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Astrological Signs: All About Sagittarius

Sagittarius- November 22-December 21


Astrological Signs and Many Facets

There is more to your astrological horoscope than just your sun sign. The particular day you were born in your particular sign will greatly alter the zodiac sign. Each ten days bring forth changes in your astrology reading. Each sign is divided into 3 separate parts or (decans) as we call them in Astrology. This is just one more reason why all Sagittarians are not alike. Each astrological sign has special personality traits.

Astrological Horescope of Sagittarius People

If you were born between November 22 and December 21 you fall into the sign of Sagittarius. We will be in the sign of Sagittarius for several more days.

Sagittarian people are ruled by Jupiter-- the planet of good luck and fortune. Sagittarians have a tendency to be very philosophical and optimistic in general. Often impetuous and eager to get things finished, they often do not tend to details.

As mentioned before in astrology, one is not just a sun sign and Sagittarians come in different shapes, sizes and personalities. In many ways Sagittarians are free spirits and other ways they are often dictated by social morals and rules. They are often critical of others and not afraid to show their disdain or impatience, Sagittarius people occasionally get a foot in the mouth. They are free with the words and will tell you exactly what they feel at the moment.

Though the Sagittarian personality is often one about freedom, they often marry young and enjoy being in a committed relationship. Sagittarians love to travel and often enjoy outdoor sports. Many well known sports people were born under this sign. Not patient by nature--more patience may be on their list of New Year resolutions. Generally of good health, they sometimes abuse this gift by eating and drinking whatever and whenever they wish.

Call a Sagittarian when you want to have some fun.

Sagittarian people like adventure and action.

Sagittarian people like adventure and action.

The Three Faces of Sagittarius People

Each sign is divided into three decans (three sections) in astrology. The first ten days, second ten days and the third ten or 11 days. There are three fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These are the signs of great energy all displayed in different ways. Each ten days of this sign is influenced by one of the other fire signs on the zodiac.

The first ten days: Strong Sagittarius influence and Ruling Planet-Jupiter

The second ten days: Strong Aries influence and Ruling Planet- Mars

The third ten days: Strong Leo influence and Ruling Planet-The Sun

Born between November 22 and December 1

If you were born between these dates you are a stronger Sagittarian than those born at a later day. You have the double influence of Jupiter, which is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, in your life. Your personal freedom and independence is extremely important to you, and your loved ones and friends need to respect that you enjoy freedom in doing what you want when you want. This does not mean that you don't take responsibility seriously, because you do. Someone suggests an adventure and you are first in line. You are by birth an optimist and look for the best in people. People enjoy your company as you are full of enthusiasm and fun. You are honest as can be, though again being tactful may not be an important part of your personality. You always tell it like it is when you were born the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarians are the 9th Sign of the Zodiac

Sagittarians love the outdoors as part of their astrological horoscope.

Sagittarians love the outdoors as part of their astrological horoscope.

The sun signs of the zodiac

The sun signs of the zodiac

Born Between December 2 and December 11

According to the zodiac if you were between these two dates you will have a strong influence from Aries which is also a fire sign. Aries people are ruled by the planet Mars and this influence will change the Sagittarian characteristics somewhat. You often know exactly what you want in life and forge ahead to get it. You are quick to react and often have to smooth things over from what you say. Getting bored after your success causes you to look for new and different goals to conquer. You are willing to try new things and get involved but you are often plagued by impatience. There are often many unfinished projects in your life. You are also frank and honest and sometimes do not take into consideration other's feelings. With your total honesty, there is no hidden agenda. You are most impatient with people who play mind games and beat around the bush.

Born Between December 12 and December 21

If you were born between these dates you are strongly influenced by the Leo characteristics and ruling planet of the Sun. You are a risk taker, which may work in your favor, or can be responsible for losses and disappointments in your life. Whatever trouble is in your life you will find a way to get out of it and come out on top. You are always well liked with your ebullient and fun loving nature. You have an air of optimism most of the time, and when things look really grim you know that things will change to the best. Though not always detail minded you know how to get others to take care of those pesky details. With the astrological sign of a Sagittarius person you seek adventure, and with the Leo influence you love being in the limelight.

Want an Astrology Mini-Reading

I am planning on doing a hub with mini readings of other hubbers. They will all be fun and positive. I need your birthday, month, year (not published). Drop me an email with the information and your permission.

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carol stanley (author) from Arizona on January 21, 2013:

thank you so much for lovely comments, visit and the votes.

Farhat from Delhi on January 20, 2013:

Hey carol, i'm really amazed accurately you described the Saggs . ..and now i knew why i behave more like a Leo than a saggitarian..and that's bcoz of my birth in the third decans of this sun sign ie. 16th Dec !....thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful knowledge out here ... voted up dear !!

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 21, 2012:

thank you and always for being such a great support.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on December 21, 2012:

My sister is a Sagittarian being born in the first 10 days of this sun sign and I see that your description is very apt.

I like this ongoing series and will be waiting for the future editions.

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 20, 2012:

Very cute...Sagg is a great sign and I love my Sagg friends and always know they will say what is on the mind. Thanks for stopping by and sharing..46 years not bad at all. Thanks for votes...

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 20, 2012:

Wayne: Actually being born in the beginning makes you a more definite Capricorn.. That is coming next. Thanks for reading though ..I appreciate the votes.

Mary Craig from New York on December 20, 2012:

I sometimes wonder who makes the decisions at HP to "ban" or mark or whatever...certain hubs. I just had one pulled for being overly promotional and it was written using and Exclusive Title.

Enough about that, love this hub and all the others you've done. I am a Sagg and I chuckled when I read this. I was married when I was 19 and we will be celebrating our 46th Wedding Anniversary in January. I have often said the only time I open my mouth is when I change feet!

