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Astrology- Emotional and Physical Health Ailments by Sun Sign

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Rebecca loves sharing what she knows about alternative medicine, health, frugal living, fun, animals, and how to live a better life!

The Zodiac


The Zodiac and Astrology

The Zodiac has thought to have originated with the Egyptians. But Astrology has been around and studied for over 2000 years! Since the birth of humanity, we've always looked to the sky for answers, and finding them in the stars was, and still is, no different...

When the Zodiac was created there were 12 symbols assigned to it, each with their own unique symbols, characteristics, elements, directions, colors, planets, cell salts, health issues, etc...

This article covers health concerns-emotionally and physically, in a lighthearted way. Nothing written here is meant to treat or diagnose any health ailments or problems. Speak with a knowledgeable doctor or holistic healer about any health concerns you may have.

Sun and rising signs

The information in this article describes health issues as assigned to sun signs. It is much more likely that your health concerns will reflect more accurately by your rising sign. If you know what that is, great! If not, visit the link below to get a profile of your natal chart. A natal chart will show you exactly where all the planets were at the time of your birth. You will need your date, time and location for the most accurate information. Having a full chart can provide much more detail about your personality, health, and disposition according to Astrology.

Free Natal Chart

Anger management anyone?

Aries health tips

  • Wear a helmet
  • Stock up on pain relievers
  • Take an anger management course or 20.

Aries rules the head March 21-April 29th

If you know an Aries well, the fact that they are associated with the head and jaw will be no surprise. Aries are known for rushing headfirst (ramming) into things; projects, thoughts, with little regard for consequences. As a sign of celestial association with the head, most Aries are born with a birthmark on their head or face that is pronounced. The glyph of Aries can at times also be easily seen in the brow line. The Ram symbol associated with Aries is definitely no accident. Lack of patience and quick tempers can easily be observed in this sign. Careless mistakes can become an issue, the problem coming from impatience and impulsiveness. An Aries temper is fast but blows over quickly, kinda like a tropical storm; storms one minute, sunshine the next. An Aries will require you to move on from an argument once they have. Even you Scorpio! Anyone up for some anger management? Anger management classes would benefit an Aries as well as those they love a great deal.

Aries seems to be prone to cuts and burns, usually on the hands and arms. A good motto for an Aries is -ACT FIRST think later, or more like react first-think later. This is a problem because unfortunately, Aries is a sign that really needs to learn to slow down and think things through. Which is not always considered when dealing with hot objects or stoves! Slowing down could prevent a great deal of accidents! Patience Aries, patience!

It would be wise for any Aries to take up stock in a helmet manufacturing company. A lot of them are prone to head, neck, and jaw injuries. TMJ finds a comfy home in an Aries face. These injuries are mainly from their love of sport, competition, new experiences and thirst for adrenaline. Could the ruling planet of war (Mars) have anything to do with this? I believe so. Aries is a sign that likes to push things to the limit, physically and emotionally this takes a toll.

Aries, please wear proper head protection when participating in sports or home remodeling projects. Avoid repetitive tasks that require you to hold your head or neck in awkward positions for extended times, and avoid situations that cause you to lose your temper as often as possible.

In addition to injuries to the head, Aries tend to over analyze and over think things which makes headaches par for the course. They can quickly over-complicate any task! But all this quick and shrewd thinking can bring on migraines, tension headaches, and sometimes dreaded head colds. Tasks with an Aries are started effortlessly but rarely finished. For an Aries to finish a project, I'd suggest finding a Scorpio pal for help and have Aleve on hand.

Taurus health tips

  • Avoid food high in fat and salt
  • Exercise!
  • Take good care of your mouth, teeth, throat, and sinuses
  • Stop shouting and throwing emotional fits that put stress on your throat

Taurus rules the throat April 20th-May 20th

Taurus rules the throat, neck, tonsils, and general area of the mouth. They love a good feast! Most born under the sign of Taurus has very adept taste buds and need to use them. It's not uncommon to find most Bulls plump and overweight later in life if they don't watch their diet. They love to indulge in fancy, high class, upper scale food, and most have refined tastes because of those fine-tuned palettes. Taurus should avoid junk food when possible, or at the very least make sure to eat smaller quantities. Chew slowly Bulls, and enjoy each meal as if it were your last. Many Taurus, if not properly restricted in their diets will have a rather unpleasant puffiness to the face, eyes, and jowls. Reducing salt in the diet will help with this, as well as reduce fluid retention. Taurus prefers a good lounge session after all that fine dining, and this should be avoided. Exercise for this rather lazy beast is a must to preserve good health! Ask a friend to dress like a matador and get running bulls!

Sore throats, stiff necks, and earaches are common Taurus ailments.

It is important for Taurus to take good care of their teeth and gums. Brush and floss 2x a day, and schedule regular check-ups for potential tooth problems, cavities, and decay.

Because Taurus rules the throat, it is also important for those born under this sign to express their emotions in a healthy way. Avoid screaming matches and shouting or you will end up with a sore throat or laryngitis! Bottling up is another no-no. Get a shrink or seek therapy if you find your emotions are all bottled up in your throat. Then learn how to express those emotions calmly! Chances are there are a lot in there. Internalizing and turning to drugs and alcohol is not good for a bull either.

Gemini health tips

  • Practice mind and body connection through meditation and breathing exercises
  • Be careful with your upper body when performing any odd activities
  • Calm down. Everything is going to be okay
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Gemini rules the shoulders, hands, arms and lungs May 21st - June 21st

Gemini's react to everything intellectually first, emotionally second. Even emotional responses are based on intellect. The mind and body must work in sync and harmony for a Gemini to feel healthy. Those born natives of Gemini tend to be high-strung and anxious, even though they won't always outwardly show it. It's not easy having the constant conflict of duality within! Though Gem's wow us with wit and intelligence, great senses of humor, and even temperaments...their internal scattered energy can leave them frazzled and burned out.

Gemini's associate not only with the shoulders, hands, arms, and lungs but also with the central nervous system. Which is why their minds need to learn to co-exist with their bodies. If you are a Gemini, it's best to avoid things that are overly stimulating. Caffeine, nicoti