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Sagittarius Times Two. Pegasus and Centaur. Sagittarius Has so Much Going for It, You Can Certainly Love a Copartner!

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Yes, It Is a Horse, but the Myths Point you Skyward. Centaur and Pegasus


Sagittarius Centaurs Pegasus - Wild Colorful, but Comprehensible Terms

The Archer Equates with the Centaur

The Flying Wings of the Pegasus

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign and Mutable. (See the Callout)

The Centaur

The Centaur, (Archer) (Horse) is one of the more distinctive signs in the zodiac. Now we contemplate that two of them meet, find each other attractive, and begin to explore each other’s identities as being candidates for partner, associate, mate, and lover.


Pegasus Is a mythical winged divine horse, and one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology. Usually depicted as pure white, Pegasus is the offspring of the Olympian god Poseidon. He was foaled by the Gorgon Medusa upon her death, when the hero Perseus decapitated her.

A bit like Don Quixote, the Sagittarius is motivated to take on “impossible dreams”, as the tale declares. If there were not one party in the zodiac like this, it would have to be invented. Who is going to be the one to lead the way when a charge is needed? The Sagittarian fills the bill. And, it cannot be a defiant or angry sign, it must be a kindly sign, one with good intentions abounding.

That is why when the Archer’s characteristics are described, you hear about “unintentionality”. The Sagittarian works from its own center. It’s own core. That core is a vibrant heart that is trying to make good things happen. Individual charts studied would reveal the heart of each and their more internal programming.

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If the Two Are Thrown Together:

Now if these two are thrown together, they can do to each other that which they do to others. It makes sense, especially since the Archers are so ebullient and unrestrained.

It is in this thought that the beauty of this match might be told. The need for enlightenment with Sagittarius comes with the Archer calming down and seeing how the opened mind will bring enlightenment to both of them. Then, perhaps the Don Quixote becomes not a knight of futility, but one of grand realizations.

Positive Postulate:

A positive view of this coupling is one in which the joyful Archer is matched and harnessed together, not with smothering restraint, but with the freedom of consciousness guiding their partnership. These two will tend to be blessings socially and spread their beneficent natures outward.

Romance Recommendation:

The wildness of the horses really makes romance a happy and vigorous act of caring for one another and holding back excesses, which could be considered the Archer’s errors. When the excesses are held back, wholesomeness is generated.

Conflict Quotient:

Since the basic Centaur is happy and possessed of strong loving intentions, they must be considered as boisterous in conflict, and free in their ways of self-expression. If the two of these understand that they should not bit the backs of their fellow Centaur, and hold back the arrows of self-defense, then they should be smooth sailing.

Peace Parlay:

Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" When you see a horse galloping across the field, and then stopping to enjoy the field’s grasses, you don’t think of boredom. Note that they are hardly ever off their feet. That is true of the Sagittarian.

Keep Up The Interest Graph:

The archer will shoot new arrows in any direction to keep people lively and alert. Interest among these two will probably not be a problem, unless they decide to argue bitterly over who gets the say.

Seven Year Itchiness:

There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. The "7 year itch" could look definitely be a predictable tendency if they are not soundly based in each other’s hearts. A "Wild Horse" is a Name that can be used. However the Sag is not inherently unfaithful. The Liveliness of the breed should tell you both to maintain your interest in each other. These are indeed "fun people".


ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 75% Positive Long Term - 90% Short Term. A romping good time is what they would have upon first encounter. Then they would start taking notes and comparing characteristics. Could be very long term, unless fundamental differences arise.

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