Keep 'em coming Carol!

Voted up, useful, and interesting.

Wayne Brown from Texas on December 20, 2012:

I am a Capricorn by birth but on the 23rd of December but near enough to the cusp to have some Saggitarian influences which seem to round out some of the "either/or" mindset of the true Capricorn. The more rigid and stubborn aspects of the Capricorn seem to only come out on me with certain issues. My wife says those are also "first born" traits. Good write...voted up! ~WB

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 20, 2012:

Thanks so much for your lovely comments and coming by for a visit. Always nice to see you...Thanks also for the votes and sharing...I am trying to come up with different astrology ideas. Each time they have to be as not to get the old duplication notice.

Suzie from Carson City on December 20, 2012:

Carol...This is all so interesting. I was especially curious as to what this particular hub would enlighten me to...because of a Sag that I know very well! (a-HEM!).....This explains a whole lot. I appreciate your knowledge on Astrology....Thank you! Keep them coming....UP+++ and shared

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 20, 2012:

Thanks so much. I have to make them different or get the bad news of duplication from Hubpages. So making a series of explaining something for all the signs is difficult. Thanks for votes and shares.

Randi Benlulu from Mesa, AZ on December 19, 2012:

Great hub, Carol! Somehow I didn't get a notification of it but decided to look and see if you'd written anything. This was different from the others. I like the changes you made! Up+ and sharing!

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 19, 2012:

thanks for visiting and lovely comments. There is more to Astrology than just the sun sign...Thank you.

Nell Rose from England on December 19, 2012:

This was interesting as I always seem to find a partner that is Sagittarius! seriously! lol! his birthday is the 20th, tomorrow in fact! I do agree with some of it, for example the fact that he is a risk taker, and does usually come out on top! interesting stuff, nell

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 19, 2012:

Sounds to me like is a very strong Sagittarius. So the beginning influence does fit. And those Sagittarians love to travel...and opinionated..quite and never afraid to speak their minds. Thanks for dropping in and lovely comments.

Connie Smith from Southern Tier New York State on December 18, 2012:

Hi Carol! My husband is a Sagittarius born on December first, but seemed to be more inclined to the attributes you described from December 2nd on. He is very impatient a lot of the time, although he didn't used to be--gets worse as he gets older! LOL He is very opinionated and tells everyone just exactly what he feels. By the way, he is used to doing what he wants whenever he wants. I learned that very early on in our 39-year marriage! You described him to a 'T'.

He loves to travel, but I am a homebody. I guess opposites do attract! Voted Up and Interesting. I'm very glad you're back!


carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 18, 2012:

thank you for stopping by...Always good to see you whatever sign you are.

Claudia Porter on December 17, 2012:

I'm not a Sagittarius, but it's still fun to read about them. Interesting hub Carol!

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 17, 2012:

thank you Rosana! Just around the corner!!! He is there never fear. Thanks for stopping in for a little horescope action.

Rosana Modugno from USA on December 17, 2012:

Hey Carol, well I am the epitome of a Sagittarian. This was a lot of fun reading, love the Zodiac. Still waiting for my Aries or Leo or Sag man however...where oh where for art thou? As you know, I have no patience, so he better hurry. LOL Thumbs up :)

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 17, 2012:

Thank you and glad you liked it and that it is you!

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 17, 2012:

..Lipnancy: Accumulation of many years and experience. Thanks for dropping in.

Ruchira from United States on December 17, 2012:

Great information, Carol.

I am a 11/30 and it fits me well :) cheers!

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on December 17, 2012:

There is so much to learn. How do you ever keep it straight?

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 17, 2012:

You are welcome and thanks for dropping in.

Eiddwen from Wales on December 17, 2012:

So very interesting and thanks for sharing.


carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 17, 2012:

It is a challenge and I have had problems with this topic in the past...I just have to approach each differently and that is not always easy. Thanks for commenting..Appreciate.

kidscrafts from Ottawa, Canada on December 17, 2012:

Nice to see that you could write this hub without having any "warnings". It must be hard to find different ways to write each sign so you don't get problems with hubpages. Being more visual than verbal (and English not being my first language) I admire people who are so "fluent" with their pen or...keyboard!

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 17, 2012:

Thank you Gypsy48..Two Sagittarians in one house..not a bad thing at all. Happy Birthday and Anniversary and thanks for stopping in.

Gypsy48 on December 17, 2012:

Enjoyed this hub. My husband and I are both sags, this pretty much describes us. His birthday the 7th, mine the 18th. Our wedding anniversary is Dec.25th so this is our favorite month.

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 16, 2012:

Thanks for stopping by ...Appreciate comments!

Joan Whetzel on December 16, 2012:

One of my sisters is a sagitarius and this describes her rather well.

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 16, 2012:

Thank you as always Bill...patience...ah yes! I know what that means. I am hoping to get enough responses to do min charts on everyone. Thank you ...

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 16, 2012:

rmcleve: Thanks for dropping in and glad you enjoyed. I think it will be fun to do some short astro charts.

Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on December 16, 2012:

Hi Carol. Very interesting. My wife, Terry, just missed, 12/23. Will be looking forward to the next installment. Great to see you back writing. Remember, patience and perseverance are the keys to long term success here.

rmcleve on December 16, 2012:

Awesome! I'm a December 2nd baby (about to email you, Carol!), and found this hit the nail right on the head. So cool!

carol stanley (author) from Arizona on December 16, 2012:

Thanks Bill..I had a feeling that Bev is a Sagittarius...Don't ask me why..I know this is a good niche but have to be careful I don't get those warnings again. Thanks for stopping by.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on December 16, 2012:

This fits Bev to a tee. It's so good to see you writing again. Be patient; I think this is a great niche and you will be rewarded for it in the next few months. Well done!

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