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Astrology: Born During a Waxing Gibbous Moon

If you were born under a Waxing Gibbous Moon, then this lunar phase will bring a specific influence to your astrological personality. It won't be as strong as the more major aspects, but it could certainly add some significant perks to your abilities. It could also give you some traits that need working on, depending on the rest of your chart and how these influences interact with each other. But given the Air quality this lunar phase bestows, I personally am of the opinion that this is one of the best lunar phases because it can really give your spiritual evolution a boost, thanks to the desire to seek out the meaning of life.


Gemini Energy

Lots of Gemini energy here, but not so much that you should appear to be one, unless you are one! Gemini is the free thinker, the great thinker, the analyst, the problem solver who can sort everything out in his brain with no problem at all, while the rest of us are still scribbling on paper. There will be a natural talent for communication and the expression of ideas. Everyone will be understand what you want to tell them, because you will be able to adapt you language to whatever level they need to hear.

Quick Thinker

You are like MacGyver. Yes, that's right, MacGyver. Stick you in an impossible situation and you will be able to think up a way out, no matter where you are and what you've got available to you. You can find solutions where other people only see impossible problems that can't be solved. And it's all very easy for you, too. It's almost like child's play and you wonder why the rest of the world has such a hard time of it! As long as you don't get too full of yourself, the rest of the world will be very grateful for your assistance -- perhaps a job in public service would suit? Build us some kind of technological masterpiece so we can all have access to the kind of analytic abilities that come so easily to you!

Grand Philosopher

People born under this phase of the moon love to analyze everything, as has already been pointed out, but that also includes trying to understand why we're here and what exactly we're supposed to be doing. You will come up with numerous reasons throughout your life, just promise us that once you figure it out, you'll share it with the rest of us.

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