, academic, entrepreneur, financial pundit, and writer interested in the search for truth and meaning in the world.


Many people falsely claim that Christians are not to judge, but that is contrary to the teachings in the Bible. The Bible teaches disciples to judge righteously knowing they will be held to the same standard. I learned that truth in a dream after reading about Nathan the Prophet contracting King David for committing adultery and murder (II Samuel 12:1-15).

From the graveled parking lot, other members of the assembly and I came strolling into church. All of us could hear the music, which instantly lifted our spirits. The music brought a mood of worship that permeated the countryside. While walking into church, I greeted the brethren with reluctant hugs and then found a place to sit. However, I found myself unable to get involved in the worship. For all week long, I had been complaining to the Lord about my society; “The ministers are corrupt, and they have forgotten to teach the way to salvation. Everything that life has to offer has become so impure, and the people of this generation rejoice in that fact.” I wondered why God had allowed things to get this way.

While considering the decay of my nation, I thought about how Daniel and Jeremiah must have felt during their day. Their societies were blinded by the sin they enjoyed and later were destroyed because they failed to heed God’s warning of judgment. Then I said to myself, “Thank God, I am a pillar and a lion in this assembly while others live like lost dogs.” No sooner than I had that thought, I sensed a change in the air. The air became filled with voices that praised the presence of the Lord Almighty. As the Lord approached my chair, I expected a tender greeting; however, God’s speech and tone was one of anger. “Son, why have you thought this evil thing? What reason do you have to point the finger at another? How is it that you spend so much time looking outwardly but fail to judge yourself? Don’t you know that I will judge the world for sin? Consider this, and whatever you judge, I will do.”

“There is a brother in this city that I have blessed. I have given him an abundance of money even though it was scarce. He wears the gay clothing of this hour and has a costume for all occasions. When evil approaches his door, I disperse it. I have anointed him so that his hands never fail to produce well. All this I am doing in his life because I love him. The brother’s spirit longs to do what is right in My sight, but his flesh is weak. For that reason, I have not fulfilled the prayers from his heart, namely a godly wife and children. I have sent My messengers to plead with him to repent, yet he would not hear them. He considered them to be lowly fools and rejected them because they were not as blessed as he. He even dared to recall the sins of My servants when rebuked for sin. Not knowing that it was My grace that kept him from falling. What should I do to this foolish brother? What is your answer?”

“Lord”I said, “have mercy and visit the man with no evil. For he will surely repent once the sin is removed from his eyes.” “You have judged wisely,” He said, “and I will do just as you advised.” Then I asked, “Who is this man that I may go and warn him to repent?” Jesus said, “You are that man!”

“You live as a thief and a robber because you fail to pay your vows. Yet you boast about being generous. You exist as a liar because you said, ‘I will serve you, Lord,’ but you don’t follow My laws. You daily commit fornication and adultery because you lust after women who are not your wife. Why do you blaspheme My name openly in your manner of living when you know that judgment awaits all who do so? You were washed and cleansed but have become polluted by this world. I have come to put you to remembrance of our past together. Remember My love for you and how I delivered you from all your troubles. Yet, you being deceived do evil while thinking it virtuous. You have subscribed to the lifestyle of pagans. But, worse than that, you have committed the greatest of sins—you fail to honor the Lord your Creator.” At those words, my heart was shattered and in tears I asked the Lord, “What must I do to be forgiven?”

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“Repent,” He said, “and I will forgive you. Then go and let the world see Christ in you. Expose evil, rejoice in righteousness, preach My soon return, but never walk in anger, bitterness, or judgment of others for those things rob men of eternal life.” Then I awoke in amazement and great fear.

© 2021 John Remington Pierce

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