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The Libran way

Are you dating a Libra? Do you know a Libra? In any way associated with a Libra?

Do you happen to wonder why they are the way that they are?

Well I am a Libra, a Libra Woman. And i am here to not only tell you about Libras in general but also the Libran Way. From the generality of libras to the male libras and the female libras.

First I will start with how Libras are in general and what their about and what they consist of.

Here are the facts into the dynamics of Libra.

Their element is Air. Air signs can often seem detached, cold. and aloof. Air signs can often be kind, caring, loving towards others, open minded at accepting others for how they are, Original, value freedom- after all Air is space and air signs do require this. Air signs are the mind and the intellect. As most air signs, Libra is a great communicator and do indicate logic. As well as the positives to air signs and libra, there are negative attributes as well. Those who do know us well, can say sometimes we live in a fantasy world, which isn't always bad because we will come up with inventive ways to approach things or make things original, so to say we pull things out of thin air. Though our fantasy world can make us not realize the real world and can make us have trouble dealing with it. Air can be detached, from reality and other people's feelings, and can come off as emotionless. As air does care for others and enjoys being around other people and helping those out in need, and fixing a problem where we can analyze the situation, we can appear foggy and musty when we are detached. Emotions at times seem not to make much sense to us due to our somewhat out of state mind. After all emotions are not logical, they are a feeling. Air signs do not like to always act on emotions, because they somewhat can be impulsive. And Librans feel silly and embarrassed if they act out impulsively due to emotions. And embarrassment is not a particular feeling Libras tend to favor. They rather save their face than be embarrassed.

The Libra Sun Sign is, Venus (who was the roman goddess of Love). Venus was beautiful. As to most Libras are known to be attractive, and the ones who aren't particularly blessed with Venus' physical beauty are graced with the inner beauty of Venus. And all Libras have quite the charming and alluring smile. Just like Venus, Libras love to love, and are more in fact IN LOVE with love. And that ranges from all types of love, Agape, Storge, Phila and Eros. You can more than likely gaurentee that libra, just like indeed one of the most romantic partners you can get. We love to shower our loved one with gifts, and we do love to give (but there is a catch to this) and we love to please our partners. Just like Venus, who was known for her charms and grace. You guessed it, Libras has that charm and grace. Charming? You might ask, well yes. We can charm, and do it quite well. And we're great persuaders, manipulative you think, Nah. Libras are too kind and sweet for that, and don't like making anyone uncomfortable nor do we like feeling guilty. We are positive people majority of the time, we do have our bad days. But thankfully for Venus she gave us the diplomacy and just-fullness that's embedded in libra.

Which is why, our sign is the Scales. Yes you guessed right, (hopefully)- the scales of justice. That is libra in the court room blinded, only allowed to hear the truth and evidence in the court trying to weigh out the pros and cons in justice. Libras deeply believe in all things fair. And we like to have everything balanced as well, or it can through us off, if we are not balanced at all...and that can make a crazy or nervous libra. And that isn't a fun libra at all. We are great debaters, listeners, and persuaders. And if Libra feels something is unjust, we will go out of our own way to prove it. We will grab as much evidence as we can to present and win our case, this goes to what we strongly believe in. And if its something about us, that we believe to be unfair, unruly, or false- we will debate about it, and win it. If you are dating a libra, do not ever falsely accuse us of anything, it's a sure way to push us away after a while, after we're done constantly debating the false accusations- we will grow weary of it, where we close off and become detached from the reality of it. Though if a libra is debating we will look at it from all points of view and angles, and if the other party(ies) make a valid point- Libra will not be embarrassed to admit that is a good valid point, and if we do not win the argument/debate we will take those opinions into our own analytic mind. You ask why different angles? well nothing is ever black and white. Libras look at the entire picture of something, going over every detail. Balancing everything out is one of the most important things for us, and at times it can take us a while to meet our even keel we need to have, because an unbalanced libra is no picnic. Balancing for us creates peace and harmony for not only us, but for everyone else and helps keep our upbeat positive attitude. The only downside to having to weight everything out in equal proportions, is we come off fickle and we can be indecisive.

Librans hate Conflict, believe it or not despite the willful debates and proven cases to justify the truth and undo the wrong, we do abhor conflict and would rather talk things out with another person or find a way to keep the peace- in another sense to stay balanced. We at times may very well put our Independent nature in a timeout just to have that harmony that we so desperately need to have. And although we do strive to keep everyone around us happy, because we love keeping those around us calm and joyful, seems like Librans contradict themselves with this whole arguing and keeping the peace, right? Librans may abhor conflict, however it doesn't mean they yield ourselves totally against our principles, such as false accusations against a Libra or what Librans believe is fair and right.

One thing you must completely understand about Libra, is how they are socially. Libras love, love, love...did i mention LOVE to be social. Especially among their friends. Libra at times can be the life of the party. Librans always conduct themselves with grace, charm, dignity, and always use their manners. Librans are elegant at how they conduct themselves too, if they make someone uncomfortable they will go out of their own way, to make that person feel comfortable around us. Their morals are high, and tend to not favor those who do not have good morals or manners. Librans find this very distasteful, and will not want to associate with folks who act that way. Libras tend to treat others as equals, because they would like to be treated the same way, seems pretty fair and civilized. Well that is because, Libras are more civilized than any of the other zodiacs.

Libra is also a Cardinal sign. This sign is the initiator of things, have a project to start? hand it to a Libra- they'll help get it started, but the only downside is they may not always finish what they have started. Libras are great matchmakers and know how to get things cooking by introducing individuals to one another in relaxed social situations. This sign mixes with lots of other people and communicates often, so a Libra alone is a bit of an oxymoron, or a bit like the sound of one hand Clapping. Bewildered Libra would wonder what happened to the other hand. Trying to do anything without the other hand of the unit seems pointless to them. Libra do their best work bouncing ideas off others and working in partnerships or team Situations. Their active, authoritative, Cardinal quality brings them in contact with successful over-achievers like themselves, so they quickly build a data base of influential friends, associates, and contacts. Since they're Cardinal, Libras can be bossy, but they express their dominance in such a charming way that others become easily (sometimes joyful) wrapped around Libra's little finger.

Libra is the 7th house. And that mean the house of Partnership. Since we are this house, Libras tend to focus outwards on how the Libran individual interacts with others. While the first 6 zodiacs focuses more on the individual, this is where it changes to focusing on others for the next 6 zodiacs.

There are plenty of benefits of being in any type of relationship with a Libra. They make wonderful friends, and always are there to help a friend in need. Make great business partners due to their ability to look at all angles and come up with creative and, genus like ideas.They are loyal, caring, give a lot to their partner. The 7th house tends to make libra a guru at relationships. And this is what drives a Libra and how they interact with other people. But when there is romance involved, who ever is on the opposing end, is going to be receiving a lot of romantic notions from their Libran lover. Librans are known to be the most romantic of all the zodiacs. When Libras are in a partnership, they believe in 50/50, everything is done better as a team. And that's exactly how they treat any relationship, both parties are equals. And they want their partners to feel exactly the same way. One of the many beneficial things about being with a libra, is getting enough of their own space. Although at times, libra might want to spend a lot of time with their love, they also need their space, and if that given point, the other needs their own alone time. Let your Libra love know, and just explain the reasoning behind it, because they value honesty and communication.

If Libra gets a little sad, do not fear because a little communication will help settle any miss communication with the scales, and in any relationship communication is a vital key and the scales make sure not to leave any stone unturned. And any form of communication, where it gets libra to think is good, because we love mental stimulation, and that is a big turn on. After all the brain is the sexiest organ in our bodies. Librans are known to passionate sensual lovers, and do like to please their love. Librans are extrememly expressive with their feelings, and will not only shower their love with compliments, romantic gestures, and surprise the other with a gift every so often. But they will never let them forget how much the other means to them.

In return for Libra being such a great lover, as i said they believe in that a relationship is a team, 50/50. That includes their lover giving to them not just receiving. And loving them just as much, if not more. Since Libras are so considerate, caring, and loving. They want their other half to treat them the same way. That generally means, that their partner will take the time to be fair, understanding as well as being caring, considerate, kind, warm hearted, and loving. Librans love, and they want to be loved and wooed.

Remember to not take Libra for granted, because after a while- Libra will grow dreary of being used, and will pull away. Can and will detach themselves after feeling this way for a while.

On the body, each sign has its only specific body part/area it controls. Librans have the lower back and kidneys. And should always take care of their lumbar region.

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Sophisticated, sociable, popular, diplomatic, Adaptive, Aggressive, Rational, Seductive, Attractive, Sensual, Cooperative, Romantic, Analytically, Optimistic, Cheerful, Sensitive, Gracious, Sociable, Tactful, and Diplomatic.

Areas that Libra should evolve from:
Self-Doubting, Vanity, Argumentative, Emotionally Detached, Can hold grudges, Protective, Overindulgence, Bossy, Impatient, Sulks, and can at times be too flirty.

Stay tuned for more libra for the Libra Man and Libra Woman. :D

Take Care

Jessica Ruthless


Vishnu m pillai on April 08, 2017:

Thanks for the info

Emiliano on December 08, 2016:

'Librans are extrememly expressive with their feelings'. Yeah, right.

Lily Rehab on February 10, 2016:

I didn't even read the whole thing but I'm a libra and I'm 11 years old and my rising sign is Aries ya I just wanna be popular and I want the whole world to know me but the problem is my mom won't allow me to have my own YouTube channel anyways,I'm saving up for a camera that I saw the other day it seems pretty good so then maybe I'll be able to be famous I hope

*fingers crossed*

Gee on June 08, 2015:

Love this!

screw em'! on November 06, 2013:

Fuuuuuuck Libra men!!

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